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Thread: The Mario Kart Wii Club V.2

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    Hi everybody! Because that LW (the old owner) got banned, I restarted the club. Here you can talk about everything that has to do with Mario kart wii; from karts, characters, your best time in the time trials and so on. I promise you that we will have many competitions with a lot of racing! Here are some rules that you must follow:

    1. All Sppf rules Apply
    2. No SPAM
    3. No one-lining
    4. Only post about Mario Kart Wii or any relations of the Game
    5. No swearing at all
    6. Do not Bash other members because you hate their Favorite Character
    7. In your Post say your Favorite Character
    8. Do not Brag about you Wining or Losing a Wifi Match between Members please Respect them with good Sportsmanship
    9. Have Fun


    Mikaruge84 - Baby Daisy


    Blazios - Mii
    John Light - King Boo


    Crasher - Yoshi
    Fire Suicune - Yoshi
    Magikruiser - Toad
    Mangaeyes - Yoshi
    Skater Trainer - Waluigi
    Meta Knight - Mii
    Leaderfraser - Toad
    Surfer treecko- Dry Bowser
    Light-The-Archangel - Funky Kong
    HookShot - Rosalina
    #Gecko# - D.K
    Carlos74 - Dry Bones
    PinoyfuryZ - Yoshi
    Larry - Dry Bones
    Arceusowner - Rosalina
    Hydro King - Rosalina
    Flygon3X - Rosalina
    Jeremyruano - Dry Bowser
    Shuny Ditto - Dry Bones
    Dragodynamite - Mario
    manaphy_513_cresselia - Peach
    PurpleMew - Toad
    b3an0b0y - Mii
    Palkia1 - Donkey Kong
    Sealeo Lord - Yoshi


    You have to give cred to Blazing fury if you use it.

    If you want to just race click here to come to Blazios friend code thread
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