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Thread: Poke Drama Island! (Pokemon Castaway V2)

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    You guys have waited long enough, so time for a double dose!

    : Last time on Poke Drama Island: 22 newcomers were introduced to PDI’s campus. The strong were split from the weak, as the teams were formed into the super-skilled Shrieking Sandshrews and the coordination-lacking klutz-clan of the Vicious Carvanha. After showing a smashing success in their team formation, it looked like the Shrieking Sandshrews had a straight road to the spotlight, but when they hit the true PDI initiation, the once vivacious varmints were left high and dry while the Carvanha took to the challenge like fish to water. Laura’s shrewd ability to strategize almost let her slip her team through the cracks in the elimination challenge, but a literally shocking finale courtesy of Majesty left the Sandshrews in the dust. Ellie’s leadership skills gave her the influence to rid the team of a certain nuisance of hers and the team prepared for their shot at redemption. *smells the lavender flower* Will the team turn it around challenge, or is catching a ball about all the Sandshrews will accomplish this season? You’ll have to see for yourself as you get lost in a thrill-packed episode of Poke. Drama. Island!!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is sitting in the mess hall at his computer*

    : *is in the other corner of the mess hall, talking to Larry*

    : *is sitting in a different corner, talking to her sensei*

    : *is talking on his phone in a different corner, not talking to anyone*

    : *is sitting in the other corner with Scally*

    : *tries to get a peck of Artemis’s food, but she takes a bite out of it first*

    : *is in the mess hall writing in the margins of her blueprints* Notes on the peers in the game: Many appear to be highly lacking in social tendencies. Preferred interractions appear to be with acquaintances from elsewhere. Others prioritize involvement in bizarre relations with inanimate objects or animals.

    : *notices Lionel staring at her* What ye be staring at, ye wind-breathin’ waterfowl?

    : I’m trying to see if Larry’s right. He says that gold tooth of yours is probably just pyrite. I don’t agree with Larry, but he’s been insisting.

    : *growls a bit*

    : *holds ear to her sensei* What’s that, Sensei? Well, I always want to ensure my teammates’ safety, but if you believe who you call a “so-called captain” really isn’t any match for an opponent as fragile as Lionel, I’ll take your word for it.

    : *puts her hand to her cutlass*

    : Don’t look at me, the Sensei said it.

    : Awk! Cracker!

    : Sorry, Scally. I know ye’d like to see me crack my opponent like a scallop’s shell, but we pirates clash with ninjas not samurai.

    : Please, Larry, stop making fun of Mug’s split ends. It really isn’t polite.

    : *raises hair on the back of her neck, then holds her sensei to her ear again* I will not forget your noble advice to assist my teammate by checking him in to the nearest institution for his unhealthy habits of leek-whispering.

    : *frowns and turns to Larry again* Stop asking questions, Larry! What business is it to us what cheap magic shop our teammate got her glowing ball from?

    : Awk! Nuts!

    : It’s rude to call names, Scally. I’d say “a bit twisted” would be a sufficient title for this featherbearer.

    : *sadly tries to gesture to some nuts on the table*

    : You must really not be in a good mood today, Larry. I mean, saying that bird is too much of a jerk to deserve a pet like Artemis? That’s just a low blow. *gets out a nutcracker and cracks the nut, frowning*

    : *stabs a nut with her cutlass, looking tense*

    : *smashes a nut with her skillet, looking angry*

    : Awk! Nuts! *tries to get a nut, but Artemis, Mug and Lionel eat them all*

    : I told ye, Scally, I know he is, keep to yeself.

    Confessionals: : I have nothing to say. I just had to go. Amber considered using the communal toilets as marking her territory there, so now she won’t let anyone else in the girls’ room. *puts a notebook over the camera*

    : *is picking at her scrambled eggs* I’m really regretting voting Gracidea off right now. Now that she can’t give us actual food, we’ll probably starve.

    : No need to worry, fellas. I’ve got some legally edible chow here. *starts handing out energy bars*

    : More energy bars?

    : Now where didja get those?

    : Uhh, they came from the, uh, grace of a.. higher being.

    : Did you grovel to Sprites?

    : You caught me. *starts eating an energy bar*

    Confessionals: : Extended notes on the island’s peers: the spinda that sides on my team displays the ability to present provisions obtained by questionable means. Current hypothesis suggests them to be obtained by looting our fallen ally. *scribbles on notes*

    : *watches the Sandshrews eating energy bars* It’s just not fair. They’ll just get more advantages if they’re eating better. *eats a rancid-looking sausage and tries to hold it down*

    : At least you guys get to eat something. If that cook doesn’t serve carrots soon, I’ll have nothing to eat. *leans against the table, looking famished*

    : *notices the glint of a ring June is wearing* You enjoy your spoils, ladies. I’ll be back. *moves over to June, chuckling* Time for the ol’ bait and switch. *comes over to June* Hey, I noticed you haven’t touched your food.

    : I don’t eat anything that he’s serving. I’m on a one hundred percent carrot diet.

    : Well, what luck, I’ve got a few orange scraps on me *takes out carrot chunks from Gracidea’s cake* They’re not much, but they just might get you through the day.

    : You’re a lifesaver. Thanks!

    : My pleasure. *takes June’s hand in his, preparing to swipe the ring*

    : *headbutts Travis, sending him sailing*

    : WAAAAAUUUUUUGH!!! *lands head-first in a garbage can*

    : *laughs* That’s a great look for you, Travis! Now you and Ralph have coordinating outfits!

    : Being beat by a girl is so lame! I’m glad you’re not a wimp like that, Hurricane.

    : *comes up to the garbage can* Gimme a minute, Trav, I’ll get ya outta there. *tries to pull Travis out of the garbage can, but his leg malfunctions and topples it, sending it rolling out* Oops…

    : What did you go Vrykul on him for?

    : He tried to hold my hand. Nobody touches me.

    : Seems kind of harsh, don’t you think?

    : I think it was cool! She’s got moves to be a real gangster, just like us, right Copper?

    : *sighs*

    : *is about to eat the carrots scraps when Sprites shows up*

    : Alrighty, guys, it’s high time you all came out to let me introduce the challenge. You’d better get out right now, ‘cause an early start is a good thing.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *has led the campers outside the mess hall* I hope you all enjoyed your first morning of PDI. Or at least did something amusing during it. You’d better have had a hearty breakfast, because this challenge is going to toss you in the deep end!

    : I didn’t even get to eat yet.

    : This challenge requires a lot of wit, teamwork and natural ability. First each team will need to follow these tracking devices to a designated point on the deepest darkest forest on the island, the wickedly wild Woods of Worry. Once there, each team will find one of two designated objects which they then must bring back to the campsite.

    : Sure sounds straightforward.

    : Well, maybe this catch will up the game: The navigation devices have been programmed to shut off once you get to the object you need to move. Once you find it, you’ll have to find your own way out of the woods. The first team to bring their object out of the woods and to the campsite wins.

    : *comes up to Hershey, still smelling like garbage* Thanks for the ride, Hersh.

    : You know there’s a banana peel in your hair, right?

    : Yes. It’s stuck. *tries pulling the banana peel out, but it won’t come out*

    : *steps forward with two tracking devices* Each team takes one device. This will lead you to one of two random objects, each of which has their own advantages and disadvantages regarding difficulty. *puts the two devices in a sack and holds the sack forward*

    : *reaches into the sack for a device*

    : *is reaching into the sack with Lily, then knocks her away* Don’t touch me!

    : *has had the device send flying into her face* @_@

    Confessionals: : I could have given that hair-trigger half-pint what was coming to her for that, but then that would give me away. Ellie’s already on to me, and I don’t want to give her any more hints.

    *Lily and June both bring their tracking devices to their teams*

    : You’d better get moving. The trip there and back will take at least overnight. *grabs two signs with team symbols and teleports off with them*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : C’mon, team, I say it’s time for y’all to git goin’. *goes over to Lily* How’s about I take that there device off your hands?

    : You mean face? *still looks dazed*

    : *goes along with the Sandshrews, watching them*

    Confessionals: : I’m glad to get a challenge where I can get some personal time with my teammates. I think I’ll get some good chances to put together a strong alliance.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : We’d better not waste time. *starts to move towards the woods, followed by the other Carvanha*

    : Hey, aren’t we forgetting someone? *gestures to Majesty, who’s still asleep*

    : I’d really rather not go through trying to get her up again.

    : How about we just bring her along in her sleep?

    : Why should even bother with that? In a challenge like this bringing along the weak will only be a burden.

    : The one thing which makes a team a team is that all are always there for one another in face of the odds. May the day I allow one of our own to be left behind while we advance be the day I take my dying breath.

    : You know we’ll eventually have to actually choose someone to leave behind for good, right?

