I battled my way through the Pokemon Tower and I eventually defeated all those pesky Channelers. I made it to the second to last floor and I encountered a ghost Marowak near the staircase that led upstairs to the summit of the tower. I defeated it since I couldn't capture it, and I saw several Team Rocket grunts at the top of the tower. I defeated them all and then I talked to Mr. Fuji. We returned to his house in Lavender Town and I obtained the Pokeflute from him. I could now awake the sleeping Snorlax, so I headed south to the bridge area on Route 12 and I battled some Fisherman as I made my way to the path that connected Route 12 to Route 11. I saw one of the sleeping Snorlax there, and I battled against it. I was able to weaken it enough to successfully capture it, and I headed to Route 11. I explored Diglett's Cave there, then I visited Vermilion City. I saved the game there.