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Thread: Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

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    Name(s) (on chat): Pepas, Pepas1, Popas, WiFiGuest7790, WiFiGuest7799, WiFiGuest1929876
    In-game Name: Pepas
    Friend Code: 0473-7758-8989
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny 6iv timid Gastly
    The Story (What Happened): I was trying to trade a few shiny 6ivs and he offered a shiny 5iv Bulbasaur, missing only Attack. I took it, and checked the stats before I traded to be safe. The Bulbasaur's stats all looked as legit as possible. After trading, I checked and saw that it had only 3ivs. He was honest about the nature and ability and I still got a decent Pokemon from the trade, but a scam is a scam and 6iv shinies aren't easy to come by. I messaged him telling him about it, and he randomly accused me of scamming him back. He offered to trade back, but I knew he would log off and disconnect from WiFi before I even sent the trade request, and that's exactly what happened. The Bulbasaur wasn't his originally, so I can't provide his Trainer ID, but if I think of other ways to identify this scammer, I'll edit this post.
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    Has been talked over and resolved in a diffrent trade.

    Name(s) (on chat): _SweetApril_
    In-game Name: KauwGen
    Hostmask*: n/a
    Friend Code: 3840 6298 2792
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Gligar
    The Story (What Happened): He was offering a Shiny absol with 4 ivs. So i offerd a shiny gligar and a 5iv eevee. He gently asked to first send another pokemon so that he was sure not be scammed like in the past... And so he disconnected after the first trade o-O;

    (Warning; Partly Dutch)
    [18:38:27] Common channels with _SweetApril_: #spp-wifi
    [18:38:42] <Leanna> can i offer you a shiny gligar and a 5 iv modest eevee? ^-^
    [18:39:46] <_SweetApril_> Hello
    [18:40:07] <Leanna> Hi =D
    [18:40:40] <_SweetApril_> Wait can i message you? i need to restart my Firefox Browser?
    [18:40:58] <Leanna> eh...?
    [18:41:00] <_SweetApril_> Message you back*
    [18:41:04] <Leanna> i can say hi again....
    [18:41:05] <Leanna> ?
    [18:41:09] <Leanna> sure
    [18:41:12] <_SweetApril_> I have to restart my browser give me a sec
    [18:42:05] <_SweetApril_> im back : )
    [18:42:12] <Leanna> ^-^
    [18:42:25] <Leanna> you had a shiny absol? What are its ivs actually? =O
    [18:42:26] <_SweetApril_> oke u wanted the shiny absol 4IV right ?
    [18:42:33] <_SweetApril_> 4IV
    [18:42:46] <Leanna> in which stats? <3
    [18:43:06] <_SweetApril_> spec atck******atack****** HP****** speed
    [18:43:16] <Leanna> cool!
    [18:43:18] <_SweetApril_> nature mild
    [18:43:26] <Leanna> can i offer you a shiny gligar and a 5 iv modest eevee? ^-^
    [18:43:58] <_SweetApril_> uhmm yeah shiny gligar is cool**: )
    [18:44:11] <Leanna> ^-^
    [18:44:12] <_SweetApril_> and eevee to breed : )
    [18:44:22] <Leanna> it has wish too ^-^
    [18:44:31] <Leanna> 0232-8858-0750
    [18:44:35] <_SweetApril_> fc**is
    [18:44:36] <_SweetApril_> 3840 6298 2792
    [18:44:44] <Leanna> i would like to hit around with a pretty red mega absol Xd
    [18:45:02] <_SweetApril_> hahahaha its realy a beast
    [18:45:10] <_SweetApril_> ign kauwgen
    [18:45:46] <_SweetApril_> added you
    [18:46:01] <Leanna> same here ^^
    [18:46:17] <Leanna> nog een hollandewr
    [18:46:30] <_SweetApril_> is it oke to trade the gligar for a random first because i got scam 3 times
    [18:46:31] <_SweetApril_> ja : D
    [18:46:33] <_SweetApril_> makkelijk
    [18:46:56] <Leanna> wat is een random fist? en eat je er voor geeft maakt nie uit
    [18:47:18] <_SweetApril_> ik geef je eerst een normale voor de gligar en daarna the eeevee voor de absol
    [18:47:22] <Leanna> nouja ik heb em ook hier van de chat... dus zijn afkomst weet ik niet ^^;
    [18:47:31] <Leanna> ohh ja tuurlijk
    [18:47:32] <_SweetApril_> geeft niet : )
    [18:47:34] <Leanna> ^-^
    [18:48:18] <Leanna> het wemmelt hier van de nederlanders
    [18:48:21] <Leanna> kom er een paar per dag tegem
    [18:48:28] <_SweetApril_> haha moooi tog
    [18:48:36] <Leanna> kikkerlandje =)
    [18:48:45] _SweetApril_ has quit (Quit: Rules).
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    Default Huh, my first time being scammed on here.

    Name(s) (on chat):
    In-game Name: Mudkip
    Hostmask: Didn't get to check, the name wasn't registered.
    Friend Code: 1478 5391 8919
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Roselia, nicknamed Onna.
    The Story (What Happened): Basically, the guy promised a 6 IV Sableye for a shiny. He did not deliver and logged off after the trade. Good thing I didn't do a bulk shiny trade with him like 've originally intended.

    Edit: Err, that didn't quite work in full resolution, and I can't seem to post the url to the image/chatlog because of 'forbidden words'.. can provide in PMs to whomever, I guess.
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    Default Well

    Name(s) (on chat): jmc02399
    In-game Name: Josh
    Hostmask*: Don't know what it is
    Friend Code: 2809 9962 9611
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Jap 4iv drillbur
    The Story (What Happened):

    So basically I was trying to look for a jigglypuff for breeding and after along awile,this guy showed up.

