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Thread: Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

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    Name(s) (on chat): SPPGuest0232
    In-game Name: Unknown
    Hostmask*: SPPGuest02@2EAF3877.BFC03B26.F08467F7.IP
    Friend Code: Unknown
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Gurdurr
    The Story (What Happened): I wasn't scammed, but the guest appeared in #SPP and gloated about it. These are the logs:

    * SPPGuest0232 has joined #SPP. ( SPPGuest02@2EAF3877.BFC03B26.F08467F7.IP )
    (SPPGuest0232) hahahahaha
    (SPPGuest0232) some idiot in trade chat told me that he needs to evolve his gurdurr
    * SPPGuest3463 has joined #SPP. ( )
    (SPPGuest0232) so i told him ok i'll trade it and back
    (Machop_Fan) you obliged and didn't give it back?
    (SPPGuest0232) it was a shiny adamant gurdurr and fully EV'd
    (SPPGuest0232) and yes
    (SPPGuest0232) i didnt give it back
    (SPPGuest0232) trolololo
    (SPPGuest0232) hmm
    (SPPGuest0232) i think now i can officially call myself a team rocket member
    (SPPGuest0232) since i steal pokemon from trainers
    (Badger) how honourable of you
    (SPPGuest0232) hahaha
    (SPPGuest0232) like i care
    (SPPGuest0232) if i cared about honour or such bullshiz i'd trade it back
    (Badger) i hope karma hits you where it hurts
    (SPPGuest0232) i dont believe in karma
    (SPPGuest0232) so its ok
    * Cairne|nothere is now known as Cairne
    (SPPGuest0232) hahah
    (SPPGuest0232) i dont even feel sorry for that noob
    (Cairne) I don't even feel sorry for someone who cheats in a easy game because they can't play otherwise.
    (SPPGuest0232) people just dont need to be that idiot,believeing me when i tell tham that i'll trade it back
    (SPPGuest0232) i hope he and such people dont learn from their mistakes so i'll steal more pokemon from them in future

    I sincerely hope he's lying.
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    Come on, you know Machop is cute! I mean, who couldn't love those endearing eyes? That adorable face? That loving embrace?

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    Name: BUNBI

    Pokémon scammed: Shiny Jolly good iv'd Mienfoo

    IP/Hostmask: (

    Friend Code: Can't remember

    I traded a shiny offspring to him for his allegedly perfect iv ferrothorn offspring, which turned out to be far less perfect than advertised...
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamax_83 View Post
    Name: BUNBI

    Pokémon scammed: Shiny Jolly good iv'd Mienfoo

    IP/Hostmask: (

    Friend Code: Can't remember

    I traded a shiny offspring to him for his allegedly perfect iv ferrothorn offspring, which turned out to be far less perfect than advertised...
    Just checking, do you know the proper way to check the IVs of a Pokemon? Perhaps it does have perfect IVs, but you're checking them incorrectly.

    pm me any reports/questions that you may have
    (it may take a couple of days for me to respond, though)

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    Quote Originally Posted by §Suicune§ View Post
    Just checking, do you know the proper way to check the IVs of a Pokemon? Perhaps it does have perfect IVs, but you're checking them incorrectly.
    This. I thought I had a near flawless Scraggy, when the actual IV's were all below 20.

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    Default Don't trust people apparently...

    Name(s) (on chat): zeldafan128
    In-game Name: Jesse
    Hostmask*: Unknown
    Friend Code: 1678 3844 4676
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Tornadus
    The Story (What Happened): I was looking to do a trade swap, I borrow your Thundurus for dex and to get Landorus, then give back and let you use my Tornadus to do the same. He PMed, asked why he should trust me, said he once got scammed. I decided (stupidly) to put some faith in a fellow human being, offered to let him go first. He agreed, swapped codes, met in wifi room, traded... he left and dropped from chatroom. No word, nothing. I waited in chat and wifi room for 20 minutes.

    Oh well, don't trust people.

    Him in room before PM:


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    Name(s) (on chat): attackoftheCLONES
    In-game Name: forgot. Maybe Jeramy
    Hostmask*: ( (according to Jiggly)
    Friend Code: 0518 4881 6478
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Manaphy, Deoxys, Jirachi
    The Story (What Happened): While loocking for a Darkrai for 10 days, I found attackoftheCLONES, who was offering a level 100 Darkrai (which, at the end, I get to keep). Then he asked me for all my event so he could clone using his super-cool and mighty ActionReplay (He probably worships it or something. He kept saying how cool it is). He said the he would clone them and give me 1 of each back. I was dumb enough to giving him my Jirachi, Deoxys, and later Manaphy. I did question him and said how did i know did i know he would give me back my pokemon he said, "ill give you a event for the one your going to give me so if i wants it back i got to give you yours back"
    [15:06] <jpdc11> ok
    [15:06] <attackoftheCLONES> i wont take it if im getting a event out of it
    Then he took my pokemon one by one. First Deoxys, then Jirachi. Then i asked him for a Razor Claw, which came with a Latias... but it costed my Manaphy. At the end i got Darkrai (Yay!) Celebi and Latias (which i already had) Well, I know he did it on purpose. And he probably didn't even have his super-cool and mighty ActionReplay. What a loser (I don't like cheating devices, but according to him, ActionReplay's are super-cool... and mighty)
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    Name(s) (on chat):WifiGuest7089
    In-game Name:I dont remeber but on the hacked poke it says "ANGUS"
    Hostmask*: unknown
    Friend Code: 1979 0921 2061
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): He took my Shiny FLawless Starmie, and he Gave me Hacked Lv. 100 Flawless Reshiram
    The Story (What Happened): He told me he had one if I traded him a max IV poke so I told him to look at what I had. He wanted my Flawless starmie so He took like 25 minutes making the fake poke then traded with me when I told him it was hacked and was going to report him he left.

    I have pictures but it wont let me upload them
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    Anyone seen the adverts? They have brought back the EX cards!!
    28th February 2012, 12:16 PM

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    Name(s) (on chat): Sacha, sacha
    In-game Name: Sacha
    Hostmask*: [17:05] sacha sacha
    [17:05] sacha is a registered nick
    [17:05] sacha #SPP-WiFi
    [17:05] sacha Patience... a common virtue
    [17:05] sacha End of /WHOIS list.

    Friend Code: 1678 5561 8591
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): a tornadus, nearly an arceus
    The Story (What Happened): Well Sica, i just made an email and forum account to tell you this, i think these will explain it:
    i couldn't remember your forum name and thought that you were going by your the end of it.

    edit: met him again, asked for my lv 100 arceus and lvl 50 movie victini wanted arceus first like he was gonna scam twice over... i ended up dcing
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    name on chat:turtle
    in-game name: KRAZY-J
    hostmask:dont know
    friend code:????
    spammed pokemon:lvl 100 giratina
    the story(what happened): i was looking for movie victini and this guy comes up with this shiny legit movie victini, he wanted my giratina and my cresselia(i thought it was a fair deal) so i said:"i dont wanna be scammed, offer the victini first", he answered like: "no, the weak pokemon first", i answered no, but he persisted saying, "i dont cheat i PROMISE i wont", so i said "ok" so we traded giratina for lvl 4 audino¬¬ and then i selected cresselia, but nothing happened, so i said:"what are you waiting for" and he answered:"you were scammed,hahahahahahahahaha" and he disconnected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Emily View Post
    Name: shinies (on April 17, during 3-4 pm Philippine time)
    In-game name: Ben
    Hostmask: Don't know...
    Friend Code: 4167 1003 2596 (with that Karate dude avatar)
    Pokemon Scammed: Some of my EV'd & good-IV'd Pokemon holding items (Breloom with thunderpunch, Machamp, Timid Alakazam, etc...)
    All 18 Pokemon.
    What happened: He says yesterday that I can trust him (after we have spoken for an hour) for the transferring. I sent 18 Pokemon to him now at 12:00 noon my time here in the Philippines, but he never appeared since. He has stolen all of them.
    We have been chatting yesterday though, somewhere at 3 - 4:30 pm my time.
    Sorry, can't remember other details, since we have chatted yesterday. and we agreed on a schedule for the trading.
    Whenever you're doing things like trading pokemon to transfer or to evolve, trade your pokemon with one of his/her rare pokemon, so he will have to give your pokemon back unless he/she wants to lose them.

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    Exclamation SPPGuest9203

    Name(s) (on chat): SPPGuest9203
    In-game Name: Sector
    Hostmask*: *!*
    Friend Code: 4513 4146 5998
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Smeargle
    The Story (What Happened): He offered a shiny shellos, so I offered my smeargle with a bunch of legendary moves. I traded with him and when I left the wifi club I looked at my new shellos. It had every single ribbon possible, caught in a sport ball, was "Met at level 0" in the mystery zone, OT Ash and ID 00000. I chatted back that since it was hacked I wanted my smeargle back, but he did not respond.

