I went to the gym of Veilstone City: Lost again.
Then I decided to train my Houndour who is currently level 32.
I went to route 215 and fought with a wild level 22 Staravia, my Houndour almost fainted so I had to use my level 28 Psyduck to finish it and then I went back to the Pokécenter and the Veilstone mall elevator to cheer myself up.
Then I went to route 214 where I picked up my planted berries: Pomeg, Chesto, Sitrus and Cheri.
Collector saw me and I battled against him, I used this oppertunity to train my Houndour and Porygon.
My Houndour became level 33, and evolved into a Houndoom!!
Houndoom's cry sound is probably one of my favourite cry sounds next to Raichu lol
Also fought with PI Carlos, I won. I went back to the Veilstone Pokécenter to heal my Pokémon and continued fighting wild Pokémon in Route 214.