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Thread: Haunted bliss (multishipping R-NC17)

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    Default Haunted bliss (multishipping R-NC17)

    Title: Haunted Bliss
    Author: C.Gholy
    Rating: R - NC-17
    Shipping: Multishipping (contest, advance, poke, pearl, ego, appeal, coma, Ikari, tension, belle, also Sakaki/Masato Sakaki/Hanako)
    Japanese names have been used so incase you're stuck on them a list is here

    Haunted Bliss - Chapter one

    Satoshi was about to arrive at any minute. Kasumi walked around the house, making sure that things were good enough for her boyfriend. The red headed beauty had been living with her beloved Satoshi for month; and a fast month it was indeed. Everything that Kasumi had been dreaming of, was starting to become reality. She didn’t really feel that anything could stop her and Satoshi being the happiest couple alive.

    Kasumi smiled at her silver engagement ring. Many girls would have preferred a gold diamond rings worth over a grand, but not Kasumi. She thought the ring was kind offer from Satoshi. She swore to herself that she would never take the ring off again.

    The door knocked quite aggressively. She started to jump in a state of joy, being happy to be able to welcome her fiancé home. She dashed to the door, fixed her hair briefly and then breathed slightly to calm down. Kasumi swung the door wide open. She was hopefully expecting Satoshi to be there at the door. As she saw another man with apple coloured hair who dressed rather smartly, her smile dropped. Kasumi didn’t have a clue who this guy was, she assumed it was one of Satoshi’s friends. “Well hiya!” Kasumi said. “Satoshi isn’t here at the minute….”

    “Actually,” The guy interrupted. “It’s Satoshi I wanted to talk about.” He took one step towards Kasumi, smiled and had his hand ready to shake. “I’m Shuu, I’m Haruka’s boyfriend.”
    “So that’s who you are,” Kasumi replied. “I thought you were one of Satoshi’s friends, so well come in.” Shuu stepped into Kasumi’s flat. He enjoyed the gold chandelier hanging above him and took quick glances of the decoration and photographs. Judging by the state of the house, the relationship between Satoshi and Kasumi seemed perfect. Shuu sighed heavily. “So what is it about Satoshi you wanted to talk to me about?” Kasumi asked.

    She looked at Shuu and realised his face was filled with agony. Shuu was staring at Kasumi with his glittering emerald eyes. Kasumi’s face dropped in horror as her eyes began to fill up too. “Please….. Shuu?” Kasumi began to stutter. “Please don’t tell me he’s dead?”

    Shuu shook his head as he sat on the blue sofa in the middle of the living room. “No he’s alive, unfortunately!”
    “What do you mean unfortunately?” Kasumi asked angrily feeling her blood about to boil.
    Shuu buried his head in his hands, trying hard not to sob but was failing miserably. Kasumi walked over to Shuu slowly with no idea what to do or how to react. He saw Shuu shake as he slowly faced Kasumi. “Imagine your boyfriend naked,” Shuu told Kasumi. “Naked on top of another woman and having sex with her.”

    “I think you should leave!” Kasumi snapped in a rash manner. “Before I call the police!” Kasumi dragged Shuu by the arms, to pull him off the sofa. Shuu continued to stare at her. Kasumi knew that Satoshi would do no such thing, that’s why she failed to imagine Satoshi having sex with anyone else but her. Kasumi and Satoshi decided to wait for all of that stuff until they were married.

    “SATOSHI IS CHEATING ON YOU!” Shuu shouted pushing Kasumi away from him. Kasumi fell to the ground, she was lucky that none of the ornaments had broken. She slowly sat up and slowly crawled over to Shuu. Tears slowly fell onto Kasumi’s face whereas Shuu was shaking and his eyes were raw red.
    “You… you’re lying!” Kasumi spat bitterly. “Satoshi would never do anything like that!”
    “You’re naive,” Shuu announced to Kasumi, as he took out a disc from out of his pocket “I have evidence to prove it.” The apple haired boy showed the disc to Kasumi. “This disc it has some photos and a clip.”

