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Thread: Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

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    Name(s) (on chat): attackoftheCLONES
    In-game Name: forgot. Maybe Jeramy
    Hostmask*: ( (according to Jiggly)
    Friend Code: 0518 4881 6478
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Manaphy, Deoxys, Jirachi
    The Story (What Happened): While loocking for a Darkrai for 10 days, I found attackoftheCLONES, who was offering a level 100 Darkrai (which, at the end, I get to keep). Then he asked me for all my event so he could clone using his super-cool and mighty ActionReplay (He probably worships it or something. He kept saying how cool it is). He said the he would clone them and give me 1 of each back. I was dumb enough to giving him my Jirachi, Deoxys, and later Manaphy. I did question him and said how did i know did i know he would give me back my pokemon he said, "ill give you a event for the one your going to give me so if i wants it back i got to give you yours back"
    [15:06] <jpdc11> ok
    [15:06] <attackoftheCLONES> i wont take it if im getting a event out of it
    Then he took my pokemon one by one. First Deoxys, then Jirachi. Then i asked him for a Razor Claw, which came with a Latias... but it costed my Manaphy. At the end i got Darkrai (Yay!) Celebi and Latias (which i already had) Well, I know he did it on purpose. And he probably didn't even have his super-cool and mighty ActionReplay. What a loser (I don't like cheating devices, but according to him, ActionReplay's are super-cool... and mighty)
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