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    Name(s) (on chat): XxvashingxX
    In-game Name: It was William, if I remember well...
    Friend Code: 4985 9646 7006
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): I traded a totodile and a Chikorita for a shiny pidgey and a shiny spheal
    The Story (What Happened): So this guy was on the chat and asked if anyone had a chikorita or a totodile for Heart Gold. Since I have bred a few extras, I thought well, why not helping. I asked:

    [21:01] <fa11ingstar> what do you offer for a chikorita or totodile?
    [21:01] <XxvashingxX> well...ill offer some shinys.......
    21:03] <fa11ingstar> I have both that I have hatched from eggs!
    [21:03] <XxvashingxX> i got a shiny metapod a shiny slowpoke a shiny pidgey a shinys
    [21:03] <XxvashingxX> shiny bellsprout

    (i'm just putting extracts of our conversation, but I have saved the full one)

    So I was very surprised and suspected them to be hacked, and furthermore I didn't feel like it was very fair so I told him I would only take Pidgey (since he offered!) and he could send me any pokemon he would like to get rid of.

    [21:09] <fa11ingstar> Is there a specific nature you would like for the totodile? I got only one chikorita but I have a few totodiles...
    [21:10] <XxvashingxX> hasty...if u dont got its i get both...?
    [21:10] <fa11ingstar> Yes, you can just trade me a pokemon you don't want for the second one, I feel like it would be unfair for you otherwise! Are your shiny legit??
    [21:11] <XxvashingxX> yeah......
    [21:11] <XxvashingxX> its cool if they aint legit....

    So there it goes, and he traded me a Shiny pidgey and a shiny spheal. My am not tooo angry because I have a few spare starters, but still I would not like anyone to get caught by him... He suggested this after the trade:

    [21:24] <XxvashingxX> wait....
    [21:24] <XxvashingxX> do u have soulsilver.....
    [21:24] <fa11ingstar> yes why?
    [21:25] <XxvashingxX> welll ill trade u my kyogre for groudon because im trying to get rayquaza.....
    [21:25] <XxvashingxX> an i neeed the red orb....
    [21:25] <XxvashingxX> which u got......
    [21:25] <XxvashingxX> ill give the blue orb....

    But I don't have Groudon yet so, luckily, I didn't get caught. I hope you can do something, it happened not so long ago tonight! I don't want my Pokemon back, just want him to be punnished or I don't know
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    I wasn't scammed but I was going to be if I didn't check the summary:which he declined stating that my Entei from Colosseum was "hacked." How can you hack on a Game Cube is something I have yet to learn.

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    can you not spam the threads in this forum up? they are for help, not for conversation
    i don't want to live through winter
    i can't stand to see everything ending

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    ok so this is against the dude that wants nintendoclub pin numbers

    i asked for a shiny drain punch lucario, he said he got it so i asked him what he wanted, he wanted nintendoclub pins so i had one and i didnt want to get screwed

    here is the rest of the convo

    [07:55] <WiFiGuest5884> send the code first and if it goes through we got a deal
    [07:55] <WiFiGuest5884> im already sending lucario over now thats why
    [07:57] <WiFiGuest5884> ?
    [07:58] <GhostDad> hmm
    [07:58] <GhostDad> well ive been screwed over so i really dont want to take the chance again
    [07:58] <GhostDad> ive been screwed over but im honest regardless
    [07:59] <GhostDad> ill give u half the code now and the other half when the trade is completed
    [08:00] <GhostDad> just to be fair about it
    [08:00] <WiFiGuest5884> giving half the code doesnt show me if u made it up or used it already
    [08:00] <GhostDad> BTW-TC6Z
    [08:00] <GhostDad> the last 7 digits u will get after the trade
    [08:00] <GhostDad> i didnt use it
    [08:00] <GhostDad> im not gonna lie to u bud
    [08:01] <GhostDad> but im not gonna take the chance to be screwed over again
    [08:02] <WiFiGuest5884> me to
    [08:02] <WiFiGuest5884> forget it then bro
    [08:02] <GhostDad> ok u screw me over i will make sure u get a perma ban
    [08:02] <GhostDad> deal?
    [08:02] <GhostDad> the code is
    [08:03] <GhostDad> BTW-TC6Z-FH4A-6FK
    [08:03] <GhostDad> this convo has been recorded by the way

    then he left at 8:04.

    so i got screwed and there is no shiny drain punch lucario.

    also a couple months back a person named Alfredo in the chats scammed me out of a darkrai during a 4th trade. yea it was a stupid 1 for one legend trade and he was like plz take this poke too, its an egg move poke. so like an idiot i took it and he laughed and siad thnx and D/C.

    see to it that these people are taken care of and are not welcome here. its not tolerated in my book, the scamming and im an honest person. ask ANYONE ive traded with here and they will say im honest and dont scam. id like the same respect plz. kthnx bai