    : *looks annoyed* Majesty won us the last challenge. I’m pretty sure she’ll be useful somehow.

    : Fine. Bring her this time, but don’t blame me if she weighs you down. I for one am going to get straight to hunting our quarry. *goes over to June* I’ll be needing that. *prepares to swipe the tracking device*

    : Please don’t touch her again.

    : *looks very annoyed at Epifanio for a moment* Those machines are for those too weak to have a sense of direction anyway. I’ll find that thing myself. *goes off into the woods*

    : *looks at a nearby dolly, then Majesty’s bed* Is anyone here good with tools?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is wandering through the woods with the device* Don’t you worry, my people. I’mma get you there ‘n’ back safe ‘n’ sound!

    : We’ve got nothing to worry about! *is excitedly bouncing from rock to rock, and grabs onto a tree branch and twirls around on it but it breaks, sending it into Hurricane’s arms* Especially with the Fighter of the Century around to protect us!

    : *grumbles*

    Confessionals: : This game’s been no picnic so far. I’ve gotta find a way to get outta that flamboyant featherhead’s shadow.

    : *is frustratedly trying to talk into his cell phone, which static is coming out of* What kind of signal is that thing giving? I think it just intercepted my phonecall! *turns to Mercury* Now, ma’am, I just have to tell you, I think that climb of yours back in last challenge was quite impressive. How’d you like a guaranteed spot in the pro-rock climbing agency of Kanto?

    : How can you even get people on Kanto agencies? You’re from Unova.

    : This Wizard’s all universal! No boundaries, you ask me to get you to an agency on the moon, I’ll hook you up in an agency in the stars!

    : Uhh, thanks, but no thanks. I’m starting to regret this trip out of Unova already. Traveling for fame just doesn’t seem worth it these days.

    : Nonsense, there’s tons of great stuff in the big, wide world! Like this briliant little creature here. Hey, animal, how’d you like me to give you a sweet gig as team mascot?

    : Hey, watch out, that’s a-

    : *gets his hand munched by the bidoof* Waugh!!!

    : …I rest my case.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is leading the rest of the Carvanha through the forest* You all right back there, Wrex?

    : *is pulling Majesty along on her canopy bed on wheels* Someone’d better be carrying me back when we get out of the woods. *sits down, looking exhausted*

    : Hey, look who it is.

    : *is in a nearby tree, and notices Mug* I was not lost. I was just… surveying my territory.

    : Want to come with us?

    : I still don’t see what the use is of taking that aristocratic piece of deadweight with us, but fine. *drops out of the tree and joins the Carvanha*

    : Good. Now, I think we should mostly stick together, but just to be safe, I think we should set up a buddy system.

    : How’s that going to work? By my calculations, there’s an odd number of us present.

    : I call going solo.

    : Fine. So, Epifanio, I’m going to put you with Wrex, Jojo with Copper…

    : Yaaaay!

    : Elizabeth with Majesty, Ralph with June…

    : That leaves me with Larry!

    : Lionel, I think you ought to stick with me. I’ll let you be my navigator.

    : Can we please hurry? I don’t like the looks of these woods. *knees knock* I don’t want to be around here for long.

    : Just give me a few more minutes to rest *sits down, wheezing*

    : *rolls eyes* I’m leaving before this hunk of free meat attracts competition.

    : *looks at the navigator* Larry, should I tell the scary lady she’s going the wrong way?

    : *stops, looking really annoyed*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is trudging through the forest* This game was so not worth my point. *trips and falls through a swarm of insects, and looks into her pocket mirror, seeing splattered insects on her face* Aww man!

    : Now, Merc, how’s about I give you a lift? I’m pretty sturdy. *leg malfunctions, causing him to fall over backwards*

    : Maybe you oughta let me do the liftin’.

    : I think I trust your teetering more than his toppling. *loads self onto Travis’s back*

    : *eagerly looks at Mercury’s bag hanging from her, and swipes her pocket mirror while she’s not looking*

    : What are you leaving all that string out for, Laura?

    : I’m giving us a trail to follow back to the campsite once our tracking devices go out.

    : I like the way she thinks.

    Confessionals: : Laura’s got intuition and is impressive with strategy. She’ll make a great candidiate for a team. And what’s more, she’s already taken to me pretty nicely. I don’t think I’ll have to work hard to get her on board.

    : *turns to Ellie while leaving her trail* Are we still on good terms as far as voting?

    : You bet. I’m thinking of getting together with some other girls to make a solid alliance.

    : Excellent.

    Confessionals: : *is writing in her blueprint margins* Plans coming together accordingly. Being a dominating party in a clique may be a safe road to success, but by playing a subordinate role, I plan to increase my odds of survival by remaining under the radar.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is wandering through the forest with the other Carvanha* Thanks for helping bring Majesty along, Elizabeth. I think we’ll get there much faster now.

    : *has her nose in a book, and turns a page, not paying attention*

    : *continues to walk, in silence*

    : *is trying to update a post on his phone*

    : *is busy playing a portable video game*

    : *is still sleeping*

    : …This is looking like a pretty quiet trip. Why don’t some of you guys start bonding with your buddies?

    : I’m totally bonding already! Copper, tell me about the time you capped all those thugs, BAM, straight in the knee! *holds a stick like a sideways-held gun*

    : You don’t hold the gun sideways like that, you could hurt yourself that way.

    : Wow! You’re cool and smart! From now on, I’ll always shoot people holding the gun straight up!

    Confessionals: : Great, I just encouraged violence. *sighs*

    : *is walking nervously besides June* I don’t like places like this… Not at all… Too many places to hide behind… One of them could jump out at any minute and-

    *a butterfly suddenly comes out of a hollow log*

    : Waugh! *leaps on top of June in shock*

    : *bashes Ralph away*

    : *lands in a marshy puddle, then realizes something yellow in it*

    : *shoves Ralph out of the puddle* Hey, that’s my puddle now.

    : June, be nice to your buddy. He’s one of our own.

    : That doesn’t make him allowed to touch me.

    : Come on, guys, we’re a team! Why can’t we get to know each other? We ought to get to know each other, right Lionel?

    : Larry likes your plan! He has a story to tell you all! Tell them, Larry.

    Larry: ………………………………………………………………….

    : Ummm…

    : Shush, Larry doesn’t like getting interrupted when storytelling.

    Confessionals: : Why does my team have to be so antisocial? We’ll never get anywhere if we don’t build good relationships, but everyone just gives all their attention to inanimate best friends and stuff.

    : *is lagging behind, irritated, and is talking to her sensei* Heroism can be so hard, sensei. Why do people have to make it so difficult for us to want to help them? *watches the sensei glow* Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is swiping through vines and reeds with her cutlass* This brush be no match for my steel!

    : Thanks, Artemis! With your blazing and my navigation, we should get ourselves to the proper point in no- *steps straight into a quicksand and gets stuck* …Time?

    : Aye, dry land up to its tricks. Gimme yer hand. *pulls Hershey out of the quicksand*

    : That was a close call. *tries to stand, but realizes he’s lost his mechanical leg in the quicksand* Oh dear. *topples on his face*

    : Hold me cutlass, Scally! I’ll have to make a bold venture! *gives Scally her cutlass and dives down into the quicksand and comes out with Hershey’s leg*

    : Wow, Hershey. Needing to be rescued by a girl is even lamer than being beaten by one.

    : I’m not just a girl, scurvy lass. I be a full-fledged captain, scourge of the seven seas!

    Confessionals: : Artemis has a lot of skill and is a useful ally. I’m not sure she’d be the best choice for an alliance mate though. She seems really used to being in charge, and I prefer if it’s me who’s in the lead.

    : Whatever you say, Artemis. I just know I’m glad I chose Hurricane. You’re lucky to get to be so close to him, Lily. I don’t see why you never tried to take him for yourself.

    : Someone of my level of strength could never handle the likes of him. You could probably keep up with him much better with your adrenaline.

    Confessionals: : Lily seems much more comfortable with a backseat role, and I’m not letting her fool me, I know she could be really useful for physical force. She sure is giving me a hard time acknowledging that though.

    : *leaps out of the brush* Grrrrrr!!!

    : A wild beast! Let the Fighter of the Century deal with this! *leaps at the beaver and starts wrestling it into the bushes*

    : *looks worried after a few moments of wrestling* Uhh… *sticks tail into the brush* Ahh, it’s got me! *pretends to be pulled into the brush*

    : *is fighting the beaver, losing stamina, and almost gets munched hard*

    : *clobbers the beaver in the face, causing its tooth to get bloodily dislodged* Please watch yourself, Hurricane.

    : Sorry. Thanks for that again though.

    : *comes out from the brush* Good thing you were there, Hurricane. I would’ve been snapped clean in half by those teeth.

