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Thread: Stalkers 4: Dos Manos

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    Default Stalkers 4: Dos Manos

    Okay, I lied. New trilogy, though. And yes, there will be shippings in here, (and focused strongly upon) just a little farther on. So bare with me, please. =P

    Rating: T for violence, language, and some crude humor.

    Summary: A few months after the Drones Incident, one of the Stalkers is being stalked himself... but is having a close-knit group of friends-slash-bodyguards enough to survive?

    Cap D. Blue as Dylan/Blue the Sarcastic
    ~Mist~ as Kristell/Yellow the Leader
    Chelc as Chelsea/Chelc the Obsessive
    EXP:282 as Stacee the Insane
    Megaranger as Rasheed the Nonchalant

    Special Guest Stars:
    Swifty as Sam
    Kit Kat as Mandi/Red
    Shadow Ichigo as Hiroshi/Green

    Flirtationshipping - Cap D. Blue & ~Mist~
    AGHatshipping - Chelc & Swifty


    Chapter One - A Sleepless Night and Blue's Disturbing Midnight Phone Call

    I turned over in bed, head nestled deep in the pillow, my slim frame warmed by the sheets and blankets. My left arm found itself draped over the body of my partner. I moved closer, the shampoo scent drifting from her dark hair into my nose. Lips met cool, soft skin, and she snuggled closer into my chest.

    At the same moment, however, my right arm fell off the edge of the mattress and smacked into the snout of one particular dragon with a large appetite and a short fuse... so the next thing I knew, searing pain raced through my arm up to my head. I leapt out of bed (careful not to disturb the sleeping lady), bopped Salamence on the head, and dragged him out of the room.

    "What the hell?!" I growled, releasing my grip, thankful that he held back enough as not to make me bleed.

    ("You hit me,") Salamence replied with a yawn, flashing his pearly-white teeth.

    "By accident."

    ("You still hit me,") He settled down on the living room floor, in front of the sofa. ("Idiot.")

    I rolled my eyes and heard my stomach rumble. As long as I was up, I might as well get a snack. Hobbling into the kitchen, I cracked open the fridge and pulled out my leftover sandwich from the day before. Along with a tall glass of milk and some potato chips, it was lunch at three am.

    Then the phone rang. I sighed, pushed back the chair, and picked up the receiver. "I want it on the record that I’m tracking this call and if I miss my sleep –– or my snack –– the caller’s not gonna live to see their next birthday."

    "My, my, Blue, you’re so irritable for someone who stays up late." mused a sinister voice my ear. "For shame."

    I blinked and looked at the phone as if it had just turned into a banana. "Guy’s gotta sleep when he can."

    "Better get enough, or you might just sleep forever."

    "I tend to set the security systems up pretty well."

    "I can see that. If I may, Blue, it be best that you rest up... and wise up... or you are going to find yourself squashed like the little fly you are..." Maniacal laughter filled my head, but it was so dimmed I could tell it was in the background. The line went dead, and I decided that sleep was a better choice than food... at least for the moment.


    I forgot when exactly I had drifted back off to sleep, but once I met consciousness once more, the haze in my mind was more concerned over that pile of roast beef than the crazy phone call. Blinking into the filtered sunlight from the window, I assured myself that either Salamence or one of my house mates had disposed of the food properly.

    Yawning and expanding the fabric of my t-shirt to its limit, I shook the rest of the fog clear in my head and set foot on the floor. Thus began the long and toiling journey into a new day.

    My lazy excuse for a dragon was nowhere to be seen, which only ment he was either napping, out hunting, or getting into trouble. The latter two options would probably find me at the business end of a stern lecture. Wouldn’t matter. I’d blow them off, as usual.

    "Don’t have the patience to deal with anything like that," I grumbled to myself, moving to allow an oddly cheerful Chelc to pass by.

    "Huh?" she asked, setting her bowl on the counter.

    "What?" I shot back, draining about half of the full gallon of milk without the aid of a glass.

    "That’s disgusting, Blue." Chelc replied, which was way off the original topic. "I know you’re a man ––"

    "Damn well proud of it, too."

    "–– But you put the seat down, so we expect you to use a glass!"

    I stared at her. "Leave the cookie jar lid closed. Keeps them fresh."


    Another success. I capped the gallon and put it back on the shelf, closing the door to find myself face to face with the only person who could make my day better... and I actually mean it. Dark, long hair. Deep, brown eyes. A beautiful smile and a voice like an angel chorus. The one and only Yellow.

    "Morning, Blue-kun." She cooed, leaning up on tiptoe to place a warm kiss on my cheek. I swore I could feel the steam shoot out of my ears. "Morning Chelc." She added with a smile to the other original Stalker. Then she turned back to me. "I heard you got a phone call this morning."

    "Yeah... something about killing me." I shrugged as if it was no big deal. I could get death threats daily if I ticked off the right people.

    "Any idea who it is?" Chelc asked, now munching on a piece of toast.

    I looked between the two stares. "I heard one calm voice and one maniac voice. I could just be playing a certain game too much, but..." I paused. Whether it was to collect my thoughts or for dramatic effect... your choice. "I think I’m getting threatened by two, giant white appendages... Master and Crazy Hand."


    To be continued...
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    Rating please! o.o
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    So like...I totally wasn't expecting another fic so soon, but SWEET. I love these fics. 8D

    lawl @ Salamence. He always makes me laugh. xD Eww, creeper wanting to kill you. I guess I'll find out why soon enough. Haha, I'm totally in character - I say stuff like that to my dad and brother all the time, lmao. Good description and detail btw - didn't see any mistakes! NEXT CHAPTER PLZ.

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    Encyclopika: Fixed. Sorry. ^^;

    Chelc: Ah, Salamence. I wonder how many people actually favor him over the humans. Next chapter will be up soon... once I write it. =P

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    Yays, I'm so happy that another one of the series is back! I was thrilled when you told me on the phone, and more when you read it to me. :3

    Okay, review time. xD

    I loved your description, Blue-kun! See? You're getting better every time! Ever since the first time I read one of your old fanfictions, you've definitely shown improvement every time, which is wonderful; something I always liked about you even before we got together.

    I don't think I spotted any mistakes as well, so kudos to you, love! I'm always fond of how you describe me, it makes me smile. Oh, and Salamence is just hilarious as always; he never fails to amuse us all with your interactions with him.

    The phone call has left me wondering, but I suppose we'll find out sooner or later, right? *wink*

    And LMAO @ Chelc! That was pretty funny. Gotta love the stalkers~

    Anyways, great work so far! You know I'll be looking forward to the rest, especially the shippy parts 'cause I live for that. xD Let me know when it's up, love~! I'll happily read, or listen if that's the case. :3
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    ~Mist~: Hee hee, I know you'd like it. Thank you so much for the review. <3 I'll do my best on this, I promise. Next chapter up soon.. I hope. XP

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