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    to be frank you were breaking the "pokemon only" rule, and it's always a gamble to do trust trades (and actually against the rules also for this very reason)
    besides anything, we need a host to ban someone which you haven't provided
    next time something like this happens report it to an op as soon as it happens so we can actually do something about it

    just be more careful next time
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    i don't want to live through winter
    i can't stand to see everything ending

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    Quote Originally Posted by moot View Post
    to be frank you were breaking the "pokemon only" rule, and it's always a gamble to do trust trades (and actually against the rules also for this very reason)
    besides anything, we need a host to ban someone which you haven't provided
    next time something like this happens report it to an op as soon as it happens so we can actually do something about it

    just be more careful next time
    i see your point. but that doesnt give them an excuse to scam. at all.

    and i messaged asuka when it happened and he or she didnt reply so that was a big help -.-

    so i figured id complain here.

    if theres anymore issues here ill be sure to post them and thnx again for the help moot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakudoreamu View Post
    i see your point. but that doesnt give them an excuse to scam. at all.

    and i messaged asuka when it happened and he or she didnt reply so that was a big help -.-

    so i figured id complain here.

    if theres anymore issues here ill be sure to post them and thnx again for the help moot
    i know he doesn't have the right to scam but i can't exactly tell him off when i don't know who he is lol
    asuka is usually afk so it's a better idea to PM people who have a % or @ next to their name (or dragonite if he's on)
    i don't want to live through winter
    i can't stand to see everything ending

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    Quote Originally Posted by moot View Post
    i know he doesn't have the right to scam but i can't exactly tell him off when i don't know who he is lol
    asuka is usually afk so it's a better idea to PM people who have a % or @ next to their name (or dragonite if he's on)
    alright thnx again for the help

    and the dude who asks for codes normally remains a guest. now im not an op on this channel but i know u can IP ban someone. so if he comes back on asking for codes, i will give u or another op the ip address so he cna be taken care of. or yall can give him another chance but idk. since asking for codes is forbidden on the chat anyway.

    itd make more sense but thats up to u.

    thnx again for the assistance

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    Name(s) (on chat): Sky
    In-game Name: Sam
    Friend Code: 2838 7688 4212
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): I traded a legit event victini for a jirachi
    The Story (What Happened): i was offering up some event victini's for trade and sky came up to me saying he wanted the movie 11 one i had in my box heres the chat log of it all:

    [20:37] <sky> hey looking for the non lierty garden one
    [20:38] <SPPGuest5756> you mean the movie11 one or the wifi one
    [20:38] <sky> movie11
    [20:39] <SPPGuest5756> kk but its a japanese one, is that an issue?
    [20:39] <sky> whats it lv
    [20:39] <SPPGuest5756> 50 untouched
    [20:39] <sky> k what ya want for it
    [20:40] <sky> also lookin dor deoxys and darkrai alimos fyi
    [20:40] <SPPGuest5756> what are you offerng?
    [20:41] <sky> want lv 100 legendary event ? need somewhere to start lol
    [20:41] <SPPGuest5756> got any d/w icy cave pokes -prefer females-
    [20:42] <sky> sorry no dw anything else want a event milotic
    [20:43] <SPPGuest5756> got any event mews?
    [20:44] <sky> no mews srry
    [20:46] <SPPGuest5756> jirachi? celebi? manaphy? mespirit? cressilia?
    [20:53] <sky> jirachi
    [20:57] <SPPGuest5756> yay
    [20:58] <sky> one thing what moves does it know
    [20:59] <SPPGuest5756> v create fusion flare fusion bolt searing shot
    [21:00] <sky> yep whats your fc
    [21:00] <SPPGuest5756> 4556 3316 7542
    [21:00] <sky> 2838 7688 4212
    [21:02] <sky> im in
    [21:04] <SPPGuest5756> waiting on u
    [21:04] <sky> im in cant see you
    [21:04] <SPPGuest5756> let me reconnect
    [21:06] <SPPGuest5756> are u coming back?
    [21:06] <sky> yeah
    [21:09] <sky> cool you have deoxys or darkrai alimos
    [21:10] <SPPGuest5756> no
    [21:10] <SPPGuest5756> and are u sure the jirachi isnt hacked?
    [21:11] <SPPGuest5756> im more than certain that jirachi cant surf
    [21:11] <sky> i think its real i got it through a trade with my friend
    [21:14] <SPPGuest5756> the jirachi is hacked
    [21:15] <SPPGuest5756> i want the victini back or give me a legit event
    [21:15] <sky> how do you know?
    [21:15] <SPPGuest5756> i looked up jirachi's legal moves and none of them are what your jirachi has
    [21:16] <sky> ah
    [21:17] <SPPGuest5756> i want a legit event or give me back the victini
    [21:17] sky No such nick/channel

    the i.p address of this person is:

    update i saw him again and really let him have it:

    [23:57] <SPPGuest2949> thief
    [23:58] <sky> what are you talking about
    [23:58] <SPPGuest2949> you stole my event victini for a crappy hacked jirachi
    [23:59] <SPPGuest2949> give it back
    [23:59] <sky> dude seriously what are you talking i just got off work i havent been on all day
    [00:01] <SPPGuest2949> dont even lie sam
    [00:01] <sky> im not
    [00:01] <SPPGuest2949> i got your i.p address from when you ripped me off
    [00:01] <sky> my what
    [00:02] <SPPGuest2949> your internet provider address
    [00:02] <sky> well then i can prove my innocence what is it
    [00:02] <SPPGuest2949> scroll down to the end:!/page5
    [00:03] <sky> what the hell is that it looks like an= website address
    [00:03] <SPPGuest2949> click the link
    [00:05] <sky> okay i did its a forum?
    [00:06] <SPPGuest2949> look down towards to the end
    [00:08] <sky> k
    [00:11] <sky> question how is that postd at 2 am lol
    [00:11] <sky> are you from the future
    [00:12] <SPPGuest2949> no
    [00:13] <SPPGuest2949> im from the past and i want my victini
    [00:13] <sky> okay what do you want me to do
    [00:13] <SPPGuest2949> give me back my victini
    [00:14] <SPPGuest2949> open up your ds, turn on poke b/w find the japanese event victini and fork it over
    [00:14] <sky> dude i didnt take it think about it this is a world chat room dont you think their could more then one sky
    [00:14] <sky> leve me alone stop harrassing me
    [00:14] <SPPGuest2949> dude i've checked your i.p thing with the thief's it matches perfectly
    [00:14] <SPPGuest2949> stop lying and give me the victini
    [00:15] <sky> dude i didnt take it now seriously leave me alone
    [00:16] <SPPGuest2949> why do i not believe you
    [00:16] <SPPGuest2949> i think you're lying to me
    [00:16] <sky> cause your a supernerd who cant be logical
    [00:17] <SPPGuest2949> oh i am logical you're just a lying sneak
    [00:17] <sky> dont talk to me unless yo;u have proof and from the thing on the forum it looks like the guy thought the jirachi was real
    [00:18] <SPPGuest2949> the thief's i.p address: your i.p address: [00:15] sky WiFiGuest4
    [00:18] <SPPGuest2949> oh my the two match perfectly
    [00:18] <SPPGuest2949> which tells me you're lying
    [00:19] <sky> not really now seriously leave me alone
    [00:20] <SPPGuest2949> im not gonna leave you alone until you cough up my japanese event victini
    [00:21] <sky> fine ill just ignore you you have no proof and like i said im pretty sure the forum says trade at your own rish
    [00:21] <SPPGuest2949> i gave you the most concrete proof the i.p address
    [00:21] <SPPGuest2949> no two people have the same one
    [00:21] <SPPGuest2949> which means you're the thief that stole my victini
    [00:22] <sky> one you got a pokemon so its not really stealing
    [00:23] <SPPGuest2949> it is if you knew the pokemon in question was hacked when i said i wanted a legit event
    [00:23] <sky> do me a favor and read the top of thie web page
    [00:24] <SPPGuest2949> you scammed me and stole a legit event for a crappy hacked jirachi
    [00:25] <sky> read the top of the page come on i know you can read and its not a scam if it was thought to be real
    [00:25] <SPPGuest2949> i told u it wasnt real and that i wanted the victini back
    [00:25] <SPPGuest2949> you're a thief and a liar
    [00:26] <sky> read the top of the page you know its illegal to make false accusations btw
    [00:27] <SPPGuest2949> its also illegal to steal pokemon when you know what you're offering is hacked
    [00:29] <sky> one didnt know it was hacked two call the cops on me please watch them laugh in your face
    [00:29] <sky> your not 5 think about it
    [00:30] <SPPGuest2949> this type of thing is what serebii admins are for
    [00:30] <SPPGuest2949> watch them kick your butt
    [00:31] <SPPGuest2949> give me my japanese victini back
    [00:32] <sky> for what trading you so;mething i thought was real and it turned out to not be thats not my fault dude why are you being so serious about pol=kemon
