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Thread: Poke Drama Island! (Pokemon Castaway V2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousHeartless View Post
    Oh, I expected her to be gone already. While I hate the reasons some of you have given, I've given up. The best I can hope for now is maybe Shay returning mid-game and getting a few more rounds after that. While I reiterate that you should think votes through, you need to do it for every round. And while I have given up and admitted loss, I refuse to apologize.
    The votes were thought through.

    Majesty was eliminated for destroying the boats!

    Shecaused her team to lose more then anyone. Sure Amber allowed Renee to escape but so did Mug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousHeartless View Post
    Oh, I expected her to be gone already. While I hate the reasons some of you have given, I've given up. The best I can hope for now is maybe Shay returning mid-game and getting a few more rounds after that. While I reiterate that you should think votes through, you need to do it for every round. And while I have given up and admitted loss, I refuse to apologize.
    I'm sorry that I, like many others, did not want to have every episode be Majesty sleeping Z's and then randomly ****ing something up, or on the off chance getting some pills and acting like Stripes with the destruction level of Scorpio. While I vote off based on who I dislike or find least interesting, I also make sure there's a reason for the team to vote them off. Literally first time Majesty's name was brought up, most of the team was complaining about having to bring her along. Her own team thinks she's a burden. Defending your nomination is one thing but criticizing everyone else's votes and acting like you and only you know how to vote is incredibly annoying and should be stopped.

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    *Bump* Can we move this thing on now?

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    Yeah, just as long as you realise that what you did was wrong, now go spend the next 3 turns in the naughty step.
    As to what once, it now is. For this my retirement tour, let us commence, forevermore, forevermore.

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    I actuallyddin't mean the argument, I already stated that I gave up on that. I meant can Octo post the elimination yet. It's been a while.

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    What are you talking about? He already posted the elimination.

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    Wow, I'm stupid. Not sure how I missed that. Still, this needed a bump. Now excuse me while I retreat to the idiot corner.

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    Yay now CuriousHeartless is in the idiot corner with me!

    My shinies:
    Gyrados not from Lake of Rage!


    Also X and Y is Kewl. TEAM FLOWERHEAD FTW (Mega Venusaur) :3

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    How about we get out of that idiot corner and give some answers to this question nobody noticed until I've got ep 4 up?

    What would you say are some of PDI's most glaring inconsistencies?
    All fear the vampiric ghost skeletal uber mr. mime caterpie!

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    1. Mug - I liked the way Paradoxe played her but I especially liked how octo expanded to make her the hero she strives to be. A pure hero in an unpure game and it makes her really interesting too.
    2. Lionel - He's pretty funny thats all I gotta say and he also works alongside Mug, which makes their dynamic interesting and fun (Yeah, I'm shipping Mug with Lionel from now on)
    3. Amber - Amber is perfect as Mug's foil and she also represents the side of PDI yet seen before, and thats the survival side. It is a stranded island and all, so its natural that you'd have a survival of the fittest character and she fits that threshold.
    4. Ralph - Ralph is just plain lovable as the scaredy-cat of the season with his paranoid schtick. Even reminds me a bit of Max himself.
    5. Epifanio - He's got a distinct personality and thats a good thing and I love characters based on archetypes, like the nerd. He's pretty funny at times too.
    6. Jojo - Jojo edges out Copper a bit as the cute, misinformed kid. He's pretty funny a lot and reminds me of those little swagfags but with more charm and charisma.
    7. Copper - I'm a fan of the dynamic between Copper and Jojo and its too early to see it fleshed out fully but they are one of my favorite duos.
    8. Elizabeth - I found her audition to be interesting but she hasn't been seeing her full potential. I'll give octoboy the benefit of the doubt since, as I learned with Feiticeira from PBB, portraying a dominatrix is tough but the moments she does have are great.
    9. Wrex - I wasn't a fan of his boring audition where he was completely overshadowed by Mama Z. If he gets more screentime with Epifanio he'd be good but right now he's okay. I do like the balance with him and Epifanio, showing two sides of the nerd spectrum. The geeky kid with the allergies and asthma and the internet dweller(Wrex)


    1. Laura - Its unclear whether she's gonna end up as a good planner or an evil schemer but maybe thats what makes her so interesting in the end.
    2. Artemis - May be biased but Artemis is a perfect pirate and I just plain love that.
    3. Wizard - I know he doesn't do much but I just love his lines and the way he talks. Sad that he's probably going to get voted out soon though.
    4. Hershey - I like Hershey, with his country accent and general southerness but the slapstick is well, slapstick and he reminds a little bit like Torkshot.
    5. Travis - He's amusing with his thievery and mischievousness but he lacks depth.
    6. Hurricane - He has his moments with always wanting to impress Erin despite being super weak. Reminds me of a brave Flamander but a neat spin on the coward type nonetheless.
    7. Erin - Is she....a nymphomaniac? I dont know but that sexual part of her isnt being played out and she just seems like one of the boy toys from the past like Louisa
    8. Lily - I like her now but she was made specifically to help Hurricane, so without Hurricane....I can't imagine her being super interesting.
    9. Mercury - Does she have a personality? Or is she just a mellow Lexi? Again, yawn because she isn't that interesting.
    10. Ellie - A sexist alliance-maker? Yawn.

