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Thread: The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

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    After slaying Gym Leader Maylene, I quickly headed out of the Veilstone City Gym with my third Sinnoh Gym badge in hand and I saw my pal Lucas right outside. He had apparently dropped his Pokedex and Team Galactic grunts had picked it up and Lucas wanted my help to get it back from them. I walked towards the Galactic Warehouse and confronted the two grunts with Lucas. We battled and beat them in a Tag Battle and Lucas left after getting his Pokedex back. I picked up the Fly HM from Galactic Warehouse and after healing my team again and stocking up on important items, I walked south toward Route 214. I battled against a Psychic nearby and picked Cheri and Chesto Berries as well before saving my game.

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    Part 1: Fresh Beginnings
    Part 2: Enter Team Galactic
    Part 3: Hearthome Is Where The Start Is
    Part 4: Battle For The Badges
    Part 5: CRASHing The Ruins

    • decided to search Iron Island before entering the Canalave Gym.
    • Upon arrival on Iron Island, recieved HM04 from fellow trainer Riley.
    • and took on all the trainers on Iron Island
    • At the end of the cavern, stood in our way once again threatening to take all the Pokemon. However, and worked together to defeat the dastardly villains.
    • Upon saying goodbye, bestowed a mystery onto us.
    • returned back to Canalave City and immediately went straight to the gym.
    • After defeating every trainer within the gym, arrived at the top in front of Gym Leader
    • defeated earning the Mine Badge
    • left the gym and met who issued us a race to the Canalave Library. Upon arriving at the library we found waiting for us. requested that since there are 3 of us and 3 lakes, that we observe a lake each and gather data on the Legendary Lake Trio.
    • DOOOOOOOOOOM. An explosion is heard, that rocks the building.
    • Lake Valor suffers a large unnatrual explosion and off, we go to investigate.
    • After a long walk through Jubilife City, Route 203, Oreburgh City, Rotue 207, Mt Coronet, Route 208, Hearthome City, Route 209, Solaceon Town, Route 210, Route 215, Veilstone City and Route 214 and team finally arrive at Lake Valor which is now open for public access.
    • Entering Lake Valor, grunts are everywhere. But with 6 badges to our credit, they prove no threat.
    • enters the myhtical island and finds a man with blue hair stood in the middle.
    • is revealed to be the 4th and final commander of Team Galactic.
    • defeated but it is too late and the legendary Pokemon has already been compromised leaving to flee the scene.
    • takes another long walk through Veilstone City, Route 215, Route 210, Solaceon Town, Route 209, Hearthome City, Route 208, Mt Coronet, Route 207, Oreburgh City, Route 203, Jubilife City, Route 202, Sandgem Town, Route 201, finally bringing us to Lake Verity.
    • Enetering Lake Verity we are greeted by asking us to go help from .
    • defeats all the in a 2 vs 1 battle.
    • In the top corner of the lake, our old friend is waiting for us with anticipation for a rematch after the damage we caused at the Valley Windworks.
    • defeats yet again.
    • says the loss doesn't matter now that they've caught the Legendary Pokemon and are heading back to their hideout in Veilstone City.
    • evolves into after much intense battling.
    • exits and heads to Lake Acuity.
    • After a walk through Route 201, Sandgem Town, Route 202, Jubilife City, Route 203, Oreburgh City, Route 207, Route 206, Eterna City and Mt Coronet we arrive on the Icy Route of Route 216.
    • and all get out the cold into the warmth and join the team.
    • Whilst Hiking up Route 217 we find HM08 in the Snow.
    • Route 216 and 217 prove to be useful in training providing lots of to battle.
    • Along Route 217 we encounter old friend who has come to see Gym Leader Candice. She informs us Candice called her to develop a stratergy to withstand Fighting types since Ice are weak to them.
    • We reach the Lake Acuity, to find encouraging us to defeat the Snowpoint Gym so we can use Rock Climb to scale up to the lake.
    • finally arrives at Snowpoint City after a long and cold trek.
    • enters the Snowpoint Gym and we clear all of the earning the right to face the Gym Leader.
    • defeats thus earning us the Icicle Badge.
    • With our new gym badge in tact, heals up the party and departs for Lake Acuity to help Barry .
    • Arriving at Lake Acuity, sees has caputed the legendary Pokemon and defeated with great ease.
    • leaves for the Galactic Headquaters in Veilstone taunting us to join her.

    To Be Continued

    Level 50
    Level 40
    Level 48
    Level 44
    Level 42
    Level 41

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    I walked along Route 214 some more and I battled against a few more trainers including a few Collectors and Ruin Maniacs. I visited the Ruin Maniac Cave afterwards and I picked up the Dig TM there, then I headed back outside since there was nothing else to do there. As I walked through the tall grass, I encountered and caught a wild Sudowoodo and Girafarig for my collection and I picked up a few more items before heading south and arriving at Valor Lakefront. I couldn't access Lake Valor itself though since two men were blocking the entrance and instead I arrived at the Hotel Grand Lake area and found a Suite Key and returned that to its owner and afterwards I had a few battles at the Seven Stars Restaurant.

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