    [00:33] <sky> If i saved them id show you messages with people were i know something of f=mine is fake and i tell them i say something if i have the slightiest notion that its fake sorry you got a raw deal and one slipped past me
    [00:36] <SPPGuest2949> aha so you admit that you're the one who gave me the hacked jirachi
    [00:37] <sky> dude ill tell you right now yo;ur not getting it back now ill give you something else but by posting something about me you insured that cause now a mistake looks like a scam
    [00:38] <SPPGuest2949> i want either a LEGIT event or the japanse victini back
    [00:39] <sky> your not getting a event ill give you a lv 100
    [00:39] <SPPGuest2949> i told you that it was hacked and you did nothing to help the situation with me, all you did was disappear that dude is scamming
    [00:39] <sky> lookin for lv 100 dewatt
    [00:40] <SPPGuest2949> i want a legit event or the japanese victini that you scammed from me
    [00:42] <sky> listen you posted something you did something that cant be undone your not getting a event or victini you turned a mistake and to something more than it was supposed to be
    [00:43] <SPPGuest2949> if it was a "mistake" you would've stayed put and helped the situation instead of disappearing like a coward
    [00:44] <SPPGuest2949> yes i did post the whole thing because you handled it like a scam when i expressed that i wasnt happy with the jirachi
    [00:44] <sky> let me ask you this how do i know your not scamming me how do i know its not a real jirachi and your just not saying its fake to try and get another event
    [00:44] <sky> btw thats not my internet provider
    [00:46] <SPPGuest2949> dude i got nothing to gain by making **** up
    [00:46] <SPPGuest2949> why would i waste time doing that
    [00:47] <sky> cause obviously this is your life and you gain two for 1
    [00:47] <SPPGuest2949> yea not really
    [00:47] <sky> how am i to know that
    [00:47] <SPPGuest2949> i just dont like being lied to and when i do trades im as honest as can be
    [00:48] <sky> dude i thought it was legit it still might be for all i know
    [00:50] <SPPGuest2949> but its not look at the move set: crunch surf -2 other moves that are impossible for jirachi to know-
    [00:50] <SPPGuest2949> its hacked
    [00:50] <sky> i didnt know that its my first jirachi
    [00:51] <SPPGuest2949> anyone with a lick of common sense would look up jirachi and see what is normal for jirachi to learn
    [00:52] <SPPGuest2949> im not a satisfied customer and i do want a pokemon refund
    [00:52] <sky> guess what thios isnt my life
    [00:52] <sky> how old are you
    [00:52] <SPPGuest2949> its not mine either but i want an honest trade
    [00:56] <SPPGuest2949> the key to a good trading rep is honesty honesty honesty
    [00:57] <SPPGuest2949> and if the customer isnt happy you bend over backwards until they are happy\
    [00:57] <sky> im not mcdonalds and im a customer by those standards and i am happy
    [00:58] <SPPGuest2949> nien, you're the salesman in this case and you got a angry customer right here
    [00:59] <sky> not really im no salesmen you came to me
    [01:00] <SPPGuest2949> nien again you came to me asking about the victini
    [01:00] <sky> are you russian ?
    [01:00] <SPPGuest2949> nien is no in german
    [01:01] <sky> i knew it was not american your just mad we kicked your *** in both world wars
    [01:02] <SPPGuest2949> hahaha shows how little you know about me
    [01:02] <SPPGuest2949> im 100% american
    [01:03] <SPPGuest2949> just because i know a few words that arent english doesnt make me from that area
    [01:05] <sky> where are you from
    [01:05] <SPPGuest2949> massachusetts new england
    [01:05] <sky> damn it you american
    [01:05] <sky> lol
    [01:06] <SPPGuest2949> damn straight sherlock
    [01:06] <sky> ****ing yankee lol
    [01:08] <SPPGuest2949> yeah moving on, the jirachi was hacked hence i would like it to be fixed via another legit event or the victini i gave u for it
    [01:09] <sky> ill giive you a lv 100 cause your a fellow american
    Last edited by Shadow Fox22; 5th October 2012 at 8:57 AM.

