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Thread: Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

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    name on chat: cannot remember
    his in game name :Viral
    fc:2208 5730 2278
    pokemon scammed ":frisk trevenant
    the story :He said he chat he needed a frisk pokemon I pmed him telling him I got one he offered me a few 4iv pokemon I choosed bagon we then traded after that I check put in day care and used iv chcker it was far from 4 ivs

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    Name on chat: Zoroark
    Game name: Robert
    pokemon scammed: IV bred Riolu
    Story: general trading IV pokemon. He offered a 5 max iv Honedge, but it really only had 1 max IV.

    [23:25] <Zoroark> what do yo u have to offer?
    [23:26] <Xalrons> i have a 5 iv jolly riolu
    [23:26] <Xalrons> with all the physical egg moves
    [23:26] <Zoroark> is bullet punch on there?
    [23:26] <Xalrons> yup
    [23:26] <Zoroark> alright sounds good to me
    [23:26] <Xalrons> what ivs does honedge have
    [23:27] <Xalrons> everything but speed?
    [23:27] <Zoroark> 31/31/31/31/31/X
    [23:27] <Xalrons> what gender?
    [23:28] <Zoroark> male
    [23:28] <Xalrons> alrighty
    [23:28] <Xalrons> <my friend code>
    [23:28] <Zoroark> 0791-2416-9160
    [23:34] <Xalrons> uh
    [23:34] Zoroark No such nick/channel
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    Chat Username: WhirlwindBidoof
    Game Name: cj
    FC: 2079-7203-7860
    Pokemon Scammed: IV Bred Bagon
    Story: Typical
    <jnrust> You need Bagon?
    <WhirlwindBidoof> ivs?
    <WhirlwindBidoof> and what are you looking for?
    <jnrust> 5 Max IVs except sp atk.
    <WhirlwindBidoof> Nature and ability?
    <jnrust> Adamant
    <WhirlwindBidoof> What do you want?
    <jnrust> 5 IV Slowpoke, eh?
    <WhirlwindBidoof> yeah
    <jnrust> What's your fc?
    <WhirlwindBidoof> 2079 7203 7860
    <jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
    <WhirlwindBidoof> nature prefered?
    <jnrust> Bold/Relaxed/Modest
    <jnrust> Quiet
    <WhirlwindBidoof> i got 1
    <WhirlwindBidoof> Relaxed
    <jnrust> That works.
    <WhirlwindBidoof> only has 4ivs though
    <jnrust> As long as those maxes are not atk or spd then its fine.
    <WhirlwindBidoof> lol
    <WhirlwindBidoof> nvm then. I would be cheating you
    <WhirlwindBidoof> 1 is attack
    <jnrust> I could opt for a 5er regardless of nature since I have Dittos.
    <WhirlwindBidoof> Okay
    <WhirlwindBidoof> I have a brave one
    <WhirlwindBidoof> 5
    <WhirlwindBidoof> perfect except for special defense

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    Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest8882/WiFiGuest2059/WiFiGuest6639
    In-game Name: Tom
    Hostmask*: WiFiGuest2@13993EFD.757D0BFE.C4167CB0.IP
    Friend Code: 5043 2212 4431
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5 IV Marill
    The Story (What Happened):

    [17:51] <WiFiGuest8882> im looking for a adamant huge power marill
    [17:51] <WiFiGuest8882> what IV's?
    [17:51] <Tamaru> Do you have a 4 IV Ditto?
    [17:51] <WiFiGuest8882> yes
    [17:52] <Tamaru> Let me check.
    [17:53] <Tamaru> I can offer a female with 31/31/31/x/31/x
    [17:54] <WiFiGuest8882> hmm
    [17:54] <WiFiGuest8882> no 5 iv?
    [17:55] <Tamaru> Yes, I do, but it'll be male.
    [17:56] <WiFiGuest8882> it has aqua jet, belly drum, adamant and huge power yes?
    [17:56] <Tamaru> Yep.
    [17:57] <WiFiGuest8882> why did you say about it being male then?
    [17:57] <WiFiGuest8882> its not for breeding
    [17:58] <Tamaru> Some people prefer to breed more.
    [17:58] <Tamaru> But you're right, you could just use it.
    [17:59] <WiFiGuest8882> yeah this will be just to use so is the 5 iv male only missing sp atk?
    [17:59] <Tamaru> Yes.
    [17:59] <WiFiGuest8882> okay then
    [17:59] <Tamaru> What IVs does your Ditto have?
    [18:00] <WiFiGuest8882> hp atk def spd
    [18:00] <Tamaru> Sounds good.
    [18:00] <Tamaru> 2277-6970-9519
    [18:01] <WiFiGuest8882> 2 mins just getting my 3ds
    [18:01] <Tamaru> K
    [18:07] <WiFiGuest8882> 5043 2212 4431
    [18:09] <Tamaru> IGN is?
    [18:09] <Tamaru> Tom?
    [18:10] <WiFiGuest8882> yea
    [18:11] <WiFiGuest8882> thank you
    [18:11] <Tamaru> ...
    [18:11] No such nick/channel

    Quote Originally Posted by Rave View Post
    Also, Yami, about the whole "no opinions and we're all selfish and disrespectful" crap? I only got this to say: Welcome to serebii.