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    : Last episode of PDI: The campers set off to Bony Island to face the most horrifying, dreaded, unimagineable nightmare ever faced in PDI: Renee. Mug had high hopes of heroism, but struggled to keep the lazy and troublesome Majesty on board. She eventually managed to rouse her, but her highness didn’t prove to be that useful in high gear either, and after making a mess of the rescue mission, Majesty lost her favour with the people and was de-throned. Not like she could be blamed too much, as Renee’s level of insufferability was an obstacle to even the willing and abled, and the sun went down with Renee still high and dry on Bony Island beach. Hope you’re hungry for some thrills because the drama never rests here on Poke. Drama. Island!!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    *She’s Blinding Me With Science starts playing from the Sandshrew Boys’ cabin*

    : Where’s that music coming from?

    : Hey! That’s my cell phone’s ringtone! I’d know it anywhere!

    : Oh! Uh, *goes into his cabin and comes out with the phone* I got it back from Renee when I rescued her. Must’ve forgot to tell you. *gives the phone to the Wizard*

    : Did you get back my *wheeze* inhaler by any chance?

    : …Actually, yeah. *goes into his cabin and comes back with Epifanio’s inhaler*

    : What about my lucky pen?

    : …..No. Couldn’t find that anywhere. >_>

    : Aww man. *hangs head*

    Confessionals: : My team’s in some serious gehakte vunden if I’ve lost my lucky pen. I had the worst luck ever for three years before I got it! Last year every time the teacher dropped a thumbtack, it would always land on my chair! Even from across the room! I thought the kid who sat across from me was putting them there, but he says it wasn’t him, so it had to have been my terrible luck! I need to find a new source of good luck soon or the team is done for!

    : *goes up to Travis* Have you seen Lily?

    : Since when am I the one who knows where everything is?!?

    : …

    : …I mean, no, I haven’t.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is outside the back of the kitchen* Hope Ellie doesn’t look for me here. *sees a tail disappear behind a garbage can* Copper? What are you doing here?

    : Trying to hide from Jojo. I’ve run out of excuses for why I can’t go with him to raid and pillage Sprites’s cabin. Ever since he found out I’ve been in robberies, he’s been wanting me as his gang boss or something. I came here to get rid of my label, not enforce it!

    : Tell me about it. My parents were some of the toughest fighters in my hometown, so I got a rap as a violent menace I never asked for. So now Ellie’s on to me and is hoping for me to be the muscle in her posse.

    : I don’t see why people should judge you for things your parents did, or even what you could do. I’m trying to get people not to judge me for things I have done.

    : I think you’re the first person besides Hurricane who’s understood that. I’m glad you’re part of the game, Copper.

    : Same here. *hears a clang in the garbage can* Huh?

    *the lid lifts, revealing that it’s Ralph’s hat*

    : Who are you hiding from, Ralph?

    : I can’t speak their names! If I tell you who I’m hiding from, I’ll probably endanger you by letting you know too much! *hears footsteps in the distance* WAUGH!!! *dashes off, sending the can tumbling with a crash*

    : Ralph, that’s just Laura!

    : Laura? I’d better get going, I don’t want her to catch me. *starts to leave* So, what do you think happened to Jojo?

    : Maybe he tried to start his robbery without me. I noticed someone made off with my pen knife.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *steps out to greet the other campers* All right, everyone. Since someone decided to interrupt my morning facial by setting off my trailer’s personal alarm system, *holds up a net with a nervous-looking Jojo inside it* I’m going to give you guys an intro on the day’s series of challenges. The first thing I’m going to tell you is that there’s a special pick of prizes for today’s challenge. One choice the campers might get is to have the beds in their cabins replaced with these mattresses straight from the catalogue so they can snooze in style. *holds up a catalogue page, showing a fancy-looking bed*

    *some of the campers’ eyes light up*

    : The other thing you could get for winning these challenges is the cabin’s own barbecue set, which will come supplied with some personal ingredients to make some sweet snackage during the course of the game. *holds up a catalogue page, showing a barbecue*

    *other campers’ eyes light up*

    : So, before we begin, I’m going to ask each of you: Which prize do you prefer? *dumps Jojo out of the net*

    : By the looks of it, our team’s going to have to choose the beds now that all our pillows are robbery masks. *pulls the mask made from a pillowcase off of Jojo’s head*

    Confessionals: : Jojo’s just getting to be more and more trouble! The pillowcases were the only things that kept those pillows bearable! I don’t even think they’re sanitary to sleep on without them! *holds up a pillow covered with an assortment of fungus on it*

    : Anyone who wants to win the barbecue can step over to this side of the field. Whoever wants the beds can head over here.

    : Not eating Cook’s food? I like the sound of that. *goes over to the barbecue side of the field*

    : Yaay! Shish-ka-ba-bee! *takes a stick and tries to skewer Larry with it*

    : … I think the beds sound nice. *goes over to the bed side, while Jojo goes to the barbecue side*

    : *sees Jojo wave to him on the barbecue side* Y’know, I think I agree with Lionel. *goes over to join Lionel*

    : Yeah, me too. *goes with Copper*

    : Everyone else?

    Artemis, Wrex, Mug, Hurricane, Laura, Mercury and the Wizard go with Ellie, while Hershey, Travis, Amber, Epifanio, Erin, Ralph and Elizabeth go with Lionel*

    : Uh-oh, have we been outvoted? Come on, team! Heroes never sleep! And come on, who likes Cook’s food?

    : *fists clench*

    : Worry not, Mug, for from this moment on, a regrouping is in order!

    Campers: Huh?

