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Thread: Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

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    My name:Pokefan4
    In-game name:ANGEL
    Hostmask:Java user
    Friend codemy):5070 4074 6615
    Pokemon Scammed (if any):Shyni EVD Garchomp, Shiny EVD Shuckle.

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    i got scammed by this evil guy who claimed he had a mew but when he traded it he asked me to get hisother pokemon because he wanted to clone my manaphy,
    i reluctantly accepted and lost the event manaphy holding a red scarf,
    ifor some reason felt really bad and felt like throwing up because i gave him one of my hacked pokemon by accident and he GOT MAD!!!!!
    he was gonna do it anyway,(the hacked pokemon was not mine,i got it traded by some other jerk)
    so then he takes my manaphy and says he will give it back if i give him level onhundred shiny's.
    i only have his friend code and his name is james
    to this day i still want a manaphy event,
    if you have one please tell me :[

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    Name(s) (on chat): AAAfirst
    In-game Name: Don't remember
    Hostmask*: SPPGuest
    Friend Code: 1205 3298 4350
    The Story (What Happened): Used hacked pokemon in battle, like a Ninjask with explosion and a shiny Slaking without truant. I beat him dispite the hax, and he disconnected.

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    Name(s) (on chat): ShinyCollector
    In-game Name: Micheal, Id NO.34770
    Hostmask*: Couldn't Check, Probably Java User
    Friend Code: I do not remember, however the name and ID No. can do something about it.
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Japanese Eigaken Arceus
    The Story (What Happened):

    That was a disaster up there. He said he'd give me a rare Pokémon for just letting him borrow my Arceus. I agreed, and he took it to use it for the Eigaken event, and then said he was gonna do something for his mother, and left and did not return. now all what remains of him is his registered character in my Friend Roster and his damn Pokéwalker Pikachu (Utterly useless.)

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    Name on chat:Pokemanz
    Host mask: or PS-Guest
    Pokemon scammed : shiny green banette.
    My friend code: 2665 2393 4343
    Guy that scammed me: hello
    His host mask: Don't know PS-guest
    His friend code: don't know
    Story: I was going to trade for the 2 crowned beasts (raikou and suicune) and I was going to trade zapdos and moltres but then he said "Do you have a shiny?" and I said "Yes" and i chosen my shiny banette and then he said "Can you trade your shiny first" and then I said "Yes" and when i traded my shiny banette he disconnected and he left in wifi chat. Watch out he mite be using another name to scam other people!!!
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    Name(s) (on chat): NYG
    In-game Name: ASH
    Friend Code: I was an idiot and didn't write it down
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Susumu Mew
    The Story (What Happened):
    I asked for a Crown Suicune, and NYG responded. I gave him a list of offers, and he chose my TRU Arcues and Susumu Mew. He asked if I was willing to do a 2 for 1 trade, which I declined. He then offered to trade an EV'd Togekiss as well. We trade the Susumu Mew and Togekiss, and he disconnects right after. Now, granted it was partially my fault for not requesting the Crown Suicune first. It also is not like it was my only one, but it is still infuriating.

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    Name(s) (on chat): <SPPGuest9061> on Jan 07 2011 around 6:00
    In-game Name: Ivan (31513)
    Hostmask*: (I was unable to get it)
    Friend Code: (I can’t get it out of my DS, however it says they are with the group “RAREPOK”
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Aerodactyl and Shieldon
    The Story (What Happened): Offered me a Pikachu, which I denied. Kept pressing me, so I got suspicious and went along with it. Was very persistent in giving me a “Manaphy Egg.” Upon seeing the egg I could easily identify it as not being the egg from Pokemon Ranger—as I already have one. Still curious, I went along with it (I have extras of said pokemon and don’t mind losing them.) So when I tried to trade the Aerodactyl they asked for, they wouldn’t give me an egg and instead offered a bellsprout. I was still curious, so I went along with it. I got said bellsprout for one pokemon and then got an Egg from a link trade for the second pokemon. I then pointed out that Manaphy Eggs look different, which they automatically denied.
    It is most likely a scam, but seeing as the egg is yet unhatched I don’t know. I figured I would report it for further reference. Sorry I was unable to get some of the information.

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    If the egg was traded, it WILL say "Link Trade" on the summary.
    Gen. 6Gen. 7

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    It ended up being a Snorunt inside of the egg.