    “Most likely fake ones!” Kasumi replied uninterested. “Satoshi loves me!” She screeched banging her fists on the table. “Satoshi wouldn’t do anything like that! He’s waiting for sex until he gets married!” Shuu switched on the TV ignoring Kasumi’s defence for Satoshi. Shuu inserted the disc into the DVD player starting to enjoy the feeling of revenge.

    “Do watch please?” He requested. “Just so you know how good your fiancé really is.” Satisfied with Kasumi staring at the TV screen, he pressed play and stepped away from the TV. He moved over to the left side of Kasumi.

    Kasumi gasped in horror looking at the images from the slideshow that was shown to her. The man, who she loved so much was snogging the face of another girl. She wanted the images so much to be photo manipulated, blurry, and fake. However, the images looked real, accurate and true. Viewing such potential pornographic images of Satoshi getting it on with this pretty brunette made her heart sink in depression. The tears that fell down her face, fell rapidly like a never-ending waterfall. ‘Why couldn’t he have done all that stuff to me?’ Kasumi thought to herself. She was silent through out the rest of the slideshow.

    When the video began to start. Kasumi’s shattered sapphire eyes began to watch in agony. She managed to know who the brunette in the images was; it was Haruka. Kasumi stared at Haruka’s breasts, they were large compared to her small pair. Kasumi noticed in through the TV screen, that there was another girl. The girl looked quite young and had was in a pink skimpy dress. The girl’s hair was blue and from looking at the video, she looked about twelve to fourteen. She knew what was about to happen, and she had no intention of seeing it.

    “Please stop the DVD!” Kasumi requested in agony. “I can’t bear to watch the threesome.”
    Shuu nodded in agreement and ejected the DVD from the machine. He placed the disc back into his pocket and looked down in grief. “Finding out, that the person you love, is being unfaithful to you is probably the most thing you can know. It can lower your self esteem a lot.” Shuu announced. “It’s not easy to watch them having sex like that. Kasumi, I’m sorry it had to be you. I know you loved Satoshi very much. I also loved Haruka very much. ”
    “Why didn’t you try to stop it?” Kasumi asked bitterly whilst looking at her ring angrily.
    “I didn’t know how.” Shuu answered shortly.

    “You better get out now!” Kasumi demanded. “Go back to that ***** with big tits!”
    Shuu silently obliged as he stepped out of the living and closed the door. As Kasumi heard the door close she buried her head in her hands harshly. Weeping quite loudly being unable to take in what she just saw on the screen. She wasn’t able to greet Satoshi properly again.

    Kasumi hoped that it was all one huge joke, that Shuu was jealous of Haruka and Satoshi’s friendship and he got some look alikes to frame them. Or else, the maker of the disc also deceived Shuu too. She didn’t want to think about it anymore, she wanted to forgive Satoshi. However, her instinct and the strong evidence was stopping her listening to her heart. ‘Satoshi I hate you but I love you’

    Kasumi stared at her engagement ring holding onto it as if she was going to remove it. She had no idea weather to remove it or not. Kasumi continued to slide the ring up and down from her finger. The confusion and her heartache was her new disease. Kasumi hated to admit it, but she was so scared for Satoshi. Whatever caused him to have an affair? She didn’t know but she was desperate. Her feeling of anger was about to erupt; she closed her eyes tightly as she violently threw her silver ring away from her sight. She screeched from the thought of Satoshi actually being unfaithful to her right now.

    “Please tell me this is a dream!” Kasumi spoke to herself. “It’s all lies, Satoshi would never do this to me… The lying, backstabbing, horny ******* ****ing Haruka and this other *****. Oh my god please someone help me!”

    Kasumi started banging her fists against the table again. Her legs her kicking the floor and she was crying out loud. Kasumi felt like a five year old but she had to get the images of Satoshi being unfaithful out of her head. Kasumi dropped her body on the floor and continued crying.

