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    Apparently, they changed the rules since I was last here, so I'm starting a club! Yay. I don't think there's anything else like it, yes it is appropriate and all that junk, and possibly the best club ever because it's about these people ^^

    Which would be...

    *pulls out notecards and sound effect maker*

    Here we go!



    I'm a little obsessive =P They are a Christian pop-punk band and if you've never heard of them, go to YouTube right now. And fill your ears with the sound of music.


    Lame pun, whatever. On to the rules.


    Here are the rules (duh) :

    ~*Please stay on topic. To make this easier, I'll start a topic every couple days or so. No one else can do this. Nyah :3*~
    ~*If you don't like Hawk Nelson, stay away. We might get angry with you and chase you with pitchforks and meatballs.*~
    ~*Please, for the love of onigiri, don't get in fights here. It's supposed to be a club where people who love HN can come and talk. Happy talk. (inside joke)*~
    ~*If you want to be co-owner, DON'T ASK IN THE FORUM. PM me. It's so much easier. And you can't just come up the first day and ask. Wait until I have a chance to see what you're like.*~
    ~*If you want to be a banner maker, show me your work and I will accept or decline. If I decline, don't feel bad. It's just not the kind I'm looking for.*~
    ~*If you want to share new songs and stuff, plz make sure it's legal. As in buying the CD and uploading it or whatever. Or YouTube ^^ We don't want to make this club a free-for-all.*~
    ~*In the event that the owner (That's me =P) cannot fulfill their duties, the co-owner takes over. I'll PM them first...or be gone for six months. Whichever comes first. (jk)*~
    ~*Have fun!*~
    ~*Oh yeah, and don't steal banners. The ones I'm putting up you can use in your sig and include a link here, but don't use them anywhere except here.*~
    ~*And it might be not allowed, but if it is allowed, please put my name somewhere in the sig. Or I'll just put it somewhere on the banner. (convientely forgets which one is allowed...or neither ^^; )*~

    ~*Banned Members*~

    [none right now! yay!]


    Guess who? No, not Jason Dunn himself. Me, Shinxy! *waits for applause* Okay, be that way.




    [none right now! boo.]

    Banners (by moi)--

    *waits patiently*
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    ...wie automatisch, folgen mir deine Schatten
    und greifen kalt nach mir... they're automatic, your shadows follow me
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