After the departure of many of the Caption Contests Owners (Most recently D'Artas.), the Co-Owners (Myself and Cybermew) have joined forces to recreate the famous game.

The Rules:

Theyre as simple as this. Deoxys911 posts a picture. You caption it. We (Cybermew, Deoxys911 and Myself) shall judge them, and place them in our own personal "winners".

Whilst the old thread had a "no rules" stance, which I agree with, I have to say that anybody who does not abide my the normal forum rules will be BANNED from the thread, and reported to the mods.

Owners: DieChavsDie, Cybermew, Deoxys911

Current Contest Picture

Closing Date for this Contest

20th of Febuary

Banned List


If you are banned, it is for a reason. Do not try to post in the thread again, or you will be reported to the mods. Also, do not try to bring this up in different discussions, or the end result will be the same.

Have Fun! Get Captioning!