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Thread: Roses of Souls // Contestshipping // Rated PG-13

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    Default Roses of Souls // Contestshipping // Rated PG-13

    Roses of Souls
    Chapter One

    Disclaimer : I do not own Pokemon or any of their characters the belong to their respective owners

    They say when it’s not time yet …
    A troubled soul gets transferred to a body nearest to one’s beloved …
    Returning is a difficult task …
    Friendship …
    Trust …
    Loyalty …
    Shall be tested …
    Their bond will be at stake …
    They will follow a path …
    A new path that leads to a new beginning

    - May's POV -

    Wheee!! What a beautiful day to train! The sun is shining, the wind is steady, the Chatots are chatting annoyingly … “BLAZIKEN! FIRE SPIN!” and … “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” little girls are screaming ... what the? I stopped Blaziken’s attack and tried to point out the source of the scream. “AHHH!! HELP!!!” the voice cried out again. “The main road … Blaziken. Let’s go!” I shouted, running out of the woods.

    “SOMEBODY! HELP ME!!” I arrived at the edge of the main road, and saw a little girl, no older than 10 with shoulder length green hair in two ponytails face to face with a huge Houndoom. The little girl looked frightened. She kept shooting looks at her fainted Bellossom. I saw the Houndoom releasing a powerful Overheat. Without thinking twice, I hurriedly jumped in front of the girl taking the death-defying attack instead of her.

    I felt scorching heat around my body. The blazing fire is covering my motionless body. Everything around me felt lifeless … I feel empty.


    “May! May … Please wake up … please!” I heard a voice call out to me. “Please, big sis … open your eyes …” The voice cracked, he sounded as he was choking on tears. … Big sis? … MAX! Where are you? I snapped my eyes open to find I’m surrounded by darkness. Crap. Where am I?! “May …” Max said softly, as he started to sob. Max … where are you?! I ran around in the seemingly endless space, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I fell on my knees and tears started to flow from my eyes. “… Max … please answer me … where are you?” I muttered. “Mom, she’s not waking up …” Max said, with sobs in between. “We know, Max … Let’s just hope she’s alright” a deep voice said. That was Dad! “Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Maple, but, May has fallen into a coma …” “What?!”
    “I know it’s hard, but all we can do now, is pray ...”
    That’s mum’s voice! And Doctor Julian’s voice! … Doctor Julian? I’m in the Petalburg Hospital?! HOW ON EARTH DID I GET HERE?! … oh yeah! I saved a little girl from getting barbecued … maybe she found my trainer license and called an ambulance … great, I’m in a coma … what if I don’t make it?! I didn’t even get a chance to say to Drew that I - … what am I saying?! NO! A CRITICAL STATE LIKE THIS, AND I’M THINKING ABOUT HIM?!?!?! AHH!!! BRAIN, DON’T DO THIS TO ME!!

    In a millisecond, I felt something rush against my body; a sort of like a warpy-loopy feeling. “What the?” I muttered quietly. I felt a sudden temperature change … It was suddenly warm and comfortable. It feels nice here … and it smells like roses. I snuggled closer to the warmth and smiled softly. Eh? I can feel … a few moments I ago all I felt was empty and numb. This must mean … I’M NOT DEAD! YAY! … Maybe, I can open my – YEAH! I did it! I opened my eyes – and WHA?!

    In front of me, I saw a sleeping pale faced green haired boy … “DREW?!??!” I screamed, and pushed myself away from him. I fell down on the floor with a loud thud. “ow, ow, ow, ow” I muttered, as I sat up rubbing the back of my head. Drew’s eyes snapped open, and he climbed down the bed. Walking towards me, he scooped me in his arms. “Roselia? What’s wrong with you?” he asked, trying to stop my frantic kicking. ... Roselia? I stopped moving and looked at my hands. They’re now replaced by roses. He called me Roselia ... and I know why ... I’m in ROSELIA’S BODY!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikustrite View Post

    I didn’t even get a chance to say to Drew that I - … what I saying?!

    YEYS! … Maybe, I can open my – YEAH! I did it! I opened my eyes – and WHA?!

    Hokay, i think there was another one, I just missed it with the quote...

    I think with the first one you meant "What was I saying?"

    And you need to take the y out of yes and I don't know if you wanted to put a t on the what. I bolded them so you could see.

    This chapter was really short. Maybe you could lengthen it by adding some description of your surroundings or something.

    It's a good start though!
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