Chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy night at whirl islands were lugia was resting.Then coming from the skies were two shadows of guys climbing down a beige rope from a huge helicopter that made lots of sounds but that didn't woke up lugia.However,the two shadows injected some purple potion into lugia that weakened him he woke up but couldn't fly or attack the shadows.Then the huge helicopter came back and threw a masterball to lugia after the poke ball shaked enough lugia was trapped inside.then the helicopter dropped the rope so the shadows could climb back up.

"we finally cot lugia!" exclaimed the shadows who were apparently wearing black shirts with the letter "R" also known as team rocket grunt's.

"Giovanni will be so proud as soon as he hears this news" said Jessie the girl grunt.

"Then why don't we call him trough our pokegear's!" exclaimed James the guy grunt.

James pull out his pokegear since he had the idea it was a grey wallet looking rectangle he pulled out then he clicked a shiny red button in the middle that opened it he scrolled down the blue contacts list and he clicked Giovanni.

Giovanni answered "yes?James any trouble?".

"Sir we cot lugia and hes poisoned so he cant hurt us or fly."said James in an excited tone.

"Oh great well we got the potion ready to make him evil and control over the Pokemon"said Giovanni in an excited tone aswell.

"Now head back as fast as you can to the HQ there's no time to waste"said Giovanni to James then hanged up.

BOOM! suddenly a lightning stroke and the helicopter went down and a red light flashed.

The pilot screamed to the back "everyone get a parachute and jump were not gonna make it!" suddenly the helicopter wings exploded and James and Jessie had nothing else to do but to jump.

James and Jessie opened their parachutes and landed safety on the grass.

"Thank god"screamed out James.

"Oh no Giovanni is gonna like this we better run!"exclaimed Jessie.

James and Jessie ranned down the routes when halfway the found two red bikes not good looking they were very scratched from everywhere but the wheels were good enough to ride on the bikes Jessie rode the bike with the handle that was half broken so the he had to be very careful to turn around however,James bike had the seat with water and mud so she had to stand up though it was uncomfortable.

Once they had gotten there and entered scurrying to Giovanni's office exclaiming they were sorry about the time infront of Giovanni's black desk that had two pencils and lots of paperwork on the right side he had a computer and he was sitting on a black leather chair purring his Persian back and forth.

"Don't worry i know what happened as long as you have the masterball"said Giovanni in a calm voice.

"Oh here you go sir Lugia's masterball!" exclaimed Jessie.

"Good now follow me to the lab"said Giovanni while walking down the hall to a room that had a metal code that needed password to open.

There was like 10 scientists inside studying this potion from top to bottom and getting this injection ready to roll.However,inside the masterball lugia used telepathy to call Ho-oh and all the Pokemon to help him before its too late.

"Lugia go!" exclaimed Giovanni while throwing the masterball to open lugia was too poisoned to attack at all.

Lugia got out his masterball but he didnt moved they put him on a metal platform then some scientist wearing a white lab coat and white gloves came and injected lugia then lugia turned purple and his eyes closed his eyes turned red then he cried for help then he let out a ROAR!.

Meanwhile Ho-oh was looking for back up all over Johto he had around hundreds of different types of Pokemon following him but he needed more.

Then Lugia flied to the sky and used hydropump on the HQ then aeroblast then psychic all over then he scurried to the dark night and flew away.

To be continued...