    [11:34:40] <jmc02399> i have a bold igglybuff
    [11:35:06] <ShadowJosh> does it have egg move
    [11:35:10] <ShadowJosh> and iv
    [11:35:26] <jmc02399> yeah it has hael bell and wish
    [11:35:29] <jmc02399> and it has 5 ivs
    [11:35:33] <ShadowJosh> k
    [11:35:34] <jmc02399> heal bell
    [11:36:03] <jmc02399> add me
    [11:36:11] <ShadowJosh> what you want for it
    [11:36:12] <ShadowJosh> ?
    [11:36:44] <jmc02399> mmm do u have any of the trio : landorus, thundurus, tornadus
    [11:37:07] <ShadowJosh> yes**but i do not trade legendaries
    [11:37:22] <ShadowJosh> i got battle ready fletchings
    [11:37:48] <jmc02399> mmm i already got one
    [11:38:15] <ShadowJosh> what iv is it missing?
    [11:38:26] <jmc02399> attack
    [11:38:39] <ShadowJosh> so it battle ready?
    [11:38:46] <jmc02399> yeah
    [11:39:08] <ShadowJosh> i got a 5iv piplup without attack iv
    [11:39:13] <ShadowJosh> modest
    [11:39:38] <jmc02399> can we trade and u show me ur pkmn until i see a nice one
    [11:39:51] <ShadowJosh> fc
    [11:39:58] <jmc02399> ok
    [11:40:18] <jmc02399> 2809 9962 9611
    [11:40:31] <jmc02399> fc?
    [11:40:37] <jmc02399> yours
    [11:40:44] <ShadowJosh> 4055-3454-1299
    [11:41:14] <jmc02399> thanks
    [11:42:01] <ShadowJosh> btw i was hoping for one i can breed for myself
    [11:42:03] <ShadowJosh> lol
    [11:42:42] <jmc02399> wait a min'
    [11:43:05] <jmc02399> yep
    [11:43:11] <jmc02399> got a jigglypuff
    [11:43:15] <jmc02399> only has wish
    [11:43:21] <jmc02399> but good ivs
    [11:43:51] <ShadowJosh> k
    [11:44:50] <jmc02399> listen, i have an audino with wish and heal bell
    [11:45:04] <jmc02399> u could breed it and i give u a jigglypuff
    [11:45:09] <jmc02399> too
    [11:45:27] <ShadowJosh> nah i need the jigglypuff
    [11:45:43] <jmc02399> okok
    [11:45:46] <jmc02399> lets trade
    [11:45:53] <ShadowJosh> ign
    [11:46:09] <jmc02399> i can give u my jiglypuff
    [11:46:10] <jmc02399> have lots
    [11:46:51] <ShadowJosh> what you want for it
    [11:46:53] <jmc02399> do u have any Repeated mega stones?
    [11:47:13] <jmc02399> nope
    [11:47:29] <jmc02399> nope
    [11:47:45] <jmc02399> do u have totodile?
    [11:47:51] <ShadowJosh> nope
    [11:48:21] <jmc02399> mmm
    [11:48:43] <jmc02399> already got him
    [11:48:43] <ShadowJosh> this one is female with ha
    [11:48:51] <jmc02399> yep already
    [11:49:02] <jmc02399> do u have any ou
    [11:49:06] <jmc02399> that is hard to get?
    [11:49:12] <jmc02399> nope
    [11:49:49] <jmc02399> yesss
    [11:49:50] <jmc02399> plzz
    [11:50:24] <jmc02399> thanks
    [11:50:33] <jmc02399> any other pkmn that u need?
    [11:50:44] <ShadowJosh> like?
    [11:51:11] <jmc02399> like**speed boost whirlipede
    [11:51:38] jmc02399 has quit (Quit: Rules).
    [11:53:24] <ShadowJosh> hey
    [11:53:31] <jmc02399> hey
    [11:53:41] <ShadowJosh> the jigglypuff does not have bold
    [11:53:48] <ShadowJosh> and no wish
    [11:55:17] <ShadowJosh> can we retrade
    [11:55:29] <jmc02399> okok
    [11:55:30] <jmc02399> sorry
    [11:56:24] <ShadowJosh> your in a trade
    [11:57:54] <jmc02399> yeah wait
    [12:03:49] jmc02399 has quit (Quit: Rules).
    [12:04:38] <ShadowJosh> you there
    [12:04:38] No such nick/channel "jmc02399"
    [12:07:11] <ShadowJosh> hey
    [12:07:12] No such nick/channel "jmc02399"
    [12:07:23] <ShadowJosh> jose
    [12:07:23] No such nick/channel "jmc02399"
    [12:10:04] <ShadowJosh> yo
    [12:10:05] No such nick/channel "jmc02399"

    After the trade, I noticed it was not bold with wish and good iv i needed for breeding. So I tried to ask him again to give me one with bold and wish. But then when we were trading, he keeps cancelling the offers given to me and I noticed he was doing a rush trade so that he can scam me. Also he was not on the chat but he was online on Pokemon. So basically I did not get the jigglypuff I wanted and lost a pokemon I could use for breeding. Don't scam kid's it makes you look stupid.