    She heard the sound of her fiancé, the cure and symptom to her heartache. “Hey Kasumi!” Satoshi called. “What are you doing?” She quickly flipped over and faced Satoshi. She felt unable to smile at him. The tears continued to fall down her face. The raven haired lad looked at her strangely. “Kasumi what’s up?”

    “Why did you cheat on me?” Kasumi asked hastily.
    “WHAT!” Satoshi faced Kasumi in a stunned manner. He couldn’t believe that Kasumi could ask a question like that so suddenly. “How did you know… I mean how could you think like that?”
    “You know Shuu right?”
    “I don’t know anyone named Shuu!” Satoshi denied still stumbling and acting clueless.
    “Well he seems to know you very well!!” Kasumi confronted. “He showed me some pictures of you, you ****ing Haruka sweetly and the video were you, her and this other girl were doing a threesome.”
    “Oh, with Hikari. But it’s not what you think.” Satoshi told Kasumi quickly. “There was no sex, it’s all fake! You gotta believe me right! You love me and I love you.” Satoshi began to hug Kasumi rather tightly. “Don’t worry about it, we’re getting married. Ignore it!”
    “Your stumbling says everything.” Kasumi confirmed. “I need some space, I need you to leave.”
    “Wait, you’re breaking up with me?” Satoshi asked in a panic.
    “No, I just need some time alone.” Kasumi said in a miserable tone. “I need to calm down, I want to be able to forgive you but I can’t not now. I mean, you’ll probably get some with this Hikari girl or that Haruka, maybe both if you’re lucky.”
    “Stop thinking like that!” Satoshi demanded in an aggressive tone. He held onto Kasumi rather tightly that it hurt bad and Kasumi struggled to breathe. “Can’t you just forgive me now!”
    “GET OUT!” Kasumi barked. “I need some space!” Kasumi pushed Satoshi on the floor, dragged him by the arm and threw him out of the house. She reached her keys and locked herself in. She heard Satoshi banging on the door begging for forgiveness. Kasumi rested her back against the door and continued crying. The bliss that she had with Satoshi was fake, based on lies, childish and haunted.
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    Shuu was starting at Kasumi with his glittering emerald eyes.
    It should be staring.

    Omg i couldn't believe Satoshi would do something like that!
    Or is Shuu jealous and trying to backstab?

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    I've spotted a few misktakes here and there, typos and such...

    Yeah, I'll wait and see what you can do with such a multishipping fic, with so many ships involed, it creates many possibilities, like the one we just saw in the first chapter...
    I see Drew and Misty getting back at them

    Keep it up So far so good
    Because of serebiiforums, my Life has been put on hold...

    ...wait, that sounds wrong...
    ...yeah, it's the other way around.

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    Thanks Mark and Kawaii--lurve. I've just noticed some of the typos, gotta get them sorted out.

    Enjoy second chapter.

    Chapter two

    Kasumi sat quietly on a circular white table, taking bites on a bacon sandwich whilst a cup of tea was sitting next to her elbow. She checked her watch, it was about eleven o’clock in the morning and she felt miserable. Sleeping alone without her precious Satoshi with her by her side. She noticed a girl with long blue hair on the table in front of her talking to another girl with short orange hair in a darker tone than Kasumi’s red locks.

    Kasumi observed Hikari’s figure and appearance, all of the girl’s features were similar to the girl she saw in the video with Haruka and Satoshi. The girl might as well be Hikari. Whilst observing her, Kasumi was pretending to being occupied by taking more bites of the bacon sandwich whilst trying to overhear their conversation.

    “Hey Hikari,” The girl in front of Kasumi spoke. “You seem pretty depressed.”
    “I’m fine Nozomi,” Hikari replied. “Just got things on my mind.”

    Kasumi noticed that Hikari looked rather guilty about something and quite lonely is well. She continued nibbling at her sandwich whilst listening to the conversation between Nozomi and Hikari. By the time that Kasumi had finished her sandwich, Hikari had been socialising with Nozomi in a small white table outside the café for about ten minutes. Kasumi decided to look at the magazine in front of her, pretending she was doing something.

