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Thread: Mewtwo in Subspace Emissary (A Brawl One-Shot)

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    Default Mewtwo in Subspace Emissary (A Brawl One-Shot)

    Mewtwo watched as Bowser’s trophy gun blew up, petrifying several Primid. “Fool, He makes those furry imbeciles from the Starfox unit look as though they were the best of the best.” His eyes glowed again, and the picture vanished. Then was a thought blossomed in his head, if this “Tabuu” fool was intent on the world becoming his, he would need more generals, he decided he would make a deal with the devil of this world.

    As soon as he saw Master hand, he knew that Tabuu was the puppet master behind him. The moment Master hand started talking, Mewtwo used his telepathy to speak directly to Tabuu. “Give me your strongest soldiers, and I will give them the mightiest brains the world has ever known.” He gloated. Tabuu accepted him, giving him control of Armight, Autolance, and “Mizzos”, as soon as they were perfected. Tabuu commissioned him to the Destroyed Zoo, to work alongside the pompous Porky.

    Mewtwo sat back in the corner, he watched as a “Pokémon Trainer” wrestled his way across the fields, his rival had been defeated, but this one showed far more, potential. Mewtwo teleported to the boy in red, he grew bored of just watching. The two’s eyes met, and the battle began.

    Snorlax jumped into the sky to deliver a body slam to the Psychic clone. We assume that he landed somewhere in the forest sector though. Pikachu jumped and tweaked it’s tail, Thunder hit Mewtwo dead on. Impressed with it’s strength, he warped it to the Isle of the Ancients, to be used as a generator. And Eevee was returned to the box the moment it appeared; Mewtwo would not waste his time with one so weak.

    Ivysaur growled, it knew that it was weak to Mewtwo. As the Razor Leaf was just about to hit Mewtwo, he snapped his fingers and the leaves were sent recoiling back to him, He shot him off into the Ruins, if his trajectory was correct, he would crash in the old hallway, snapping his neck on landing.

    The child sent out Charizard, an admirable dragon, but no match for Mewtwo, as the beast was thrown to the distance, mewtwo erased it’s memory of ever having been owned by the boy. He had two much respect for the beast to kill it.

    The child grimaced as he sent out Squirtle, that was his last pokémon, and he knew that Squirtle couldn’t pull it off. “I was hoping to save this for a Shiny, or even a legendary dog.” The Boy sighed. Mewtwo scoffed, “he is going to try and capture me, fool, I have the upper hand, why should I ever let it hit me?” Mewtwo caught the ball in midair. His eyes were closed, but he could feel two lumps on either side of the top piece, the letter “M” emblazoned on it. He yelled in shock as he was vacuumed inside of the Masterball. In shock, words appeared in Mewtwo’s mind as it was brainwashed to work for Red.

    “Would you like to place MEWTWO in Bill’s PC?” YES. NO.

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    YES. Put it in the highest-security box you have. =D

    Interesting fanfic. That really all I have to say.
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    Ah, today just isn't your day, Mewtwo. XDDD

    Just when you thought you were safe... BAM.

    I loved how Mewtwo thought he was all hotstuff and just for a split second he realises he just got pwnd. XD
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    hah, good story: short and sweet. i liked it; it had an interesting take on how Pikachu, Ivysaur and Charizard ended up where they were. the ending was pretty funny, too. “'Would you like to place MEWTWO in Bill’s PC?' YES. NO." XD
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    Nice story. Though short, I found it enjoyable. I like stories where the cocky villain gets their comeuppance.

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