    : *looks suspicious*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is walking along behind the other Carvanha when her ears perk up* Hey, sorry to interrupt Larry’s bard bonanza, but I think I heard something.

    : What are you talking about, Mug? Larry’s finished his story about an hour ago.

    : Don’t move. There’s something moving in that creek in there. And I don’t think it’s something friendly…

    : *wades over to the Carvanha* SNORT!

    : *antlers are blown back* Don’t you steam up my horns! *is nearly charged by the moose*

    : *shoots an ice beam in her sleep, which freezes the creek, causing the moose to get stuck*

    : Looks like bringing her was a good idea after all. *continues with the rest of the Carvanha*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is walking with the navigator, looking exhausted* We’d better find this thingy soon. I’m about to lose the feelin’ the the leg that’s actually attached to me. *notices the tracking device turn off* Hmm. We must’ve made it then.

    : This should be simple. We’ll just collect it and follow my trail. What is it we’re bringing?

    : *gestures to a huge boulder with a sign with the Sandshrew emblem next to it*

    : This… might be more difficult than predicted.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is walking through the woods* Lionel, maybe you ought to let Wrex handle the navigating. He’s been looking at his screen more than you’re looking at yours.

    : I decided to stop navigating, I’m letting Larry do it. *stops* Larry says we’re here. And the thing we’re delivering is… right over there.

    : *is sitting chained to a sign with the Carvanha emblem on it, shivering violently*

    : Yaaaay, it’s a little bunny! *leaps towards the rabbit*

    : *tries to bolt off, mortified by the sudden noise, but gets held back by the chain*

    : Be careful, Jojo. This one’s venomous.

    : Easy to evade with proper speed. A nice tidbit of live prey. *prepares to pounce*

    : Hold it, Amber. We need to bring this thing back to the campsite if we want to win.

    Confessionals: : No one said anything about bringing it back alive. *grumbles*

    : All right, my team. Let’s get this hair-raising hare back to the campsite and claim victory for ourselves. *pulls the chain loose from the rabbit’s neck*

    : *dashes off immediately into the bushes*

    : I’ll harry it down easy. *prepares to spring into chase mode*

    : Could you please not? I don’t trust those predatory instincts.

    : Maybe we can lure it out. Lionel, give me your leek. If we offer it food, we might be able to catch it.

    : Hey, why are you telling me to use my best friend as live bait? How would you like it if I told you to feed your magic ball to a wild animal?

    : *lags along behind, looking faint* Finally, we can stop. I haven’t eaten anything all day. *gets out carrot bits*

    : June! Why didn’t you tell us you had carrot bits? *takes the carrot bits* These are perfect! We can use them to lure the rabbit straight towards us. *lays them down in front of the bush*

    : *apprehensively comes out of the bushes, sniffing nervously, then approaches the carrot bits and eats one of the big chunks*

    : *quietly comes up behind and takes a pointy green hat from her head, catching the rabbit in it* Good! Now let’s get back to campsite! We can take turns holding it. You want to go first, Ralph?

    : I don’t trust that stinger. Why not give it to Elizabeth? That thing’s like her distant relative anyway.

    : I’d better keep you where you can’t cause trouble, you naughty thing. *places the rabbit in the bosom of her breastplate*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    *all the Sandshrews struggle to push the boulder along the string path*

    : No need to worry, everyone. *groans* My trail should shorten the trip immensely!

    : That doesn’t feel too reassuring at this point. *groans, laboriously trying to move the weight of both the boulder and Mercury*

    : Aye, negativity’ll get ya nowhere. Ya gotta have pep like Erin over here!

    : *is energetically pounding at the boulder with her ears, moving it forward*

    Confessionals: : Erin’s got a lot of stamina and is pretty athletic. She would make a nice recruit, but her boy-craziness would tear my alliance down in no time. I’d rather involve guys as little as possible.

    : *groans as she tries to push the boulder* At least we’ve got a couple of good bodies to push this thing. Lily’s got some pretty nice force.

    : *stops pushing* Ohh, I’m starting to feel woozy. I think I need you to carry me, Travis.

    : All righty, Mercury, time for a trade-off. *puts Mercury down* Upsie-daisy. *lifts a limp Lily on his shoulders*

    : Now that you’re on your feet, Mercury, maybe you could help us out with your Aria form again.

    : Would it really be worth all your burst eardrums?

    Confessionals: : Mercury hasn’t been showing a lot of enthusiasm, but something tells me if I can get her on board with my alliance, she’ll be really useful. I just need a way to convince her.

    : *is struggling under Lily’s weight when he notices an anklet on Erin glint* Ooh! *craftily swipes the anklet, but then starts to buckle under the extra weight* Bad idea… *has one of Scally’s feathers land on his nose, and collapses* Forget having an easy path. If the Carvanha get something lighter than this, we’re sunk.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *comes into the kitchen brandishing a sack of gold*

    : I will never understand the things you spend your show income on. Solid gold chips? Really?

    : I didn’t buy these. This is a personal payment from Majesty’s royal family to keep her off their hands. There’s some in it for you too you know.

    : That’s not funny.

    : I’m not even kidding this time. If you can use your drill sergeant nasty to whip that living disaster into shape, you’ve got gold literally in the bag.

    : I do wish you’d told me that before sending her on a trip she very well might not survive. *folds arms*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is carrying the rabbit, which suddenly tries to squirm out of his grasp* This thing sure is unpredictable.

    : If I might make a request, I wish to chain this creature we’re delivering to my own neck, and carry it close at hand as the renowned hobbit did the Ring on his bold quest of its deliverance to Mordor.

    : I like that idea, but I don’t think anyone should keep something that can sting that close at hand but Elizabeth.

    : Ahh, right. Fatal allergies, of course.

    : It’s getting late. I think we should stop to rest. Amber, could you please make a campfire for us?

    : I’m not wasting my firepower on all of you. Out in the wild, you only get as far as your natural ability takes you. It’s the fit who stay alive. Anyone not fit to survive on their own shouldn’t be wasting space. *goes over to a nearby bush and sets it alight* This is my territory. You all can find your own. *goes to sleep*

    : I’m going to try making us a fire. Everyone else can take five.

    : All right. How about we all rest and take shifts watching the rabbit? Jojo can go first. *lies down*

    : *is shivering even harder* These woods just get darker and scarier! Enemies could come out anywhere!

    : You can stay by me, Ralph. You never have any need to fear when a Samurai is near! *lets a nervous Ralph lay down next to her*

    Confessionals: : My expertise in the way of the Samurai is paying off. I sense I will be able to lead my team to victory! I just wish Amber wouldn’t keep talking down everything I do. I’m trying to help her too, so I don’t see what her problem is with it.

    : *is trying in vain to rub sticks together and make fire* Ohhh… *sighs, and looks longingly at the fire near Amber, who gives a menacing look*

    : *is sitting next to the sleeping rabbit* I bet we can raid her! Amber doesn’t know she’s messing with the coolest bad boy on the street, right? Let’s give her the old curb-stomping!

    : *looks aggravated* Jojo, why don’t you go lie down? I can take a turn watching this guy.

    Confessionals: : I came here to escape my past, not be confronted with it! I can’t get a fresh start with all of Jojo’s constant reminders!

    : *watches Copper go to sleep, shivering* Pathetic.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    *the Sandshrews all sit around a fire*

    : Thanks for starting the fire, Hershey. Hey, Lily. What’s that on your tail? *gestures to Lily’s bloodstained tail*

    : Oh… The beaver must have drawn blood when it bit me.

    : Hmm, why didn’t you tell us earlier? Laura can patch it up with her silk.

    : *comes over to Lily and looks at Lily’s tail* I don’t see any open wound. And this blood does not appear to be of dragon origin.

    : I-I’m really tired. I think I’ll need a lot of rest tomorrow. *coils up and pretends to fall asleep*

    : She’s still not being straight with me. We need to get her on board if we’re getting strength in numbers.

    : Why not recruit someone else?

    : That’s what I was thinking. I’ll try Mercury. *goes over to a dozing Mercury* Hey, Mercury. Laura and I have been talking about making an alliance in the team. Want to be a third member?

    : Awk! Third member! *flies to the other side of the rock*

    : I don’t even plan to stay on the island for much longer. I’d rather not get attached to anyone, even if they did sincerely want my friendship, not a free vote. *goes to sleep*

    : *looks annoyed* Everyone’s being so reluctant. Why are they all making this so hard?

    : *steps out from behind the rock* Arr, me little bird told me you was lookin’ for someone to make a treaty with. I’d gladly be a part of ye noble crew. *holds out hand*

    Confessionals: : I decided to let Artemis in. I know I’m risking getting my toes stepped on, but she’s willing, which is much more than I can say for my other two teammates.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    *the sun comes up*

    : *is enjoying the meat of a rabbit roasting on a spit over her fire*

    : *wakes up* Morning, team. *gasps* Amber!