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    Name(s) (on chat): aa, TyplosionExplosion
    In-game Name: Ash
    Hostmask: Didn't get it.
    Friend Code: 1935 5974 8177
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Chimchar
    The Story (What Happened): Here's the conversation:

    [15:54] <aa> ihave shiny mew2 and celebi
    [15:54] <TyplosionExplosion> Would you take Shiny Chimchar for any of those?
    [15:54] <aa> let me think can u wait 2 min
    [15:55] <TyplosionExplosion> Sure.
    [15:57] <aa> ıll give u shiny celebi but u must be quik ı have to go toilet
    [15:57] <TyplosionExplosion> Alright
    [15:57] <TyplosionExplosion> my FC is 0647 2350 8122
    [15:58] <aa> oh danm wait my ds in down stairs
    [15:58] <TyplosionExplosion> I'll wait.
    [15:59] <aa> 1935 5974 8177
    [16:00] <TyplosionExplosion> Alright.
    [16:00] <aa> although celebi has pokerus
    [16:00] <TyplosionExplosion> That's ok.
    [16:02] <aa> saving
    [16:02] <TyplosionExplosion> Connecting.
    [16:03] <TyplosionExplosion> Hmm... I got a communication error.
    [16:04] <aa> ı can wait ı have some problems with connections too
    [16:04] <TyplosionExplosion> Alright.
    [16:04] <aa> ıve got eror too
    [16:05] <TyplosionExplosion> I see you in there.
    [16:05] <aa> be fast
    [16:05] <TyplosionExplosion> I will.
    [16:06] <TyplosionExplosion> Thank you!
    [16:08] <TyplosionExplosion> ...Wait, this is hacked.
    [16:32] <TyplosionExplosion> Hello?
    [16:32] aa No such nick/channel

    I should have looked at the status screen when trading... It's partly my fault for not looking at the screen. The celebi was Level 100, caught on route 202, and was in a Luxury ball.

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    Name(s) (on chat): swampert101
    In-game Name: REINIER or Matt ID 48136
    Friend Code:
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Kingdra
    The Story (What Happened): I trade my Seadra with a dragon scale with Swampert101 (trainer name Matt) for a lvl 15 Krabby. After the Seadra had evolved Swampert disconnected and claimed his batteries were running low. Afterwards I saw him a couples of times trading though, and now he doesn't respond.
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    Issue resolved thanks to help from IRCOp GEROMY and cooperation from scammer in question.
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    I'm wise to your intentions, young one.

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    I strongly dislike how B/W removed the ability to check summaries. The dude traded me a Shiny Scraggy for my EV'd Gengar. tbh, I didn't really want the Gengar, just wanted a Shiny Scraggy. I don't want the Gengar back, just potential justice? idk

    [22:43] <BlueJello> You know.
    [22:43] <BlueJello> To be honest.
    [22:43] <BlueJello> I don't like being scammed.
    [22:43] <BlueJello> Apparently met at Pinwheel Forest? Really?
    [22:43] <[DR]Juice> yeah swarm
    [22:43] <BlueJello> What.
    [22:43] <[DR]Juice> Swarms
    [22:43] <BlueJello> You gotta be shitting me.
    [22:43] <[DR]Juice> pokemon show up in swarms
    [22:43] <[DR]Juice> no shitting
    [22:44] <BlueJello> Random Pokemon?
    [22:44] <[DR]Juice> no
    [22:44] <[DR]Juice> someone tells you
    [22:44] <BlueJello> Who?
    [22:44] <[DR]Juice> in the game i think they are in nimbasa
    [22:44] <[DR]Juice> i think.....idk
    [22:45] <[DR]Juice> i gtg, pce out
    [22:45] <BlueJello> I'm reporting you.
    [22:45] <[DR]Juice> for?
    [22:45] <BlueJello> Trading me a hack.
    [22:45] <[DR]Juice> its not a hack!
    [22:45] <BlueJello> You know full well that those conditions aren't possible.
    [22:45] <[DR]Juice> lol yeah
    [22:45] <[DR]Juice> but hey
    [22:46] <[DR]Juice> SawkMyCawk

    He then goes on to call me homophobic and racist, for some reason.

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    Name(s) (on chat): "Theo", then changed to "Brad", then disappeared

    In-game Name: Hg name : Somie (male) (his avatar in the wifi room is a bald guy wearing a black shirt with a gyarados on its back), OT number : 54155

    Hostmask*: ???

    Friend Code: cant give, cant check his Hg fc, BUT i can say his White FC: 1377 7153 8489

    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Ditto (JOLLY), Ludicolo (TuTTiFrUti(two heart symbols here) (female cant rmeember the lv), Nidoqueen (ISABEL XII) and Manectric (male lv 100)(Relámpago!) (all raised by "Lonset" my name in pokemon pearl. except for the ditto)

    The Story (What Happened): well, i was looking for someone to help me transfer my some pokemon from heart gold to my white, he offered to help me and i traded my pokes for his fearow, oddish, krabby and spinarak, then he told me to wait because he was doing the transfer, then he told me if i could give him something as a reward, he told me he was doing this for free because he told me "I know how u feel i used to ask people to transfer my pokes" and he didn't ask for anything, well then he told me to give him something, i offred some pokemon with good natures, he refused and told me nvm about me giving him something, and then he just went away, i kept waiting on wifi room thinking he could come back, but no. then i talked to an active op, and he told me that he had changd his name to "brad" and banned him or kicked, not sure, then i never saw that guy again. hopefully he cant change the nicks of my pokes if u see someone using the pokemon listed before, pls contact me, i really need to get back my pokes

    pls get that b*stard

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    Nickname: x-metalix
    Username: WifiGuest0
    Hostname: F88DD94D.813484A3,IP
    Real name: Java User
    Server info: Your Alter Ego
    Channels: #SPP-WiFi

    traded me a hacked shiny beldum for my japanese perfect IV ditto. i don't care about the ditto but he scammed somebody else out of a life orb and three power items - just want this guy done.
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    But that we lived.

