Brock and Terra


"Terra's Tale"

(We open on a scene of a brown haired girl around seven or eight years old at a kitchen table, poring over a notebook. The pile of schoolbooks nearby indicates that all her other subjects are finished. She starts to write a little on a looseleaf sheet of paper, but winces over what she wrote, crumples up the paper, and tosses it on the floor. Judging from the number of paper wads littering the floor, she's been at this homework assignment for a while.)

Brock(offscreen): How's the homework coming along, Terra?

(Terra sighs in frustration at the question)

Terra: I only have English left to do, and I need help.

(Some footsteps are heard for a moment as one of the girl's housemates, an older boy with tan skin, enters the kitchen and begins picking up the paper wads scattered on the floor. After throwing the wads in the trash, he takes a seat next to the girl at the table)

Brock: what is it you have to do?

Terra: We're supposed to write a fantasy story of our own, and it has to make sense. Thing is, I have no clue what to write mine about!

Brock: And you're supposed to read the story to the class? (Terra nods) Why don't we work together?

Terra: How?

Brock: Rather than watching you struggle to write something, why don't you dictate the story to me? (He reaches for a sheet of the notebook paper and a pencil)

Terra: Okay...your writing's not Pidgey scrawl, is it?

Brock: No...but you are allowed to type it, yes?

Terra: Yeah, the teacher said we could type it if we wanted.

Brock: Well, once you finish telling me your story, I'll give you what I've written down for you to type up, okay?

Terra: Okay! (she hugs Brock in jubilation)

Brock: Now, how does this story go?

Terra: Let's see...Once upon a time...

(We zoom inside a sheet of paper)

Terra(voiceover): There was a peaceful kingdom (the pencil draws some plains, forests, mountains, and hills before drawing a castle on one hill) ruled by the kind and just king, Viari. (Lance is drawn in the scene in royal attire before the background of a throne room)

Brock(voiceover): That's a good start, then what happened?

Terra(voiceover): One day, the royal messengers told the king that there was an evil wizard that had taken over an abandoned fortress (the pencil draws in two messengers in the throne room, who "talk" to Lance.) and was driving away all that attempted to convince him to come out of it.

(as Terra is saying this, the pencil frantically tries to keep up with her description, but all it manages to draw after the messengers is a half done outline of the fortress)

Brock(voiceover): Hang on, let me write the rest of that down. (the pencil finishes the fortress, then draws Cyrus in wizard attire on the top balcony, zapping random adventurers with a jewel studded wand) Okay, go on; but talk slower so I can write it all down.

Terra(voiceover): Viari was troubled by this, and asked his daughter, the princess Kirata, what he should do. (the pencil draws Lance in another ornately decorated room talking to Clair, now clad in a blue princess dress) Kirata, who was well known throughout the land for being a wise woman, told her father to summon the very best adventurer in the land. (Clair "talks" to Lance while Terra says this line). The king was confused--how would he know who the "best adventurer" was? (Lance "asks" this to Clair). Kirata assured her father that the very best adventurer would be someone he least expected. The king was still puzzled by his daughter's answer, but trusted her wisdom nonetheless.

Brock(voiceover): Keep going, kiddo; you're doing great! (the pencil draws a scene of random people lined up before the castle)

Terra(voiceover): The next morning, the king sent a proclamation through all the land (the pencil draws Lance on a balcony addressing the line) calling for all those adept in fighting and in magic to come to the castle to attempt to slay the one monster that had only been defeated by a handful of adventurers in all the history of the royal tournaments: Araiban, the mystic warcat. Every hundred years, a new one would be born, and the old one would have to be slain before it could kill the newborn. (the pencil draws what looks like a giant cross between a Persian and a leopard hungrily pacing a dungeon cell)

Brock(voiceover): Here, kitty kitty... (the pencil draws Brock into the story as an adventurer. He brandishes a whip before the huge feline.)

Terra(voiceover): Hello, this is my story, not yours.

Brock(voiceover): Okay, I'll take this out. (the Brock in the scene is erased) Go on.

Terra(voiceover): Viari knew that the time for a new Araiban was nearing, and slaying the old one would be the perfect test for the best adventurer. (Lance admires one circled date in the royal records) Before long, the day the old Araiban would be slain arrived, and the entire kingdom turned out to see just who would slay the giant cat Pokemon. (the pencil draws a crowd inside what looks like a stadium) Many tried, (the pencil draws a swordsman charging at the creature) but most were wounded, and some even fell to the beast themselves. (the swordsman is whacked away by the beast's giant paw). Finally, one person emerged victorious. (a girl with long brown hair and green eyes clad in standard knight's armor cuts through the scene of the Araiban with her sword. The crowd cheers as the pencil draws the next scene: the girl taking a bow as the Araiban lies lifeless in one corner.)