    : That’s right! For this challenge, the teams are being rearranged! The campers who decided they wanted beds are now to be called Team Sleepies, while those who picked the barbecue are dubbed Team Snackies! Today’s series of challenges will pit the two groups against each other in a fight to the finish for the reward they desire!

    Confessionals: : Glad I didn’t have to wait until the merger to teach Mug a lesson. Not like she’d last that long anyway.

    : Aww, man! Can we switch teams?

    : Yeah, I don’t wanna play against Erin!

    : Don’t worry about it, Hurricane. It’ll be good to get a chance to see first-hand what a swell fighter you are. *gives Hurricane a suggestive look*

    Confessionals: : More like a first-hand chance at seeing what a loser I am! I’m going to have to make sure Erin doesn’t get an opportunity to face me or we’re done!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : This set of challenges has multiple phases, which the best in three will win. This first phase has three challenges. The group who wins the best in three wins the phase. Challenge 1: Don’t Rock The Boat! This cleared out basin has two pointy rocks with a canoe on each of them. To win, one camper from each group must sit in the canoe while arranging the tasty snacks or cuddly toys their teammates throw at them to keep the boat balanced on the rock until the basin fills up with water.

    : I’ll go, my crew. If anyone knows a way or two on a boat, it’s me!

    : I’ll handle this for ya guys. *steps into the boat*

    Confessionals: : That freak’ll probably weigh the boat down. Why’d we have to get stuck with the rejects from the Team Failure this challenge?

    : *gets food thrown at her, and starts moving it around the canoe* Keep ‘er steady, Scally!

    : *moves back and forth between the bow and stern of the boat to weigh the lighter sides down*

    : *is catching toys in midair with her whip and spreading them evenly through the boat* Organizing’s something this librarian can handle.

    : Ham! *is tossed ham, and whacks it towards the canoe with her skillet* Bratwürste! *is tossed a sausage, and whacks it towards the canoe* Over easy! *is tossed some eggs and whacks them with her skillet, sending them somersaulting over to the canoe*

    : *has just turned on the pipe to fill the basin and eyes Mug maliciously*

    Confessionals: : Okay, now she’s just showing off.

    : *is throwing stuff at the boat* You’ve got a nice throw there, Copper.

    : Not proud of this, but… after passing stolen goods, it comes easy. You’re not bad at all yourself.

    : I’ve got less to worry about if Ellie’s got something to watch besides me.

    : *throws a teddy bear at Elizabeth from the front of the boat* Hey, Liz! Incoming at twelve o’ clock!

    : Thanks for the tip! *catches the bear*

    Confessionals: : I’m picking it up! I’ll be a master at this in no time!

    : Keep up the good work, guys! *throws a box of crackers into the boat, which burst open*

    : Awk! Cracker! *flies over to the crackers*

    : Scally, no! We’ve gotta keep this thing upright!

    : *perches on the side of the boat and starts to eat the crackers, making the weight one-sided*

    : It’s tipping! We’re going to have to throw something heavy to balance it out!

    : I think I’ve got a heavy object… Huddle. *whispers something to everyone*

    : Get over here, ya bloomin’ blunderbird! *tries to shoo Scally from the crackers to move him to the other side*

    : *is hurled at the boat by his team, knocking into Scally, sending them both careening off the boat*

    : You’re a good thinker, Laura. Let’s get this done!

    : Incoming at four o’ clock! *throws a toy from the left side of the boat*

    : Huh? *is hit with a box from behind and is startled when a Jack in the Box comes out of it, tipping the boat*


    *the water fills the basin, setting Artemis’s canoe afloat*

    : Try again, Digi.

    : *hangs head*

    Confessionals: : This all just had to be my terrible luck! We’ve got no hope at all!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Let’s move on, people! This challenge will involve two things every snacker and snoozer will appreciate. Bedsheets and picnic blankets! *holds out one of each* The objective of the challenge is to use these blankets to launch your teammates onto this wire tied between these two posts to blow the horn on top of the post.

    : That thingy looks purdy high up to reach from the wire.

    : You’ll have to launch more than one opponent onto the wire to balance on top of each other to reach it.

    : I call not having to shake the blanket.

    Confessionals: : Why didn’t that loafer just choose the beds? If he did, he’d have spared us his deadweight butt.

    : Let me be at the top. I’d love to hit that sweet note.

    *the campers grab hold of corners of the sheets*

    : It’s sure hard to hold the sheet in this breeze.

    : *notices one of Lionel’s feathers blow by him* A lucky feather! Maybe this could be my new lucky thing! *chases after the feather*

    : Epifanio! *sighs* This lack of focus is pitiful. *picks up the corner of the sheet*

    : *is launched to the top of the wire*

    : And an impressively dainty flip from Elizabeth!

    Confessionals: : I know a thing or two about being on top of things. *winks*

    : *sighs* How is literal child’s play an engaging spectacle? All right, Wrex, three… Two…

    : Hang on. *closes laptop*

    : *rolls eyes* Two and a half…

    : *jumps onto the picnic blanket, his weight causing the entire blanket to wrap around him, and pulling the campers holding the corners into each other*

    : *has his skin pants tangled in Ellie’s shells*

    : *is barely sucking her tummy in to avoid getting poked by Artemis’s pistol*

    : Ooh! Major spill from the Snackies! How are the sleepies doing?

    : *has been launched into Elizabeth, and hears a noise* Aah! Duck and cover!! *jumps off Elizabeth and tries to bury beneath her, shaking Elizabeth off the wire*

    : Lily, one side! *pulls on Lily’s tail, pulling her out from under the spot Elizabeth is falling towards*

    : *comes along, holding Lionel’s feather* I got this feather and our opponents crashed! Maybe it’s a lucky one! *Elizabeth falls on him, flattening him* Or maybe not…

    : Pathetic on both sides.