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    Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest5247
    In-game Name: Chrystian
    Hostmask*: Not sure what that means
    Friend Code: 2234 8480 0850
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5 (missing Sp atk) IV Adamant Shiny Speed Boost Torchic.
    The Story (What Happened):
    [08:17:18] <WiFiGuest1224> I have a lvl 1 shiny adamant speed boost torchic with 5 ivs, not nicknameable sadly though
    [08:17:35] <WiFiGuest5247> i only want the mudkip nicknameable
    [08:17:56] <WiFiGuest1224> Ah cool
    [08:17:57] <WiFiGuest1224> :-)
    [08:19:00] <WiFiGuest5247> what are you lookin for?
    [08:19:09] <WiFiGuest1224> Other 5-6 iv KB shinies
    [08:19:22] <WiFiGuest1224> or Hoenn shinies, though I doubt many people have gone crazy breeding yet lol
    [08:19:53] <WiFiGuest5247> 5iv shiny mawile?
    [08:20:13] <WiFiGuest1224> Any others?
    [08:20:42] <WiFiGuest5247> yes
    [08:21:10] <WiFiGuest5247> 6iv shiny kb altaria, lopunny, infernape, noivern, vileplume, dedenne, and gourgeist
    [08:21:45] <WiFiGuest1224> Wooh
    [08:21:55] <WiFiGuest1224> May I know nature of Altaria?
    [08:21:56] <WiFiGuest1224> :-)
    [08:22:07] <WiFiGuest5247> modest
    [08:22:51] <WiFiGuest1224> Sweet
    [08:22:55] <WiFiGuest1224> Which ability?
    [08:23:01] <WiFiGuest1224> I'm happy to trade for that Altaria haha
    [08:23:16] <WiFiGuest5247> cloud nine ability
    [08:24:03] <WiFiGuest1224> Works for me
    [08:24:07] <WiFiGuest5247> fc?
    [08:24:09] <WiFiGuest1224> 3454 1036 5707
    [08:24:13] <WiFiGuest5247> mine is 2234 8480 0850
    [08:24:52] <WiFiGuest5247> added
    [08:25:09] <WiFiGuest1224> ok, adding you in a sec
    [08:25:16] <WiFiGuest1224> just saving and x-ing out of oras
    [08:25:20] <WiFiGuest1224> almost up to catching rayquaza!
    [08:25:28] <WiFiGuest5247> cool
    [08:25:49] <WiFiGuest1224> Yeh, I'm keen :-D
    [08:26:38] <WiFiGuest5247> ign?
    [08:26:52] <WiFiGuest1224> Celine
    [08:27:22] <WiFiGuest5247> im Chrystian
    [08:28:23] <WiFiGuest1224> Ok :-)
    [08:30:37] <WiFiGuest1224> Thats the german name, when it evolves name will change to normal.
    [08:30:47] <WiFiGuest5247> i need to go remove its hm
    [08:30:48] <WiFiGuest5247> can you exit
    [08:30:52] <WiFiGuest1224> Ok
    [08:35:10] <WiFiGuest5247> ready?
    [08:35:15] <WiFiGuest1224> Reconnecting
    [08:35:16] <WiFiGuest1224> :-)
    [08:36:19] <WiFiGuest1224> um
    [08:36:21] <WiFiGuest1224> its only 5 ivs
    [08:36:30] <WiFiGuest1224> missing def by the looks of it
    [08:36:33] <WiFiGuest5247> oh crap wrong one
    [08:36:34] <WiFiGuest1224> XD
    [08:36:53] <WiFiGuest5247> be right back it in my battle box
    [08:37:22] <WiFiGuest1224> Okeys
    [08:37:45] <WiFiGuest1224> Cause I already have a little shiny swablu that I can nickname, but it's only got 4 ivs so I want a competitively viable one if you know what I mean
    [08:37:46] <WiFiGuest1224> x3
    [08:39:23] <WiFiGuest5247> i really need this rochic cause i want to start Omega Ruby off with a shiny
    [08:39:34] <WiFiGuest1224> that
    [08:39:37] <WiFiGuest1224> altaria is the same lvl
    [08:39:52] <WiFiGuest5247> i raised both my swablus at the same time
    [08:39:58] <WiFiGuest5247> thats why
    [08:40:12] <WiFiGuest1224> Ok
    [08:40:15] <WiFiGuest1224> :-)
    [08:40:23] <WiFiGuest5247> thank you so much
    [08:40:24] <WiFiGuest1224> I do that too lol
    [08:40:34] <WiFiGuest1224> Raised a shiny and non shiny aron
    [08:40:42] <WiFiGuest1224> shiny one for my new game, non shiny to trade for other ev trained mons
    [08:40:42] <WiFiGuest1224> XD
    [08:40:49] <WiFiGuest1224> but he's still low level, like..20
    [08:40:54] <WiFiGuest5247> lol
    [08:40:58] <WiFiGuest5247> well thanx
    [08:41:01] <WiFiGuest1224> so fun for new games if you cbf ev training before grinding against random mons
    [08:41:02] <WiFiGuest1224> NP
    [08:41:04] <WiFiGuest1224> enjoy torchic
    [08:41:09] <WiFiGuest5247> enjoy altaria
    [08:41:12] WiFiGuest5247 has quit (Quit: Rules).

    So basically..I was a bit tentative when he showed me the Altaria the second time since it was the exact same level, but it had a different move so I figured maybe he was telling the truth. After he had disconnected I went off to check with the Judge what the Altarias IVS were, Found that it was in fact the same Altaria as from before, Missing defense ib. Not such a huuuge loss since I like Altaria...but I am still pretty bummed out so posting this here so hopefully the same dude wont get away with being dishonest like this twice.