Brock(voiceover): Sorry to interrupt, but can you describe your heroine a little more? Hair and eyes alone isn't enough.

Terra(voiceover): All right..she wore a thick leather vest, one that allowed her to move freely while still giving her plenty of protection. (the top part of the armor is erased and the vest is drawn in its place) A wide brimmed hat akin to a mage's sat on her head, complete with a white feather in the brim for good luck. (the pencil draws a hat similar to a mage's hat on the girl's head) Some soft black leggings warmed her legs (the bottom half of the armor is erased and the leggings are drawn on) and some magical shoes that gave her the dexterity of a Meowth were on her feet. (the pencil draws in the shoes)

Brock(voiceover): Now all we need's a name..

Terra(voiceover): "And what are you called, brave maid?" the king asked. (Lance mouths the question to the girl as Terra says it) "My name is Karuta, Your Highness." (the girl mouths the sentence as Terra says it) the girl replied. (the girl continues talking as Terra speaks) "I've heard about the wizard and how he's taken over the old tower--and I want to take the tower back!" (the crowd in the story cheers before the scene of Karuta, the king, and the crowd is flipped to a blank page)

Brock(voiceover): New then what happened?

(the pencil draws the townspeople waving goodbye as Karuta walks off down a road)

Terra(voiceover): With the King's blessing, Karuta departed early the next morning to the wizard's keep.

Brock(voiceover): So she walked... (the pencil draws Karuta walking on the road) and walked... (Karuta continues walking briskly) and walked... (Karuta's walk is slowed a little) and walked... (Karuta's walk is now a bored trudge)

Terra(voiceover): ...until she saw a castle off in the distance, where Viari's closest ally, Queen Reiko ruled. (Karuta perks up and smiles as the pencil draws in a castle)

(the scene shifts to Karuta in the throne room, before a black haired girl in a royal blue gown)

Terra(voiceover): Queen Reiko told Karuta that to get to the tower, (a map with the tower marked as an X appears) she would have to cross high mountains (a dotted line appears out of the castle and zigzags up and down some mountains), and cross through a murky swamp (the dotted line zips down into a swamp, which it has a little trouble going foward). Even then, the wizard had probably conjured many monsters and spirits to protect himself from intruders. (we see some Gastlies and Mismagiuses appear from the tower for a moment. The dotted line screeches to a halt in fear. It breathes a sigh of relief as a pencil snap is heard, returning us to Brock and Terra in the kitchen again. Brock is wincing over the broken pencil point)

Brock: You wouldn't know where the pencil sharpener is, would you?

Terra: In the rec room, by Dad's desk.

Brock: Thanks. (he sets down the paper he's writing on, gets up, and disappears down the hall.)

(Terra reads over what Brock has written so far as we hear the whir of a pencil sharpener in the distance. She sets some more pieces of blank paper on the table as Brock returns with a newly sharpened pencil)

Brock: Okay, now that I've sharpened my pencil... (he picks up the paper he's written on, finds his place, and prepares to write again) Where were we?

Terra: The queen's words didn't deter Karuta....

(we go inside the page Brock is writing on to return to the scene of Karuta and the queen)

Terra(voiceover): "I understand there is danger involved." (Karuta mouths the words as Terra says them) Karuta said. "But the danger in getting to the keep is nothing compared to the danger that this wizard threatens to unleash on us all!"

(Nincadas chirp as the gravity of Karuta's words sink in. After a few seconds, the scene flips to a new blank page)

Terra(voiceover): Worried by Karuta's words, the queen begged her to travel to the keep. (we see Karuta leaving the castle and walking towards some mountains) On the way up, she heard some rustling in a bush on the mountain trail. (Karuta hears the rustle and draws her sword). It turned out to be a Kadabra (the pencil draws a Kadabra)--and one none to pleased by a human entering its territory. (The Kadabra hurls a Psychic blast at Karuta, who dives out of the way). After a few minutes of wrangling (the Kadabra and Karuta fight) the Kadabra tried to hypnotize Karuta (the Kadabra wiggles its fingers and Karuta's eyes start to swirl). But Karuta shook off the hypnosis and delivered the final blow! (Karuta brushes the sleepy feeling away and throws the Kadabra to the ground.)

Brock(voiceover): That's one mandatory fight scene out of the way... (Karuta studies the lifeless Kadabra for a moment before sheathing her weapon and walking off down the path.) Then what happened? (the pencil draws in more of the mountain path as Karuta walks on)

Terra(voiceover): Further up the trail, Karuta saw a pile of rocks blocking the way. (Karuta winces as the pencil draws the rocks in the way)

Brock(voiceover): So she lit a stick of dynamite, put wings on it, and threw it at the rocks (we see Karuta doing that), blowing them into little pieces? (the rocks shatter into little pieces)

Terra(voiceover): Have you been watching my cartoon collection again? (the dynamite dart turns towards the screen, destroying the scene.)

