Title: One night
Shipping: Cavaliershipping Gary x Dawn
Rating: R – NC-17
Summary: AU Dawn meets Gary in a nightclub.
A/N: OK I write this like in March 2007 but decided to put it here now. I hope this story was well written, I was hoping for this to be a one shot but I may want to add more chapters. It’s a rather old fic and it’s in quite a strange format. I’ve had quite a lot of positive feedback but now I’m looking for some critique. I’ve always wanted to work on this one shot a bit more. So I hope you enjoy this lusty cavaliershipping one shot.

Dawn was a very pretty girl with long blue hair. She had a sparkling and outgoing personality. She was crowed in the dark blue surroundings. Loud music beating in the rhythm of her chest violently causing her move around. The bright lights circulating around the crowded hall was hurting her navy eyes annoyingly. The heat was unbelievable she felt a quick rushing fever as she tried her best to fit in the crowd. Dawn was struggling to fit in the crowd, as she was only fourteen. Everyone else around her was at least twenty or older, No one seemed to noticed she was there therefore she carried on dancing by herself. Although she did admit she wished that she had brought along friends to hang round with or at least someone to dance with.

So hot, so loud, so crowded, so young, so late, and so thirsty. My throat is dry and I’m feeling hungry.

Dawn was desperate for a partner as she circled around a spot gasping out of breath. She was needing of a drink the problem was that she had no money. She had only brought herself along in a little black dress. Her legs covered in purple fishnets and her feet protected in red high heels a shiny pink bag, which contained make-up swinging on her arm whilst the bag reflected the disco lights. Dawn realized that she had lost her confidence and messed her hair up. Dawn tried to get through to the bathroom, however the human traffic blocked and delayed the passage every ten seconds without any care or any respect.

Eventually Dawn managed to reach the girl's bathroom. Normal light at last, her vision became much clearer than it was in the club. Now she could cool down. The loud music was blocked and she was very much alone. She stared at her mirror reflection and found out she was OK. Her hair was not messed up. Just paranoia. Dawn protected her make up with a two-minute fix-up on her face. Once satisfied she examined her nails bright pure red. Dawn finally convinced she was ready to exit the bathroom.

Back to the dark, bright and crowded hall and her favourite song was now on. Everyone seemed to have a partner whilst she hadn't. Dawn was certain that she was the odd one out. Dawn needed to sit down if anything two hours and nothing but dancing and bad luck. As Dawn found red lights shining on her desires sitting on the chairs, which looked more like a sofa was a boy, a potential partner. This is my chance I better not **** it up now!

Dawn had a list of emotions racing in her head now.

From what Dawn can tell from the red light she defiantly knew that the boy was wearing black leather wrapped around his legs. She estimated that he was wearing a loose white top revealing his figure, along with the wild hair made Dawn psychically attracted to him.

The wild haired boy who relaxed on the sofa knew that none of the girls would make a good partner for him yet. He had a lot of things on his mind at the present time. Sex, romance, commitment, excitement and pure fun was what he was after. When he glimpsed at a certain navy haired girl with the legs wrapped around fish nets he felt his prayers answered ‘come on girl, come closer.’

Dawn sat next to the wild haired boy shivers down her spine. He felt like a god. Dawn blushed faced the mysterious boy trying to think of what would be good for a first expression.

"Hi!" Dawn announced to the wild haired boy.
The wild boy turned around facing Dawn smiling at her trying hard not to spoil the opportunity "Hey, you look pretty sexy," he replied in a sexy accent pulling Dawn into his charm even more. "So what's your name?" He whispered in her ear.
"Dawn," She replied giggling from the boy’s previous comment.
"Dawn," The boy copied. "That's a very pretty name." His words had make butterflies run through her stomach.
"So what's your name?" Dawn hesitated she didn’t want her hesitation to show. This could be a potential lover.
"Gary!" He smirked.
So that's his name, Gary, so handsome, so cool, so sexy!
"How old are you?" Gary asked Dawn politely

Oh ****, If I say fourteen, will he walk away from me? Should I just be honest? Anyway would it make such a difference, I really wanna know how old he i. Come on Dawn, honesty is the best policy

"14!" Dawn answered hoping that he didn't hear it.
"I'm 17!"Gary replied.

Only three years between us...
Surly it can't do much harm.

"You're a bit of a rebel then." Gary pointed out. Dawn jumped at the idea of her being a rebel. In some degrees, she actually was a rebel. By entering a huge nightclub under the age of eighteen, Dawn realised that she was a rebel. She wondered if denying it would be fun.
"Rebel" Dawn giggled "Me?" He nodded firmly.

"A naughty little girl," He pointed out leaning much closer and rubbing his face against her cheek. "Just my type."

Maybe if polite enough I could be able to go to his house and see what he's got. Oh my god I can't believe what I am doing.

"So are you on your Pokemon journey? " Gary asked beginning to stroke Dawn's dark blue hair. Dawn's body began to tremble and she watched Gary starting to touch her, in certain places she hasn’t been touched before. The trembling increased when he was rubbing against her vagina. Dawn felt herself getting a strange wet feeling making her feel more aroused.

