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Thread: Do you wish for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4 with Generation 5 Pokemon on it?

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    Can't answer that!

    Default What do you think about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4?

    Imagine if the producers made Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game with generation 5 Pokemon on it... so here are the questions!
    1. Would Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4 be good or bad?
    2. What would the name of the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4? Example : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 : Explorers of Time and Darkness, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Sky, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Light Adventure Squad, Stormy Adventure Squad, and Blazing Adventure Squad
    3. What starter would you be and who will be your partner be?
    4. How many versions of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4 would it have?
    5. What Pokemon will be your ally in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4? Which Pokemon will be an enemy in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4? Examples : (Grovyle from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 is an ally and Dusknoir)
    6. What would the town be named in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4l? Example : Pokemon Square, Treasure Town
    7. What stores will there be in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4? Example : Kecleon Market and Kangaskhan Storage etc.
    8. What will the songs be in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4?
    Opinions are provided here, so I think there should be a sequel to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon! So there's your questionaires... Have fun! ~Totaldramacartoon
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    Oh yes, I am lover of Generation V Pokémon and I would love to play a new game as Zorua or Snivy :'D
    This generation is far from being over, there is still time to they release a new PMD game. Let's hope they do it.

    What starter would you be and who will be your partner be?

    I would be Snivy or Zorua and my partner would be Snivy or Zorua.

    How many versions of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 4 would it have?

    Two, I guess. But only one is enough to me.

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    laverre city boutique tbh

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    Oh man, if they made a generation V game, it wouldn't even matter if it's good or horrible. I would buy it no matter what. I do hope it will be for a handheld, though (3DS!!!). I would be a Scraggy with a Drillbur partner. Title: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3D: Black/White Enforcer Squad (retarted i know.)
    Oh, and main enemy would be Cofagrigus.
    Read Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Overthrown by Knightfall!

    He's serious.

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    PMD Gen V game... and why not. I'm definitely getting it, no matter how bad the reviews are. Since there was a PMD game for Gens III and IV, so they won't just overlook Gen V.

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