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Thread: Favorite D/P/Pt BGM

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    Default Favorite D/P/Pt BGM

    D/P/Pt had several great BGM tracks: Which did y'all like the most?

    I have tons of favorite D/P/Pt BGM tracks right off the top of my head:

    • Dawn's/Lucas's encounter BGM
    • Rival battle's BGM
    • Jubilife City's night BGM
    • Oreburgh City's night BGM
    • Team Galactic grunt's battle BGM
    • Eterna Forest's BGM
    • Solaceon Town's/Pastoria City's BGM
    • Game Corner's BGM
    • Canalave City's BGM
    • Team Galactic HQ's BGM
    • Mt. Coronet's summit BGM
    • Cynthia's battle BGM
    • Giratina's battle BGM from Platinum
    • Battle Hall's BGM
    • Frontier Brain's battle BGM

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    I really liked:

    Game Corner
    Cynthia encounter and battle
    Team Galactic HQ
    Sunyshore City
    One of the route themes in the Battle Zone (I forget which specific areas, but it sounded like Eye of the Tiger-esque motivational music at some parts)
    Frontier Brain
    Eterna Forest/Solaceon Tower/Solaceon Ruins/Snowpoint Temple/probably a few other places that use this track
    Team Galactic (all of it. grunt, commander, and Cyrus)

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    I loved:

    Jubilife City
    Frontier Brain
    Cyrus' Battle
    Game Corner

    There are probably more, but I just keep forgetting.
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    There are quite a few pieces of music that I really like in the DPPt games.
    A few of them would be:
    Route 201: Probably my favourite first route theme. I always feel very happy and nostalgic when listening to it.
    Oreburgh: It's so energetic and lively imo.
    Canalave: I've always found this city's music to be very beautiful. Definitely my favourite Sinnoh city/town music.
    Hearthome: I used to make up lyrics to this music all the time lol.
    Pokemon League: Used to find this music kind of boring, but now I think there's something very relaxing and calming about it.

    Other music I like and can remember right now: Route 225, Valor Lakefront, Underground, Floaroma, Sunyshore, battle themes for rival, Cyrus, Gym Leader/Elite Four, Cynthia, Frontier Brain

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    D/P/P has some really great tracks, several that I really enjoy. My favorites are the following:

    • Route 201 / Some other early areas
    • Normal Trainer Battle Theme
    • Gym Leader Battle Theme
    • Jubilife City
    • Rival Battle Theme
    • Oreburgh City
    • Floaroma Town
    • Route 205 / Valley Windworks
    • Eterna Forest / Fullmoon Island
    • Old Chateau
    • Eterna Town / Celestic Town
    • Canalave City
    • Mt. Coronet upper areas
    • Dialga / Palkia battle Theme
    • Sunyshore City
    • Victory Road
    • Fight Area / Survival Area
    • Route 225 and some other post-game routes
    • Game Corner
    • Uxie / Mesprit / Azelf battle Theme
    • Route 216 / 217 / Acuity Lakefront
    • Snowpoint City
    • Pokemon League
    • Battle Tower (inside)
    • Ending Credits
    • Giratina Battle Theme
    • Distortion World
    • Battle Factory
    • Frontier Brain Battle Theme

    That's all I can think of. These games has one of my favorite soundtracks in the series, although not my absolute favorite. Many memorable tracks that I really liked listening to while playing through the games at least.
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    Much love for D/P/Pt soundtrack! I loved its BGM as a whole, but if I were to specifically choose favorites, here's my list:

    • Jubilife City (Day/Night): There was something about this city that's always appealed to me. Liked the BGM for its simplistic tune.
    • Oreburgh Gate: Even though it's just a small cavern that leads to Oreburgh, I can't help but feel the BGM is trying to tell me that I've stepped into some uncharted territory.
    • Oreburgh City: Catchy and industrial tune. Perfect for the setting.
    • Floaroma Town: Really soothing
    • Eterna Forest: Somehow the BGM in this one makes me think.
    • Canalave City: Had to be mentioned eventually
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    D/P/Pt had some great music, but I think my favorites are:
    -Canalave City
    -Jubilife City
    -Game Corner
    -Cynthia Theme

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    I liked:
    -Route 201 theme
    -Professor Rowan's lab theme(my favorite lab theme)
    -Route 204 theme
    -Floaroma Town theme at night(so relaxing)
    -Route 205 theme(I like upbeat tunes in general)
    -Route 207 theme
    -Eterna City theme(conveys mystical feel of the city)
    -Route 217 theme
    -Route 225 theme
    -Giratina's battle theme in Platinum(so sinister and eerie)
    -Galactic Grunts' battle theme(the best grunt theme in the series)

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    I like a lot of music in DPPt! Some of them include:

    - Underground theme
    - Surfing theme
    - Gym Leader/E4 battle theme
    - E4 encounter theme (it fits Flint sooo much!)
    - Cynthia theme (encounter and battle)
    - Route 201/209/probably some more routes, but can't list at the top of my head
    - Dialga/Palkia/Giratina battle themes
    - Frontier Brain battle theme
    - Sunyshore City and Jubilife City themes
    - Team Galactic/Admin/Cyrus battle themes
    - Rival theme (encounter and battle)
    - Game Corner themes

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