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    Rating: hmm.....I would say PG-13...and that's if I'm being really tough on it. Slightly suggestive, no real curse words....I take that back. PG!!


    Ash was sprawled on his couch with the remote in his hands, “Crap…crap…crap…Oh! The Blood-Sucking Eevee! I’ve been wanting to see this!” He exclaimed finally setting the remote down.

    Misty walked into the living room and glanced at the TV, “Ash Ketchum, what on earth are you watching?” she asked putting her hands on her hips.

    “Blood-Sucking Eevees…it’s just goes to show you, you can’t trust anything cute…” he shook his head at the main character who was naively picking up the little “lost” Eevee she had found in the woods.

    “Move your legs, I want to watch” Misty snapped gesturing to the couch Ash was on.

    “Sit in the chair, I was here first.” He retorted.

    “You know you can’t see the TV from the chair.” she whined, then grinned as she just sat in front of his hips leaning back to make him as uncomfortable as she could.

    He grunted slightly, “If you think that’s going to make me move, you’re going to be disappointed.”

    “I’m fine where I am, stay if you want” she shrugged

    “Good, I will” once it left his mouth he realized that he sounded childish but there was no taking it back now, luckily she didn’t respond so he didn’t have to worry about saying something else stupid.

    They sat in silence both getting more and more into the movie when it came to an intense scene where the heroes finally knew how to kill the demon Eevee but first had to find it.

    “This is usually the part where the hot chick gets it.” Ash commented absentmindedly. As if on cue, Eevee leapt out from behind the busty blonde chomping down on her neck. Misty shrieked and sank down so that her face was buried in Ash’s chest. He was a bit shocked by this but didn’t make her move instead placing a hand gently on her back. The movie ended with little fanfare, although Misty never sat back up and Ash never moved his hand.

    He shut the TV off and stretched while he yawned. “Let me go to the linen closet and get you a couple blankets, I don’t really want you driving home this late at night.” he said as she sat up a look of terror on her face.

    “You mean that you’re going to make me sleep down here on the couch all by myself when there could be blood-sucking Eevees lurking around?” she exclaimed.

    He smirked, “What would you rather Do? Our house hasn’t spouted a guest room, or do you expect me to sleep down here with the Eevees?”

    “Couldn’t I sleep in your bed? That’s where I usually sleep when I stay over…” she asked her eyes pleading. Damn puppy dog eyes, he could never resist them, especially when the person giving them was female, even more so when it’s Misty a voice in the back of his mind stated.

    He sighed and rolled his eyes a little, “Alright, fine, you can sleep in my bed.” He walked into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of milk.

    She followed him in there, “Do you have an old t-shirt and pair of boxers or something I can wear to bed?” she asked.

    “Yeah, top drawer of my dresser for boxers, 3rd for a t-shirt.” he replied grabbing the carton from the fridge and taking a long gulp.

    “That’s disgusting” she commented as she made her way up the stairs.

    As if to spite her, he took another gulp that she couldn’t see before turning out all the lights and making his own way upstairs. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth and washed his face before changing into his pyjama bottoms debating whether or not to put a t-shirt on. He didn’t usually sleep in them but with Misty here…so what, she’s seen me shirtless before… He shrugged at his reflection and made his way into his room where he saw Misty had made herself comfortable in his bed, but had also placed blankets on the floor from him. He smiled a little and then started to laugh.

    “Why are those there?” he asked gesturing to the blankets.

    “I’m not so mean as to make you sleep directly on the floor.” she smiled.

    “Well, that’s very sweet of you, but I’m not sleeping on the floor.”

    “Where are you sleeping then?”

    He pointed at his bed.

    She sat up, immediately on the defensive, “But you said that I could sleep on your bed tonight!”

    “That I did, and you can. But I never said that I was giving up my bed. It’s not the same bed, it’s twice the size, we can both easily sleep on it without ever realizing the other person is there.” he shooed her to the side and climbed in next to her. “ ‘Night Mist” he said shutting off the light and laying there.

