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    Electabuzz has really put on the pounds in this episode.

    All the characters have some shots so off-model it's frightening.
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    This episode was much better than the last episode in my opinion. I liked the part where Dawn blushed after Ash thanked her for getting Maylene back in her fighting spirit, it was a nice moment. Ash, Dawn and Brock finally conforting Team Galactic was cool.
    It's awsome how Ash, Dawn, Brock, Reggie, Officer Jenny and Maylene tried stop Team Galactic from stealing the meteors. I enjoyed the rivalry between Toxicroak and's kinda funny when they're staring down each other like that. Team Galactic had too many Goldbat, I'm glad Ash, Dawn, Maylene and the others took down those annoying Goldbat.

    Saturn's voice sounded feminine in the japanese version of this episode, but thankfully the dub choose a good male VA to voice him...I think it's one of the few times when TPCI dub did something better than the original Japanese version.

    Overall, this episode was enjoyable and action-packed, episodes like this are one of the reasons why the Sinnoh saga is so good. Team Galactic is definitely better than Rocket, Magma and Aqua.
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