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    Name(s) (on chat): Pirateguy, Rustyspoons
    In-game Name: TBK
    Friend Code: 0404-6827-2008
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Lost my 5 IV Modest Dragon Pulse/ Aura Sphere Squirtle
    The Story (What Happened):
    <PirateGuy> WTT 5IV: Clauncher, Magikarp, Charmander, Froakie, Chinchou, Cacnea, Espurr, Hawlucha - Shiny Medicham. LF offers
    <jnrust> 5 IV squirtle. Yeah?
    <PirateGuy> I'm down, what nature
    <jnrust> I can breed either a Modest or a Bold.
    <PirateGuy> I'll take modest please. What do you want for it?
    <jnrust> I'll go with Clauncher.
    <jnrust> I have a spare modest squirtle.
    <PirateGuy> coolio sounds good. I'll get my fc
    <PirateGuy> 0404 6827 6876
    <jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
    <PirateGuy> k. I'm in the middle of a trade right now. mind waiting a few minutes?
    <jnrust> k
    <jnrust> Your code is invalid
    <PirateGuy> the last four digits are 2008
    <jnrust> Ah.
    <PirateGuy> This guy is messing up. Put his trade pokemon in his battle box D:
    <jnrust> Meh.
    <jnrust> Didn't realize you can relearn egg moves through move relearner.
    <PirateGuy> trade finishing up. What's your in game name
    <PirateGuy> ?
    <jnrust> John
    <PirateGuy> k cool
    <jnrust> Which one are you?
    <PirateGuy> i'm tbk
    <PirateGuy> I don't see you
    <jnrust> Your code is 0404-6827-2008, right?
    <PirateGuy> yes
    <Rustyspoons> Internet crashed for a sec. This is the guy you were gonna trade the blastoise to.
    <Rustyspoons> squirtle
    <jnrust> Ah.
    <jnrust> I don't see you.
    <Rustyspoons> me neither. Send me your FC again
    <Rustyspoons> 0404 6827 2008 is mine
    <jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
    <jnrust> Did you connect online?
    <Rustyspoons> yeah
    <Rustyspoons> you?
    <jnrust> Yep.
    <Rustyspoons> See you
    <Rustyspoons> Sent it
    <Rustyspoons> You wanted clauncher, right?
    <jnrust> Right.
    <Rustyspoons> thanx

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    Name(s) (on chat): Kid, jblaze
    In-game Name: KID
    Friend Code: 0275-5828-2625
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Lost my 5 IV Bagon
    The Story (What Happened):
    <jnrust> What you offering?
    <kid> for what?
    <jnrust> 5 IV HA Bagon
    <kid> i have 5 iv ghastly, abra axew zubat gible riolu
    <jnrust> I'll take the 5 IV Axew.
    <kid> ok cool
    <kid> fc?
    <jnrust> 4227-0733-5921
    <kid> 027582842625
    <kid> ok just added you
    <jnrust> I've just added you.
    <kid> ok cool
    <kid> are you online?
    <jnrust> Yes.
    <kid> are you john?
    <jnrust> Yes.
    <kid> ?
    <jnrust> connection failed, oddly.
    <jnrust> Huh.
    <jnrust> Your axew only has 3 max IVs...
    <jnrust> You going to retrade for 5 IV Axew?
    so far, no response.
    He/she went offline.
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    Name(s) (on chat): GabeZ, Zigzag
    In-game Name: Gabe
    Friend Code: 3024-6356-5920
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Didn't really lose anything actually.
    The Story (What Happened):
    <Zaroff> What could you possibly want?
    <GabeZ> for what?
    <GabeZ> dittos?
    <Zaroff> 5 IV ditto.
    <GabeZ> I just got extremely lucky by farming them in safaris
    <GabeZ> since they cant be breeded
    <GabeZ> Got a few 5 ivs by catching like 100 dittos
    <Zaroff> Nice.
    <GabeZ> What can you offer for them?
    <Zaroff> Hard to match that value. Either a 5 IV Larvitar with DD and SR or 5 IV Squirtle with Aura Sphere and Dragon Pulse is my best offer. That and possibly breeding other 5 IVs.
    <GabeZ> Where are IV's on squirtle?
    <Zaroff> Modest with max IVs in all except atk
    <Zaroff> or Bold with same spread.
    <GabeZ> What are the other options?
    <Zaroff> I can breed a 5 IV Drilbur, Pinsir, Scyther, Fletchling, Abra, Bagon, Skarmory, Gible, Gligar, Dratini, Dwebble and Solosis.
    <GabeZ> I'll take the squirtle
    <GabeZ> FC?
    <Zaroff> 4227-0733-5921
    <GabeZ> 3024 6356 5920
    <GabeZ> Added
    <Zaroff> same
    <GabeZ> Sec, SD glitch
    <Zaroff> kk
    <GabeZ> Connecting
    <GabeZ> ign?
    <GabeZ> ?
    <Zaroff> John
    <GabeZ> Says your in a trade
    <Zaroff> I am.
    <GabeZ> says your in a trade
    <GabeZ> try dcing
    <Zaroff> I'm still trading.
    <GabeZ> Oh your in a trade
    <GabeZ> okay
    <Zaroff> I'll tell you when I'm done.
    <GabeZ> k
    <Zaroff> I'm done.
    <Zaroff> Serious Ditto: 26/31/22/30/18/31 IV spread. Only 2 Max IVs.
    <GabeZ> this is the 5 iv ditto
    <Zaroff> Nah, bro.
    <GabeZ> I put powder on him to track it
    <Zaroff> I got Instacheck.
    <GabeZ> let me see the other one
    <Zaroff> the other what? Squirtle?
    <GabeZ> Ditto
    <Zaroff> kk
    <GabeZ> sec
    <Zaroff> kk

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    Name(s) (on chat): BumJi_Jung
    In-game Name: Aditya
    Friend Code: 2252-5322-5565
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Almost got scammed out 5 IV Pumpkaboo.
    The Story (What Happened):