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    not sure if a double post would be appropriate here. i assume it is and apologize if not.

    Whois wifiguest9203?

    Nickname: wifiguest9203
    Username: WiFiGuest9
    Real name: Java User
    Server info: Patience... a common virtue
    Idle time: 3 minutes
    Channels: #SPP-WiFi

    WiFiGuest9203 what do u want for ferrothorn and chandelure
    12:26 paperfairy <- I collect Pokémon with unique ID/OTs so I only want ones with different IDs
    12:28 WiFiGuest9203 i dont get it... is that list of pkm the pokemon that u want?
    12:28 paperfairy yes
    12:28 paperfairy but you want two pokemon
    12:28 paperfairy i don't want two pokemon from the same OT
    12:30 WiFiGuest9203 so u want two pokes from that list with different OT's correct?
    12:30 paperfairy yeah
    12:30 paperfairy =]
    12:31 WiFiGuest9203 okay i have the pokes from two OT's but let me see if i have the ones one your list
    12:32 paperfairy k
    12:33 WiFiGuest9203 okay i do... i have mamoswine and shelmet with different OT's
    12:34 paperfairy awesome
    12:34 paperfairy 2752 1028 7872
    12:34 paperfairy but i have three trades ahead of you
    12:34 WiFiGuest9203 okay
    12:34 paperfairy fc?
    12:36 WiFiGuest9203 3310 4501 9537
    12:36 WiFiGuest9203 what are the specs on ferrothorn and chandelure??
    12:36 paperfairy IVs: HP 31, Atk 14, Def 31, SpA 20, SpD 31, Spe 21 EVs: HP 252, Atk 0, Def 1, SpA 0, SpD 254, Spe 0, Total 507
    12:37 paperfairy Attacks: Spikes Gyro Ball Stealth Rock Power Whip
    12:37 paperfairy Sassy Male
    12:38 WiFiGuest9203 what is the attack stat?
    12:38 paperfairy i dunno i'm in the trading room
    12:38 paperfairy you can calculate yourself with an IV calc though
    12:38 WiFiGuest9203 okay
    12:41 paperfairy last trade
    12:41 paperfairy then you12:45 paperfairy your turn
    12:46 paperfairy don't see you
    12:46 WiFiGuest9203 had to go eat sorry
    12:47 paperfairy np
    12:47 WiFiGuest9203 going in
    12:48 paperfairy k
    12:50 WiFiGuest9203 okay im in
    12:52 WiFiGuest9203 chandelure?
    12:54 WiFiGuest9203 thanks!
    12:55 paperfairy np
    12:55 paperfairy thank you
    13:14 paperfairy so
    13:14 mibbit wifiguest9203: No such nickname online.
    Mamoswime was hacked - had no location data. Don't want my Pokémon back, just want him banned.


    this is not my day!

    Nickname: wifiguest9291
    Username: WiFiGuest9
    Hostname: 886A0F19.6A3CE3A0.3E79CFA1.IP
    Real name: Java User
    Server info: Your Alter Ego
    Channels: #SPP-WiFi