    : Don’t get that bushy tail in a bristle, Mug. This one’s not ours. I caught some of the wildlife.

    : Then where’s the one we’re taking?

    : One of your tagalongs must’ve let it go.

    : Oh, right, sorry. My narcolepsy must’ve kicked- *falls asleep*

    : *sighs* Hey, June, do you have any carrot bits left?

    : I can’t give anything more away! I won’t be able to make it back to the forest if I can’t eat!

    : *wakes up* Don’t worry, June, I’ve got you covered. *takes the carrot bits and gives them to Mug, then gets out a bag* I’ve saved some of these baked potatoes in case we got hungry on the trip.

    : Yeugh!

    : Blech! Sick.

    : *leaves the carrot bits out on the green, luring the rabbit back and catching it as it eats them up* Let’s hurry. We need to beat the Sandshrews.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : We should be in the lead, guys. With Laura’s trail, we’ll be back safe and sound in no time. *stops, realizing the silk trail has led to a massive spiderweb*

    : *cringes as she watches a butterfly get trapped in the web* Looks like we’ve been following a false strand. Sorry, team.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is shivering* I hope we get out of these woods soon. I don’t trust them.

    : I think we’re getting close to the campsite. My Samurai intuition can feel it.

    : *is looking exhausted* Can’t… Go… On… Longer… Need… Food… *collapses*

    : June! Come on, June, you need to keep going. Elizabeth, can you carry her?

    : No! Nobody touches me!

    : I say we just leave her for the scavengers. She doesn’t even want your charity.

    : The Code of the Samurai states to never let anyone behind! I’ll never leave one of my own to rot in the woods.

    : You can ride me, Junie. *reaches to pick June up*

    : *slams Elizabeth, flooring her*

    : June, please! A team must be united against the outside forces! We can’t succeed if we destroy one another!

    : Sorry, June. *forcibly throws June on her shoulders*

    : No! No, no, no! *starts screaming violently*

    : *gets kicked by the terrified rabbit, which bolts off out of his grasp* Great going, June, you scared it off.

    : This librarian says time to be quiet. *takes out a bonding gag and plugs June’s mouth with it*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Come on, everybody! We’ve got to keep up! *watches everone groan in exhaustion* Way to go, Laura. That false trail probably got us in the middle of nowhere.

    : Don’t be so sure. Hurricane.

    : Huh?

    : You can be our scout. Fly up as high as you can, and tell us which direction the campsite is.

    : Okay. *flies up, then flies back down* Looks like it’s that way, about a half-hour hike from here.

    : If we’re luggin’ this galumphin’ hunk o’ granite, that’s more like two hours.

    : All we need is a tactic to give ourselves speed. Hurricane, you fly off and find the closest high point to the campsite you can. Then we’ll roll the rock up to it so we’ll have a downhill slant to roll it to the campsite.

    : Sure thing, Laura! *flies off*

    Confessionals: : I’m just glad to get an excuse to do something that isn’t physical. I was ready to wear out any minute pushing that thing, and that would be just humiliating.

    : *comes back and lands* There’s a short hill a little ways away from here, which is close to the campsite. Follow me there. *flies ahead of the team, who starts rolling*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : I’ll find that morsel no problem. *goes off*

    : I don’t trust her on her own. We need to follow her there.

    : I don’t see how we’re supposed to keep up with her if two members of the team need carrying.

    : Three.

    : We can’t split up the team. True companions always stick together!

    : I really don’t want to go back into the dark part of the woods.

    : I don’t want to leave any of you on your own. I won’t be responsible for not being there when one of you is hurt.

    : *holds Larry to his ear* Larry thinks you would probably do us the most help by helping us get out of the forest. Some of the team is too tired to go on much longer. It would probably do more harm to keep us all here longer than to send some of us off alone.

    Confessionals: : Lionel actually had a point back there. I still don’t understand how I could be getting good ideas from someone who talks to inanimate objects. I just don’t get it, Sensei, I really don’t.

    : All right. Copper, you and Lionel go after Amber and make sure that rabbit is back in one piece while Ralph and I try to lead the team to bring Majesty and June back to the campsite. When we find the campsite, I’ll use my trumpet to signal to you so you’ll know where to go.

    : We’d better hurry. I’m not taking June’s lack of struggling as a good sign.

    : *looks very limp and pale*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *has led the Sandshrews to the hill, which they’re beginning to push the rock up*

    : This was a bad idea. If we’re going to be pushing this boulder downhill, we’ll need to push it uphill first. This is taking too long.

    : The time and effort would be lessened if we had the aid of your Aria form.

    : A relic song would just make things worse right now.

    : Ye could do it a distance away so we need not hear yer wailin’. Me cutlass is gettin’ heavy on me waist.

    : Fine, I’ll go do that. *moves over to a different part of the forest*

    : *is trying to lead the Carvanhas to the campsite*

    : You guys?

    : Mercury? Where’s your team? I thought you guys would have already won. We’ve got two members out cold and we lost the thing we’re returning.

    : I think we’ve got you beat in the bad situation game. We got a giant boulder to return to the campsite, which we’re now trying to over that hill out of the forest.

    : Did she say that hill was at the edge of the forest? That means we’re almost out! I’d better call the others!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *has chased the rabbit down a tunnel* Looks like I’ll have to smoke you out! *prepares to send a stream of flame down the tunnel*

    : *nimbly slips into the tunnel after the rabbit*

    : Hey!

    *trumpet sounds*

    : That’s Mug’s signal! We’d better follow it back to the campsite! *rushes off towards the noise*

    : *follows, the rabbit tucked under his arm*

    : *sighs, and follows*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is shivering* Can we please get out of the woods now?

    : We need to wait for the others.

    : *comes back*

    : Let’s shift. *takes the rabbit, while Copper helps push Majesty*

    : *is still struggling to push the boulder uphill* Oh no. The Carvanha are on the way out! Come on, we need to push this thing! *struggles to roll the boulder, almost out of stamina*

    : *releases a thunderbolt, which strikes the boulder, breaking it into ten pieces*

    : Yipe!!! *tears out of Epifanio’s arms, panic-stricken by the noise, and bolts off*

    : *has been stung* Oh no! My allergies! *starts to get puffy and purple*

    : This is perfect! These pieces are much easier to carry! *picks up a piece and begins to carry it out of the forest*

    *the Sandshrews pick up boulder pieces and carry them towards the campsite*

    : *picks up a boulder and blunders after the others through a poison ivy patch* Ack!

    : Epifanio!

    : *is starting to look like a plum* Get… The antidote…

    : *reaches into Epifanio’s shell, pulls out a needle and pricks Epifanio with it*

    : Ow! Not that one… *rolls on back*

    : *pulls another needle from a protected front pocket stuck on Epifanio’s shell and pricks him with it*

    : Go after them! They’re gonna win!

    : We can’t win without the rabbit!

    : You civilized people complicate everything. *shoots a fireball at a bush the rabbit’s rushing to*

    : *runs away from the fire, towards the Carvanha*

    : It’s coming back. But they’ve got a big headstart! I don’t see how we can catch up with two bodies of deadweight.

    : *holds Larry up to his hear* Good idea, Larry. Unlike them, we got a burden that can walk. If we can’t outrun the Sandshrews, maybe it still can.

    : That’s a great idea! *takes June from Elizabeth, and whispers something in her ear*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *stops in the grass, looking tired*

    : *sends Jojo out from behind a tree*

    : Time for huggies, bunny!!!!!! *rushes towards the rabbit*

    : *dashes towards the campsite, more terrified than ever before*

    : *steps outside of the campsite carrying a chunk of rock in her ears* Beat that, slowpokes!!!

    *the rest of the Sandshrews carry pieces of their rock out of the forest*

    : *has rashes all over him* Ow… That’s… starting… to… hurt… *is slowing down, unable to carry the rock due to the pain*

    : *rushes past Hurricane, terrified*

    : It’s almost out! We’re going to win!

    : *is an inch away from the totem pole at the edge of the campsite when it sees a butterfly, and chases it back into the forest*

    : *almost collapses with the rock chunk*

    : *catches the boulder chunk before it falls* Try to be more careful next time. *carries her boulder chunk and Hurricane’s out of the woods back to the campsite*

    : Sure that’s all of it?

    *the Sandshrews assemble the boulder*

    : Looks like it is! We have a winner! *talks on the intercom* The Shrieking Sandshrews have won the challenge! The Carvanha receive their introduction to the campfire tonight!

    Confessionals: : The most important thing a strategist must know is to use all resources. If one butterfly can cause a hurricane, it can surely cause a simple victory. *holds up the butterfly from the spider’s web that lured the rabbit away in a jar* Phase two is complete. Only twenty one to go.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    Hope we get this game out of this dark place soon. Let’s move it along with a VOTE!