(the tattered scene falls apart and a new version is quickly drawn in its place)

Brock(voiceover): Okay, okay; I won't mess up your masterpiece. (the pencil finishes drawing Karuta before the rocks again) So what did Karuta do?

Terra(voiceover): Karuta easily heaved them over the edge (Karuta starts picking the rocks up and heaving them off the edge) onto unexpecting monsters. (we see the rocks landing on random monsters) Once the path was cleared, Karuta continued on her way. (Karuta continues up the trail). A few days later, she had found her way to the swamp overlooking the keep. (we join Karuta as she wades through the muck)

Brock(voiceover): And I think you know what kind of Pokemon is plentiful in swamps... (the pencil draws an array of bugs in the scene)

Terra(voiceover): As she braved the vines, muck, and bugs, Karuta accidentally disturbed a colony of Heracross. (the pencil draws a Heracross, which begins chasing Karuta) As she tried to run away, Karuta saw some vines by a tree. (a lightbulb appears over Karuta's head as she approaches the vines. After tying the vines in a loop around the tree, she dashes off. The Heracross, however, springs the trap and is endlessly whapped in the muck.)

(we hear Brock chuckling in the background as the next scene of Karuta in the swamp is drawn)

Terra(voiceover): But that was not the only trial Karuta faced in the swamp...there were huge Spinaraks (we see Karuta slicing through a giant web as the dazed Spinarak lies nearby.) and Raticates (we see Karuta bind and blindfold a Raticate with a rope at warp speed). Finally, she arrived at the keep's entrance. (we see Karuta looking up into the sky at the keep)

Forest(voiceover): So Karuta jumped on the flagpole to clear the stage! (Karuta pulls down a flag on a flagpole, Mario style; then goes inside the castle as the Super Mario Bros. stage clear theme plays)

Terra(voiceover): FOREST!!!!

(we hear a record scrape as we return to Brock, Terra, and Forest in the kitchen. Forest is laughing profusely at what he added to Terra's story)

Terra: Flagpoles and Mario don't exist in my story, okay?

Forest: But I only wanted to help with your homework, Terra!

Brock: Terra and I are doing just fine on our own, okay?

Forest: Okay.... (he trudges to the pantry in search of a snack)

Brock: So anyway... (we return to Karuta looking up at the keep again)

Terra(voiceover): She made her way inside the keep (Karuta walks inside as the pencil erases the flagpole) only to be surprised by the evil wizard meeting her in the foyer! (Karuta gasps as Cyrus appears with a poof) She drew her sword in an attempt to fight (Karuta draws her blade), but the wizard conjured two Mismagiuses (Cyrus creates the two Pokemon before fleeing the room) to keep Karuta busy. But Karuta took care of the ghostly distraction (we see one Mismagius swirly eyed) and hurried after the wizard. (Karuta runs up the stairs after Cyrus). She weaved through a mystical garden, where she became the only known person to be able to stomach the mystical Kebia berry. (we see Karuta eating the berry while the gardener watches, shocked) Then she found the smithy, with the smith's tools unattended!

Brock(voiceover): You'd think our heroine would mess up sooner or later... (the pencil draws some completed swords and bows, with Karuta hammering out another sword)

Terra(voiceover): Once satisfied with her weapon cache, Karuta came to the door that lead to the wizard's lair, but the wizard had locked it with powerful magic. (we see Karuta studying some symbols lining a door) Try as she might, she couldn't figure out the correct combination--and every wrong combination led to something unpleasant. (we see Karuta being burned by fire, froze in ice, and shocked by lightning)

Brock(voiceover): So then... (the pencil draws Karuta finding the correct combination)

Terra(voiceover): After many tries and potions, Karuta climbed to the top of the tower and cornered the wizard in his lair. (we see Karuta and Cyrus facing off) The wizard tried to paralyze Karuta (we see Karuta dodging tiny thunderbolts), but Karuta shook off the paralysis and charged at the wizard with her blade.

(we watch Karuta and Cyrus fight for a while)

Terra(voiceover): Finally, the wizard fell, defeated! (we see Karuta deliver the final blow) Word spread quickly of Karuta's victory, and she was hailed with a hero's welcome upon her return. (we see a crowd of towspeople carrying Karuta to the castle) King Viari thanked Karuta for saving the kingdom (we see Lance addressing Karuta) and rewarded her richly. (we see Karuta accepting some gold. To this day, the people always remember the ordinary girl that turned out to be the greatest adventurer of all...the end. (Karuta waves to the crowd as the scene swirls out to Brock writing the last two lines)

Brock: And we're done! (he gathers up the paper and gives them to Terra)

Terra: Come to think of it, that was fun! (she turns to leave the room) Can we do it again later? (Brock sighs and looks at his hand throbbing in pain from all the writing as Terra and Forest laugh)