    <BumJi_Jung> hey what is the size of pumpkaboo
    <Oblivion> Super
    <BumJi_Jung> I have 5IV rotoms, abra, heracross, pinsir, gible
    <BumJi_Jung> charamander
    <BumJi_Jung> karbink
    <Oblivion> I'm interested in the spreads of Carbink and Rotom as my Pumpkaboo is max IVs in all but sp atk.
    <BumJi_Jung> rotom is modest 31 in everything but attack
    <BumJi_Jung> karbink is 31 in everything but speed
    <Oblivion> I'll just go with the Rotom.
    <BumJi_Jung> fc
    <BumJi_Jung> 2251 5322 5565
    <Oblivion> 4227-0733-5921
    <BumJi_Jung> btw did u watch the movie oblivion?
    <BumJi_Jung> it was tom cruz
    <BumJi_Jung> has*
    <Oblivion> Yeah.
    <BumJi_Jung> just saw tht, and ur name reminded me of it
    <Oblivion> and I just realized that.
    <BumJi_Jung> im on ur ign is baized?
    <Oblivion> my ign is John
    <BumJi_Jung> im online
    <BumJi_Jung> u connecting?
    <Oblivion> Yep yep
    <Oblivion> ign?
    <BumJi_Jung> adita
    <Oblivion> That rotom...does not have 5 max IVs.
    <BumJi_Jung> yeah it does
    <BumJi_Jung> check it with insta check
    <Oblivion> Rotom - Modest, Levitate, 6\14\5\15\4\21
    <BumJi_Jung> are u making numbers up?
    <Oblivion> Nope.
    <BumJi_Jung> If you talk to guy on kildeuo city or
    whatever, the person said its 5IVs
    <Oblivion> OT ID: 51521, SID: 13272 Trainer Shiny Value: 4009
    <Oblivion> Nah, this rotom is not 5 IVs
    <Oblivion> you have said Rotom with 5 max IVs in all but atk?
    <BumJi_Jung> I dont believe you, how come your gorgeist has 1 31 iv stat?
    <Oblivion> I have 1 31, huh? What's my spread?
    <BumJi_Jung> 31/11/2/12/9/5
    <Oblivion> and my shiny value?
    <BumJi_Jung> 2071
    <Oblivion> Yeah, your done.
    <BumJi_Jung> Are you using instacheck?
    <Oblivion> Of course I am.
    <BumJi_Jung> Then why is tell you my SID is 13272, its 52839
    <Oblivion> You got my Trainer shiny value wrong. That alone is reason enough that you're making numbers up. To me at least.
    <Oblivion> Also, I got a screenshot.
    <BumJi_Jung> same
    <Oblivion> ok.
    <BumJi_Jung> but seriously bro thts not cool
    <BumJi_Jung> next time dont try ro scam me
    <Oblivion> Pff. I'm posting this on the forums.
    BumJi_Jung No such nick/channel
    BumJi_Jung End of /WHOIS list.
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    I got scammed. I gave a 5 IV Adamant Larvitar for a 1 IV Mawile

    Name in chat: kassadin
    In-game Name: Mahfuz
    FC: 4527-8163-4428

    Chat log:

    [10:46] <kassadin> yo
    [10:46] <kassadin> what for a larvitar
    [10:47] <kassadin> ?
    [10:53] <kassadin> ?
    [10:59] <Cheetos> what do you have?
    [11:01] <kassadin> 5 ivs
    [11:01] <kassadin> rotom
    [11:01] <kassadin> maril ha aqua jet super power
    [11:01] <kassadin> toxic spike frokie ha
    [11:01] <kassadin> goomy ha
    [11:02] <kassadin> mirror coat sturdy bergmite
    [11:02] <kassadin> switcheroo noibat
    [11:02] <kassadin> rock blast heracross
    [11:02] <kassadin> ralts
    [11:02] <kassadin> mawhile
    [11:02] <kassadin> take ur pick
    [11:03] <Cheetos> interested in the rotom
    [11:03] <Cheetos> what are the ivs and nature?
    [11:03] <kassadin> timid
    [11:03] <kassadin> 4 iv
    [11:05] <Cheetos> wht's the stat that's not 31? haha
    [11:05] <kassadin> attack and sp def
    [11:07] <Cheetos> how about the mawile?
    [11:07] <kassadin> adamant
    [11:07] <kassadin> sp attack and sp def
    [11:07] <Cheetos> no 5 iv?
    [11:08] <kassadin> its 4 iv
    [11:08] <kassadin> wait
    [11:08] <kassadin> got another thats 5
    [11:09] <Cheetos> ayt
    [11:09] <Cheetos> i'll get the Mawile, i'll give you a larvitar
    [11:09] <kassadin> cool

    3DS Friend Code: 5258-0043-5812
    Noibats, Gabites and Sliggoos

    PM me if you wanna exchange FCs!!!