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    In a bin.


    Name(s) (on chat): lee (his)
    In-game Name: Not sure
    Hostmask*: He logged off before I could get it
    Friend Code: He didn't give
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): NEARLY a Shiny Event Raikou
    The Story (What Happened): Well, I'm not completely sure he was trying to scam me but I posted here anyway, just in case. So it's the normal thing, he says "lf events pm me" and then he lists the events he's looking for and Raikou's on there. Since I don't use legendaries in battle and I already got Zoroark, I PMed him and said "ive got shiny event raikou what do you offer?" so he said "i dont have any events soz" so I said "what about rare shinys or normal legends?" he said "im only trying to get data for my pokedex" and I replied with "ok so we swap then swap back so nobody loses any pokemon?" and I was trying to use precautions I also added, "send a shiny legendary so its fair - ps if you try and scam me i wont hesitate to inform an op!" And he logged off then, so I think he was planning to scam me and then when I mentioned reporting him if he had tried to scam me he backed out.

    So just in case, look out for "lee" or anybody else that wants to 'swap events' to complete their Pokedex! BTW, my nick is Aazo.

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    Name(s) (on chat):
    Me: Tatoba
    Him: MetallicJirachi
    In-game Name: DEMON (him)
    Hostmask*: *
    Friend Code: Unfortunately I cannot provide this.
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Japanese Ditto
    The Story (What Happened):
    I had a spare Japanese Ditto that I was offering. After a few other offers, this guy PMs me wanting it, offering a shiny Spiritomb. I didn't notice until hours later that the Spiritomb had a Premier Ribbon on it and when I confronted the guy about it, he lied about being clueless about the whole thing and refused to return the Ditto because being rightfully pissed about it was apparently ******* behavior, despite being a complete hypocrite.

    Edit: A log.

    [23:49] <Tatoba> I want my Ditto back.
    [23:51] <Tatoba> The Spiritomb you gave me had a Premier Ribbon on it, which they aren't supposed to have.
    [00:17] <MetallicJirachi> Sorry.
    [00:17] <Tatoba> Sorry isn't good enough. I still want my Ditto back
    [00:17] <MetallicJirachi> fine
    [00:17] <MetallicJirachi> Be a dick
    [00:17] <MetallicJirachi> My ditto *****
    [00:18] <Tatoba> I wouldn't have to be a dick if you would just trade back.
    [00:19] <MetallicJirachi> wWell you are one
    [00:19] <MetallicJirachi> So
    [00:19] <MetallicJirachi> No
    [00:20] <Tatoba> I'm willing to bet that you knew that the Spiritomb was hacked too.
    [00:20] <MetallicJirachi> Actually I didnt
    [00:20] <MetallicJirachi> Honestly I didnt
    [00:20] <MetallicJirachi> So I said sorry
    [00:20] <MetallicJirachi> Which to that you became an assho;e
    [00:20] <MetallicJirachi> *******
    [00:20] <MetallicJirachi> so
    [00:20] <MetallicJirachi> Good day
    [00:21] <Tatoba> It wasn't even that dickish.
    [00:21] <Tatoba> It's only natural I would be pissed and would want my legitimate Pokemon back after getting scammed.
    [00:22] <MetallicJirachi> Be warned that if you trade here, you do so at your own risk. There are people whom will try to scam you out of your Pokémon. Do not do 2 for 1 trades and always be careful with what you trade
    [00:22] <Tatoba> So you admit that you scammed me.
    [00:22] <MetallicJirachi> No
    [00:22] <MetallicJirachi> I admit you should be more careful around people who can be ignorant, like me at times
    [00:23] <Tatoba> If you were truely sorry, you would just give back the Ditto.
    [00:23] <MetallicJirachi> You kidding? No. Ive been looking for a jappanese ditto since RSE
    [00:23] <Tatoba> Seriously, you're being a hypocrite.
    [00:24] <Tatoba> The Masuda Method wasn't even around back then.
    [00:24] <MetallicJirachi> Idc. I love ditto, and its japanese name looks cooler
    [00:25] <Tatoba> Then find another one. Don't deliberately steal someone elses.
    [00:25] <MetallicJirachi> Wow now your ignorant
    [00:26] <Tatoba> No, I just don't believe you about being ignorant.
    [00:26] <MetallicJirachi> Oh now you call me a liar? in that case I will find another japanese ditto
    [00:26] <MetallicJirachi> And release this onew
    [00:26] <Tatoba> Go ahead.
    [00:27] <MetallicJirachi> Nah
    [00:27] <MetallicJirachi> thats stupid
    [00:27] <Tatoba> Just like the way you stole that Ditto.
    [00:28] <MetallicJirachi> call it whatever you want
    [00:28] <MetallicJirachi> Its mine now
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    Name(s) (on chat): Tatoba (me), Aaron- (him)
    In-game Name: White (me), Milton (him)
    Friend Code: 2409 2954 6062
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): RNG'd shiny Musketeers.
    The Story (What Happened):
    <Tatoba> All of them Jolly.
    <Aaron-> what are you lf
    <Tatoba> Mostly other shiny legends.
    <Aaron-> do you care about nature
    <Tatoba> Not at all. I'm not a competitive battler, I'm just a collector.
    <Aaron-> oh ok
    <Aaron-> ive got lots
    <Aaron-> uxie
    <Aaron-> latios
    <Aaron-> latias
    <Aaron-> thundurus
    <Aaron-> tornadus
    <Aaron-> could i trade those for your 3
    <Tatoba> I'll trade you for Tornadus, Thundurus, and Latias.
    <Aaron-> oh wait nvm i dont have the tornadus forgot i traded it
    <Aaron-> also have palkia
    <Aaron-> cresselia
    <Aaron-> heatran
    <Tatoba> Then I'll trade for Palkia instead
    <Aaron-> ok
    <Aaron-> fc?
    <Tatoba> Normally I wouldn't trade all three at once, but you seem like a trustworthy guy. Hold on, let me get my Black.
    <Aaron-> mmk
    <Aaron-> 2409 2954 6062
    <Tatoba> 2753 0644 2326
    <Tatoba> Going in now.
    <Tatoba> Hmm... the lower case in the Palkia's name is kind of suspicious.
    <Aaron-> easily explained
    <Aaron-> back in HGSS the
    <Aaron-> arceus event
    <Aaron-> actaully in the game itself
    <Aaron-> i made all my pokemons name
    <Aaron-> proper
    <Aaron-> no point in all caps..
    <Tatoba> Hm... alright then.
    <Tatoba> Well, there you go.
    <Aaron-> had a nice time trading with you
    <Tatoba> If they turn out to not be to your liking, I'll be happy to trade back.
    <Aaron-> ok
    <Tatoba> So.
    <Tatoba> I ran all three through a legality analysis.
    <Tatoba> All of them badly hacked.
    * Aaron- has quit (Quit: Rules!!)

