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Thread: were do you get a traner card?

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    Talking were do you get a traner card?

    just intrested!!!!!!!!!ASH LOVES MAY [just saying]

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    Go down to the Fan Art Shops forum and request one at a shop, but make sure to read the shop rules and make sure they even do trainer cards first. :x

    You could do that or simply make one yourself, or go to pokecharms.

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    how do you get 1?

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    There is a site called,it does a good job but you will find most people on here have them so not that unique...Right now thought they are updating the site,Here's the link. and here's some more information on how to make your own trainer card,and a site to upload it too. and heres the uploading site
    See ya! If you want me to make you a costumized trainer card just PM me and I will give you the link to the image,if you do Private message me tell me your pokemon,name,type of trainer sprite and background you want,colors etc. Thanks!
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