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    name in chat: quaddle
    3ds name: quaddle
    name in game Aditya
    Friend code: 2251 5322 5565
    Pokemon Scammed: 5iv Rough Skin jolly Gible

    Also have pic of chat logs but it won't let me add link cause I'm new to the site

    Chat log:
    [23:15] <quaddle> tht works
    [23:15] <Gastly> i'd take a rotom, it has 5iv?
    [23:15] <quaddle> yeah
    [23:15] <Gastly> cool
    [23:16] <Gastly> 2320-6309-8396
    [23:17] <quaddle> btw wats the gender of ur pokemon?
    [23:17] <Gastly> male
    [23:17] <quaddle> 2251 5322 5565
    [23:17] <Gastly> that ok?
    [23:17] <quaddle> yeah
    [23:20] <quaddle> ur in game name?
    [23:20] <Gastly> DVX
    [23:22] <quaddle> why does ur gible have o 31 ivs?
    [23:22] <quaddle> ...
    [23:22] <Gastly> what?
    [23:22] <Gastly> its got 5
    [23:22] <quaddle> no...
    [23:22] <quaddle> wow I got scammed
    [23:22] <quaddle> please dont lie
    [23:23] <Gastly> nah i'll trade back if you want
    [23:23] <quaddle> m
    [23:23] <quaddle> kk please
    [23:23] <Gastly> it was marked as 5iv
    [23:23] <quaddle> im online
    [23:23] <quaddle> send invite
    [23:24] <quaddle> ... u sending it u there?
    [23:24] <Gastly> i did
    [23:24] <Gastly> i dont scam, mustve got it mixed up
    [23:26] <quaddle> dude
    [23:26] <quaddle> u press trade?
    [23:26] <Gastly> yes
    [23:26] <Gastly> it says waiting on you
    [23:26] <quaddle> why does it say canceled?
    [23:26] <Gastly> 1 sec, geez
    [23:27] <quaddle> wow
    [23:27] <quaddle> u left
    [23:27] <Gastly> no it was messed up
    [23:27] <Gastly> seriously
    [23:27] <Gastly> sent a new trade
    [23:28] <quaddle> dude...
    [23:28] <Gastly> accept, or send me one
    [23:28] <quaddle> whatever im just posting ur fc and stuff to the scam page, I have more of them anyway..
    [23:28] <Gastly> no i dont scam, take this thing bac
    [23:28] <Gastly> i dont really even need it
    [23:30] <Gastly> just take this thing back and stop being a ****ing retard
    [23:31] <quaddle> stop talking to me scammer
    [23:31] <Gastly> your doing this **** on purpose and not trying to take it back, what are you 9? im 33 years old with no need to scam you people
    [23:32] <quaddle> Every time I sent the request you deny it
    [23:32] <quaddle> or u never respond
    [23:32] <Gastly> you never sent a request, send one
    [23:33] <quaddle> I DID jesus
    [23:33] <quaddle> stop trlling
    [23:33] <quaddle> trolling
    [23:33] <Gastly> i keep sending them over and over
    [23:34] <quaddle> dude
    [23:34] <quaddle> u say all this but ur not doing htem...
    [23:34] <Gastly> whats your in game name?
    [23:35] <Gastly> aditya?
    [23:36] <Gastly> LOL you scammed me, 1 iv rotom
    [23:37] <Gastly> though its not really a scam when i got armys of both gibles and rotoms with 5ivs =p
    [23:38] <quaddle> wow scammer, giving me a bad iv pokemon
    [23:41] <Gastly> lol your hilarious
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    Name(s) (on chat): wifiguest1362
    In-game Name: Jenny (Bigj on 3DS)
    Hostmask*: Didn't get it on time
    Friend Code: 4957-3720-1433
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Happy Hour Smeargle
    The Story (What Happened): I was seeking 5IV HA Froakies. This person said they had 5IV Froakie, and I offered Happy Hour Smeargle. They said yes. After trading, I saw the Froakie had 3 perfect IVs, not 5. Log below.

    13:34 WiFiGuest1362 i have 5iv ha froakie
    13:34 WiFiGuest1362 timid nature
    13:34 Yorble 5IV Larvesta for it?
    13:35 WiFiGuest1362 i already have 2
    13:35 Yorble Happy Hour Smeargle?
    13:35 WiFiGuest1362 y
    13:35 WiFiGuest1362 4957-3720-1433
    13:35 Yorble I need a minute to make another one tho, I just realized I traded my last one
    13:36 Yorble 0963-0528-8268
    13:36 WiFiGuest1362 what else can you offer?
    13:36 WiFiGuest1362 4957-3720-1433
    13:36 Yorble That, and one of the 16 BP items.
    13:36 WiFiGuest1362 ill wait a min
    13:36 Yorble Okay, thanks
    13:39 Yorble By the way, which of the elemental birds do you have?
    13:39 WiFiGuest1362 moltres
    13:40 WiFiGuest1362 but still need to chase and catch it
    13:40 Yorble Got Moltres also, looking for Articuno
    13:42 Yorble Dammit, no Smeargle showing up...
    13:44 Yorble Thank god finally one shows up, BRB gonna teach it
    13:45 WiFiGuest1362 ok trade me when ready
    13:45 WiFiGuest1362 jeanny ign
    13:45 Yorble Yorble IGN
    13:49 WiFiGuest1362 btw do you have razor fang?
    13:50 Yorble No sorry
    13:53 Yorble Almost done, just have to get through a few more restaurant battles to finish this
    13:54 WiFiGuest1362 ok
    13:55 Yorble Going in now
    13:55 Yorble Smeargle got pokerus just now by the way
    13:56 WiFiGuest1362 i keep infecting my whole team
    13:56 Yorble Lol same
    13:58 Yorble Perfect, thank you. By the way, I have prize money level 3. Let me know when you want me to activate it for you
    13:59 WiFiGuest1362 ?
    13:59 WiFiGuest1362 pls tell me how it works
    13:59 Yorble Sure
    13:59 Yorble It's one of the O-Powers
    14:00 Yorble You can send it to others or to yourself, it triples battle prize money for 3 minutes
    14:00 WiFiGuest1362 wow nice
    14:00 Yorble If you have amulet coin, have the power, and have happy hour, you gain 12 times as much prize money
    14:00 WiFiGuest1362 is there a 0-power for bp?
    14:00 Yorble Lol I wish
    14:01 WiFiGuest1362 i will but first im going to get the other 3 power items and razor fang
    14:01 Yorble Sure, I can offer you any of the power items if you want
    14:01 mibbit wifiguest1362: No such nickname online.