    Meanwhile, Hikari felt lost. The thoughts of the threesome she had, with Satoshi and Haruka was still playing on her mind. She was aware that Satoshi was engaged to Kasumi but that didn’t stop her from kissing him, touching him and making love to him. Her affair with Satoshi seemed to be perfect and almost like a fairytale, until Haruka came into the picture. Sure the threesome was fun, but the side effects were starting to show.

    Hikari had been dating Shinji for quite sometime. Even though she wanted to be with him so desperately, he didn’t seem interested in the slightest. Shinji cared more about fighting and other bad habits, so Hikari felt quickly erased from Shinji’s life. The only time she felt Shinji was nice to him, was in the bedroom when they are about to have sex. Hikari’s also noticed that Shinji had been up to no good with other women. So Hikari felt it was an open invitation to cheat on him.

    “Hikari,” Nozomi said after gulping down some lemonade. “You’ve gone quiet. Are you alright?” She was looking into Hikari’s eyes and saw that her eyes were starting to fill up. “Come on what’s wrong?”
    “It’s a secret,” Hikari slowly told her. “It’s really bad! You don’t want to know,”
    “Come on Hikari just tell me.” Nozomi asked. “I can keep secrets.”
    Hikari leaned closer to Nozomi and slowly lowered her head. “I had a threesome with Haruka and Satoshi.”

    “YOU DID WHAT!” Nozomi gasped in absolute horror. She was unable to think of anything else to say to Hikari. “You had a threesome with Satoshi and Haruka?” Nozomi sighed, resting her palm on her hands trying to get over the feeling of shock. “Please tell me that Satoshi had a condom?”
    “No,” Hikari replied honestly, “We got carried away with a bit of alcohol and we… well just went for it.”
    “Hikari,” Nozomi said quietly, “That’s just… wrong. You’re far too young for that kind of thing. Also, there’s a chance that you’ve got something.”
    “As in what?” Hikari asked curiously yet, concerned at the very same time. “Like a baby?”
    “Exactly,” Nozomi replied. “Another thing too, sexually transmitted diseases; some of them can’t be cured.”
    “Oh my god!” Hikari exclaimed chucking her hand on her face, nearly slapping herself. The sapphire haired girl silently bursted into tears. “Mom’s gonna kill me and Shinji’s gonna hate me forever!”
    “Calm down,” Nozomi requested holding onto her hand. “I’m not saying you’re pregnant or that you got a disease, I’m just saying you need to get it checked up….” She paused for a few seconds; almost unable to find the words she was about to say. “I’ll come with you to the clinic if you want me to. If things turn out bad, then I’ll still be there for you.”

    “Will you…. Do that?” Hikari sobbed in disbelief. She watched the redhead nodded enthusiastically. “Thanks Nozomi,” Hikari jumped out of her seat and tightly hugged Nozomi and left a gentle kiss on her cheek. She felt a huge weight of pressure and stress had been taken away from her.
    “Hey no problem!” Nozomi answered back. “Do you want me to book the appointment for you?”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes, I’m sure.” Nozomi replied patting Hikari on the back. “Promise me one thing Hikari alright?”
    “Anything,” Hikari quickly said.
    “That affair with Satoshi has to end. No more sex, no consuming alcohol or taking any drugs!” Nozomi ordered strictly. “Sooner rather than later.”
    “I don’t take drugs,” Hikari replied back. “But I’ll do that. I’ll end it with Satoshi.”
    “That’s good,” Nozomi stated. “Don’t even bother to start either.”

    Kasumi decided that she had heard enough. She quickly gulped down her tea, held the magazine to her hand and then walked away from the café. Kasumi felt a sense of guilt she had wondered if she had pushed Satoshi into cheating on her with these two pretty girls. She didn’t have the most sweetest temper in the world and her attitude was far from perfect. Then again Satoshi wasn’t perfect either, but that didn’t stop Kasumi from loving him.