"Oh yeah" Dawn replied, "I was travelling with my mates Brock, Ash and May." She answered, slightly moaning over a slow sensual feeling of pleasure. "May was someone I met last month and she's really cool. "

"So where are they now?" Gary asked, “Are they with you?”
"Oh there in the hotel near the Pokemon center around the corner from here. " Dawn blushed as she spoke whilst itching her back.

"That's convenient" Gary added leaving a grin on his face.
"What's convenient?" Dawn whispered she didn't even notice that she was resting her face on the wild hair boy's neck.
"I've got a place in the same hotel too" He replied, drawing his face closer to Dawn’s ear. "Maybe we should go back there together?" Dawn looked into his dark eyes and smiled at him.

He's inviting me over to his room?
Well we are in the same hotel.
I suppose it is convenient,
This is just for one night after all.


The room was bright, clean and posh compared to the nightclub. Despite that they both felt a list of things.


It's a real shame this was only going to last one night. But if I had the chance, I would make it last forever.

Four eyes locked together
Two hands connected together
Two bodies attracting each other
Two foreheads resting together
Two minds racing each other
Two noses rubbing together
One masculine mouth covering
The female mouth

Gary, can he be serious? We've only just met yet it seems forever. My tongue feels at home with his mouth. I think he will say the same to mine
Just three years between us!
Just one night!
Just us!
Both so fast.
Both so young.
Both so wild.

Gary swifted Dawn's pink bag and gracefully threw it on the desk of the table. Dawn jumped her head around to see where the bag landed as Gary patiently stared at her. "Dawn are you so about this?" Gary asked unsure about what he was doing was actually legal.
"Don't worry," Dawn hissed into his ear lustfully holding onto his shirt. "Just do what you have to do."
Gary pulled the red dress up to Dawn's bust revealing half of Dawn's breast, only a centimetre of showing her teats. Dawn was beginning to tremble whilst his fingers danced around her navel whilst his other arm pulled the purple fish nets that rapped her legs. The red high heels slipped away. Taking each other’s scent very kindly as Dawn separated the buttons on his white shirt. Once the shirt opened in the middle their lips jointed again. Their tongues re-greeted each other excitably.

One colour in their mind. One colour to describe the situation. One colour to describe their thoughts; Red.
Red for sex.
Red for anger.
Red for their boiling blood running in their veins.
Red for sex.
Red for their blushing cheeks.
Red for lust.
Red for love.
Red for their devilish desires.
Red for desperation.

A black lacy thong Gary gave her his utter and most complete attention. "You're quite daring, for being 14 years old!" Gary told her.
"You noticed,” Dawn replied in a seductive tone.
"Well I sure didn't see that coming" Gary admitted lustfully whilst this right index finger crawled into the black fabric pressing onto her vagina, then sliding onto her clit. Dawn let out a high-pitched gasp. As the white shirt fell of his shoulders resting on his elbows, Dawn pulled her head back whilst closing her eyes moans escaping her lips along with his name. Gary with his free arm pushed the red dress around her neck. She was in nothing but her underwear now, unless you count the red dress loose around her head. Dawn then removed the dress from her neck and threw it carelessly on the floor. Dawn reached up and kissed Gary again. Their tongues greeted again. Saliva coated tongues racing in each others mouths. Brushing on each others teeth whilst their arms hastily searched each other's backs. Dawn's hair rested on Gary's shoulder; meanwhile the tongues were still raging in the open mouthed kiss.

She fiddled around with his black trousers whilst trying to reach into his boxers. She pulled them down with all her might reveling all to her. He, now naked decided to do unto her. Their eyes once again were locked into each other. Bare skins rubbing against each other elegantly. Dawn was prepared to have her virginity sacrificed. She was infarct serious. The scenery was everything she wanted it to be. The dimmed out lamps appeared like candle light. The sheets were rubbing against their skin and felt like pure silk.

"Hey Gary," Dawn murmured. "I heard it's suppose to be painful,"
"Only the first time," Gary stated. "After that, you can do it as many times as you like,"

Dawn of course did know about the side affects. She knew them all pretty well. She knew the rules very well, not that she listened to them, 'Thou shall not commit adultery, Oh shut up' she had thought to herself so boldly. A one-night stand surely couldn’t do any harm.
Or can it?

Gary stimulated Dawn by planting kisses around her face, his penis was right near the place she wanted. Dawn opened her legs wide in glee and was ready. The girl's legs were wide open and she truly wanted it; she wanted it now. Gary had found an offer he couldn't refuse. The girl was right there on a plate; for him. Gary cupped her face and brought her face over to her chest. His **** was inside Dawn.

There was pain, for some momements. Dawn bit her lips as she felt Gary go in and out of her. All Dawn could do was moan and groan. The pain would just have to linger for a few seconds. 'Please tell me, this pain is going to be worth it!' Dawn thought to herself. Gary had leaned over to her face and kissed her passionately. The heat was transferred onto Dawn as she found herself in the submissive position. She was beginning to enjoy it; it wasn't hurting as much. Despite the lack of dominance, Dawn loved every second the pleasure and the state of rapture she was in. She was in the situation, where she didn't want it any of it to stop, although she knew it that would happen. She closed her eyes feeling like a goddess. Dawn adored the fast actions that were filling her up with pleasure.

She was going to thank Gary in the morning; she swore it on her life.