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    Name(s) (on chat): djthekid, later changed name to loltrolled
    In-game Name: DJ
    Hostmask*: I tried to post the hostmask but this forum won't allow me to post "links." If you pm me I will give you the hostmask.
    Friend Code: 0104-0547-8033
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): umbreon
    The Story (What Happened): He offered a 5iv snubbull for umbreon, but the snubbull wasn't the way he described. I tried to post a link to a screenshot but the forum won't allow me to because this is my first post. I'll post the transcript though.

    Tesseracts: i would like 5 iv pokemon
    [6:21pm] Tesseracts: i have 4-5 iv growlithe, scyther, larvesta, some others
    [6:21pm] djthekid: OK CAN YOU GET ME A umbreon
    [6:21pm] Tesseracts: yeah i have umbreon
    [6:21pm] djthekid: wat lvl
    [6:22pm] Tesseracts: hold on ill check
    [6:22pm] djthekid: ok
    [6:23pm] Tesseracts: 37
    [6:24pm] djthekid: could u get me a lvl 20 one if you can
    [6:25pm] Tesseracts: i suppose. why do you need that level, out of curiosity
    [6:26pm] djthekid: for a team im putting together and im on route five and i wont go any further until i get the pokemon i need
    [6:27pm] Tesseracts: ok ill try to evolve an eevee at level 20
    [6:27pm] Tesseracts: do you want it to have wish
    [6:27pm] djthekid: it dont matter
    [6:29pm] djthekid: it dnt have to be at lvl 20 just somewhere around there
    [6:29pm] Tesseracts: ok
    [6:34pm] Tesseracts: ugh it evolved into espeon
    [6:34pm] Tesseracts: i saved the game just before it evolved though
    [6:34pm] Tesseracts: i forgot its not night in my game for another hour
    [6:34pm] djthekid: damn
    [6:34pm] Tesseracts: i could change the clock and try again
    [6:34pm] djthekid: ok
    [6:37pm] Tesseracts: what 5iv pokemon do you have
    [6:38pm] Tesseracts: it evolved into umbreon
    [6:38pm] Tesseracts: currently level 10 but i can bring it to 20 if you want
    [6:38pm] djthekid: snubbull thats it
    [6:39pm] djthekid: 10 is fine
    [6:39pm] Tesseracts: what ivs does snubbull have
    [6:40pm] djthekid: sp.att def speed hp sp.def
    [6:40pm] Tesseracts: ok
    [6:40pm] djthekid: yea
    [6:41pm] Tesseracts: 2466 1942 9341
    [6:42pm] djthekid: 0104-0547-8033
    [6:42pm] djthekid: added u
    [6:46pm] Tesseracts: this snubbull doesn't have any perfect ivs
    [6:46pm] djthekid: u got fooled lol
    [6:47pm] Tesseracts: dude its not hard to evolve your own eevee

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    FC: 0731 5882 5498 IGN: Austin

    He took a 4iv Beldum and gave a common Zorua

    He didn't contacted me by any means and errase me from friends list instantly

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    Name(s) (on chat): Hoetsie
    In-game Name: Guillaume (3ds: guytje)
    Friend Code: 3539-9967-6484
    Pokemon Scammed (if any):
    timid perfect gastly traded for a 1IV in spAtk axes
    The Story (What Happened):
    He messaged me saying he had an adamant axew with 31/31/31/x/31/31 IVs in all but attack and would trade for my 31/x/31/31/31/31 timid gastly. When the trade was done I checked it, and it only had one IV in spAtk. I asked him about it, and he argued saying my gastly was flawed, and that the axew was guaranteed perfect.

    After about 30 minutes he started talking to me again saying he did scam me and felt bad about it. Rather that trading me back my gastly or a correct axew, he tried offering a random Yveltal.

        Spoiler:- Chatlogs:

    I didn't really wanna try dealing with him again so I haven't responded to him.

    I've still got the axew with his in game name if any Mods or Ops want to take it and check it.

    EDIT: So I did go an message him. I kept an eye on his name in the list of the chat and he was on for the longest time. When I finally messaged him, he just signed out.

        Spoiler:- Chatlogs2:
    Last edited by Henkaishi; 6th December 2013 at 9:55 PM. Reason: Did contact the scammer

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    ign: Donatello
    friend code: 2251-5106-6939
    Pokemon Scammed: Shiney chansey with pinsirite
    Story: He was offering a 5iv ditto for shinies i offered the chansey he wasn't wanting just that added in the pinsirite when he asked. went through with trade and the ditto was only 2 iv's and not the promised 5 and refuses to work it out.

    also was not on chat didn't find out till after that the person who set up trade was a friend not the actual owner was going by name shinyhunter in chat his friend was.
    Last edited by kai9653; 10th December 2013 at 9:17 PM.

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    Default Scammed

    Name(s) (on chat): Ricardo
    In-game Name: Julian
    Hostmask*: was unable to get, user disconnected from chat
    Friend Code: 5069-3935-4337 - Jules
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5iv Shellder
    The Story (What Happened): Offered a 5iv shellder for his 5iv ha dratini, completed the trade, checked the iv's on the dratini and it was only 3iv.
    I know it happens, but its lame.

