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Name(s) (on chat): hunter
In-game Name: Alex (If I remember correctly)
Hostmask*: ...? It said Java User...
Friend Code: 2191 6560 5371
Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Pidgeot, Shiny Pikachu

The Story (What Happened): So hunter posted that he was looking for some shiny Pokemon. I decided, why not? I have some extras from earlier trades. So, I went a sent him a message asking him what exactly he was offering. He simply said "good offers; maybe events if it's good." I offered him two shiny Pokemon, which he declined stating that my Entei from Colosseum was "hacked." How can you hack on a Game Cube is something I have yet to learn. I offered him some more, desperate for an event Pokemon. He finally accepted these shiny PKMN: Pikachu, Pidgeot, Zangoose. I didn't like it; I only had one of each... and I liked Zangoose. Nonetheless, I accepted hastily when he offered an Alamos Darkrai for 3 of mine. Hmhm, how odd. We got into the trade and after I traded my Pikachu and Zangoose off, Darkrai being the final part of the trade, he paused and... bloop. Disconnected. He didn't get my Pidgeot, luckily, but the thing that got at me the most was the fact that he scammed me. Odd, yes. He logged off immediately after, never to be seen again. I posted on the public area not to trade with him, I was told by a mod to put him on the black list, and here I am.

So... watch out for him! It was a legit Darkrai, but the PKMN I got for my shiny ones were a Cranidos and Anorith... What a deal.
You shouldn't be doing a 3 for 1 deal or any uneven amount of pokemon deal. Some idiots think they are funny by not trading the last one "OMG I GET TO KEEP MY ALAMOS DARKRAI AND I GOT 2 SHINEYZ TOOO LULZ!!!!11" Idk :/ It's too bad people don't know this by now :|