    For Ralph, Wrex, June, Mug, Lionel, Amber, Elizabeth, Epifanio, Jojo, Copper or Majesty.
    All fear the vampiric ghost skeletal uber mr. mime caterpie!

    Thank you Satomine Night for the awesome banner, and Mechadragon X for the sprite in it!

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    I wanna vote oout June, Majesty or Wrex as all three hindered their team

    If I look forward to what they could then Majesty should stay as it seems octo has some big development for her.

    Wrex and June are seemingly the worst but from what I can see it'll be annoying with June on her carrot diet and hates people touching her...

    June gets my vote because she was intentionally holding back her team because she is on a carrot diet which doesn't even make logical sense.
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    Hahaha, I love Mug and her sensei. It's great.

    I'll have to vote for my own creation, June, as none of the other characters hindered the team as much as she did, going so far as to physically hurt her teammates.

    Credit to cloneydew2000 for the sprites.

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    Ok ummm.......I have to vote Jojo for not even being in this episode very much....kinda useless.

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    Going to have to vote out June; if she's going to hurt her teammates, she might as well be gone. :l

    Not cool.

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    Voting out June for throwing a fit at being touched, and hurting her team.

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    I really want to vote out Majesty because A. All she's done is sleep and B. She literally caused her team to lose by blowing up our rock. But even after all that, I'm gonna have to vote for June because she's pointless, and without her carrot diet she's gonna die soon, ain't she?
    As to what once, it now is. For this my retirement tour, let us commence, forevermore, forevermore.

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    I vote out June because 1. she did nothing helpful, 2. she hurt her own teammates, and 3. had to be caried back for not being prepared
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    Hmm..I was going to vote out Majesty but she did save her team from that stantler. I would have to vote out June. That seems to be what the popular vote is. June really didn't help her team out. She really was a burden to her team. But I found something out. If June didn't have her carrot diet, the team wouldn't be able to lure the rabbit. So if you think about it, then Majesty is the one that caused the burden by blasting the boulder. But Majesty did save her team from the stantler and the team probobly wouldn't even be able to reach the rabbit if Majesty didn't save them. So I vote out June.

    My shinies:
    Gyrados not from Lake of Rage!


    Also X and Y is Kewl. TEAM FLOWERHEAD FTW (Mega Venusaur) :3

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    I really liked this episode. The challenge seemed to be on the backburner, and team bonding was referenced a lot so it was nice to see an episode dedicated to bonding. I LOVE Mug, she's easily my favorite. Even Ellie, who I disliked at first, was pretty interesting with her teammate commentaries and now she has an alliance. I also like the dynamics between Jojo and Copper among others, there's a lot to mention.

    As much as I'd like to vote off Majesty for dooming her team, June is incredibly boring so I vote her out for that and her silly carrot addiction. June's out anyways, my vote doesn't really matter.

    Oh, I remembered something else, I liked the ending with Laura and her tactics. Very fun. I can say that the only characters I do not like are Majesty and Wrex. Oh, Ralph and Lionel are hilarious too. There's just too many good things to mention. I'll wait a freakin' year for the next episode if it's gonna be even half as good as this episode was.

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    Voting June because I can't quite well vote Majesty and June was pretty much useless. I don't believe it was even her carrot bits that were used.

    June- 9
    Jojo- 1

    Still having trouble with some of the names, which one is Jojo? And hopefully Chef can do something to Majesty before episode 4 so she can avoid being kicked off again.

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    Quick question? Can Crockett's Theme be played at one point?
    As to what once, it now is. For this my retirement tour, let us commence, forevermore, forevermore.

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    : Well, Carvanha. It appears you just got lucky last challenge. This mission was a failure for you which has landed you here at the campfire. I have ten marshmallows, each representing ten of your shots at redemption from your fumble this challenge. If I don't call your name, you don't have to bother coming to get one. You won't be receiving a marshmallow. And that means you must return to the Dock of Shame and catch the Boat of Losers. That means you're gone for good and won't be coming back. Ever.

    : *is extremely puffed up and purple, looking ill*

    : *can barely keep her eyes open with exhaustion*

    : The first marshmallow goes to....... Amber.

    : *gives a haughty look and goes to receive a marshmallow on a stick*

    Confessionals: : I'd have voted off all of those bags of carrion if I could, but they're so unfit to survive, I can just let nature dispose of the rest of them for me.

    : Next is.... Jojo.

    : Yaaaay! *gets marshmallow on a stick*

    : ...And Copper.

    : Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *hugs Copper who gets a marshmallow on a stick*

    : Then one for Elizabeth, Ralph, Wrex and Lionel.

    : What about Larry?

    : *sighs* Fine, and a breath mint for Larry. *gives Lionel a mint*

    : *puts the mint on a tiny stick and gives it to Larry*

    : ...And Epifanio.

    : *struggles to get up, and falls over backwards* Ow...

    : *is busy helping Epifanio up*

    : Well, Mug... Your heart seems to be in the right place with your heroism... But being inclusive was your team's downfall. Did the team deem that forgiveable?

    : *shudders*

    : ...................Looks like they did. You're in.

    : *helps Epifanio over to the winners' circle*

    : Instead, the votes went to the rejects who Mug's stringing along proved a mistake. First we've got Majesty. The only helpful player in the team's only victory ever, but the cause of this team's crushing loss.

    : Zzzzzz.......

    : And then there's June. Who maybe didn't cause quite as much trouble, but somehow proved less useful and harder to carry. And this is next to a camper who does nothing but sleep.

    : *eyes are closed, having collapsed from exhaustion*

    : The final marshmallow will go to.................... Majesty.

    : Looks like I've still got a chance to get my gold. *reaches out for June but pauses* Why don't you tell the loser to get on board?

    : June, it's time to leave.

    : *isn't moving*

    : C'mon, it's bye bye time. *touches June on the shoulder*

    : *slams Sprites, sending him flying*

    : Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuugh!!! *crash lands on the edge of the dock* WATCH! THE! HAIR!!! *points to hair, exasperated*

    : *chuckles, and leads June towards the Boat of Losers*

    : *comes down the dock* June, before you go, I've found you a little something that you can actually eat. *holds out a carrot*

    : Really? You're always so thoughtful. Though I still hate you for touching me. *reaches out for the carrot*

    : *swipes June's ring without touching her while she's distracted*

    Confessionals: : *grins, holding June's ring* Still quick of the hand as I used to be. This is going to be a good season. *puts the ring in Gracidea's bag, smiling*

    : *sails the Boat of Losers away*


    More thrill to come next episode!
    All fear the vampiric ghost skeletal uber mr. mime caterpie!

    Thank you Satomine Night for the awesome banner, and Mechadragon X for the sprite in it!

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    I've got a question that I've been really wondering. For PDI, and that relates to tvtropes. I just need a memory refresher, and I'd even like if octo answered too.

    What are the Tearjerker moments of PDI?

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    Where I live.


    Would PeeWee getting eaten count? I'd probably have to go back and reread to actually find the sad moments.

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    If you ask me, I'd say Cook's leaving Sprites at the end of PDI4 was probably the main tear-jerker moment, and maybe the scenes with the depressed Sprites when he was alone. And that's not even getting into Amy's fan story.

    A lot of the time, I think when bad things happen to PDI characters people are supposed to either laugh at them, or can trust pretty easily that things will work out for them by the end of the season. Even when Peewee died, it was accompanied by the comical burp of an alligator followed by some funny post-lawsuit moments. Cook's deserting Sprites was at the end of the season, and it really wasn't known if he would ever come back. It looked like a real turn for the worse for Sprites, and the fact that someone as generally heartless as Sprites had that reaction probably gave it more impact.

    It might be less sad in retrospect of how that plot thread turned out next season, but at the time, it was definitely the biggest tear jerker in the game.

    Anyway, let's smile instead of cry, because episode three is up.

    : Previously on Poke Drama Island: The campers were sent on a delivery route, into the wild woods. Ellie put her determination to the task of pulling the team together, and while the other Sandshrews’ enthusiasm was slim at best, Ellie was able to put her head togethe with her brainy teammate, Laura and form a team alliance. The Carvanha weren’t so harmonious, as a conflict of interest between Mug’s inclusiveness and Amber’s Darwinian mottos butted heads. Mug rocked the boat by splitting hairs about her all-hands-on-deck ideals, insisting the team string Majesty along, who proceeded to cause rocks and hares to split. Will Mug’s so-called heroism leave the team beyond saving, or was this a lucky break for the Sandshrews? It’s time for us to deliver you another host of hijinks here on Poke. Drama. Island!!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *serves Hershey some glop and puts a muffin on his plate*

    : *sits down and apprehensively tastes a muffin* These carrot muffins are surprisin’ly palatable.