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    Name(s) (on chat): ilovemoney
    In-game Name: Austin
    Hostmask*: idk
    Friend Code: 5301 0711 4669
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Emboar
    The Story (What Happened): [01:08:54] Common channels with ilovemoney: #spp-wifi
    [01:08:54] <ilovemoney> u there
    [01:09:10] <FogxTempest> yeah are you overgrown?
    [01:09:19] <ilovemoney> yeah
    [01:09:27] <ilovemoney> can we trade
    [01:09:33] <FogxTempest> Ok Im asking can you hatch the egg for me
    [01:10:04] <ilovemoney> i cant because i am helping 10 other people
    [01:10:43] <FogxTempest> lol no you're not
    [01:10:50] <ilovemoney> why
    [01:10:56] <FogxTempest> im not getting scammed so
    [01:11:06] <FogxTempest> you sound pretty shady
    [01:11:08] <ilovemoney> ok i got one hatched with the stats
    [01:11:18] <FogxTempest> hatched
    [01:11:32] <ilovemoney> yeah fc and ign
    [01:11:41] <FogxTempest> 5301 0711 4669
    [01:11:52] <FogxTempest> Ign Austin
    [01:13:20] <FogxTempest> did I already ask if its ha?
    [01:13:32] <FogxTempest> cause if Its not I dont want it
    [01:16:05] <ilovemoney> it does
    [01:16:23] <FogxTempest> Ok i need ur fc
    [01:16:43] <ilovemoney> 5 minute brb
    [01:16:45] <FogxTempest> focus on this real quick so we can be done, its late
    [01:16:54] <FogxTempest> omg
    [01:17:11] <ilovemoney> dude ive got a egg u want hatching the egg
    [01:17:48] <FogxTempest> Ok fine i'll trade the egg
    [01:17:56] <ilovemoney> ok
    [01:18:32] <FogxTempest> im trusting you
    [01:18:42] <ilovemoney> my fc is 5043.3750.0156 ign harry
    [01:18:44] <ilovemoney> ok
    [01:19:19] <FogxTempest> add me man
    [01:19:35] <FogxTempest> im online and ready
    [01:19:36] <ilovemoney> one sec
    [01:21:08] <ilovemoney> coming online
    [01:21:15] <FogxTempest> Ok
    [01:22:05] <ilovemoney> go send me trade
    [01:22:13] <FogxTempest> you just sent me one
    [01:22:15] <FogxTempest> right/
    [01:22:17] <FogxTempest> *?
    [01:23:33] <ilovemoney> got any shines
    [01:23:46] <FogxTempest> nope
    [01:24:06] <FogxTempest> so when i hatch this, its gonna be shiny and the nature and evs i want?
    [01:24:12] <ilovemoney> yeah
    [01:25:23] <FogxTempest> and why do u care about shinies so much
    [01:25:25] <ilovemoney>**have
    [01:25:34] <ilovemoney> collection
    [01:25:38] <FogxTempest> if you can make any pokemon shiny
    [01:27:04] <FogxTempest> Ok im going to give you a chance here to make things right
    [01:27:14] <ilovemoney> yeha
    [01:27:15] <FogxTempest> or else I report you and u get banned
    [01:27:21] <ilovemoney> ok
    [01:27:22] <ilovemoney> why
    [01:27:32] <FogxTempest> trade me back my emboar
    [01:27:53] <ilovemoney> why
    [01:28:04] <FogxTempest> cause you gave me a treeko
    [01:28:10] <FogxTempest> thats why
    [01:28:47] <ilovemoney> sorry ill get you the right one back
    [01:28:54] <FogxTempest> no u wont
    [01:29:01] <FogxTempest> I want the emboar or else
    [01:29:05] <FogxTempest> you got 2 mins
    [01:29:06] <ilovemoney> ok
    [01:29:48] <FogxTempest> and i dont even care about that emboar lol its the fact you lied
    [01:30:02] <ilovemoney> wat wait i am giving it back
    [01:30:04] <FogxTempest> yeah
    [01:30:21] <FogxTempest> 1 minute
    [01:30:36] <FogxTempest> im dead *** too lmfaooo
    [01:30:37] <ilovemoney> dude 5 minutes make u a better emboar
    [01:30:46] <FogxTempest> nah man mine or ban
    [01:32:51] <FogxTempest> alright im reporting you
    [01:32:59] ilovemoney has quit (Quit: Rules).

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    ilovemoney came online under another username r and in refusal to own up to being the same member despite the evidence, they have an untimed ban.

    A parody of the Pokemon Colosseum game, full of pastries and Miror B.
    Completed. Four times winner of Best Comedy/Funniest Fic.

    Avatar: minty-fivestar on DA, edited background/cropping. Fic banner: cieux.

    Pokémon news, opinions, creative works and more. Now live!