    [16:25] <DatMaru> you have 5 iv ha dratini?
    [16:25] <Ricardo> yes
    [16:25] <DatMaru> i have a 5iv jolly shellder skill link rock blast ft.
    [16:26] <Ricardo> oh cool
    [16:28] <Ricardo> well if your happy to do the trade, so am i
    [16:28] <DatMaru> sweet.
    [16:28] <DatMaru> 4484 9299 2209
    [16:29] <Ricardo> 5069-3935-4337
    [16:31] <DatMaru> julian?
    [16:31] <Ricardo> yep
    [16:32] <DatMaru> k
    [16:33] <Ricardo> cool stuff!
    [16:35] <DatMaru> your dratini is only 3 ivs.
    [16:35] Ricardo No such nick/channel
    [16:37] Ricardo No such nick/channel
    [16:37] Ricardo No such nick/channel
    [16:38] ricardo No such nick/channel
    [16:42] <DatMaru> yo
    [16:42] Ricardo No such nick/channel
    Last edited by DatMaru; 15th December 2013 at 9:55 PM.

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    Name: Mawile2810
    In-Game Name: Hayden
    Hostmask: SPPGuest43(AT)
    Friend Code: 2509 1302 9728
    Pokemon Scammed: Larvitar with two Egg moves and 4 perfect IVs
    The Story (What Happened):

    (This is a reposting of another post I made. I couldn't find the right thread before so I'm posting in the correct forum this time.)

    At approximately 10:40 PM (-6:00 GMT) on December 21st, a user known as Mawile2810 PM'd me on #spp-wifi for a 4 IV Larvitar I was offering for trade. He offered a 4 IV Ferroseed with the egg moves Spikes and Stealth Rock. I agreed to the trade and we began.

    Around 10:50 PM, we finished our trade. But as soon as we finished, he claimed that he had to go to bed. I asked if he wanted to check the IVs, but he seemed to be in a rush to log off. Naturally, I got suspicious and checked the Ferroseed he sent me. He logged off before I could speak to him again.

    It had Sassy nature, which is good. It had the egg moves as he promised. But it did NOT have 4 perfect IVs as he claimed. Only Defense was perfect, and nothing else. The IV Judge in-game said its potential was only above average. Because he didn't bother to check with me if I got exactly as he promised, I could only guess that he downright fabricated the 4 IV claim.

    I'm not expecting to receive the Larvitar back, but I would like to protect other traders from this user.

    This was my earlier advertisement in #spp-wifi:
    On trade: Larvitar (4 IVs) with Dragon Dance and Outrage, one Torchic (4 IVs) with Baton Pass, Pineco (4-5 IVs) with Stealth Rock, Durant (4-5 IVs, male, some may not have Truant). Also have about 700 BPs to spend. Looking for: other 4-5 IV Pokemon.
    Screenshot: i461(DOT)photobucket(DOT)com/albums/qq333/NeoShadowwolf/mawile2810_zps27583937(DOT)png

    Name: spencer
    In-game Name: Ray
    Hostmask: WiFiGuest0(AT)
    Friend Code: 1736 1379 5528
    Pokemon Scammed: Chimchar (Iron Fist HA with Egg moves Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Focus Punch, Fake Out; 4 perfect IVs)
    The Story (What Happened):

    This one happened to me today. I was posting trade offers for several IV bred Pokémon, including HA Chimchar with Egg moves. The user spencer PM'd me for the Chimchar. He gave me offers and I gave him the exact details of what the Chimchar has. I asked him due to the added value of Chimchar with not being available in X/Y, the egg moves, the HA, and the IVs, I would like both his Noibat and Houndour. He agreed to the trade and we began. He also asked that I give the Chimchar first. I highlighted those words because his choice of words meant he acknowledged this trade agreement and he knew what he was going to get.

    So after he gave a Noibat (which checked out with the IVs) and he got my Chimchar, he quit the trade immediately and went offline in the game. I told him in IRC that our trade wasn't finished and he said it was. He then accused me that I'm ripping him off and he wouldn't give me the Houndour, despite that he agreed to trading both Pokémon. He also accused that a two-for-one trade is breaking the rules and he would report me for it (if that is actually the case, I apologize in advance). I told him again that was the trade he agreed to, and then he made up an excuse that he thought I was someone else trading him a Chimchar. He still defended that the trade was legit and he didn't need to fulfill the other half of the agreement. By this point, his attitude had changed completely and he kept acting as if he was not at fault. I told him if he thought the trade was a ripoff, then he should give back the Chimchar and I would give back the Noibat. Again, he refused to do so. So after a few minutes of arguing, he signed off IRC.

    In short, he agreed to this trade and changed his mind. At the last second, he broke the trade agreement and quit the trade after giving only one Pokémon. He also refused to give back the Pokémon when he said he thought the trade was a ripoff (in other words, fixing the problem). His previous choice of words showed that he acknowledged that he had to trade two Pokémon, so he might be baiting me to get in trouble as well.

    Screenshot: i461(DOT)photobucket(DOT)com/albums/qq333/NeoShadowwolf/spencer_zpsc2ee2193(DOT)png

    Name: WiFiGuest5446
    In-game Name: KingPin
    Hostmask: WiFiGuest5(AT)
    Friend Code: 0404 6398 9101
    Pokemon Scammed: Truant Durant with 4 perfect IVs
    The Story (What Happened):

    (I seem to be on a roll with scammers lately.)

    So this one PM'd me in response to my advertisement in the channel. He wanted to know the spread of the Durant and I "sell" the Durant's positive features. We agreed to a trade of a 4 IV Durant for a 4 IV Inkay. While this Inkay was indeed Adamant nature as he claimed, the IVs were incorrect. According to the IV judge in the game, this Inkay only has perfect attack and its stats overall are above average. When I tried to notify KingPin about this, he had already left the network. So yet another case of incorrect IVs and fleeing the scene.