    : Tastes like irony.

    : *is sitting next to Laura* Nice work last challenge, Laura. I think the team and our alliance is on an excellent path.

    : Thank you. What do you think you should do next?

    : I’m working on an idea.

    : The thought crossed my mind we should attempt to expand our alliance’s influence with some recruits. Perhaps the potentials may be more willing if appealed by your subordinates rather than you personally.

    : That’s an interesting thought. But I was thinking maybe if you and Artemis tried to make friends with the other teammates they’d get on my side more readily.

    : You are most intuitive. Where is our third party?

    : *bursts through the door, looking livid* Who’s got it?!? Which o’ ya putrid piles o’ porpoise puke pilfered me pistol?!?

    : Sorry, Artemis, Cook’s got it under lock and key. I don’t have a problem, but the safety regulation dudes have some pretty major beef with firearms on the premeses, so…

    : And I suppose that be the fate o’ me cutlass as well. *snarls*

    : Actually, no, we didn’t take that.

    : *hurriedly slides Artemis’s cutlass under the table to Jojo*

    : *sees Artemis storming up towards him* Hey, I’ve served in Somalia enough times to know how to handle a sea-dog.

    : A co-host in trouble? I can’t let that happen! *rushes towards Artemis, skillet in hand* SKILLET JUSTICE!!! *clobbers Artemis with a skillet*

    Confessionals: : I’ve never seen anyone that lethal with a kitchen instrument before! Not even me! Oh my biscuits, I’m being beaten at my own game! I’d better up it fast!

    : *looks down at the out-cold Artemis* Well, she picked the wrong day to be snappy. But it is interesting that she should bring up misplaced possessions today. Does anyone remember an old place called Bony Island?

    : That island with those spooks that the campers always have to bring food for? *tummy rumbles* Yeah, I’m kind of envying them now.

    : I got an interesting message today in the fog of my camper trailer mirror. Last season, a certain camper called Renee got left unattended on a boat which veered off-course and coasted into the shore of Bony Island. The resident haunts of the island have since been sending me nonstop complaints about Renee’s plaguing them with constant pleading and have offered to let us all of the hook in the food department if we can relieve them of Renee. So instead of a delivery challenge, today’s challenge will be to go to the dreaded Bony Island and get Renee off it.

    : So it’s a search and rescue mission?

    : Sure thing, Mug. The team to rescue those poor spooks from Renee will be granted the tasty barbecued patties that the phantoms passed up on as well as be invincible. You can set out whenever you decide you don’t have cold feet. Speaking of feet, it’s soaking time. *walks off*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : It is time for us to put a bold foot forward, nakama! True samurai never fear from past failures!

    : That attitude really brought us far last challenge.

    : Give her a break, Amber. A true hero doesn’t compromise their values due to one mishap.

    : So you’re asking to get turned into grape jelly again is what you’re saying.

    : The last mission was a close success. This one should be easy in comparison considering who we have to escort. What kind of trouble can a castform give us anyway?

    : Well, whatever. I’m just not going to stand for you forcing us to bring her royal slothfulness along again.

    : Aww, come on, we can’t leave Majesty behind!

    : Well, good luck with getting her across the lake. I’m going to go win us some of that meat, stale as it is. Good luck getting Majesty to the shore by the time I’m back. *leaves towards the bank of the lake*

    : Thinks she can be a one-woman team on her own? We’ll show her, right guys?

    : Sorry, Mug, but after the last fiasco, I don’t see how taking Majesty can be worth the risk. I’m going to make sure Amber doesn’t decide to bite that maroon’s head off. *goes off after Amber, with Jojo following*

    : At least I know who my true friends are! Come on, let’s get the boat here so we can put Majesty in it!

    : *continues to type on his computer, saying nothing*

    Confessionals: : I actually agreed with Amber, I just figured if I waited for Majesty, I’d get more time before I had to actually get in the boat.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Is she gonna come to soon?

    : *is holding a bag of ice to Artemis’s head* I think she’s close.

    : *wakes up* Arrrrr, where be that skillet-wieldin’ scoundrel?!? I’d like to give her a piece of me mind! Or put one of me flintlock’s pieces in hers!

    Confessionals: : This might put a dent in my plans of recruiting Mug into our alliance after the merge.

    : Our captain and I were discussing the alliance’s upcoming moves in the game.

    : Captain? If anyone be a captain in this merry ol’ crew, it be yours truly!

    : Technically, I started this alliance with Laura on our own terms and you joined, so as the founder, I’m leader by default.

    : Fine. What be yer direction?

    : I was thinking of putting you and Laura on the job of making good relations with the other Sandshrews so they’ll be in a good position to be recruited. Lily’s giving me the lockout, so I’ll put you on the task of getting chummy with her.

    : While you do that, I’m going to make an attempt to appeal to Mercury.

    : Aye aye then. *goes off with Ellie and Laura*

    Confessionals: : Never thought I’d be sayin’ those words again to anyone who wasn’t the renowned Captain Artemis the First! I have my doubts about followin’ her lead, but a vote’s a vote and right now, hers is off me. So, party huntin’ it is! : Awk!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Come on, everyone! Let’s pitch in and pull Majesty’s bed to the shore so we can put her in a canoe. And can one of you please bring the canoe to the shore so we can put Majesty in it?

    : *creates a wind that blows down a satellite dish in her sleep*

    : *irritatedly clicks at laptop* Well, your friend blew out the connection, so I guess I can go. *sighs and heads for the supplies shed*

    : Heya, Carvanha. Something tells me you’d really like it if I took Majesty off your hands and let you go try and win the challenge. If you can give her some time with me, I can make her less of a disaster.

    : I respectfully decline your offers to fix the game. We can get Majesty under control ourselves.

    : Well, all right. Do me a favour and return these to her cabin then. *hands Mug a bottle of pills and walks off*

    : Caffiene pills? This is perfect! We can use these to get Majesty awake, and then she’ll go out and help us win! That’ll show Amber!

    : *turns to Larry* What’s that you said about how there’s probably a good reason we weren’t given these before?

    : Here, Ralph, you put a pill or two into Majesty’s mouth.

    : Ulp… All right… *slowly goes towards Majesty*

    : *sends an icy wind Ralph’s way*

    : *is shielded by his garbage can lid* Eek! *hurriedly shoves the bottle towards Majesty’s mouth and runs*

    : *has a lot of pills fall into her mouth* …………………………. *eyes open*

    : Why, hello. I don’t think we’ve officially met. *holds out paw*

    : *takes Mug’s paw*

    : I’m-

    : *flings Mug up into the air by her paw* WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I’ve never felt like this in years! Woohoo! Time to go have fun! *dashes off, harsh breezes blowing around her*

    : *is in a heap on the ground*

    : I don’t like the looks of this.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *finishes pulling some canoes towards the shore with the rest of the Sandshrews* There. How about you come with me, Hurricane?

    : As if. Hurricane and I are taking a boat for two. *hops into the canoe with Hurricane following*

    : If ye don’t mind, ye can get on deck with the ol’ captain!

    : Better than Ellie at any rate. *gets in a canoe with Artemis while Laura gets in a boat with Mercury, Travis with Hershey, and Ellie with the Wizard*

    : *is left far behind* Come on, can’t you row faster?

    : Sorry, honey, I’m not a rower, I just get ‘em hired. *phone rings* Let me get that. *picks up big cell phone and starts talking on it while rowing with one hand*

    : *sighs* Well, this is going nowhere. *jumps out of the boat and starts pushing it along*

    : *sees Amber row by with Copper and Jojo* Did the rest of your team run out of steam already?

    : They probably decided to join their friend the princess.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is gleefully leaping around, sending hurricanes everywhere*

    : She’s leaping around this island like it’s a jungle gym! *gets picked up by a breeze*

    : *is still dazed* Don’t worry, she can still be useful. Hey, Majesty! Race you to the edge of the island!

    : *starts dashing towards the shore, blowing everyone away*

    : *is still lugging a canoe* Bet you can’t do it with a canoe on your back! *throws the canoe onto Majesty’s back* Or four! *throws more canoes at Majesty* Well, that takes care of that. *lies down*

    : *has been blown into the mouth of a totem pole*

    : *is left dangling by his garbage can lid from a cabin roof gutter*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *rushes to the edge of the island* Woohoo! *starts spinning a canoe on each claw*

    : *dizzily steps towards the shore* Come on, Majesty! We have to get into those canoes and make our rescue!

    : *is spinning two canoes on her gem and one on her tail* Look, ma, no hands! *the creates a wind which blows two canoes up into the air, slamming them into hard rocks, breaking them*

    : Majesty, this is serious!