    She still felt bad for leaving Satoshi without a home. Now she had no idea where Satoshi was, Kasumi knew at this time, he would either be eating in a fast food restaurant or doing some training. Maybe probably shagging Haruka because Hikari is with Nozomi. Kasumi was hoping that Hikari wasn’t pregnant. She wouldn’t be able to accept Satoshi giving babies to another woman other than her. Kasumi dreamed of having his babies since she was thirteen.

    Kasumi didn’t want to admit it, but maybe her relationship with Satoshi was coming to an end. She didn’t want to think like that at all, but in the direction he’s going in, it might be for the best. All she wanted to know was why would Satoshi cheat on her?

    She spotted Shigeru, one of Satoshi’s friends by the side of the river. At the same time she noticed a large bush shaking and making strange movements. “Hey Shigeru!” Kasumi called him. Shigeru turned over and waved at Kasumi, stroking his brown spikes at the same time. “Have you seen Satoshi?” Kasumi asked as she walked sensibly over to him. Kasumi noticed the bush movements had ceased.

    “He rang me today,” Shigeru told her. “He was with his mom!”
    “Oh,” Kasumi replied without a tone.
    “Have you seen Hanako’s fiancé?” Shigeru asked her.
    “Sakaki you mean,” Kasumi replied. “Yeah I’ve seen him, he seems happy to be with Hanako.”
    “Yeah,” Shigeru replied. “Well, about time Satoshi had a father figure.” Shigeru looked over at Kasumi. “Hey, did you break up with Satoshi?”
    “No we haven’t broken up,” Kasumi replied. “We’re just taking a break from things.”
    “Oh,” Shigeru thought. “Just wondering, did you know he was bi?”
    “What?!” Misty exclaimed. “Satoshi’s bisexual? He never told me.”
    “I assumed he would have told you.” Shigeru thought. “He kissed me a couple of weeks ago and I’ve seen him trying to get into Shinji’s pants.”
    “Oh my god!” Kasumi gasped in even more horror. “It’s not just Hikari and Haruka? He’s seducing lads as well.”
    “I’m afraid so Kasumi,” Shigeru announced. “ He’s a bit of a man *****. So how did you know that Satoshi was cheating on you?”
    “Shuu came in my house last night.”
    “Who’s Shuu?”
    “Haruka’s boyfriend.” Kasumi answered. “He told me that Haruka was having sex with Satoshi.” Kasumi’s tone returned into a more silent and depressed manner. “He showed me this DVD, there was this slideshow. It had ….. Satoshi and Haruka having sex and m-make MAKING OUT! ” Kasumi buried her hand in her hands again. “I can still remember them perfectly; his hands were touching her breasts. He was licking and sucking her nipples. She was giving him blowjobs. Then there was this clip of them having a threesome. I knew what was about to happen and I wasn’t even able to watch. I overheard Hikari talking to her friend. She was worried that she might be pregnant with Satoshi’s kid. I’m hoping she isn’t because if Satoshi doesn’t want to have a family with me. I don’t know if I even want to live anymore!”

    “Right!” Shigeru snapped taking in every word that Kasumi said. “Next time I see Satoshi I’m having serious words with him. Satoshi is turning into a jerk.” Kasumi threw herself on Shigeru. He didn’t seem to mind at all. Infact, he actually encouraged Kasumi making moves on him. They both stared at each other in utter silence. Their facial expressions were full of excitement. Kasumi snuggled into Shigeru, which caused him to relax. He was more than happy to hold her as he gently kissed her forehead.

    Kasumi slowly rammed her tongue down his throat, causing him to rest his back on the nice fresh soft grass. The feeling of a pretty girl being on top of him had made him feel quite horny. Shigeru allowed Kasumi to kiss him. He began to stroke Kasumi’s bright ginger locks whilst rubbing against her clothes at the same time. He began by groping her breasts gently and then slowly going all the way down to her skirt. “Satoshi was an idiot to cheat on you.” Shigeru stated. “You’re really pretty and you got a nice figure.”