    He could hear her breathing. She wasn’t snoring, he could tell by the rhythm that she wasn’t even asleep. Maybe she was thinking the same thing he was. He and Misty had known each other for a long time. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he had feelings for her that were more than friendly. He had even spoken to Brock on the matter about a couple years ago when they were traveling around Shinnoh.

    “Is it weird if I think about my friend in a…” he struggled to get the words out, “…sexual sense….?”

    Brock wanted to laugh at his young friend. At 15, it was probably about the right time to be having this sort of conversation, and since Ash’s father has been MIA for most of his life, the responsibility fell on him to teach his friend about manhood, as awkward as it was for them both. “No…” he paused to choose his words wisely, “…it’s very normal for someone your age…but it’s’re not…you’ve…” Brock sighed, he didn’t know how to talk to Ash about this, it was one reason that he was glad about being away from home, he didn’t have to have the talk with his younger brothers, “You and your mom have had….the talk….right?”

    Ash flushed a furious shade of red, “Yes! Please! Don’t!” he was breathing heavily, “ I just wanted to know if it was weird….and does it mean….anything?”

    Brock thought for a second, for a long time he had known that this would come up, it was only a matter of when and how ready Ash was to receive the news. “That depends, I guess. I can’t tell you what you feel…it could be nothing…but it could be something. That’s something that you have to figure out for yourself.”

    Ash nodded, “Thanks Brock. I knew I could come to you…” he got up and started to walk back over to where Dawn and Pikachu had been sitting when Brock stopped him.

    “Hey, Ash?” the dark haired boy turned around, “Maybe it would help you figure all this stuff out if you….told Misty how you were feeling, you might be surprised by what you find out.”

    Ash’s cheeks turned a little pink, “How’d you know it was Misty?” he asked softly. He thought that Brock wasn’t going to answer when he started to walk toward him as if rejoining the other two but he stopped right next to Ash and said in a voice barely a whisper.

    “We share the same tent” prompting Ash to turn an even brighter shade of red.

    He had never told Misty anything. How do you even start a conversation like that? Sure Mist, traveling is great, you’d love the water pokemon in the Shinnoh region, by the way, I’ve been having these really graphic dreams about you lately, one even included your mallet…. If he ever said anything like that to her he’d see that mallet again, but not in the way he hoped.

    “Good God Ash, it’s freezing in here! Don’t you ever turn on your heater?” she exclaimed curling her body up to his, her head resting on his chest in such a way that his arm could easily move a slight bit and be wrapped around her waist. Oh, she’s good… he thought. People who didn’t know Misty very well would have heard that and thought that she was complaining. But he knew better, it was the tone in her voice, it was an excuse to get closer to him. Of course she knew devious girl tricks like this, she has 3 older sisters who probably taught her everything they know. He wasn’t sure what to do next. He wasn’t completely girl-savvy but he did know some things. He knew for instance that the ball was in his court, so to speak, and that his next move had to be planned out well. But planning was never Ash’s strong point so he recklessly turned around and kissed her.

    He was shocked and he knew that she could feel it just as he could feel her shock. But within seconds both teens were very into the kiss, so much so that his body was hovering over hers and she slid her arms around his neck. He moved his hands to her waist, both of them sliding just slightly underneath her shirt touching her bare skin. Her back arched slightly and he could feel her entire body react to his touch. That was when he realized that a few carefully planned moves and those dreams could become a reality, she seemed more than willing.

    That was when he stopped. He ended the kiss a moved away from her, but only a little, both of them laying on their backs with their arms only an inch apart. In the midst of catching his breath he smirked “Warm now?” he asked

    She heaved an audible sigh and he heard her turn away from him, “Stupid….egotistical….thinks he’s that good…” she mumbled under her breath.

    “Girls…” he sighed as he fell asleep a huge grin resting on his face.

    a/n: Well there you have it, I've sort of had a scene similar to this playing in my head lately and figured I should let it out.
    Let me know what you think! Comments and criticism are always appreciated!!!
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