    : With ya there, Cook. But I think I’ve got to give this one to the Sleepies for actually managing to get anybody up there.

    : You’re not even giving us another try?

    : I just want to move on to the actual good part.

    Confessionals: : Oh, come on! Now even he’s admitting his challenges are dull!

    : Awww… I really wanted to sound the horn. *ears droop*

    : ….

    : *gives Sprites a begging, longing look*

    : ….Ahh, go ahead, blow your socks off. *kicks the pole, sending the horn falling down to Mug*

    : Yaay! *joyously blows on the horn*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Phase one is about to conclude. The final challenge will be a race.

    : Hey, Mug, maybe you can blow that horn behind Ralph and make him run.

    : This race isn’t going to be run. This leg of the challenge will be a classic match of potato sack race. *holds up potato sacks* Players who aren’t hungry for barbecue chips are going to be racing in a bag that more suits them. *holds up sleeping bags* First group who gets a member across the finish line wins. As par sack race rules, anyone who gets out of their bag or tries to race with their bag cut open is disqualified.

    *all the campers line up at the starting line*

    : Ready… Set… Go! *fires a gun which shoots out a checkered flag with the word “BANG” on it*

    : Out of me way ye sackskippin’ scallywags! *starts hopping ahead and overtakes Epifanio, who trips on a rock*

    : Yaaaay, I’m doing it, I’m doing it!! *realizes he’s actually been holding his skin pants up instead of the bag* Huh? *is trounced by Erin, who trips over him and falls*

    : *is trying to race, but has trouble hopping and falls on her face*

    : *is also struggling in her sack* Not the easiest challenge if you can’t hop. *sees Copper hop up beside her* Thanks for bailing me back there.

    : No problem.

    : Looks like Hurricane’s got himself in trouble again.

    : *has hopped up to Hurricane* Hey, hotstuff. Let’s see you leave me in the dust*

    : I, uh, erm, um…

    : I can’t think how I’ll get him out of this one. *realizes she’s been talking to an empty sack* Huh?

    : *tries to make a jump, but his feet touch the ground* Huh? *realizes there’s a hole in his sack*

    : No holes! You’re out!

    : What? But how…

    : *holds up pen knife and retracts it with a sly grin*

    : Rigging the game? For the other team?!? You really are a crook, aren’t you?

    : Better move, or you’re next! *holds up knife*

    : No you don’t! I’m winning this thing! Outta my way, losers! *starts hopping forward at a blinding speed*

    : *is comfortably ahead of the race*

    : *rapidly bounces off rocks and trees and overtakes Artemis easily, leaping across the finish line*

    : And the Sleepies take phase 1!

    : Smart moves back there.

    : Don’t mention it!

    : I can’t excel while restrained! This challenge was unfair!

    : Kind of like the laws of nature!

    : *shoots a stream of flame at Cook*

    : *dodges, and lets it hit a tree*

    : *picks up the rock he tripped on* I wonder if this is a lucky rock… *nearly gets hit by the falling tree, which barely misses him, then gets pecked by a woodpecker that got knocked out of the tree* No lo creo.… Ow.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Phase 2 is about to start! Since the Sleepies have already won one phase, if they win this one, the player that wins the game gets their side their prize and their team invincibility. Phase 2 has three points to be won, and the side that gets two in three wins it. This first challenge is a navigation quest through the thick of the bristly brush of this briar patch maze. Three campers will be sent from each side into this devastatingly confounding mess of thorns. The first side who manages to have all three out of the maze will score one point for their side towards winning Phase 2.

    : I’ll go! I always jump at the chance for a quest! Come on, Wrex!

    : No one knows the unbeaten path like I do! I’ll join these two!

    Confessionals: : The one challenge I get freed from being on Amber’s team I have to join ranks with a pirate? Why do I keep getting stuck with moral-less members?

    : *hops alongside Epifanio and Lionel, who are about to enter the maze* Try not to get lost in my dust, Team Molasses.

    : Hey, slow and steady wins the race, right?

    : Please. Everyone knows that surefire and swift beats anything slow anytime.

    Confessionals: : If she doesn’t even believe in stopping to rest, why’d she pick the beds in the first place? Jeez.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *leads the rest of the campers to a basketball court* Here is where the rest of you dudes will compete in the second challenge of Phase 2. This is a little game I like to call “spikebasket”. This game is similar to basketball; to win, you have to shoot this ball into the opposing hoop. *takes out a ball and bounces it* Unlike basketball, dribbling is also outlawed as well as travel. The ball must be spiked up in the air to move it around the court. Anyone who lets the ball touch the ground must automatically give it to an opponent. This game will go on until two goals have been scored. Each goal counts as a point for the side that scores it.

    : I’m just glad I didn’t choose that lame repeat challenge of a trek through the brush. It’s a plus I won’t have to get pricked.

    : Did I mention “spike” has more than one meaning here? *presses the ball, causing spikes to come out of it* This’ll be three on three, who’s playing?

    : I’m ready to step my game up. Lily, Copper, c’mon, let’s punt around this bundle o’ barbed wire. We’ve got us some fancy hay to hit.

    : Cool! I can play? Bet I can beat you, right Lily? *gives Lily a look*

    : Uh, thanks, Hurricane, but I think maybe you should leave this one to me and Mercury. I think she can counter Lily a little more easily.

