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Thread: Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

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    This thread is for posting anyone who's scammed you in #SPP-wifi in terms of trading; say, traded you a crap Pokemon for a rare Pokemon and then disappeared without keeping their end of the deal.
    Or, perhaps they used some nasty hacks in Battle, or something along those lines.
    Maybe, you’ve even been scammed!

    Anyway, follow the template to post any user(s) who've scammed you to add them to the list and discuss the theft.

    If possible, post a screenshot of what happened. You can take a screenshot by using the Prt Scrn button on your keyboard if you are on a Windows PC, and then open Paint, and copy and paste, and save as a .jpg or .png. : )

    Please no "Oh I'm so sorry that happened to you" posts; they will be considered spam, and infracted.

    Name(s) (on chat):
    In-game Name:
    Friend Code:
    Pokemon Scammed (if any):
    The Story (What Happened):

    * - To find the host name, you simply have to type /whois nick, or right click it, and then you click Status, and it’ll show you. Example 1 Example 2

    Do note, that there is a thread especially for the Trade Forums, so if you were scammed on the forums, post there please ^^;
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