    Pokkén Tournament DX Review
    The Numbers Game: Shiny and Perfect Pokémon

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    Name(s) (on chat): lol
    In-game Name: Helen
    Hostmask*: n/a
    Friend Code: 2165-6642-7519
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Lugia
    The Story (What Happened):
    [18:53:33] Common channels with lol: #spp-wifi
    [18:53:46] <DragonFruit23> I really want that Hoopa o.o
    [18:53:55] <lol> what will u give me?
    [18:54:15] <DragonFruit23> I have a shiny Eevee?
    [18:54:21] <lol> no
    [18:54:41] <DragonFruit23> Shiny Lugia?
    [18:54:50] <lol> sure
    [18:55:23] <lol> mine is 2165 6642 7519
    [18:56:32] <lol> ? u there
    [18:57:20] <DragonFruit23> Yeah
    [18:57:27] <lol> kk
    [19:00:25] <lol> still want hoopa?
    [19:01:14] <lol> crap i was wrong hoopas not level 100 hes level 14 but he still is shiny and has 6 ivs
    [19:02:08] <lol> u here?
    [19:03:10] <DragonFruit23> Sorry I had to charge my 3DS
    [19:03:18] <lol> oh ok
    [19:03:22] <lol> want hoopa still?
    [19:03:22] <DragonFruit23> Yeah I still want Hoopa
    [19:03:27] <lol> kk
    [19:04:08] <lol> tell me when ur ready!
    [19:04:16] <DragonFruit23> 0602-6943-8419
    [19:05:02] <lol> add me on there mine is 2165 6642 7519
    [19:05:17] <DragonFruit23> I added you already
    [19:05:17] <lol> ill add u in a sec
    [19:07:09] <lol> need to restart pokemon
    [19:07:17] <DragonFruit23> Okay
    [19:07:25] <DragonFruit23> I assume you have a powersave?
    [19:07:40] <lol> ya
    [19:07:54] <lol> i also have some other hacktools
    [19:07:58] <DragonFruit23> Lucky... Pretty much everyone and their dog has one but me.
    [19:08:04] <lol> lol
    [19:08:41] <lol> i added u but ur not showing up on my pokemon friends list!
    [19:09:29] <lol> oh i wasnt connected to internet xD
    [19:09:31] <DragonFruit23> What's your IGN?
    [19:09:34] <lol> helen
    [19:09:53] <lol> there we go
    [19:10:37] <DragonFruit23> Um...
    [19:10:51] <lol> ?
    [19:11:05] <DragonFruit23> That's a Flebebe
    [19:11:06] <lol> oh forgot to mention
    [19:11:28] <lol> since its powersaved it looks like a random pokemon on the others screen but when u get it it will be hoopa dont worry
    [19:11:42] <lol> i swear on god
    [19:12:02] <DragonFruit23> Do the moves change?
    [19:12:05] <lol> no
    [19:12:15] <lol> its a hoopa
    [19:12:22] <lol> when u get it it becomes a hoopa
    [19:12:27] <lol> just since its powersaved
    [19:12:37] <lol> it looks different in trades
    [19:12:42] <DragonFruit23> I'm quite weary on this one so, I'll send over a random poke and if it turns into a Hoopa i'll send the Lugia. Deal?
    [19:12:48] <lol> so the system doesnt know its a hacked pokemon
    [19:13:03] <lol> no dood i swear its hoopa and i dont wanna send it over u could scam me
    [19:13:30] <DragonFruit23> I promise I won't scam you. Trust me, i've been scammed before and I was pissed.
    [19:13:46] <lol> I SWEAR on my life its hoopa its just a temporary graphical change so its tradeable
    [19:13:53] <DragonFruit23> I'll send over a pokemon of equal value if you want?
    [19:13:54] <lol> i really dont trust u im sorry
    [19:14:00] <lol> just trust me bro
    [19:14:34] <DragonFruit23> One sec
    [19:15:07] <lol> its a thing tht makes the system think its a random pokemon so it lets us do the trade then when u get it it notices its not flebebe and changed it back
    [19:15:13] <lol> *changes
    [19:16:07] <DragonFruit23> I'm just asking my friend a question
    [19:16:25] <lol> kk bro
    [19:16:50] <lol> i traded 1 to my friend and it showed it as a charmander
    [19:17:14] <lol> because usually trying to trade powersaved pokemon doesnt work and gives u a bad egg
    [19:18:07] <lol> ps a bad egg is a egg that never hatched and glitches out youre game
    [19:18:12] <lol> *hatches
    [19:20:12] <DragonFruit23> Sorry if this is taking a while
    [19:20:33] <lol> xD brony forever!
    [19:20:44] <DragonFruit23> Yeah XD
    [19:21:24] <lol> sup to the wack playstation SUP
    [19:21:26] <lol> xD
    [19:21:49] <lol> thats what a 50 year old man trying to be a teenager sounds like
    [19:21:54] <lol> sup to the wack playstation SUP
    [19:22:04] <DragonFruit23> Well then XD
    [19:22:34] <lol> ready to trade yet?
    [19:23:47] <lol> YAY I JUST FOUND ZAPDOS IN THE WILD
    [19:23:56] <lol> and...he fled
    [19:24:02] <lol> xD
    [19:24:05] <DragonFruit23> Yeah, that happens
    [19:25:26] <lol> ready to trade yet?
    [19:26:10] <DragonFruit23> I'll get back to you I just gotta do something
    [19:26:14] <lol> k
    [19:29:10] <lol> crud
    [19:29:19] <lol> i just got 5 minute banned from the main chat xD
    [19:29:21] <DragonFruit23> Got kicked?
    [19:29:31] <DragonFruit23> Darn
    [19:30:10] <lol> i said can anyone action replay me in a pokemon (even though i have my own) just to troll and got 5 min banned xD
    [19:30:26] <lol> what r u doing?
    [19:32:07] <lol> im sooo bored xD
    [19:35:29] <lol> i put a quarter under my joypad button on the ds put my pokemon in the daycare went to the center of liberty city and my player is just walking around and around liberty city leveling up my pokemon
    [19:35:33] <lol> #good idea!
    [19:35:50] <DragonFruit23> I've heard of that
    [19:35:54] <lol> ya
    [19:36:03] <lol> its a good way to level up pokemon
    [19:36:08] <lol> can u trade yet?
    [19:36:28] <DragonFruit23> Not yet sorry : ( when I can i'll get back to you ASAP
    [19:36:37] <lol> why are u taking so long?
    [19:37:07] <lol> i will be back in 5 minutes brb
    [19:37:15] <DragonFruit23> Okay
    [19:37:54] <lol> why does it show that u r trading on my ds screen?
    [19:37:57] <lol> xD
    [19:38:17] <lol> are you TRADE cheating on me!
    [19:38:22] <lol> rofl
    [19:38:27] <DragonFruit23> No XD
    [19:38:50] <lol> why cant u trade with me yet (Cri Cri)
    [19:40:24] <lol> :"(
    [19:40:38] <DragonFruit23> Sorry about this :/
    [19:40:52] <lol> wyb u take so long
    [19:41:19] <lol> why u take so long?
    [19:41:47] <DragonFruit23> Sorry but, you're just gonna have to be patient
    [19:41:53] <lol> kk
    [19:42:01] <DragonFruit23> I'm almost done anyways
    [19:45:05] <DragonFruit23> Almost done : D
    [19:47:19] <lol> ROFL SCAMMED
    [19:47:32] <DragonFruit23> The Lugia was a clone.
    [19:47:37] <lol> lol idc
    [19:47:40] <lol> still a lugia
    [19:47:42] <DragonFruit23> I knew it was going to happen
    [19:47:56] <lol> i still got a lugia so idc
    [19:48:20] <lol> thx for the lugia!
    [19:49:45] lol has quit (Quit: Rules).