    : *hangs head*

    : Now, you wait just a minute there, Missy. Do you really want to miss out on playing with the Fighter of the Century? Just take a good look! He’s got the physique! The arm! The streamlining for perfect agility! What we’ve got is a deluxe model victory machine that only a lunatic would pass up! You can trust the Wizard!

    : All right, fine, you can play, Hurricane.

    Confessionals: : Wow, that guy really is the Wizard! He played me up perfectly! Remind me to use the prize money to hire him as my wrestling agent!

    Confessionals: : It’s good to get business. I don’t need direct payment like Miss Love though. I can just use the exposure. Kids and parents at home, if you want someone who can sell you like that, just dial the number on my card! *tries to hold up a card but the confessional cuts off*

    : *throws out the ball* Game on!

    : *electricity crackles from cheeks* You guys hungry? ‘Cause you’re about to get served up! Catch, Lil! *spikes the ball* Ow…

    : This is yours, Hurricane! *intercepts and spikes the ball towards Hurricane* Ow, wow those do really hurt!

    : *jumps and easily blocks Hurricane before spiking the ball towards Copper with his tail*

    : *aqua jets in front of Copper and spikes the ball into the air*

    : I got it, I got it, I- *has the ball land on his face and bounce off it* @_@

    : Nice head shot, Jojo.

    : I’m open! *catches the ball and starts spiking it into the air repeatedly while moving towards the opposing hoop* Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. *starts to slow down as the ball repeatedly pricks him.

    : *climbs up Hurricane and uses him as a platform to make a high jump and kick-spike the ball*

    : *catches the ball* Come on, you guys!

    : *turns to Lily* Let’s do this. *rushes towards Ellie* Excuse me, I’ll be taking this. *snatches the ball from Ellie* Thank you! *throws the ball away from Ellie*

    : No you don’t! *chases after the ball*

    : *quickly zips in front of Ellie and knocks the ball away, causing her to miss and crash face-first*

    : *is about to catch the ball*

    : *coils around Jojo* Sorry little guy! *lets the ball slide down her body in a spiral, then swats the ball with her tail*

    : *catches the ball* Now time for the dunker! *prepares to spike the ball into the hoop*

    : Not if I can help it! *leaps towards Hershey to try to make a steal*

    : *jumps and runs across Hurricane’s back, stomping his head into the dirt in the process, and shoots, scoring a goal*

    : I couldn’t help it. @_@

    : And that’s one score for the Sleepies!

    : Sorry for the head stompin’, Hurricane. Dilly J did that.

    Confessionals: : I’m just glad Erin wasn’t around to see that! We’d be over faster than that round was!

    : *goes up to Lily* Thanks for that super slide. You really do have some skills, you know.

    : You’re not so bad yourself. I kind of wish I was on your team. You seem like a better teammate than most of mine.

    : Thanks. I like playing on your side as well.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is slashing her way through the brambles with her cutlass* We’ll be out of here before low tide!

    : It’s kind of giving me trouble that this is probably cheating.

    : Cheatin’? Nonsense, I just be broadening the trail a bit. Scally, ye scout from the skies fer us so we can know just which way to turn!

    : Awk! Way to turn! *takes off*

    : Also probably cheating.

    : *types up some stuff on his computer* You know we could always just use this overhead live feed map of the island.

    : Definitely cheating.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *comes to a fork* Is this a two-way fork or a three-way one? These branches are so tangly it’s hard to tell. And can you two keep up? What happened to Epifanio?

    : *stumbles through branches, getting tangled in numerous thorns and getting his toe caught in a mouse trap* Looks like none of those were lucky thorns. *reaches for his glasses which are hanging from a branch stuck by the tape on them* Ohhh, kimen avek! *tries to pull his glasses from the branch and ends up being sent tumbling backward from momentum into a pitfall trap*

    : Come on, Epifanio, let’s go down this path.

    : Larry says we should take the middle path.

    : I don’t have time to take directions from a stick. We’d better move down the other path. I’ve got a feeling that one there leads to a dead end.

    : *pops out of the trap, noticing a clover blow by* How many leaves does that clover have? Maybe it’s got four! I’ve got some leaf-counting to do! *chases it down a path*

    : Epifanio! Hey, Lionel, don’t you take off- *sees Lionel leave* I won’t miss you guys one bit! *tries to chase after Lionel*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *runs after the clover* Aha! *pounces on the clover* I gotcha! *drops his inhaler, which slides into a hole* My inhaler! *reaches for his inhaler, but hears a rattling noise from the hole* Rattlesnake pit? *looks at the clover and sees it has three leaves* No wonder! This was useless! *throws the clover away and continues to run along the path until he comes to a fork*

    & : *are standing in the fork*

    : That path was just a loop? Looks like I couldn’t get the luck I needed. Let’s go on. *continues down a path*

    & : … *follow*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Hershey continues to play a rough game with Copper giving some mean backup! But Ellie’s still holding on, keeping them at bay!

    : *is passed the ball* Come at me, ball! *spikes the ball hard, sending it flying off the court and rolling down a hill*

    : Good going, Jojo. There goes the ball.

    : I’ll go get it. *follows the path of the ball* How does something spiky roll that fast? *finds the ball and reaches for it when she realizes it’s at the front of the girls’ communal bathrooms* Uh-oh.