    12:47 WiFiGuest9291 ?
    12:47 paperfairy you asked about maxed pokemon
    12:47 paperfairy max EV right?
    12:48 WiFiGuest9291 anything else?
    12:48 paperfairy *Offering*:
    12:48 paperfairy *_Shiny_*: Venomoth, Litwick, Azumarill, Sawsbuck, Butterfree, Golbat, Machamp, Rotom, Bagon, Musharna, Flygon, Jirachi, Virizion
    12:48 paperfairy *_31IVs_*: Ditto, Scizor, Cresselia, Manaphy, Archeops,
    12:48 paperfairy *_Shiny31IVs_*: Duskull, Ninjask, Umbreon, Charmander, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, Chinchou, Pichu, Suicune, Lugia, Milotic, Groudon, Gible, Riolu, Azelf, Dialga, Heatran, Ferrothorn, Archeops, Chandelure, Leafeon, Hippowdon, Dusknoir, Breloom
    12:49 paperfairy *_Shiny/31IV/EV'd_*: Tyranitar, Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Gengar, Weavile, Scizor, Metagross, Lucario, Heracross,
    12:49 paperfairy and lots of events/legendaries
    12:49 paperfairy that's everything i have
    12:49 WiFiGuest9291 moltres is UT?
    12:50 WiFiGuest9291 I am interested in that
    12:50 paperfairy yeah level 50 no EVs
    12:51 WiFiGuest9291 31 ivs in?
    12:52 paperfairy HP 31 / ATK 31 / DEF 30 / SPATK 30 / SDEF 31 / SPD 31
    12:52 paperfairy Hidden Power is Grass at 70 BP
    12:52 WiFiGuest9291 nice ivs
    12:53 WiFiGuest9291 nature?
    12:53 paperfairy Modest
    12:53 WiFiGuest9291
    12:53 WiFiGuest9291 Ok
    12:54 paperfairy the damn thing is perfect, you want a silver platter lol
    12:54 WiFiGuest9291 I can trade shinies(can be maxed out)
    12:54 WiFiGuest9291 dang u havr them
    12:55 paperfairy what pokemon?
    12:55 paperfairy i can be persuaded
    12:55 WiFiGuest9291 virizion and metagross, but you have them
    12:55 WiFiGuest9291 (max speed and atk metagross with egg move agility)
    12:56 WiFiGuest9291 (virizion with 31 ivs in speed and def)
    12:56 paperfairy hmm
    12:56 paperfairy your Virizion is slightly better than mine
    12:56 WiFiGuest9291
    12:56 paperfairy I'll trade my Virizon and Moltres for your Virizon and something else
    12:56 WiFiGuest9291 ok brb dinner
    12:56 WiFiGuest9291 I speak in like 5 mins once i done
    12:56 paperfairy k
    12:57 WiFiGuest9291 i have some more shinies and stuffz
    12:57 paperfairy lol k
    13:02 WiFiGuest9291 ok bk
    13:02 WiFiGuest9291 I have shiny magby, bronzor, trapinch all UT
    13:03 WiFiGuest9291 And..Shiny Chandelure max sp atk
    13:03 WiFiGuest9291 interested?
    13:05 paperfairy bronzor and trapinch interest me
    13:05 WiFiGuest9291 trapinch wasn't caught by me. the natures of them both are as followed
    13:05 WiFiGuest9291 Acutally neither was bronzor
    13:05 WiFiGuest9291 weird
    13:05 paperfairy actually
    13:05 WiFiGuest9291 Ok anyway
    13:05 paperfairy wait
    13:05 paperfairy that's fine
    13:05 paperfairy I don't care much for the statsw
    13:06 WiFiGuest9291 huh?
    13:06 WiFiGuest9291 ah ok
    13:06 WiFiGuest9291 i have shiny bronzong level 100
    13:06 paperfairy also interested
    13:06 WiFiGuest9291
    13:06 paperfairy not so much interested in virizon anymore
    13:06 WiFiGuest9291 hehe
    13:06 paperfairy make an offer!
    13:07 WiFiGuest9291 hmph
    13:07 WiFiGuest9291 anything u have seen
    13:07 WiFiGuest9291 Choose!
    13:07 paperfairy bronzong is also a differnt OT then bronzor/trapinch?
    13:08 WiFiGuest9291 yep
    13:08 WiFiGuest9291 I collect more than anything
    13:08 WiFiGuest9291 Well used too
    13:08 WiFiGuest9291 I now try to battle
    13:08 paperfairy I want all three - what can I do to persuade them from you