    *I don't normally trade clones, by the way. I gave him a clone lugia because I had a feeling he was a scammer*

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    Jan 2015


    Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest3389
    In-game Name: Ryan
    Hostmask*: none
    Friend Code: 1006 1238 6213
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Level 80 Spanish Battle Ready Garchomp holding Choice Scarf
    The Story (What Happened): They asked for a br Pokemon and i asked if they has a 6iv Sassy swablu and they gave me a non-6iv quirky swablu instead of what was supposed to be given. Disconnected from chat and ended trade before i could say anything or trade back the swablu for my garchomp.

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    World's Edge


    Name(s) (on chat): Sempron
    In-game Name: Jeffery
    Hostmask*: Not sure.
    Friend Code: 1204 0334 3247
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Arceus (lol)
    The Story (What Happened):

    [08:27:41] Common channels with Sempron: #spp-wifi
    [08:27:41] <Sempron> I have a Shift Gear Genesect
    [08:27:50] <Spi> Oh, is it shiny?
    [08:28:04] <Sempron> Yeah, it's the event one
    [08:28:09] <Spi> That's great.
    [08:28:16] <Spi> You saw my offers, right?
    [08:28:17] <Spi> LF: Shiny Shift Gear Genesect, FT: Korean Arceus, Shiny Rayquaza, Manaphy, Meloetta, Shiny Shaymin, Mew, ect.
    [08:28:26] <Spi> Not sure what you're looking for.
    [08:28:46] <Sempron> I thought you were looking for all of them sorry
    [08:28:52] <Spi> ?
    [08:29:06] <Spi> You have all of those already?
    [08:29:31] <Sempron> Yeah
    [08:29:52] <Spi> What're you looking for, then?
    [08:30:04] <Sempron> Thoough I'm looking for a real arcues because I think mine is hacked
    [08:30:21] <Spi> Mine is legit Korean Arceus... but not sure if you want it.
    [08:30:27] <Sempron> Then I'll be down Genesect
    [08:31:43] <Spi> Are you interested in any way towards my Korean Arceus? Or are you looking for an english one or something?
    [08:32:39] <Sempron> I am, but I'm just thinking about it haha
    [08:32:53] <Sempron> you dont mind it being JPN?
    [08:33:04] <Spi> The Genesect?
    [08:33:08] <Sempron> Yeah
    [08:33:13] <Spi> Nah, that's fine.
    [08:33:26] <Spi> Idc about the stats of the Genesect either.
    [08:33:50] <Sempron> all the events would have the same stats wouldnt they?
    [08:34:04] <Spi> Yeah, I think the shiny genesect is automatically Hasty nature.
    [08:34:11] <Sempron> Yeah
    [08:34:48] <Spi> I talked to a lot of people who had a shiny genesect, but most of them made it forgot Shift Gear XD Shift Gear is the reason I want it
    [08:34:56] <Spi> Since I already have non-shiny Genesects
    [08:35:54] <Spi> Well, if you want to trade, tell me if you made up your mind.
    [08:36:01] <Sempron> Pretty sure mine is UT, I try to keep them UT, is your non shiny Genesect UT?
    [08:36:08] <Spi> UT?
    [08:36:14] <Spi> Sorry, I'm still a little new at this.
    [08:36:17] <Sempron> untouched
    [08:36:20] <Spi> yes
    [08:36:24] <Spi> It's untouched
    [08:36:26] <Spi> and Arceus too
    [08:37:01] <Sempron> What do you want for your genesect?
    [08:37:34] <Sempron> just so I can replace it in my collection ﷯
    [08:37:48] <Spi> Idk, the only thing I'm looking so far is a shiny Genesect. I guess I'm looking for other event Pokemon that I missed.
    [08:38:18] <Spi> But I got most of the event Pokemon already, except Celebi.
    [08:38:29] <Sempron> I have a spare Stevens Beldum and Diancie
    [08:38:39] <Spi> I have those.
    [08:39:00] <Sempron> I only got Celebi thanks to the bank haha
    [08:39:28] <Sempron> Speed boost torchic?
    [08:39:33] <Spi> Yes I have that.
    [08:40:41] <Sempron> This is hard haha
    [08:40:56] <Spi> yeah, it is when you have everything.
    [08:41:28] <Sempron> Yeah, and only one of everything haha
    [08:41:35] <Sempron> any shinies?
    [08:41:53] <Spi> I have a shiny Rayquaza and a few other shinies, but I'm not really looking for shinies atm
    [08:42:02] <Sempron> I wish I knew how to clone haha :c
    [08:42:06] <Sempron> I have shinies
    [08:42:15] <Sempron> rotom, Palkia
    [08:42:49] <Spi> Nah, not looking for those.
    [08:43:26] <Spi> You still haven't decided for your shiny Genesect?
    [08:43:58] <Spi> What else are you looking for besides Arceus and UT Genesect?
    [08:44:28] <Sempron> no sorry, as much as I want too, I might have to decline, I just got every legendary a few weeks ago and I dont really want to break them up
    [08:44:39] <Spi> I see.
    [08:45:06] <Spi> Well, my final offer for that Shiny Genesect is both Arceus and my UT Genesect. That's because I have extra Genesects.
