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Thread: Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

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    Update: I have attained the Whois data of user Crono, who scammed me of a shiny Charmander in exchange for a hacked Shaymin.

    Whois:Crono lucidobres 896A2457.D1F447B7.D3E2E788.IP * «««« SPPScript »»»»
    Crono #spp
    Crono Explosive chemical reaction
    crono End of /WHOIS list.

        Spoiler:- Our conversation:

    He soon added:
    <Crono>Laugh Out Loud, you think this is the only forum where I can trade/chat/battle?
    <Crono> that's why i don't care
    <Crono> btw i'm already perm banned

        Spoiler:- Whois Screenshot:
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