    13:08 WiFiGuest9291 uhmm
    13:09 WiFiGuest9291 dunno
    13:09 WiFiGuest9291 I dont feel very strongly about them tbh
    13:09 paperfairy Ditto is Japanese and has perfect IVs
    13:09 WiFiGuest9291 just bring another poke that interests me? Doesn't have to be perfect just like a shiny for shiny thing
    13:10 WiFiGuest9291 OOoh
    13:10 paperfairy there we go
    13:10 WiFiGuest9291
    13:10 WiFiGuest9291 lets trade!!
    13:10 paperfairy gotta poketransfer the ditto
    13:10 paperfairy gimme a bit
    13:10 WiFiGuest9291 fc?
    13:10 WiFiGuest9291 okk
    13:10 WiFiGuest9291 Your awesome
    13:11 WiFiGuest9291 I wanted to make a sunny day team
    13:12 paperfairy 2752 1028 7872
    13:13 WiFiGuest9291 Ah i have seem to lost it somewhere in the generations
    13:13 WiFiGuest9291 the bronzong
    13:13 paperfairy oh no =[
    13:13 WiFiGuest9291 i have houndoom shiny
    13:13 WiFiGuest9291
    13:14 WiFiGuest9291 like houndoom?
    13:14 WiFiGuest9291 i can give u evd ursaring
    13:14 paperfairy houndoom is fine
    13:14 paperfairy wait
    13:14 WiFiGuest9291 ok coolz@_@
    13:14 paperfairy Houndoom's OT
    13:14 paperfairy different from Bronzor/Trapinch
    13:14 paperfairy ?
    13:14 WiFiGuest9291 yep
    13:14 paperfairy then yes
    13:14 paperfairy =]
    13:14 paperfairy fc?
    13:14 WiFiGuest9291 All collected back in pearl hehe
    13:14 WiFiGuest9291 2666 1329 2125
    13:15 WiFiGuest9291 where are u in poketransfer=]
    13:16 paperfairy done
    13:16 paperfairy in thw wifi room
    13:16 WiFiGuest9291 nice
    13:16 WiFiGuest9291 oooh
    13:16 WiFiGuest9291 coming
    13:16 paperfairy Moltres for Houndoom, Trapinch for random Purrlion, and Bronzor for Ditto
    13:16 paperfairy ?
    13:18 WiFiGuest9291 ok
    13:22 WiFiGuest9291 nice little ditto
    13:22 WiFiGuest9291 thanks for the trades
    13:22 paperfairy np
    13:22 paperfairy ty too
    13:23 WiFiGuest9291 =)
    13:23 WiFiGuest9291 cya
    13:26 paperfairy well
    13:26 paperfairy wow
    13:27 paperfairy all of these are yours?
    13:27 paperfairy that's a lot of shinies
    13:27 WiFiGuest9291 hehe
    13:27 paperfairy they're really all yours
    13:27 paperfairy ?
    13:27 WiFiGuest9291 i was a collector back in the day
    13:27 WiFiGuest9291 I would trade things for them
    13:27 WiFiGuest9291
    13:27 paperfairy oh well
    13:27 paperfairy the bronzor is hacked
    13:28 WiFiGuest9291 oh
    13:28 WiFiGuest9291 not mine so yeh
    13:28 WiFiGuest9291 cant blame me
    13:29 paperfairy interesting, you also said bronzor and trapinch had differnt OTs
    13:29 paperfairy they do not
    13:29 paperfairy looks like you're getting reported buddy
    13:29 WiFiGuest9291 what?
    13:29 WiFiGuest9291 Dude i said they were the same
    13:29 WiFiGuest9291 Not my faul, jeez
    13:29 *** WiFiGuest9291 is now known as Woopdewoop
    13:30 paperfairy we'll see what the mods have to say
    13:30 Woopdewoop I didn't do anything. Why are you reporting me for not doing anything?
    13:31 paperfairy you claimed the bronzor and trapinch were different and you traded a hacked pokemon
    13:31 paperfairy which is against the rules in and of itself
    13:31 Woopdewoop i didn't know though!!
    13:32 paperfairy it's in a cherish ball
    13:32 mibbit woopdewoop: No such nickname online.
    13:32 paperfairy big red ball
    13:32 mibbit woopdewoop: No such nickname online.
    So I was scammed in that Bronzor and Trapinch both have the same OT - I can get over that part though - Bronzor was still caught in a Cherish Ball.


