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    Weel, saw the ep and have to say-


    I'm serious, girl voice actor doing a truly feminine voice fit for jessy. *Her*
    eyes were feminine too, but she is totally flat and wide shouldered! I always thought it was the only male along the comanders...

    Anyway, was it dark pulse Toxycroak used? I didn't get it, but I heard saturn call for a pulse attack and I think I heard Doku (poison) but there is no poison pulse, so...

    anyway, anyone notice how small aura sphere was?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucario At Service View Post
    Well, i have only now seen just the 10 min of the episode before it got blocked & i have to reload it again from the starting.

    Ok i want to confrim that the building which we saw earlier (at the start of DP066) with all those dishes is Team Galactic's Veilstone headquaters.

    Also it seems that the Nurse Joy of the pokemon center has told Ash about the next gym leader being water type & also that by the looks of it we might actually see Dawn participate in a contest soon.
    And piplup is NOT on it! =D
    Since it looked like it wanted to off himself when dawn said something about the next contest, is it bunearys time to evolve and kick some hot arse?

    Quote Originally Posted by Durden View Post
    This animator doesn't have a clue on how to draw an Electabuzz.
    I love how he dras his head, but the rest... I mean did that electabuzz eat a SNORLAX?

    Quote Originally Posted by razor fire View Post
    Pauls electabuzz looks normal while this guys electabuzz really should go on a diet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gravy View Post
    b.) That WAS Paul's Electabuzz. It didn't gain weight from being lazy or whatever, it was just a case of awkward art direction. Nothing more, nothing less.
    God, we know that for almost (if not over, yes over since one epi had a two week interval) a flaming MONTH!
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