A favourite....

The controller of a monster that attacks this face down card takes 1000 damage after damage calculation. This card cannot
by destroyed by battle (damage calculation is applied normally)
Atk: 300 Def:500

This card is a favourite of mine, and ever since I heard of it in Japan, I wanted it, and you can imagine my joy of finding
it was in the Premium Pack. Against anything based on attacking, this card works. Burn is also friends with this card,
as its 1000 damage takes away an eighth of your opponents LP. Imagine in Japan when you could play 3! Sadly, we never
got that privelege, it being restricted upon release, but it is stilkl a brilliant card, and one that tops Reaper,
as a small targeting won't kill this baby.

Adv: 4/5 (A Briliant topdeck, but Darks rule here)
Trad: 5/5 (Chaos FTW!)

Art:5/5 (A giant Marshamllow, whats not to like?)