About time I got through all of the pokemon in my DVR from last month.

An all-purpose woodo. I believe it changes diapers too.

Dawn needs Medabots. MORE POWER.

I'm surprised the intern with twigs for arms made it to week 2.

"Charm the cape out of Wallace?" Oh Jessie, Jessiebelle would be proud.

"The water brings out the best in Buizel!" Sometimes I just wish there were more meaningful things to be said in a battle, with all the cutaways and whatnot.

So how many real Milotics does this make? 4 Milotics? Eh, 4 1/2
The red eyes still make it look a bit menacing.

I think I wanna see the appeal Wallace could do with a Luvdisc.


7/10 Wallace is all chin and not enough mouth. Try a little less chest, I at least wanna imagine a man that isn't waxed in this show. Regardless, this Champion/Master Coordinator mixture and a lot of flash makes you the best trainer in my book. Lance knows nothing of fashionable capes. NOTHING.