    After that, he came back under a different name.

    <Tatoba> Yeah, no.
    <Tatoba> You can't hide that easily.
    <WifiGuest0909> Hello?
    <Tatoba> Don't play dumb, you have the same vhost.
    <WifiGuest0909> Do I know you
    * WifiGuest0909 has quit (Quit: Rules!!)

    And again.

    <Tatoba> Still not going to work.
    <WiFiGuest8024> working is my hobby
    <Tatoba> I want my trio back.
    <WiFiGuest8024> a what????????????
    <Tatoba> The ones you traded me the hacks for.
    <Tatoba> And again, you have the same damn vhost.
    <WiFiGuest8024> a vhost?!?!
    <WiFiGuest8024> is that scary
    <Tatoba> It's the thing that identifies you.
    <Tatoba> You have that very same vhost.
    <WiFiGuest8024> fiction
    <Tatoba> Thoughout all the alts you're trying to hde behind.
    <Tatoba> Not fiction. Reality.
    <WiFiGuest8024> como estas
    <Tatoba> I know you speak english.
    <Tatoba> Changing your name doesn't work either.
    <tasty> u r very intimidating
    <tasty> miamigo

    I have no doubt that all the "wishes" he was granting in #spp-wifi were all hacked aswell.
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    Name(s) (on chat): BulletPunch87
    In-game Name: Korado
    [16:49] BulletPunch87 SPPGuest96 * Java User
    [16:49] BulletPunch87 #spp #spp-wifi
    [16:49] BulletPunch87 Patience... a common virtue
    [16:49] BulletPunch87 35 seconds idle, signon time
    [16:49] BulletPunch87 End of /WHOIS list.
    Friend Code: 1736 1202 3435
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Torchic
    The Story (What Happened):
    [16:30] <BulletPunch87> yo i got 5 iv larvitar 5 iv speed boost torchic or 5 iv charmander for it
    [16:31] <BulletPunch87> yo
    [16:31] <SPPGuest8643> torchic
    [16:31] <SPPGuest8643> FC 0018 1358 6740
    [16:31] <BulletPunch87> 1736 1202 3435
    [16:33] <BulletPunch87> name?
    [16:33] <SPPGuest8643> daredel
    [16:33] <SPPGuest8643> give me a sec
    [16:35] <SPPGuest8643> send me trade
    [16:35] <BulletPunch87> yo
    [16:35] <BulletPunch87> what nature is honedge?
    [16:35] <SPPGuest8643> adamant
    [16:36] <SPPGuest8643> Adamant 31/31/x/x/31/x Honedge
    [16:36] <BulletPunch87> ok
    [16:39] <SPPGuest8643> just 1 iv -.-
    [16:39] <BulletPunch87> **** WRONG ONE HANG ON go bk on
    [16:40] <Daredel> -.-
    [16:50] <Daredel> ?
    [16:50] <Daredel> i'm going to report you
    [16:51] <BulletPunch87> what for?
    [16:52] <Daredel> you said it was 5 iv, but just 1
    [16:53] <BulletPunch87> **** u little boy il cut ur ****ing head off
    [16:53] <BulletPunch87> dont lie
    [16:54] <Daredel> i have pics
    [16:54] BulletPunch87 No such nick/channel

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