    “Thanks,” Kasumi replied. “You’re very sexy too. Sometimes, when I saw you, I had a bit of an urge to go for you.”
    “I guess we’re even then.” Shigeru smirked. He stood up, facing her and began unzipping his pants. “We better find somewhere to do it then.” He decided. “Is under that bush ok with you?”
    “Anywhere’s fine with me,” Kasumi replied standing up as she starting loosening her buttons up to flash her black bra. She grabbed onto his hand and ran under the bush. Shigeru held onto Kasumi’s waist whilst rubbing his lips against Kasumi’s mouth. His tongue poked Kasumi’s teeth, as the exchange of saliva had settled in. Kasumi tightly grabbed onto Shigeru’s black shirt as her unbuttoned shirt fell onto her shoulders.

    As they pulled away from eachother, Shigeru pulled down Kasumi’s skirt and panties and rolled them down slowly to her ankles. Kasumi’s legs shivered in excitement and desperation. Shigeru rubbed his hands all over Kasumi’s legs slowly reaching up to Kasumi’s buttocks and vagina. He gave her vagina a quick lick before crawling back up to her level. Kasumi felt herself become wet during her feeling of arousal. She was too scared to say to Shigeru that she was still a virgin. Even though it was from her own will. Perhaps giving her virginity away would make her feel better.

    “You haven’t done this before have you?” Shigeru asked as their eyes met again.
    “No I haven’t,” Kasumi replied. “I have been waiting until Satoshi and I got married.”
    “Well, you don’t have to wait anymore.” Shigeru whispered to her. “You know I wouldn’t mind being with you.”
    “Cool,” Kasumi replied. “I wouldn’t mind either. Not after what Satoshi’s done to me.”
    “Fine,” Shigeru replied whilst removing his shirt. “ Let’s go for it then.”

    Shigeru and Kasumi kissed in a passionate and lustful manner. Kasumi’s palms resting around Shigeru’s shoulders and Shigeru’s hands wandered around her body, whereas his penis was starting to become hard and erected. She gasped in pleasure, almost moaning in pleasure as she felt herself become wetter from the mixture of excitement and pleasure. He began kissing each side of her cheek, then nibbled on her neck, kissing it passionately, as it if were her mouth. His left arm valued the soft feeling of her breasts, whilst his free arm stroked her navel downwards. He quickly tickled her navel then his hand crawled down to her crotch. Shigeru stroked her pubic hairs playfully. His index finger almost giving into the temptation of the wetness resting on her vulva lips between her legs.

    Shigeru’s hyper fingers opened up her vagina and inserted his index finger inside slowly. Kasumi screeched as she felt his finger gently going around inside of her alarming her clitoris. Despite the pain, her stomach churned from the sensation. Shigeru’s middle finger started to join his index finger. Acting on behalf on his erection, his fingers started go backwards and forth. Kasumi continued to moan in the sensation, which was rapidly becoming insatiable. “Oh my god it feels good.” She moaned in a high-pitched voice.

    Shigeru reaches deep into the pocket of his jeans and took out a condom. “I always carry one around just in case.” Shigeru admitted as he took his dick out and placed the condom onto his penis carefully. “I heard it can interrupt sexual excitement, but I don’t risk anything health-wise.”
    “It’s ok,” Kasumi replied spreading her legs out. “Better to be safe than sorry. I know it’s suppose to hurt the first time.”

    Shigeru held onto Kasumi tighter as he inserted his manhood inside Kasumi. It felt the same as how she felt with the fingering, only this time there was more weight and slight more sensation. She felt the rubber rub against her inside her core. Shigeru went back and forth the rhythm added to the sensation. Kasumi was enjoying every second; it didn’t hurt half as much as she thought it would and it felt good. She relaxed as Shigeru continued kissing around her neck and shoulders. Her juices flowed onto his penis feeling her orgasm highly. Shigeru withdrew from her after he felt his orgasm, to avoid the pregnancy.