    : *is using the trunk of a tree as a scratching post, and scratches it until she causes the tree to fall down* Wheeeeeeee!!!! *jumps on the log* LOG ROLLING!!!!!

    : *comes to the beach, Ralph and Lionel following* I managed to get Ralph and Lionel loose. But there was no saving Epifanio. *collapses, dizzy*

    : We have to get her under control!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is merrily paddling the canoe* I gotta tell ya, Lily, this is the life! Wind at yer back, all the big blue yers for takin’! There’s nothin’ like a life of adventure! If you ask me, I’d say ye wouldn’t make a bad swashbuckler yerself. Yer mothe’ may have called ye Lily, but that far from describes your liver!

    : Awk! Party hunting!

    Confessionals: : I really oughta remember to keep this blabbermouthin’ bird locked up back in me quarters. : Awk! Nope! *takes the key to his cage and throws it into the toilet*

    : Ellie didn’t ask you to tell me that, did she?

    : Errr, what would make you say that?

    : Awk! Recruited!

    : *keeps rowing, ignoring Artemis*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : What a mess this is! Looks like trying to get Majesty involved was a mistake.

    : Come on, give her a chance, I’m sure she’ll be helpful.

    : *is still excitedly rolling on a log* Rolling! Rolling! Yeah! Come on guys, get into it!!! *grabs Elizabeth, Mug, Ralph and Lionel, makes them form a pyramid and starts rolling the log across the lake, carrying them all*

    : *comes onto the beach* I got out now. …Guys?

    : *lazily shrugs*

    : We should go after them, shouldn’t we? *gestures to the remaining canoe*

    : …………Fine.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Hi, little fishie! *is tickling the tummy of a fish*

    : *sighs* I really didn’t need a useless kid weighing me down.

    : I’m not a useless kid! *sees the sharks in the distance* Hey, sharks! Want a piece of Jojo?!? *throws a rock at the sharks*

    : *angrily swims towards Jojo*

    : Jojo, no! *leaps in front of Jojo and slams the shark with an oar* You leave him alone!

    : Wow, you took on a shark! You are so cool!!!

    : *looks exasperated*

    : Well, we’re ahead of Mug and her little friends at any rate.

    : *speedily rolls past Amber’s boat carrying the rest of the Carvanha*

    : What? We can’t let them beat us! Come on!

    : *creates a super strong hurricane, blowing herself and everyone on her back away in the wind towards Bony Island*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *ears are getting blown* Pretty rough breeze there, huh? *sees a fin* Travis! Incoming, five o’clock!

    : Huh? What’s that? *a shark leaps at him and chomps on his head* Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

    : *sees Travis getting chomped* You’d better show that shark who’s boss, Hurricane!

    : *leg malfunctions and boots the shark off Travis* Maybe this darn thingy can come in useful after all.

    Confessionals: : I’m just glad I didn’t have to face that shark again. Without Lily covering for me, I’d have looked like a ninny!

    : Why’dja let that fishface chomp on you, Trav?

    : What did you mean by five o’clock?

    : Y’know, five o’clock! Like on yer watch!

    : I have a digital watch!

    : Digital? You city folk and your fancy computer stuff. I think I’m gonna call you Digi now!

    : Digi? Nicknames aren’t nice, Hershey! How’d you like it if I called you Mr. Happy? Hey, Mr. Happy, what you happy about?

    : *folds arms*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is rowing in the canoe with Wrex* So, Wrex, how are you liking the game so far?

    : *isn’t talking*

    : ….You think you can grab an oar? Rowing’s kind of hard on my asthma.

    : *lays back, saying nothing*

    : …*sighs, which causes him to sputter from his asthma*

    : *is saying nothing when his phone rings* Hello?

    Momma Z: Wrex, boy, you’d better not be lazing around and being antisocial!

    : I’m not, Mom.

    Momma Z: You know I’ll know if you’re not. I’m definitely going to see you talking with one of your new friends when this episode is broadcasted!

    : *nervously hangs up* So, Epifanio, is it?

    : Yeah. So… Have you ever heard of a project called World of Kasalia?

    : I thought I was the only one who had. Wow.

    : Yeah, I’m a major editor.

    : That’s… Pretty cool, actually.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *arrives on the island and goes up to Artemis* Did you talk to Lily yet?

    : Willful as the Pacific breeze, that one.

    : All right, then. You can go look for the castaway while Laura sticks with Mercury and tries to get close to her.

    : And you?

    : I’ll stay here and keep, uh, being the leader. *hears a crash* Huh?

    : *is leaping around*

    : We can’t get her under control!

    : Good gracious. Erin, you think you can hold her?

    : Nobody can keep up with me! *leaps at Majesty* Hey, Majesty! *tries to slam Majesty, who hastily dodges, then begins chasing Majesty around*

    : We’d better get going if we’re going to make that rescue. Come on, Lionel. Maybe if we split up, we can cover more ground. *heads off with Lionel* Amber, guard the boat please, it’s our last one.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Can I PLEEEASE have that tiki carving?

    : For the last time, no!

    : Waaaaah-ha-ha-haaaaaah!!!

    *rain starts to fall*

    : You ghosts ought to be ashamed of yourselves for making this poor castform cry. Come on, you poor little thing, let’s take you home.

    : Is that… Is that a green onion? Yummy! Can I have it?

    : He’s not for eating!

    : Can I please have him?

    : No!

    : Pleeeeeeeeease!

    : I think we should just leave her on the island! Nobody tries to steal Larry from me!

    : Come on, Lionel, we’re supposed to be rescuing her. Come to the boat. This rain’s going to rust my skillet.

    : A skillet? Wow, can I please have it?

    : Sorry, but this is my skillet.

    : Please?

    : No.

    : Please?

    : No.

    : Pleeease?

    : Come on, Lionel, we’re leaving. *goes away, leaving Renee behind*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *wandering through the brush with Mercury* I’m pleased for this chance to get truly acquainted with you. I don’t believe I have been. You’ve never been vocal about what your passions are before.

    : Not like anyone cares about that anyway. *continues to venture through the brush*

    : Try me, I might.

    : If it’s anything to you, I’ve always thought I’d love to get into the field of creative writing, make up some exceptional stories about things that really mattered. But I’ve given up since I realized the media industry cares about nothing but dumb stuff like this and has no interest with stories with good plots anymore.

    : I’ve always had a passion for keen plots.

    : Judging by how I’ve seen what’s between you and Ellie, I don’t think we’re talking about the same kind of plot. I’m not going to join your little squad, guys. *wanders ahead of Laura, ignoring her*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : So the idea for those new Ash Wastes monsters that were made last month was mine.

    : I’d say way too many people think too little of the Ash Wastes.

    : Hey look, it’s Elizabeth and Ralph’s tracks! Let’s follow them into the brush and catch up with them!

    : *tumbles down exhausted and lands on some of the tracks*

    : This… Might be slightly more difficult.

    : *farts, blowing out even more tracks*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *stumbles through the brush* That princess even made me dizzy. *sees Renee* There’s our castaway! Hurry, let’s get her! *picks Renee up and heads towards the shore* C’mon, Wizard, let’s get this baby home.

    : Thank you! You are our heroes!!!

    : *is still talking on his cell phone as Renee is loaded into the boat*

    : That’s a cool phone. Can I please have it?

    : Not right now, missy, I’m making a call.

    : Please?

    : Shush.

    : Please?

    : *mimes mouth being zipped*

    : Pleeeeeeeeeease?

    : *tries to ignore Renee*

    : Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh…

    : *starts to look really irritated* FINE! Let me finish this call and it’s yours, half price.

    : *shuts up*

    : *finishes making the call and grudgingly hands over the cell phone*

    Confessionals: : I’ve never seen someone part people with their things with that skill before! I’ve got to get Renee to teach me her way!!

    : *notices a glint* Is that a sparkly clip-on tie? Can I have it?

    : *hurls Renee back onto the beach, looking irritated*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is reclining on the beach with her feet up* Zzzzzz…

    : *comes back to Ellie, Laura following* Bein’ a leader, eh?

    : Snort… *quickly gets up* Did you find her?

    : Not a sign.

    : And did you recruit Mercury?

    : Negative. Perhaps we should turn our attention to Hurricane. His relationship with Lily and with Erin should triple our chances of an increase.

    : I don’t want Hurricane. Something tells me he’s actually a huge flake.

    : Recruiting the Agency Wizard may increase our prospects. His skill at making connections should broaden our recruiting ability immensely.

    : What about Travis? I sense a real buccaneer spirit in the lad.

    : No. We are not involving the guys in any of this! This is a girl alliance only.

    : Then we’d best work with what we’ve got. Come on, let’s find this lake-locked landlubber ourselves. *heads back into the Bony Island woods*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is shivering* Why do we keep having to go to spooky, dangerous places? *shudders* This place could even have more dangerous things lurking around every corner… *hears a rustle* AAH!!! *leaps into Elizabeth’s arms*

    : Hello, guys. I’ve been on your trail.

