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Thread: Pokecity Season 3

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    Default Pokecity Season 3

    Welcome one and all to the glorious return of Pokecity for a third run through!

    Credit to fango pango for the idea

    Story: One day Nicole and Ryan were walking through a deserted town. They decided to own and it and see how they will turn this little city into the best city ever!

    1. Follow all SPPF rules.
    2. Prejudice and/or flaming of any kind of will not be tolerated.
    3. Don't post here when you are serving a ban. This will just lead to you serving a longer ban. If you have any queries about your ban, talk to the game owner or one of the co-owners and we will act accordingly.
    4. You can evolve your Pokémon, but please ask for permission via VM first (these can be sent to an owner or co-owner)
    5. Please do not get off topic.
    6. Do not control other people's Pokémon without their permission.
    7. Don't use Pokémon without posting the sign-up first.
    8. Everyone is allowed to have a maximum of 3 characters in this game
    9. If you have your own plot idea, tell me about it and it might just happen.
    10. We are going to allow marriages in Pokecity too! We'll plan it all out and let you have the best day of your character's life! But first you have to VM/PM the game owner or one of the co-owners and tell them it's happening so they can approve it and make sure everybody is prepared for it, as we don't want anybody to ruin it by killing you. (Note: If you have any separate requests for the marriage e.g. a plot with it, PM me so I will know what is going on also.)
    11. GIVING BIRTH IS ALSO GOING TO BE HERE TOO! The baby Pokemon will be controlled by only one of the members of the relationship and will have a simpler, much smaller sign-up than the adult characters, due to them not having much information about themselves in life. Again, VM/PM the game owner or a co-owner if you and the significant other want a baby.
    12. The jobs are given at a first come, first serve basis (Note: There is a potential that I will add more jobs if I feel it will benefit the game and if it's requested enough.)
    13. Please don't butt into other's conversations all the time. If someone is halfway across the city from you and you suddenly jump in, it looks bad and people don't like it.
    14. Most importantly, enjoy yourself.

    For those of you needing help with your stats here you go

    Game Owner (1)
    Shiny Glaceon!

    Have the authority to determine rules, give bans or strikes to rule breakers, accept people into PokeCity, create and forward plots, and edit ownerships.

    Co-Owners (2)

    Can do anything the owner can do except edit ownerships and determine rules.

    Officers (3)

    Officers watch for rules breakers and can report them to the Co-Owners and Owners through use of VM/PM

    Strike system
    1 Strike = Warning
    2 Strikes = 1 Week Ban
    3 Strikes = 2 Week Ban
    4 Strikes = 1 Month Ban
    5 Strikes = Permaban



    1 Mayor: Nicole, Jirachi

    1 Mayor's Assisstant: Ryan, Celebi


    Species (Please include sprite) :
    Relationship Status:

    Baby Pokemon Sign-Up
    (Note: This will be significantly shorter, as the baby pokemon is...well...a baby.)

    Sign-Up Example:
    Name: Nicole
    Species: Jirachi
    Age: Currently 37
    Gender: Female
    Personality: The brand new mayor of pokecity, she hopes to do a great job in the future. She will protect her citizens until the end and has two daughters (in the pokehigh thread) And has a husband.
    Relationship Status: Married
    Job: Mayor
    Stats: HP: 341, ATK: 245, DEF: 259, SP ATK: 266, SP DEF: 266, SPD: 266
    EV's: 150 ATK, 120 SP ATK, 120 SP DEF, 120 SPD.

    So, with all of that said, let the game commence.
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    Name: Gustave
    Species (Please include sprite) : Krookodile
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Gustave is a very supportive teacher and is willing to help young Pokémon in their studies. He is very intelligent in mathematics and chemistry, so every now and then he will conduct wacky experiments to entertain his pupils. Being intelligent he usually takes his time thinking in situations. Despite his appearance he does not show any signs of acting like a wild animal. Outside of school he is usually very shy among others which does not help since he recently transferred.
    Relationship Status: Single
    Job: Teacher
    Stats: HP: 300, Atk: 303, Def: 175, SpAtk: 121, SpDef: 175, Spd: 219
    EVs: 150 Atk, 120 Def, 120 SpDef, 120 Speed

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    Closing this down due to it being made without the previous GM's permission earlier than 30 days after the last game went inactive.

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