    Kasumi bent down and tossed the condom carefully. Afterwards, she gently rubbed the tip with her thumb and slowly licked down on his manhood. Shigeru moaned in ecstasy. “Pretty good for a first timer,” He breathed. Kasumi’s mouth engulfed his dick starting to suck as deep as she can. At first, she felt like she was going to gag, Shigeru’s excitement and encouragement made her feel that she needed to do it. She swallowed some of the ***, that was leaking from his dick, whereas some fell out of her mouth. Kasumi began to lose the gagging feeling and began to feel a unique taste that she had grown to like rather quickly. Shigeru began to moan even more as he climaxed much harder. Kasumi swallowed all of the white sticky fluids and then licked up the rest around his crotch area.

    “I’m probably going to need a shower soon.” Kasumi confessed, watching white sticky fluids around her crotch.
    “Want me to lick some of it up for you?” Shigeru offered lustfully.
    “Sure, how about coming over to my place.”
    “That’s a great idea!” Shigeru smiled. “We better collect our clothes and go.”
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    Long time no update. Advanceshipping lemon warning.
    Chapter three

    Shuu had his head stuck on the table. He felt his whole life sink before him. His temptation for a cruel back stabbing revenge was only over powered by his heart ache. “Why?” He asked himself. “Why did she cheat on me? What did I do wrong?” Harley was kindly washing the dishes for Shuu, the apple haired boy looked over at Harley and felt quite pleased that he had some support. Despite his hatred for Haruka, he couldn’t help but feel a deep concern for the brunette. She always came home late and the special chemistry between them had vanished into thin air. He would give his life to have it back.

    “Shuu,” Harley said as he looked over to see the broken Shuu lying on the table. “Come on, what’s wrong?” The purple haired man quickly ran up to him and wrapped his arm around him. “What’s that awful girl done to you?”

    “She cheated on me,” Shuu announced in a cold and anti-social manner. “She’s cheating on me with Satoshi, who’s also seeing Hikari!” His eyes filled up in front of Harley and Harley’s eyes begun to fill up as well. The taller man hugged Shuu in a very tight grip. “”Where did I go wrong?” Shuu asked in despair.

    “You didn’t do anything wrong,” Harley whispered in his ear whilst slowly stroking his back. “Haruka is the person who is in the wrong, and where do you want me to start with her.” He played with Shuu’s shiny luxurious grass hair.”I care about my friends, so it’s time you ditched Haruka. Once a cheater always a cheater!” His voice became more sympathetic and more influenced by tears every time he spoke. As tears fell down his face he kissed the top of Shuu’s head and rested his head on his shoulder. “I’m so sorry!” Harley wailed loudly. “I knew that girl was trouble right from the moment I saw her, I never did anything about it! The only thing I did was complain!”

    “It’s not your fault,” Shuu told him whilst patting his back gently. “Thanks for being here for me,”

    “It’s what good friends do,” Harley replied. “Anything I can do to keep my friends happy.”

    “We’re gonna get our revenge!” Shuu confirmed as held onto Harley's kind hand as he kissed it gently. Harley giggled and smiled as hugged Shuu in a tighter grip. " Give her a taste of their own medicine. I think Kasumi and Hikari should be involved."

    "As long as they're not *****es like that cheating *****, Haruka!" Harley snarled as his purple hair waved on Shuu's shoulder, delicately. "I think we should start dating!" Harley whispered to the green apple haired boy, smirking as he spoke. "Defeat them at their own game. The idea is so fabulous."

    "It's not quite a bad idea," Shuu admitted as he painfully shook his head. Harley then smooched the broken boy on the cheek as played with his hair, Harley received a kiss in return by Shuu.

    "One thing you do need to know," Harley warned Shuu, he then leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Once a cheater, always a cheater."


    The beautiful brunette sighed as she lovingly hugged Satoshi. She felt so confused about things. She loved Shuu and Satoshi in a rather equal way. Shuu and Haruka's relationship just kept going down and she felt guilty for leading the dense Satoshi into a world of lust, confusion, betrayal and desire to sin. She was solely responsible, she knew it was wrong and yet, it felt so right.

    "You were hurt when Kasumi kicked you out, weren't you?" Haruka asked as she patted his back.

    "I was," Satoshi admitted as he placed his head down. "I was deeply hurt, being her husband would make me a rather happy person."