    Screenshot: i461(DOT)photobucket(DOT)com/albums/qq333/NeoShadowwolf/WiFiGuest5446_zps963fbbc4(DOT)png
    Last edited by Shadowwolf; 27th December 2013 at 6:14 AM.

    Created by tehslinky; general Absol pic used

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    Name(s) (on chat): kento
    In-game Name: Kento
    3DS mii name: teddy (default)
    Friend Code: 2122 - 6133 - 6571
    Pokemon Scammed: Timid Piplup with 4 31 IVs, with egg move Agility. OT is Demetria.
    The Story (What Happened):
    I was advertising for a 4IV timid piplup with agility until said user sent me a private message. The person offered quite a lot of pokemon which can be viewed down below. I asked for a pokemon of similar value, since i didn't feel that my 4 IV'd one was worth said person's 5 IV'd ones. I asked for any 4 IV'd ones if he could check, and if not i would take his 5 IV'd one, if it would be alright with him. Said user, was willing to offer 5 IV'd one for my 4 IV'd piplup. Trade ended, said person thanked me for it, then when i viewed the pokemon's stats in kiloude, I got a 3 IVd swinub (supposed to be 5 IV'd - this was the trader's promise though; for my 4 IVd piplup with agility). Tried to contact the person, but when i was offering his pokemon for a replacement, said trade was cancelled. Later said user was engaging with a communication with another person, i wasn't able to engage in a trade again because shortly after that, said user disconnected in-game.
    21:47 WiFiGuest3727 what do you want for piplup
    21:47 WiFiGuest3727 ?
    21:47 *** WiFiGuest3727 is now known as Kento
    21:48 Mackenzie hi. do you have 4IV spitbacks?
    21:49 Kento uhhh i have 5 iv swinub, 5 iv greninja ev trained, squirtle with dragon pulse and aura sphere, 4 iv honedge
    21:50 Mackenzie is your honedge female?
    21:50 Kento nope sorry
    21:51 Mackenzie oh. do you have other 4 Iv pokemon? or are you willing to trade your swinub for it?
    21:51 Kento yea sure
    21:52 Kento i have mutiple off them so i can spare one
    21:52 Kento 2122-6133-6571
    21:52 Mackenzie is it jolly?adamant. either way, sure my fc is 5000 - 3334 - 4793
    21:52 Kento adamant
    21:53 Mackenzie alright, going to be back in a sec. have a trade atm if you don't mind.
    21:53 Kento sure
    21:53 Kento ingame name?
    21:54 Mackenzie Demetria
    21:54 Kento k im kento invite me when ready
    21:56 Mackenzie sure thing. going to check what i've got first
    21:57 Kento what do you mean
    21:57 Mackenzie just checking the IVs of the person's pokemon i traded with.
    21:58 Kento o oke
    22:07 Kento you almost done
    22:08 Kento ?
    22:09 Kento
    22:11 Mackenzie sorry
    22:11 Mackenzie mom had to use the computer
    22:11 Kento np
    22:12 Mackenzie ugh, just got scammed
    22:12 Kento u ready?
    22:12 Mackenzie connecting
    22:13 Kento did you add me?
    22:14 Mackenzie yes
    22:14 Kento oke
    22:14 Kento im reconnecting
    22:16 Kento thx
    22:17 Mackenzie 31/x/31/x/x/31
    22:18 Mackenzie do you have a 5 Iv one? could you replace it?
    22:19 Mackenzie ?
    22:21 Mackenzie or 4 IV one.
    tried to contact him but no response. Asked for an in-game trade, but got trade cancelled. Later the person disconnected from both the game and the spp-chat.

    I could provide screenshots just in case, but the thread wouldn't let me.

    Thankfully, Fenix already ip banned said person, but just in case someone notices said user again.


    Name(s) (on chat): wasn't able to note (but it was default guest to say the least)
    In-game Name: Mike
    Friend Code: 5343 - 8287 - 1480
    Pokemon Scammed: Timid Piplup with 4 31 IVs, with egg move Agility. OT is Demetria.
    The Story (What Happened): I was advertising a 4 IV piplup then a wifiguest asked to trade with me. Although i forgot to take note of the hostmask, i could remember that said user offered a 5 IVd
    In the end, I got a 3 IV'd sneasel with the person's OT and ID No. 25130. It was claimed to have 5 31 IVs, but judge in kiloude only recognized 3 31 IVs. I conducted a trade with said user to ask for a replacement of a similar value to the one he claimed to offer. I offered his own seansel in return but i later found out he was asking for a modest piplup. He was probably thinking that what would suffice his (probable 4-5 IV pokemon in the second trade) was my modest piplup. I was unable to tell him i didn't have one, and that I was the person being scammed in the trade, and that I've indicated the nature beforehand. When i was able to go back to chat (I had to take a brief leave, as someone in our household wanted to use the computer), I tried messaging said user, but he already left the chat.
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    Pokemon White: 2881 5274 9876
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    Username: None found- incident happened via Serebii wifi chat
    Scammer's IGN: Calem
    Scammer's FC: 3797-7428-1904 or 3797 7428 1904

    This user with the friend code 3797-7428-1904 and IGN (In-game name) Calem scammed me out of a 5IV totodile with egg moves. He offered me a 5IV riolu with 5 max IVs. I naively traded, only to receive a riolu with one max IV in HP. He offered to battle and I also accepted. He quit halfway through when I was winning. After that I checked the riolu's IVs and they did not match what I requested. When I told him that it only had one max IV, he disconnected.