    Nickname: dawn
    Username: WiFiGuest5
    Real name: Java User
    Server info: Patience... a common virtue
    Idle time: 0 seconds
    Channels: #SPP-WiFi

    18:08 Dawn You interested in events?
    18:08 paperfairy Depends on what they are but I have most of them
    18:08 Dawn Shinies: Azelf, Electrivir, Beautyfly, Bibarel, Ponyta, Peliper, Yamega, Slowking, Roserade, Geodude, Togipi, Pichu, and Bulbasaur.
    18:08 Dawn Events: 10th Anni Raikou, Shiny Hall of Origin Arceus, Hall of Origin Arceus, TRU Regigigas, Shiny Faraway Lugia, WSHMKR Jirachi, Flower Paradise Shaymin, and Ranger Manaphy.
    18:09 paperfairy *Offering*: *_Shiny_*: Venomoth, Litwick, Azumarill, Sawsbuck, Butterfree, Golbat, Machamp, Rotom, Bagon, Musharna, Flygon, Jirachi, Virizion *_31IVs_*: Ditto, Scizor, Cresselia, Manaphy, Archeops,
    18:09 paperfairy *_Shiny31IVs_*: Duskull, Ninjask, Umbreon, Charmander, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, Chinchou, Pichu, Suicune, Lugia, Milotic, Groudon, Gible, Riolu, Azelf, Dialga, Heatran, Ferrothorn, Archeops, Chandelure, Leafeon, Hippowdon, Dusknoir, Breloom *_Shiny/31IV/EV'd_*: Tyranitar, Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Gengar, Weavile, Scizor, Metagross, Lucario, Heracross,
    18:09 Dawn What did you want?
    18:10 paperfairy Only the Shinies but
    18:10 paperfairy I collect Pokemon with unique IDs - are they all owned by different ID numbers?
    18:11 Dawn yup lol
    18:11 Dawn be surprised if any are same id
    18:11 Dawn I would be interested in shiny evd
    18:11 Dawn So from that list I believe my options are Tyranitar, Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Gengar, Weavile, Scizor, Metagross, Lucario, Heracross,
    18:11 Dawn ?
    18:12 paperfairy Beautifly, Bibarel, Ponyta, Pelipper, Yanmega, Slowking, Roserade, Geodude, Topepi and Bulbasaur are my interests
    18:12 Dawn Assuming Stats are right I would be interested in Magnezone, Porygon, Gengar, Lucario, Scizor, and HErcross.
    18:12 Dawn Special Interest in Gengar / Scizor. Possibly Porygon.
    18:12 Dawn They Max EV I presume? If SO make an offer / trade
    18:13 paperfairy I'm in a trade right now - let me finish it so I can focus on this deal
    18:13 paperfairy k?
    18:14 Dawn yup kk
    18:18 paperfairy Magnezone, IVs: HP 31, Atk 30, Def 31, SpA 30, SpD 31, Spe 30 EVs: HP 252, Atk 0, Def 0, SpA 252, SpD 4, Spe 0, Total 508
    18:19 paperfairy Porygon-Z, IVs: HP 28, Atk 13, Def 4, SpA 30, SpD 20, Spe 31 EVs: HP 4, Atk 0, Def 0, SpA 252, SpD 0, Spe 252, Total 508
    18:19 paperfairy Gengar, IVs: HP 30, Atk 10, Def 26, SpA 31, SpD 27, Spe 31 EVs: HP 6, Atk 0, Def 0, SpA 252, SpD 0, Spe 252, Total 510
    18:19 paperfairy Lucario, IVs: HP 28, Atk 24, Def 30, SpA 31, SpD 31, Spe 31 EVs: HP 4, Atk 0, Def 0, SpA 252, SpD 0, Spe 252, Total 508
    18:19 paperfairy Scizor, IVs: HP 31, Atk 31, Def 31, SpA 31, SpD 31, Spe 31 EVs: HP 0, Atk 255, Def 0, SpA 0, SpD 0, Spe 255, Total 510
    18:19 paperfairy Heracross IVs: HP 10, Atk 30, Def 4, SpA 10, SpD 10, Spe 31 EVs: HP 4, Atk 252, Def 0, SpA 0, SpD 0, Spe 254, Total 510
    18:20 Dawn They are not Evd fully?
    18:20 paperfairy they are
    18:20 Dawn ah okay I see waht you mean
    18:20 paperfairy 508 is the practical max
    18:21 paperfairy make an offer
    18:22 Dawn Make an offer with what you want and what I want
    18:22 paperfairy do you want all six of those?
    18:23 Dawn Could you list the full stats properly for Scizor and Gengar and Porygon?
    18:23 Dawn Been up since 6am too tired to decode that mess of numbers lol
    18:23 paperfairy gimme a moment
    18:24 Dawn kk
    18:24 paperfairy porygon-z:
    18:24 paperfairy HP 309 ATK 160 DEF 149 SPATK 404 SPDEF 175 SPD 279
    18:25 paperfairy Scizor: 281/394/236/131/196/229
    18:26 paperfairy gengar: 261/130/151/359/182/350
    18:26 Dawn yup i'll take all 3
    18:26 Dawn probably the others 2 if they have similar stats.
    18:26 Dawn work out a trade
    18:26 paperfairy which other two? I posted six
    18:27 Dawn other 3*
    18:27 paperfairy Magnezone: 344/157/266/393/217/155
    18:27 paperfairy Lucario: 28/24/30/31/31/31
    18:28 Dawn yah i'd grab all
    18:28 Dawn Definately want first 3 though
    18:28 paperfairy Heracross: 281/382/159/85/205/269
    18:29 paperfairy my six for your: Beautifly, Pelliper, Yanmega, Slowking, Roserade and Geodude
    18:29 Dawn works for me
    18:30 Dawn could you give me sec to do another trade quick?
    18:30 Dawn 5414 9206 9598
    18:30 paperfairy sure np
    18:32 Dawn or he can dc
    18:32 Dawn kk i'll trade with you quick till he comes back
    18:33 Dawn fc?
    18:33 paperfairy 275210287872
    18:34 Dawn waiting inside
    18:37 paperfairy see me?
    18:37 Dawn yah wtf I keep freezing when people try to talk to me
    18:37 Dawn there we go
    18:40 Dawn sec
    18:40 paperfairy k
    18:42 Dawn whoops wrong one
    18:47 Dawn beautifly is pretty
    18:49 Dawn I will take the weavile I guess as well if you wanted to select another shiny
    18:50 Dawn Shinies: Azelf, Electrivir, Beautyfly, Bibarel, Ponyta, Peliper, Yamega, Slowking, Roserade, Geodude, Togipi, Pichu, and Bulbasaur.
    18:51 paperfairy oh
    18:51 paperfairy uh
    18:52 paperfairy Ponyta!
    18:52 Dawn kk
    18:52 Dawn and then all you will have evd wise is tt?
    18:53 paperfairy yep
    18:54 Dawn kk, already have one of those
    18:54 paperfairy thanks for the trade
    18:54 paperfairy s
    18:55 Dawn yup
    19:02 paperfairy hey
    19:03 paperfairy beautifly and pelipper have the same OT and ID
    19:03 paperfairy ASH / 45438
    19:03 paperfairy that was not our agreement =[
    19:04 paperfairy same with Ash
    19:04 paperfairy err
    19:05 paperfairy Slowking
    19:05 paperfairy all three
    see the chat log - Beautifly, Pelipper and Slowking all the same ID and I missed out on three EV'd Shinies with awesome IVs. Again, don't want my Pokémon back, just want justice. :/