    [08:45:48] <Sempron> That would be amazing...
    [08:45:57] <Spi> It's my final offer.
    [08:46:05] <Sempron> but how would we do the double trade?
    [08:46:22] <Spi> Just trade Arceus first, then trade for the Genesect with some random fodder.
    [08:46:57] <Spi> They don't allow you to do double trading or that stuff.
    [08:47:16] <Sempron> should we leave the arcues/genesect trade last as they're the most vaulable and how do I know you wont run away?
    [08:47:36] <Spi> I won't run away. If I did, I'd face the consequences.
    [08:47:45] <Spi> The Arceus first, since it's more valuable.
    [08:47:53] <Spi> Then the Genesect, since I have extras.
    [08:48:19] <Sempron> I've had a few bad experience with doubles that's all, just trying to learn from my mistakes
    [08:48:27] <Spi> Oh. I understand.
    [08:49:00] <Spi> I'm not going to do anything like that, it's completely dickish.
    [08:49:27] <Sempron> I know, happened to me alot when I was younger
    [08:50:09] <Spi> How about this? If you really trust me, trade a fodder for my Arceus first, then trade the shiny Genesect last for my Genesect.
    [08:50:50] <Sempron> okay then
    [08:51:24] <Sempron> 1204 0334 3247
    [08:51:39] <Spi> 5344-0517-8750
    [08:51:44] <Sempron> How rare is the shiny genesect?
    [08:52:05] <Spi> As rare as my Arceus, I believe.
    [08:52:17] <Sempron> how rare is that? haha
    [08:52:34] <Spi> I don't know. I'd trade my Shiny Rayquaza for one.
    [08:52:48] <Spi> It's hard to tell the rare value when it comes to Pokemoon.
    [08:53:18] <Sempron> Yeah, I think it would be harder to find since Japan gets all the cool events
    [08:53:37] <Sempron> but then I just look up how old the event is to guess how rare it is
    [08:53:39] <Spi> Shiny Genesect was released here too.
    [08:53:57] <Sempron> I dont think I got here is AU
    [08:54:48] <Spi> Did you add me yet?
    [08:54:54] <Spi> I added you.
    [08:55:02] <Sempron> Yeah just connecting
    [08:55:20] <Sempron> IGN is Jeffrey
    [08:55:47] <Spi> Do you want Adamant or Modest Genesect?
    [08:56:25] <Sempron> I dont mind, I dont use ubers, it just going into my collection
    [08:56:29] <Spi> ah ok
    [08:56:32] <Spi> Modest then
    [08:57:28] <Spi> Show me the shiny Genesect first so I cans ee you have it
    [08:57:38] <Sempron> okay then
    [08:57:53] <Sempron> i'll go as far so you can check it's summary?
    [08:58:05] <Spi> No thanks, just need to see the thing.
    [08:58:23] <Spi> It has shift gear, right?
    [08:58:32] <Sempron> I pressed a sorry
    [08:58:33] <Sempron> yeah
    [08:58:44] <Spi> oh okay
    [08:58:46] <Spi> That's good.
    [08:58:51] <Spi> So fodder pokemon first
    [08:59:15] <Sempron> I cant deselect it
    [08:59:21] <Sempron> you might have to press b
    [08:59:26] <Spi> there
    [08:59:57] <Spi> Thats shiny?
    [09:00:02] <Sempron> yeah
    [09:00:21] <Sempron> no one wants it haha
    [09:01:20] <Spi> Cool, thanks.
    [09:01:37] Sempron has quit (Client exited).

    Basically, the story is he offered a shiny Genesect, and I offered two Pokemon. He wanted to trade the fodder first and then he stole the Arceus without giving me the shiny Genesect for the second trade. He bolted right away after he traded for the Arceus. I'm a little new at trading so I tend to trust others too easily. But hopefully he'll face the consequences of doing something like this.
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    Name(s) (on chat): VIKIBROSXD
    In-game Name: Orlando
    [11:18:00] [WHOIS VIKIBROSXD] IP: AF2440B4.981B7DAF.D7B2847E.IP (Serebii WiFi Guest)
    [11:18:00] [WHOIS VIKIBROSXD] Channels: #spp-wifi
    [11:18:00] [WHOIS VIKIBROSXD] Server: (the most addictive drug)
    Friend Code: 5043:4078:6944
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Almost Ditto
    The Story (What Happened):
    I would post links but haven't made enough posts to be allowed to post them yet.
        Spoiler:- Convo:

    The rest of the convo is them throwing insults at me.
    TLDR; They gave me a hacked pokemon. Its summary said that the egg was received on 1/31/2015 and it hatched 15 years ago (1/1/2000) lmao.
    I did get my ditto back, but I know that they will try this again on other people.
    My Shinies

    Friend Code: 2724-1164-5251 (Amanda)

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    (Wouldn't let me post with a URL )

    Name(s) (on chat): WiFiGuest22897
    In-game Name: Red
    Friend Code: 1306 8432 2774
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): 5IV Protean Froakie for a Foreign Vulpix with no IV's

    Not sure if this counts as a scam at all, but I couldn't get any info otherwise.