    I am a trusted trader- I usually trade on the Serebii and Smogon forums under the username 'Lizilla' ad 'Lizilla89' If you have any issue with the validity of this, you can contact me on there.

    I'm posting this it so that others don't make the same mistake that I did and so that his friend code is searchable in google.

    Scammer's IGN: Calem
    Scammer's FC: 3797-7428-1904 or 3797 7428 1904

    [04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv noibat
    [04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv goomy
    [04:54] <WiFiGuest7559> 5 iv riolu
    [04:56] <Liz> Hmmm... I might be interested in either a goomy or a riolu
    [04:57] <WiFiGuest7559> which one?
    [04:58] <Liz> I guess I'll go with a riolu. What type of IV spread does it have? 31/31/31/x/31/31 or 31/x/31/31/31/31?
    [04:59] <Liz> I'm looking for 31/31/31/x/31/31
    [04:59] <WiFiGuest7559> 31/31/31/x/31/31
    [04:59] <Liz> Ah good
    [04:59] <WiFiGuest7559> cool ur in luck
    [04:59] <Liz> ok, lemme find my fc really quick
    [05:00] <WiFiGuest7559> gimme a min as well
    [05:00] <Liz> My FC is 380-3160-3355
    [05:00] <Liz> kk
    [05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> it says invalid
    [05:03] <Liz> whoops
    [05:03] <Liz> forgot a number
    [05:03] <Liz> 2380-3160-3355
    [05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> mine is 3797-7428-1904
    [05:03] <Liz> kk adding you now
    [05:03] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:06] <Liz> calem, right?
    [05:06] <WiFiGuest7559> yup
    [05:08] <WiFiGuest7559> also what u want for the shiny?
    [05:08] <Liz> Looking for other shinies and considering other things as well
    [05:09] <Liz> I also have shiny Audino, Feebas, Ponyta, Sentret, Arcanine, Golett, Fletchling, Bergmite.
    [05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> anything for the fletchling?
    [05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> i have charmander aand starly
    [05:09] <Liz> Its 4IV and only has big picks though
    [05:09] <WiFiGuest7559> ok nvm then
    [05:09] <Liz> which kinda stinks
    [05:09] <Liz> haha
    [05:10] <Liz> Yeah, I didn't have the best luck with that...
    [05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> it's ok
    [05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> u wanna battle?
    [05:11] <Liz> Sure! Just let me check my battle box really quick
    [05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:13] <Liz> ok, ready when you are
    [05:13] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:11] <Liz> Sure! Just let me check my battle box really quick
    [05:11] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:13] <Liz> ok, ready when you are
    [05:13] <WiFiGuest7559> kk
    [05:20] <Liz> uh oh
    [05:22] <Liz> I just checked the riolu you sent me... it only has 1 max IV :/

    Chatlog, what I actually received, and screenshots:
    logs and screenshot.jpg
    3DS Friend Code: 2380-3160-3355
    Friend Safari: Pansage, Maractus, Sawsbuck

    4-6IV Mons UFT:
    Ask for my list! I have over 30 different mons available w/ their egg moves and hidden abilities!

    Shinies FT:
    Totodile (Kalos born!), Audino, Ponyta, Sentret, Minccinno, Golett, Bergmite, Zebstrika.

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    Name(s) (on chat): Legless
    In-game Name: Tyler
    Friend Code: 2895-7729-9289
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Kyogre
    The Story (What Happened): He asked me for Kyogre's dex entry, and I traded to him under agreement of trade back. I then got a disconnected message and he said "serious wifi problems". After he came back online, he said he was going to trade me back my pokemon, but he never did, only offered a spritzee. I never saw him again.
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    Default Scammed out of my shiny eevee!

    Name: WiFiGuest4477
    In-Game Name: Zach (Pretty Sure)
    Pokémon Scammed: Shiny Eevee
    Story: I was offering my shiny eevee to people for a 5-6 iv ditto. He told me he had some and was willing to trade them. He also told me fake Stats and characteristics of the ditto so the it would register as a 6 iv ditto in the Serebii IV Calculator. I have screenshots of chat but it won't let me post them on here.
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    Name: SPPGuest*
    In-Game Name: Not sure
    FC: 3523-2192-1885
    Pokemon Scammed: Nothing went through
    Story: This guy is a serial scammer that needs banning.
    He tried to sell me a 5IV ditto a week ago. (won't let me post URLs)

    He's still spamming, and now Heisenberg has warned that he's a scammer too.
    19:05:11 Heisenberg SPPGuest6495 is a scammer, don't trade stuff to him
    I decided to report him.
    I said he was a scammer a couple times and he quit soon after. He returned though.

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    He's still here...
    His new host is, with realname Java User.
    His old host was never banned...don't people read this thread?

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    we read this thread, but you said he didn't even trade with you and all i can get from the logs is this guy doesn't speak english too well
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    Name(s) (on chat): Litmick
    In-game Name: Gale'
    Friend Code: 2036 7931 7198
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5IV Timid Feebas with great eg
    The Story (What Happened): I saw he was offering 6IV Timid Protean Froakies so I asked him what he wanted and showed him what I had available. He said he'd like my Feebas so he told me his fc, and his ign name then logged off. I just joined serebii chat today for the first time so I didn't know if that was normal or not. We then traded. His Froakie was Timid and Protean like he said so I didn't think anything was up but after we finished I checked the IVs of it and it only had 3! My 5iv Feebas for a plain 3iv.. I saw someone then log into chat with the name GaleD offering the SAME pokemon and I told him he lied to me, which he then logged off that account as well.

        Spoiler:- This is the convo:

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