    Although four times in 24 hours is really bad - not even counting all the ones in the last WEEK. :/
    Last edited by Paperfairy; 2nd April 2011 at 12:11 AM.
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    I've been scammed before. I diden't know of this thread at the time so I don't know the hotmask or anything.

    Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest2103
    In-game Name: (It's a swear word).
    Hostmask*: Don't know.
    Friend Code: I forgot, I erased him from my Pal Pad after it happened.
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Dialga
    The Story (What Happened): I said I was looking for a Shiny Squirtle/Treecko/Ekans and evolutions, then someone replied and said he had a Shiny Squirtle, male and everything. I offered him my Shiny Dialga, he accepted with no hesitation. We exchanged friend codes and all that and got to the trade room (where you can see your partner's team). He had the Shiny Squirtle in his party, selected my Shiny Dialga and I foolishly forgot to check it's summary page. It was met on Route 206. After I got the shiny and left the WiFi, I tried to save. An error occured. My game restarted and then it said that the save file was corrupted so it was erased. I raged so hard. I still haven't recovered. I lost everything.

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    I almost got scammed the guy said he would give me a melloetta (yes I know but he offered it openly on chat like this Offering Melo... pm me) so he wanted to give me bronzong first but I did not want to get scammed i would've lost my legit japanese arceus i disconeccted immediately also I lost my legit shiny for a "legit shiny giratina" I was really mad
    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Harvest View Post
    What was that Regarde. I couldn't hear you with all of that dick in your mouth.
    Quote Originally Posted by D-idara View Post
    Well, actually Blaziken isn't really Uber because some people whined about how they were getting owned by it. I mean, it doesn't stand a chance in the Uber enviroment.

    And Reuniclus...i see everyone using him, could you tell me any actual advantages over Musharna?

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    ^ I'd suggest checking the first post and filling the form correctly - no logs or anything, nevermind you're not mentioning who did that...we can't deal with unnamed people you know. =p

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    Name(s) (on chat): klow
    In-game Name:klow
    Hostmask*: Gaah, Still dont get this
    Friend Code: I deleted it
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Zekrom, Mewtwo, Articuno, Tyranitar, SMR2010 jirachi, Arceus
    The Story (What Happened):I first bumped into him saying that we wanted to have a battle, we have it, i found it unfair because I dont have all lv 100 on my team and he didnt give me a chance to Change my pokemon, we battled i lost he kept on bothering me for it and demanded free pokemon, he comes later telling me that he needs rufflet, i ask him what he offers and he says he'll give me legends when we traded he showed me this horse that ive never seen(keldeo) i wanted it(i didnt know it was hack only). but he says i have to trade him mewtwo and articuno first, i do the trade then he steals my tyranitar, saying he wants it too, then I tell him that we should trade now for keldeo, then he dcs

    A few weeks later, he PMs me again saying thats he's sorry then he traded a keldeo for my zekrom a arceus for my arceus(his had a better nature) and a SMR jirachi for a Shiny Zekrom, after we trade, i look up keldeo, its hack only, and it has pressure, the arceus was a hack, even though mine was a LEGIT TRU arceus and then I found that zekrom cant be shiny.( and it had pressure)

    Im akicked from spp wifi but i dont want scamming any more of you good people.

    P.S. he always talks like this:
    20:56<klow> jajaja
    20:56<klow>Ill give you back
    20:57<klow>your pokes
    20:57<klow> NOT!
    This is a real piece of our conversation this is the only part I had saved.

    P.P.S Tell me if hes on the forums too

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    idk if u would count this as scamming but in the random battle in black and swhite, people on there will cut their ds off if they know they are gonna lose and it really ticks me off so i dont get any wins :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Axew%2013 View Post
    idk if u would count this as scamming but in the random battle in black and swhite, people on there will cut their ds off if they know they are gonna lose and it really ticks me off so i dont get any wins :P
    yeah we don't allow this in the chats but the random battles aren't really relevant here, so
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    Name(s) (on chat): monkey123
    In-game Name: JIMMY
    Friend Code: 1291 9413 1745
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): None, though he was trying to scam my Dream World Arceus
    The Story (What Happened): I asked for a Movie Victini, he brought a Lv. 40 Victini caught in a regular Pokéball and apparently tried to pass this off as a Movie Victini.