    I had asked for a Foreign Vulpix with 5IV's, they messaged me with an offer, I asked them to double check since they said one might have one, then they came back and said two had 5IV's. We traded pokemon, and as soon as I told them that the pokemon had no IV's they left.

        Spoiler:- Chat text:

    They quit after that, the thing wouldn't let me post that part since i haven't posted enough yet.
    3DS Friend code- 3454-3945-6017
    Nintendo Network ID- Kpop-Kitsune

    Trainer Name for X:
    Trainer Name for Y: Amber
    Trainer Name for Omega Ruby: Rakki
    Trainer Name for Alpha Sapphire: Avalon

    (I have Pokemon X and Y (Haven't played X much) Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire )

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    Name(s) (on chat): Al105alx2, Terrypotter
    In-game Name: Alex, Em
    Friend Code: Scammer > Terrypotter 1607-2758-8307
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): JPN Event Movie 14 Diancie
    The Story (What Happened): The person who scammed me was Terrypotter ("jdgigs" 3DS name) ("Em" IGN OR) offered my Diancie for an US Genesect code. traded with him and got an invalid code with 2 missing letters and when I replied back to him about it he said 1 sec and proceeded to log out of wifichat.
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    Name(s) (on chat): RoyalSymon
    In-game Name: Symon

    > /whowas RoyalSymon
    RoyalSymon [RoyalSymon!RoyalSymon{at}1B46A6C0{dot}5E150CA5{dot }E8539A05{dot}IP] * RoyalSymon
    Connected to server: avarice{dot}wa{dot}us{dot}synirc{dot}net Fri Dec 16 17:54:33 2016
    Friend Code: 4657-0629-9439
    3DS Friend Card Name: Sy
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Modest Synchronize Abra w/ Destiny Knot
    The Story (What Happened):
    RoyalSymon posted in #spp-wifi that he was looking for a Destiny Knot in Sun/Moon. I mentioned I had an extra and asked what he was offering. He PMed me and we agreed on a 5IV Wimpod for the destiny knot. I told him I'd throw in a free Synchronize Abra with a nature of his request, since I had some extras. He requested a Modest nature. We exchanged friend codes, traded, and I received a 3IV Wimpod instead of a 5IV wimpod. He immediately disconnected from chat.


    RoyalSymon: can I have it please
    Krebert: not for free. Took me an hour to find this thing with a party full of pickup pokemon
    RoyalSymon: 5IV mon?
    Krebert: I'm open to it. What kind?
    RoyalSymon: Jangmo o
    Krebert: already got one. Anything else?
    RoyalSymon: Mareanie
    RoyalSymon: lapras
    Krebert: anything else?
    Krebert: Got a good mareanie, not interested in lapras
    RoyalSymon: wimpod
    Krebert: yeah sure, I'll take a 5iv wimpod for it
    RoyalSymon: ok
    RoyalSymon: FC?
    Krebert: I'll throw the knot on a synchronize abra for you since I have some extras. No IVs, just usefor for synchronize ability. Any nature you want?
    RoyalSymon: Thanks man
    Krebert: oh cr*p, actually, those are on my other cart
    RoyalSymon: Ok ill wait
    RoyalSymon: 4657 0629 9439
    Krebert: what nature you want?
    Krebert: 0662-3804-2332
    RoyalSymon: erm modest
    RoyalSymon: IGN?
    Krebert: Corwin. But just a sec, getting the abra on the right cart
    RoyalSymon: ok
    Krebert: k, getting onto festival plaza now
    Krebert: k, online
    Krebert: ign?
    Krebert: k
    ← RoyalSymon has quit Quit: {kiwiirc} - A hand crafted IRC client
    Krebert: gee, thanks
    Note: replaced periods with "{dot}" and at symbol with "{at}" to avoid overzealous spam filter

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    Name(s) (on chat): MysticMeowstic
    In-game Name: Joe
    Hostmask*: (quit before i could get this information)
    Friend Code:
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Scizor
    The Story (What Happened): I wanted to trade 3 pokemon to someone so they could evolve and then trade back so I have them for my pokedex, we ended up trading two of them but the last one he knew it was rarer (Scizor) so he kept it and said he would only trade back if I gave him something good for it. I then called him out for it in which he denied and proceeded to leave acting like he was the victim

    I can help you
    I remember how much of a pain it was to evolve mine too
    thank you!
    i have three pokemon to trade forward and back if you dont mind
    No prob!
    i just need them for my pokedex lol
    yeah I understand xD
    my FC is 0173-1341-9858
    ign is logs
    why logs?
    If I may ask
    my name is logan
    so a lot of people call me logs
    People usually call me Joseph
    Because my name is Joseph
    very accurate
    im in festival plaza now
    one second connecting to internet
    sent you a request
    i dont see it
    third one, here we go
    I'll trade yours back and you trade me the next one. Then finish with chinchou, it saves time
    i guess not lol
    I knew you'd save the best for last
    k thanks bye
    what an *******
    don't do that
    What will you give me for it?
    your pokemon back?
    I'll trade it back but I want something good for it. If you really want it I need something good for it.
    I just want it for my pokedex
    like literally
    I had to go through a lot to get the metal coat
    Then you'll give me something good then. Then you'll get your scizor.
    I would rather just get you banned from this chatroom
    I have screenshots and everything
    Oh no ;-;
    Bro, just give me the Scizor, like really
    ← MysticMeowstic has quit Quit:- A hand crafted IRC client

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