    : *appears from behind the corner and snarls at Mercury*

    : Uhhhh, I was just getting this… I’ll be leaving now….. *tries to reach for the ball and leave*

    : *leaps at Mercury and starts mauling her*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Awk! *is flying over the maze*

    : *is watching from the control room* Hmmm, so you think you guys can take the easy way, huh? Try this on for size. *pulls some levers and presses some buttons*

    : …*is looking at the map* Wow, is Ralph burying a bunch of stuffed monkeys there? *sees his screen start to mess up* What? What?!? The wifi is cutting out again! And I almost got to the high score in Giant Robot Rainbow Unicorn Attack! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!

    : *hears a parrot mating call* Squak! *flies towards the noise and lands on what turns out to be a gigantic venus flytrap*

    : Lunchtime. *pulls a lever, causing the giant mechanical flytrap to close its mouth on Scally*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : This is the seventh dead end! *wheezes* Erin? *hears a snap behind him*

    : *is caught by the leg in a big, rusty metal bear trap*

    : Erin!!! Ohh, my curse of misfortune is plaguing you all! *wheezes* I should have quit the game the moment my pen was separated from me! *starts tugging really hard* Nnnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhh! Nnnnnnngggghhh!!! Oh, it’s no use! *wheezes heavily* I can’t pull this key to the trap off this branch. *lets go of the key tangled in a thin briar branch* I’m sorry you had to choose today to be on my side. I’m so sorry. *hangs head, still wheezing*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Time out, we’ve gotta get the ball pulled out of Jojo’s crack. …Again.

    : We’re barely holding on here!

    : A change in lineup may alter the odds. How about I take Hurricane’s place in the game?

    : You? You’re not exactly built for this kind of thing.

    : You seem to be wearing out. And Mercury isn’t in any condition to replace you.

    : *is lying on a gurney, with bandages on her* I kind of agree.

    : *sighs* All right. Go. I don’t see it doing much good.

    : Play ball! *throws the ball into the court*

    : *passes to Laura*

    : *has the ball dropped on her head* Got it… *makes a small jump, barely able to spike the ball up slightly*

    : Gotta be quicker than that! *snatches the ball from Laura and spikes it forward hard, then rushes towards the goal to make a shot*

    : *blocks the shot with a steal and spikes the ball high* Hey, Lily! Think fast! *throws the ball hard towards Lily*

    : *watches as the ball sails towards her, spikes whirring*

    : *leaps in front of Lily, taking a hard ball full of spikes straight to the chest and lands on Hershey’s leg, causing it to malfunction and knock him spine-first into a goalpost* @_@

    Confessionals: : Copper totally bailed me out there! If he hadn’t taken that hit for me, I’d have had to counter that toss myself. Then I’d be branded as the brute for sure.

    : Ooh! Rough play! But since the ball still touched the ground, it’s going to the Snackies.

    : *picks up the ball*

    : Pass!

    : *spikes the ball to Laura*

    : *punts the ball towards Jojo, who scores*

    : And the Snackies make a goal! They’ve still got a shot!

    Confessionals: : That challenge was a gamble. I could only suspect that my lesser physical skills would be made up for in Ellie’s greater readiness to cooperate with a female player. Sometimes one only has their hunches, and I’m glad mine worked.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *talks on the intercom* The score for Phase 2 is now equal. The side that makes it out of the maze first wins their choice of prize. The last member to exit the maze on the winning side wins the game for their team.

    : *hears the intercom* Uh-oh! We need to get out of here before the others do! *wheezes* Quick, Lionel! Help me *wheeze* try to pry the trap open so that Erin can get out! *wheezes*

    : …….

    : Well, I know you probably don’t want to speak to me after my failure, but at least you can help. *wheezes* Oh, maldita sea!. *starts straining to pull the trap’s jaws apart*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *gets her tail cut loose from being caught in a thicket from Artemis’s cutlass* We need to find a way out of here! *holds up her sensei* Wise Sensei, please share your knowledge of the path we must take.

    : Oh, pish! That Calypso clairvoyancy nonsense’ll get us nowhere! *hears a desperate squawk from Scally* Looks like we’ve got some genuine directions! Follow that bird! *follows the noise to see the venus flytrap with a feather hanging from its mouth* Shiver me timbers! That scurvy sproutshoot snapped up me Scally! *raises her cutlass and swings it at the flytrap*

    : *pulls levers in the control room to make mechanical branches grab Artemis* Don’t think so.

    : *is trapped in branches* Ohhh, ya let me loose! *tries to cut the branch, but causes it to malfunction and slam her headfirst into the ground*

    Confessionals: : *is watching Artemis getting slammed on repeat* I’m so glad we didn’t confescate that sword from her. Heh heh heh!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *is struggling to hold the trap open* Quick, Erin! *wheeze* I think I’ve got it just open enough… *the trap slips from his grip and he falls backwards* Oh my griblets! *gets up* Erin! Did you get out?

    : *stands up, revealing a severed stump in place of a foot*

    : Oh my gosh, Erin!!! *gives a heavy wheeze combined with a mortified gasp* I mangled your metatarsals! *holds up the severed foot* Oh woe! Curse my ill fate that our chances are now blown! *wheezes* I’m so sorry, Erin. *hangs head*

    : Epifanio?

    : Huh? *looks around the corner*

    : *appears from behind the corner* Come on! I found the exit already! You guys’d better stop mucking around and win this thing!

    : Wait, what? But I thought… But.. *looks at Erin, then the rabbit* …..…Oh.

