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    I've made fair progress in the last couple of days, as I have journeyed from Viridian Forest to Cerulean between my last update and this one.

    Before taking on Pewter Gym, I levelled up my Caterpie so it would evolve all the way to Butterfree and acquired a Pidgeotto. The Gym was a breeze with Butterfree as it only took a couple of Confusion attacks each to take down Brock's Onix and Geodude.

    I then proceeded to Mt. Moon, defeating all the trainers along the way. Now I have made my way through Mt. Moon, i've saved in Cerulean, where I'm deciding whether to first train on the Routes above, or take on Misty before using the Routes to train my soon-to-be Bulbasaur and Charmander.

    EDIT: Have gotten further during the course of the day. I've now defeated all trainers on Nugget Bridge for some valuable EXP, and have beaten Misty handily. I also adopted the Bulbasaur and was given Charmander by that guy who i'm supposing is based on Damien off the Charmander episode on the Anime (hey, at least he's a little more caring on the games lol). I'll now train them both on Route 24/25 before meeting Bill and making my way to Vermilion.

    EDIT 2 (02/09/08): Wow, nobody plays these games anymore, lol. I've made even more progress now, also ditching my principles of having an Ash-based team and thus since depositing Butterfree and Pidgeotto into a Box. They shall soon get credit for their contributions though xD.

    Anyway, after training Bulbasaur and Charmander in Cerulean Cape, I caught an Abra and tried out the Mew glitch, which worked. The said Mew is now a valued member of my team and Bulba and Charmander are now Ivysaur and Charmeleon. I am now situated in Vermilion, where I have raided the SS Anne, beaten Gary and got Cut. I've also beaten Surge's underlings, but plan to train my team more before taking the big cheese on. I am also pondering what my last team member should be. Hmm...

    Team (as of original post):
    Pikachu - Lv19
    Butterfree - Lv18
    Pidgeotto - Lv17
    Bulbasaur - Lv10
    Charmander - Lv10

    Team (as of EDIT 2):
    Pikachu - Lv23
    Ivysaur - Lv22
    Charmeleon - Lv20/21
    Mew - Lv21/22
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