I kept battling trainers as I headed out to Route 25 and the Cerulean Cape area. It did wonders for my team since my Pokemon leveled up nicely, but it was tedious since I was in a hurry to arrive at Bill's cottage. Once I finally got inside his house, I had to help him with one of his experiments. I was able to obtain the S.S. Ticket for the S.S. Anne ship that was docked in Vermilion City. I took a shortcut to Cerulean City and I healed my Pokemon at the local Pokemon Center. I then headed south to Route 5 and I went through the Underground Path until I arrived at Route 6, which was just north of Vermilion City. I battled a couple more trainers and some wild Pokemon for some extra bit of training and then I arrived in Vermilion City, "The Port of Exquisite Sunsets." I visited the Poke Mart to buy some items and I also swapped Pokemon at the PC. I saved before going to the S.S. Anne.