    : No time to fool around with the animals, guys! We’ve got to get out of here! Follow my dust! *dashes through the maze with rapid speed*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : Confounded currents. *is still twitching from getting electrocuted*

    : Shh! I just heard something! *turns the corner and sees the Sleepies making a run for it*

    : Hurry! The exit’s this way!

    : They’ve found the exit! Quick, we’ve got to beat them! *runs after the Sleepies*

    : *closes laptop and sighs, starting to run*

    : *dashes across the finish line in a streak* Come on, you guys, they’re gaining on you!

    : I’m trying. *wheezes* I *wheeze* can hardly *wheeze* breathe! *gets overtaken by Mug and Artemis, and continues towards the finish line, wheezing*

    : Shake a leg, Lionel!

    : *almost makes it after Epifanio, but trips inches away from the finish line and is overtaken by Wrex, who sluggishly plods past him*

    : Lionel!!! You let Wrex beat you to the win, you flat-footed failure!!!

    : *goes to Erin* Thanks a lot for finishing first and blowing our invincibility chance.

    : Looks like the Snackies win Phase 2! That means it’s time for a tie breaker! Meet me at the clearing for phase 3!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *comes to where a crowd is gathering* I’ve buried my entire trail! Nobody will find it now!

    : *comes with a huge sack from a hole Ralph has been at and stuffs it into his cabin* I sure found lots of cool stuff!

    : Thanks for taking that toss, Copper.

    : *has casts in quite a few places* No problem… Ow… I do hope we can win the beds though… I don’t think I’ll recover on those awful cabin bunks for a long time.

    : *is sitting in the crowd with the rabbit* Maybe *wheeze* I can *wheeze* fix this. *tries to take tape from his glasses to bandage the rabbit’s foot, but causes his glasses to fall apart and he puts the tape on Mug’s leg* Can you *wheeze* send some- *wheeze* one to get my inhaler?

    : Ehh, you can live without it. Everyone here? Good. Phase 3 will be a sudden death match consisting of a one-on-one fight to the finish to earn your hard-worked-for prize. Each side must select a player to represent them.

    : Can I do this? I think I’ll be good at this.

    : I like that idea. How about I go against you, Hurricane? I haven’t got to take you on yet.

    : Uhhh… I, uh…

    : I’ll take you, Hurricane.

    : Friend vs. friend? I like the sounds of that. You two are in.

    : Isn’t that an automatic loss for us? That’s just great.

    Confessionals: : I don’t even mind if we’re guaranteed to lose. It’ll give me an easier chance to eliminate that weakling incompetent Epifanio.

    : Hurricane. Lily. The final match of the Snackies vs. the Sleepies will now commence! Phase 3 is going to be… A boxing match!

    : I don’t even have hands to wear the gloves!

    : I didn’t say there would be any punching involved, oh no. The final match will be a fight to whichever camper can stuff their opponent inside this box. *takes out a cardboard box*

    Confessionals: : This is a perfect chance. I know Lily is going to give me an instant boost by making me look awesome in this final fight. If I can get a kickass win against her, Erin might even be so impressed, she won’t want to try to fight me!

    : Game on! *rings a boxing match bell*

    : Don’t think you’ve got a chance ‘cause you’re a dragon! I’ve got the strength of ten dragons!

    : *swoops at Hurricane*

    : *dodges* Ha! Too slow! *starts tugging on Lily’s tail*

    : *isn’t affected*

    : *keeps tugging* Hrm hrm.

    : Oh. *collapses to the ground* Oh, help! He’s got me!

    Confessionals: : He’s such a lightweight I’d barely even notice him. But I came here to look out for Hurricane, so I’m going to give him this one. That’s what friends do.

    : *shoves Lily’s tail into the box* Now for the rest of you! *starts pulling on Lily’s body, shoving her in the box foot by foot*

    : There sure’s a lot of her. You sure she’ll fit?

    : They always fit, it’s just a question of how painful it’ll be. *grins sadistically*

    : *almost has all of Lily’s body coiled into the box* Now to finish! *gently grabs on Lily’s neck in a fake chokehold and prepares to shove her head into the box*

    : *is about to be shoved into the box when she sees Copper*

    : *is still lying on a gurney, looking disappointed*

    Confessionals: : Now, I wanted to help Hurricane look good and all, and he is my best friend, and sure it would help keep everyone from thinking I was a bully if they saw me go down easy, but I decided I have other friends too, and after everything Copper did for me, it was only fair to return the favour. I decided to win the beds for Copper.

    : *jerks her head out of Hurricane’s grip with ease and starts sliding out of the box*

    : Lily, what the-

    : *wraps around Hurricane, who hopelessly struggles, then paralyzes him with a well-aimed dragonbreath and wraps him in her coils and sticks him in the box, shutting it on him*

    : Now that’s what I call a sharp turn of the tables! Lily wins for the Sleepies with a vicious victory!! Everyone who requested a luxury mattress is getting one, and the Shrieking Sandshrews are invincible!!!

    : *weakly gets up* Thanks, Lily.

    : You’re welcome. *sees a bunch of campers looking at her* What?

    : I ain’t never seen moves like that before! You blew my mind there!

    : I knew you had it in you all along! I was right, you are spectacular! You’re the perfect teammate!

    : Can I request you to the All-Star pro mat? I can get you signed up to be a household word in nothing flat!

