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Thread: Oak Town Mafia

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    Default Oak Town Mafia

    Mafia is a commonly played party game that saw popularity both online and in real life.

    The game is based around the conflict between fictional "mafia" and the inhabitants of the fictional town of Oak Town. The goal of the mafia is to outnumber the amount of town players alive. On the flip-side, the goal of the town is to eliminate all mafia sided players. Players are assigned roles within the "town" or "mafia" at random via PM, along with a gamemaster who makes sure the game runs smoothly. All roles are secret to each other, apart from the gamemaster (who is known to everyone) and the mafia, who only know who each other are.

    During the Day phase, all players can freely talk and interact among each other in the thread. At the end of the phase, all players have a choice of voting for someone they think is Mafia or voting for the town not lynching at all that day phase. During the night phase, only the mafia can communicate (via PM to each other) and they will vote between themselves to kill off a village member. However, some town sided roles can also take actions.

    For this game, we will be using a classic set-up:
    2 Mafia. The mafia can communicate with each other throughout the game through private messages and know who each other are at the start of the game. During the night phase, they can both vote to kill off one member of the town via PM to the gamemaster. Their goal is to outnumber the town members.
    3 Villagers. Villagers are town sided, and their goal is to vote off mafia members during the day phase. They have no night actions.
    1 Cop. Cops are town sided, and their goal is to kill all of the mafia members. During the night phase, they may visit any one player and find out their alignment (town/mafia)
    1 Doctor. Doctors are town sided, and their goal is to kill off all mafia members. During the night phase, they may visit any one player and protect them from being nightkilled that night.

    1 Please only join if you are able to be active. This game requires user interaction to work! If you do not send in your actions, I will VM you a reminder. If you ignore this, I may send you another reminder or kick you.
    2 Please respect the GM! His word is final.
    3 Town sided people cannot talk about the game via PM (or any other out of game means.) They also cannot talk during the night phase, although the players with the role of Cop and Doctor should PM me their night actions.
    4 If you have any questions about the game after it has started, please address them with me privately via PM rather in thread.
    5 During lynching in the day phase, whoever has the majority vote will be lynched. In the case of a tie, the GM will decide how next to progress. You may also abstain from voting (No Lynch), if the majority of votes are abstained, no one will be lynched that day.
    6 Be polite, and try to not be off topic.
    7 All other Serebii and games forum rules apply.
    8 No Role Playing, be yourself and yourself only!
    9 Once you have been killed by any means, please do not post in the thread anymore or discuss the game through any other means!

    Tips and Hints:
    * If you are doctor, it's probably a good idea to protect the person you think is cop.
    * As doctor, claiming your role will just make you a target, so it's advised only do so in dire situations.
    * Claiming your role in general should only be done if needed, or if someone else is trying to claim the role that you have yourself.
    * If you're cop, only out if needed or if you have a guilty report. If doctor is dead, you're even safer.
    * As village, try and pay attention in the day phase. Your vote is important to the survival of the village, so choose wisely.
    * As mafia, it might be a good idea to claim another character's role to throw others off your trail.
    * Abstaining from lynching can be either a good or bad idea. Talk about the best course of action before you set your vote.
    * As mafia, it's important that the town trusts you! Try not to act suspicious.
    * It may not be wise to try and lynch another player during Day 1 due to a lack of evidence and that it might make you look suspicious to other players.

    Sign Ups:
    To sign up put your username on any number of the list and post it in the thread.
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    I'm really looking forward to this! Mafia is always so fun, nice to see it coming back

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