It's that time of the year where chocolate Eggs and rabbits of joy celebrate the birthday of Zombie jesus coming back to life, so in houner of our brain eating lord, I present to you head Protection for your Pokemon, so you'll all be nice and safe =D

For you all today we've got a choice of two bonnets for your Pokes, and here they are:

- Chick Bonnet, when your Pokemon wears this bonnet they will have the power of Speed, for 5 Seconds your Pokemon will get a burst of Speed, but after those 5 seconds are up your little guy/girl will be just a little tiered for the next round to come, so be careful.


- Bunny Bonnet, With this little Bunny bonnet on your Pokemons head they will be able to jump a little bit higher then usual, so get those strategy books out and get making moves, but the downside to this is you can't use them on Flying Pokemon =/

and while we're here I also have this nifty little Super Pass to use =D