    : *sighs and turns to Copper* I really hope you sleep well on those beds. *tries to leave the crowd, but they don’t let her*

    : *is stuck trying to climb out of the box and sees Erin and holds out his hand to be pulled out*

    : What was that back there? You were absolutely pitiful! Fighter of the Century? Yeah right. *turns and leaves*

    : Erin, I- *tries to follow Erin, but is still stuck in the box and falls backwards, and is left behind, looking crushed*

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    : *looks at the injured rabbit* Hey, looks like this little rooter matches me. Maybe I can fix this fella up a little mini Dilly. *holds up the rabbit, who chomps on the green onion in front of it*

    : *waddles off*

    : What just happened?!? Lionel would never let anyone snack on his stick!

    : *waddles in with Larry* What’s going on?

    : Lionel?!? *looks at Lionel, then the duck, which waddles off*

    : Where have you been all this time? *rips the tape off of Mug’s leg, leaving a bald spot*

    : I’ve just been having some quality time with Larry. After he helped me find my way out of the maze about two hours ago, I didn’t see the other two guys, so we just hung around. Larry’s a really good navigator!

    : Wait, what did you say? Hold it, everybody! There’s been a miscalculation! *waves hand and everybody stops* Lionel was out of the maze two hours ago, which was much earlier than any of the other campers were. That means that all the Sleepies were out of the maze before Wrex was. Which means that the Sleepies already beat the Snackies in Phase 2! As the last Sleepie to make it across, Epifanio has won the prize for the Sleepies and invincibility for the Carvanha!!!

    *all the Carvanha cheer and hold up Epifanio*

    : Of course! *wheeze* Luck of *wheeze* the rabbit’s foot! *holds up the rabbit’s severed foot* My luck’s been returned *wheeze* to m-*wheezes and gasps heavily*

    : …Do we need to do something about his breathing issues?

    : He’ll be fine.

    : *collapses*

    : Get him on life support.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    The Carvanha can rest easy, but it’s time for a Sandshrew to get grilled! VOTE one of them off!

    Vote off: Hershey, Mercury, Hurricane, Lily, Travis, Ellie, Laura, Artemis, Erin or the Wizard.
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    Hmmm very interesting episode. Love the new dynamics and Copper has for sure moved up in my opinion. Kinda too bad Mug and the team of uninteresting misfits won but eh I'm sure this team could do without someone.

    Hmmm actually kind of a hard one. I am torn between The Wizard and Hurricane. On one hand the Wizard has done and will likely not do anything he is uninteresting and has little if any connections with the other contestants, in this episode he was the one to let Hurricane play....but that's all. Now Hurricane on the other hand has literally every reason to be voted off, he lost for his team big time, he's lied to his entire team this whole time, now that Lily has her own plot cooking up she no longer even needs him. But Hurricane does have many character relationships (Lily, Erin and Hershey) and is more interesting....
    I wish I had some better choices but I guess I'll vote off...the Wizard for endorsing a loser (yah that's the best I got :/)

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    Mercury really has no plot right now, and she was almost non existent during this challenge, so that's my vote. The only thing that I can remember is her getting mauled by Amber.

    Credit to cloneydew2000 for the sprites.

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    I'm voting artemis not for most of the things she did but her bird nearly costed her the first challange as well as she was cheating by sending up scally to find the way out of the maze.
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    Wow, Sprites has some generosity in him.. Anywho, my first instinct would be to vote Hurricane, as I found that everything he did/said was either annoying, or hurt the team... At least to me. However, like Amber, I see future drama and friction between him and his team mates. Therefore, I shall vote Mercury for really not participating in the challenges instead.

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    Everyone else has been basically saying what I'm thinking.

    Heck; even I would be voting Hurricane right now if he didn't have anything to keep him interesting in the game....and I created him!

    But; I'm going to vote Wizard because it feels all he does (not just in this chapter, before anyone points this out) is talk on his phone, or make losers look good. Funny or not, I feel that Wizard's going to be the same thing over and over.

    Also; glad Lily's finally breaking away and becoming her own character. ^-^ Though things aren't looking good for Hurricane...but we'll just have to see where that goes.

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    Well, that was very confusing with all the split teams. I was still trying to get a hold of who is who on each team and now I'm even more lost.

    I'd love to vote Lily off for multiple reasons but I dont think I can so I'll vote Mercury off for getting totaled by Amber. Oh and criticizing the challenges cause thats just plain annoying.

    Speaking of criticism, how did the ground-typed Artemis get electrocuted by Cook's machine. Which also begs the question to how they were struggling with the budget last season due to the censorship bill WHEN COOK HAS GIANT ROBOTS AND VARIOUS MACHINES AND WHATNOT.

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    Voting Mercury for being overly criticizing, and for not participating in the challenges.

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    Voting Mercury for not doing anything and for moaning all the time and Wizard's gonna get voted out soon considering he practically did nothing. (All he did was Thomas Dolby and Big Up Hurricane.)
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    I really loved the way you portrayed Epifanio in this one. Finally speaking some Spanish.

    I vote Mercury. She really didn't do much in the events.

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    This was a good episode. I loved the beginning part with Jojo. That was pretty funny. I really don't know who to vote for. It's either Mercury, Hurricane, or the Wizard. I vote for....the Wizard. He hasn't really been doing much except for talking on his phone. He isn't a giant help to his team either. (And now I can vote for the Wizard without going to the idiot corner. )

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    Also X and Y is Kewl. TEAM FLOWERHEAD FTW (Mega Venusaur) :3

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    I'll vote Mercury she hardly appears and is overly criticizing.
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    I actually wouldn't mind seeing Wizard take on more of a role because if he does then yeah I'll gladly allow him to get kicked out.
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