    "What about me and Hikari?" She asked. "Do you feel bad about all those nights with them. Those flings with Shinji and Shigeru. Do you feel bad for them?"

    "Hikari's a very attractive girl," Satoshi admitted as he rested his head on the brunette's shoulder. "She's got a great future ahead of her. She can simply move on, can't she? I'm always left carrying the burden and the guilt. I don't even know what half of this even is! Affairs are pretty addictive."

    "Don't worry," Haruka told him as she rested her head near his cheek. "We'll get through this pain. I know how you're feeling because I feel it too."

    Haruka and Satoshi passionately kissed as their hands had crawled onto each other's clothes. Satoshi carefully unzipped, pulled, unclipped and tossed the lose clothes as they joined a pool of fabric. Haruka's naked body leaned towards Satoshi's chest as he pinned Haruka onto the bed. Haruka's sapphire eyes were fixed in his eyes as she caught a glimpse from the night sky.

    The navy night was decorated with glittering stars. The bed was comfortable, fluffy, silky and great. Haruka, a beautiful brunette arms had collapsed onto the raven haired boy's back as she felt a huge wave of passion thrill her as Satoshi innocently planted kisses on her paler neck. She felt her sheer loss of control on her fingers, as they danced around his strong back.

    "The night is beautiful tonight!" Haruka told Satoshi as she enjoyed the kissing sensation.

    "Yeah," Satoshi agreed. "It looks nice." Weather Haruka meant the sky or her body, she didn't really know.

    Haruka always found Satoshi adorable, yet she would have never dreamed that she would ever find him so hot; and she didn't just mean the heat from his skin. She would have never predicted that a destroyed bike, could eventually lead into him being on top of him, in a rather sexual way.

    His sexual actions were rather soft, gentle and kind; exactly what Haruka was expecting. She knew that the raven haired boy was never the type of person to just use a girl for pleasure, then desert her when he's through with her. No, Satoshi was too dense and too kind for that. He was a kind person, who would do anything for his friends and always supported them, in whatever direction they took.

    That was one of Satoshi's gifts and what makes her love him, he was a very friendly and compassionate person and always made life so fun. She also liked describing herself as a bit like him. They both had so much in common and were almost so alike in personality.

    She relaxed as she felt Satoshi's hand touch her soft bouncy breast, she had quite a huge bust for her age. He was rubbing smoothly as he held them in a rather clumsy way in his hands. He then leaned into her chest and planted kisses around her breast area. He started licking her nipples and eventually engulfed them in his mouth playfully. Haruka was beginning to become aroused as she felt herself moan.

    Haruka grabbed his penis as she started stroking it, trying to be as soft and gentle to him, as he is to her. She heard his grunts as she felt the warm feeling on her chest. She gasped as he felt his wiggling finger rub against her clitoris as she continued to masturbate Satoshi on his behalf, feeling the wetness leak.

    They were both speechless as Haruka wrapped her legs around Satoshi, as she sat on his penis and started thrusting in and out like a wind up toy. They mouths started to grind against each other as Satoshi secured her by his tight protective grip. Haruka rubbed her chest against his think straight chest as the thrusting and loving continued.

    "Satoshi..." Haruka whispered as she grabbed onto his hips feeling her orgasm about to arrive. "I love you!"

    "I love you too," Satoshi murmured as he withdrew from Haruka. They both laid down naked on the bed, Haruka was starting to become scared for Satoshi as she knew he was very dense. He might not even though the difference between love and lust, although it may seem; they she has a lot to learn as well.

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    You know, a few days ago, I was wondering when you would update the next chapter and today, you updated.

    Chapter 2: Hikari getting pregnant? I think it would happen Shigeru and Kasumi... I wouldn't really blame Kasum for doing 'it' with Shigeru since Satoshi was the one who cheated her...

    Chapter 3: Shuu and Harley!? Do they treat each other as friend and nothing more? I can't believe that Shuu would actually go for boys >.> Haruka and Satoshi... I think that it's just lust...

    Looking forward to your next chapter.

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