    Session Start: Wed Jun 15 19:17:19 2011
    Session Ident: WiFiGuest9324
    [19:17] Session Ident: WiFiGuest9324 (PurpleSurge, Pingouin7) (
    [19:17] <WiFiGuest9324> i hyave victini
    [19:17] <Pingouin7> and you are interested in trading it for my dream world arceus, right?
    [19:17] <WiFiGuest9324> yeah
    [19:17] <Pingouin7> ok
    [19:18] <WiFiGuest9324> fc
    [19:18] <Pingouin7> my fc is 3825 7852 0098
    [19:18] <WiFiGuest9324> 1291 9413 1745
    [19:21] <WiFiGuest9324> u there
    [19:21] <Pingouin7> yes
    [19:21] <Pingouin7> do you see me?
    [19:21] <WiFiGuest9324> no
    [19:21] <Pingouin7> i'm going to exit and enter again
    [19:21] <WiFiGuest9324> k
    [19:23] <Pingouin7> noob
    Session Close: Wed Jun 15 19:23:36 2011

    Session Start: Wed Jun 15 19:25:46 2011
    Session Ident: WiFiGuest9324
    [19:25] Session Ident: WiFiGuest9324 (PurpleSurge, Pingouin7) (
    [19:25] <WiFiGuest9324> trade
    [19:26] WiFiGuest9324 is * Java User
    [19:26] WiFiGuest9324 on #SPP-WiFi
    [19:26] WiFiGuest9324 using Your Alter Ego
    [19:26] WiFiGuest9324 End of /WHOIS list.
    [19:26] <Pingouin7> no
    [19:26] <Pingouin7> I'm not trading with you
    [19:26] <WiFiGuest9324> y?
    [19:26] <Pingouin7> you'd have to be really retarded to think your Victini was a movie Victini
    [19:26] <WiFiGuest9324> its liberty pass vivtini
    [19:27] <Pingouin7> learn to read
    [19:27] <WiFiGuest9324> dumb ***
    [19:27] <Pingouin7> You should learn to read instead
    [19:27] <Pingouin7> I specifically said "Movie Victini"
    [19:27] <Pingouin7> you're kinda immature aren't you?
    [19:28] <monkey123> im 11 stupid
    [19:28] <Pingouin7> so that's why
    [19:28] <monkey123> shut up
    [19:28] <Pingouin7> stop being so butthurt
    [19:29] <Pingouin7> Look, if you really need to trade that Victini
    [19:29] <Pingouin7> Just find someone actually looking for a Liberty Pass Victini
    [19:29] <monkey123> ok dumby
    [19:29] <Pingouin7> go
    [19:29] <Pingouin7> do it
    [19:29] <monkey123> ok
    Gen. 6Gen. 7

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    Posted by quilt.
    It keeps autologging me to this account.

    Quote Originally Posted by quilt View Post
    Not demanding anything back just submitting.
    Context in Attachment.
    Then changed his nick.

    TL;DR Account in question Tiisko.
    Traded for an Event Mystery Egg, instead got a Horsea.
    Complete denial.

    Session Start: Mon Jun 20 12:35:33 2011
    Session Ident: pumpkin
    09[12:35] <quilt> OHAI Can I have a mystery egg?
    09[12:35] <quilt> *snort*HA*snort*
    [12:36] <pumpkin> ur fail attempt to scam me is laughable
    [12:36] <pumpkin> *snort*HA*snort*
    09[12:36] <quilt> But I just want a mystery egg.
    09[12:37] <quilt> How come I'm not the one changing my nick and trying to hide
    [12:37] <pumpkin> and u got one and u are now trying to get two
    [12:37] <pumpkin> when i asked u u said u wanted two
    09[12:37] <quilt> I'll trade you back then Egg then
    [12:37] <pumpkin> i remember now
    [12:37] <pumpkin> gtfo outta here
    [12:37] <pumpkin> u gonna give me a random horsea
    09[12:37] <quilt> ROFl
    [12:37] <pumpkin> and keep the event egg
    [12:37] <pumpkin> and i'll give u mesprit back?
    09[12:37] <quilt> I think I know where that's happened before.
    [12:37] <pumpkin> wtf
    [12:37] <pumpkin> lol
    [12:37] <pumpkin> nice try bro
    09[12:38] <quilt> Brice nry rro
    [12:42] <pumpkin> lol pathetic kids these days trying to scam people over a pokemon egg. u got some neerve after i traded u legit events. lol silly clowns.
    09[12:43] <quilt> Clowns? so multiple people are proclaiming you've scammed them :/ This isn't going to look good in the post.
    01[12:43] No such nick/channel

    So yeah.
    Reposted for thread.
    Last edited by Gemiix; 20th June 2011 at 6:04 AM.

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    Default larvitar scam

    Name(s) (on chat): WifiGuest0154
    In-game Name:
    Friend Code: 5028 5736 4975
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): bronzong
    The Story (What Happened): said perfect IV larvitar, got decent all round. just hoping he will notice he did that and look here. Scammer, pm my forum account if you see this.

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