    : *dumps Ralph onto the ground* We’d better get a moveon.

    : *hears another rustle* WAUGH!! *leaps into Epifanio’s arms, who leaps into Elizabeth’s arms*

    : *appears out of the bushes* Hello. Ooh, what’s that on your shell?

    : It’s my pocket protector! It lets me keep important things close at hand.

    : Like that pen? Ooh, that’s a nice pen. Can I have it?

    : But this is my lucky pen!

    : Can I please have that pen?

    : I never let anyone touch my lucky pen!

    Confessionals: : She’s surprisingly persuasive with making people do things they don’t want to do.

    : *has Epifanio’s pen, Ralph’s collar and Epifanio’s calculator keychain, which she’s playing tamagotchi on* Thanks for all your things!

    : *is leading Renee through the woods, looking disgruntled* We’d better hurry to where Wrex is waiting with the boat. *sucks on inhaler*

    : Ooh, what’s that? Can I have it?

    : Fine. *gives Renee his inhaler* I never really liked breathing anyway.

    Confessionals: : I think there are plenty of good times you can get not breathing. You know I wouldn’t keep these suckers around for style, don’tcha? *takes out a pair of pantyhose and stretches them, then snaps them*

    : *has been taken into a canoe* Hey, niiiidoking… *bats doe eyes towards Elizabeth*

    : *keeps rowing while reading her book, ignoring Renee*

    : Can I please have that pretty book?

    : THIS IS THE EIGHTEENTH TIME YOU’VE INTERRUPTED ME SAYING THAT!! You’ve been a very naughty girl. You’d better behave yourself, or you get smackies! *starts spanking Renee*

    : Aww, please? *is spanked* Ow. Please? Ow. Please? Ow. Please?

    : *boots Renee back onto the island*

    : Aww… *sees a tiki carving* Ooh, a tiki! Can I have it?

    : Will we never have peace again?!? NEVER?!?!?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is watching Erin still chase around Majesty on the beach* Heh. Simply pathetic. And those petty teammates probably couldn’t subdue a single castform.

    : I’ll get you yet, Majesty! *tries to pin Majesty, but she dodges*

    : Heh heh! Gotta be faster than that! *keeps dodging Erin’s attempts to leap at her*

    : *pants, and collapses from exhaustion*

    Confessionals: : Majesty thinks she can outdo me, huh? Being beat by a girl is the worst! At least a boy overcoming me is kind of hot. You just wait, Majesty, I’ll show you!

    : *comes up to Amber* Ooh, a boat! Can I have it?

    : This boat’s my territory! I’ll never surrender it!

    : But can I please have it?

    : I’m not going to show you mercy again, you little parasite.

    : Please?

    : *pounces on Renee and sinks her teeth into Renee’s neck*

    : *is bleeding from the neck* Please can I have the boat?

    : *looks really annoyed*

    Confessionals: : I always thought begging was a tactic reserved for scavengers too weak to get ahead on their own merit! How can it possibly be so potent? This castform is a threat to my personal ideals! She must be destroyed!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *comes back to the Sandshrews’ boats where Lily is* That was a useless hunt. We didn’t find her anywhere in the woods.

    : Really? Mercury just spotted her drag a boat into the woods. She went in after her.

    : *comes out of the forest* If you’re looking for her, she’s just in there. I think I’ve done my part. *heads towards the boat*

    : *gets into the boat and starts rowing* Let us take ya back, Mercury.

    : Maybe we can get to know each other. *rides away, leaving Ellie and Lily behind*

    Confessionals: : I knew this task would be simple. My skills at breaking down barriers would allow me to make an impression on her with ease.

    : *comes to Renee* Hello there. I’m Ellie. This is Lily. We’re here to rescue you, so how about you get on this boat and we’ll get you off this island?

    : Okay. *follows Ellie and Lily into the boat* …What’s that? *gestures to the ball on Lily’s tail*

    : It’s my dragon ball. All dragonairs have them.

    : I’d like a dragon ball. Can I have your dragon ball?

    : It’s kind of attached to me, don’t think so.

    : Can I please have your dragon ball?

    : I don’t think I can give it to you.

    : Please?

    : No.

    : Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *makes puppy dog eyes?

    : YOU WANT IT?!? HERE!!! *smacks Renee with the ball on her tail, sending her flying*

    : *lands head-first on the beach with a black eye*

    : Pretty nice swing there.

    : *gasps, then frowns*

    Confessionals: : You know, I don’t see why everybody talks like Renee is the worst thing ever. I actually think she can be quite useful.

    Confessionals: : Hate Renee, hate her so, so much!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *comes back to Amber* Where’s the boat?

    : *is in a heap on the beach* I was forced to make a donation.

    : That was our last boat! How are we supposed to get back to camp now?

    : *is bouncing around Erin* Come on! Keep up! Whooopie!!! *starts leaping on a fallen tree*

    : …Larry says we should all get on top of that log.

    : Sorry, Lionel. But this is serious right now. It isn’t important what your stick says.

    : Please listen. He just might be on to something here. *climbs onto the tree*

    : Lionel! *tries to follow Lionel*

    : Okay, let’s go on the tree! *follows Lionel*

    : Jojo, get back here! *tries to follow Jojo*

    : *holds Larry up to his ear* Amber, Larry says there’s a tasty raccoon here!

    : *leaps into the tree*

    : *bounces really hard on the fallen tree’s base, causing the tree to catapult everyone in its branches*


    : *is on the beach* Sorry I got rid of Renee. But she was just too much of a pain. I don’t handle pain well, I’m not a receiver.

    : I’m just glad to get back to my computer. *turns to leave, but has the rest of the Carvanha land on him, cushioning their fall* @_@

    : I think I can safely say let’s never give Majesty those pills again.

    : *checks hat* Uh-oh, where did the pills get to?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Thanks for the pills, nice lady!

    : You’re welcome! *swings loops on a tree branch*

    : *downs all the pills, and starts to shake* …….CanIpleasehaveyour preeeeeeeety red ruby?

    : No way!

    : Please?

    : *tries to run away* Nope!

    : *is sped up by the caffeine and follows Majesty* Please?

    : No!

    : Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepl easepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplea sepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease…

    : Nonononononononononononononononononono…. *collapses from exhaustion and falls asleep next to Erin* Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……

    : Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *steps back into the mess hall, looking disgruntled*

    : *sits at a table, looking disgruntled* Was she too unbearable for you too?

    : *solemnly nods*

    : Hey, we can’t just sit here wallowin’ in our own failure! I say we gotta try, try again! We just gotta get a stradgety. And if this little gal likes loot, all we’re gonna need is someone who’s got what she’s after.

    : I think we’re thinking the same thing.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *boat docks on Bony island in the setting sun, towing some of his loot in it*

    : *wanders in, the caffiene having just worn off* Wow, you’ve got some cool stuff in that boat! Can I have it?

    : Help yourself, m’dear. Just get into the boat, and it’s yours.

    : *happily enters the canoe*

    : *sneaks off to where Renee’s cave is and makes off with everything Renee has begged off of everybody* Heh heh heh. This makes my job much easier! *comes back and loads all of Renee’s loot and the sleeping Erin and Majesty into the boat and rows off*

    : ……… *pipes up* I like those oars you’ve got. Can you please give them to me?

    : *sighs* I don’t think I can do that, you can’t row.

    : Can I please have the oars?

    : No.

    : Please?

    : I’m not going to listen to you.

    : Pleeease?

    : Not listeniiiing.

    : *moves in Travis’s face* Pleasepleasepleasepleeeeeease?

    : ……….

    : ……………………..Please?

    : *just has Poke Drama Island in sight* I LIED! I WAS LISTENING! I CAN’T STAND THIS! *throws Renee out of the boat into the lake* Well, at least I’ve got more free haul. *rows the rest of the way to Poke Drama Island*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    Another loss for the Carvanha. Which one will be left begging for mercy? Decide yourself! VOTE!

    Vote off: Ralph, Copper, Epifanio, Jojo, Amber, Mug, Lionel, Elizabeth, Wrex or Majesty.
    All fear the vampiric ghost skeletal uber mr. mime caterpie!

    Thank you Satomine Night for the awesome banner, and Mechadragon X for the sprite in it!

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    Great episode, kinda weird ending but still amazing lol

    This vote is kinda hard. I'm torn between Jojo and Majesty.....both are useless hindrances to the team. Majesty on one side contributes to the overall plot of her team, and represents one of the struggles they are trying to overcome. And Jojo just annoys Copper......I vote for Jojo.

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    I vote for amber because she left her team behind and didn't get renee like she promised
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