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Thread: Super smash bros™ Brawl club Remade!

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    Hi guys! As the owner of the last club became Permabanned im gonna make the remake of this club. and im gonna make it from scratch!
    Even though i do not have the game yet (because of living in europe) i have followed all of the updated on, i have waited for the game in over 1 1/2 year, and i am member of like 8 other forums about this subject. so i believe im more then qualified!
    If you like the most epic game ever Super Smash Bros. Brawl. then this is the club for you!

    ~Credit goes to Pikabolt~
    so, we'll start with the rules:
    - All other SPPF rules applied. (no spamming, flaming, keep the swearing to a minimum etc.)
    - Do not ask to become the co owner of the club. after the first week i will determ the co owners after who i think deserves the role (being active, know what he's/ she's doing, having "the little extra" and more)
    - When your joining please say a character that is your favorite character. This will be the character that you claimed and where your name will be listed beneath.
    - Please no "anyone wants to brawl" posts. they can be pretty annoying and is called spam + one-liner. you can PM others in the club if you want to brawl. or you can write it inside a bigger message of yours (more then just that sentence)
    - When joining please say "Brawl 4 all" (or Brawl for all) to join.
    - When there is a topic, please dont go off topic unless it has something to do with the club or the game.
    - Any major changes is going through me. If you think of a way to make the club better please PM me about it.
    - Only members of the club and those who want to join the club do have the permission to post. (unless a mod has something really urgent to say)
    - If you have a brawl friend code, please tell me and ill add it!
    - If you make a banner/ userbar/ any other artwork please PM me about it.
    - Have fun

    Eternal topic: (Topics that can be answered whenever someone feeld like it)
    Whats your last accomplishment in brawl?
    Whats the last match you had? (characters, stage, level on computers etc.

    The members will be listed after they're claimed character:

    The leaders:
    ;Owner - The owner has right to ban, give strikes, accept members, make topics and accept artwork

    ;Co owners - The co owners can give strikes, accept members, make topics and take ideas for the club and then send it to me later.

    Mario members:
    Skull13 (1461-6187-8441)

    Luigi Members:

    Peach members:
    Emosasuke1818 (1762-2503-9296)

    Bowser members:

    Donkey Kong Members:

    Diddy Kong Members

    Yoshi members:
    Dokichan (4596 9145 7931.)

    Wario members:

    Link members:
    John Light

    Zelda/ Sheik members:
    Shadow Ninjask
    Darkydude o doom (3652-0293-8756)

    Ganondorf members:

    Toon Link members:

    Samus members:
    Trace360 (4854-6129-0068)

    Pit members:

    Ice Climber members

    R.O.B. Members:

    Kirby members:

    Meta Knight members
    Dramatic melody

    King Dedede Members

    Olimar members:

    Fox members:

    Falco members:
    Scizor5000 (5198-2080-8562)

    Wolf Members:

    C. Falcon members:

    Pikachu members:
    ArceusOwner (0173-1021-9503)

    Pkmn Trainer members:

    Lucario members:
    Ttech5 (1633-3854-1571)

    Jigglypuff members:

    Marth members:

    Ike members:
    Blazios (0989-1471-4627)
    Skull-Kid (1977-0437-5844)

    Ness members:

    Lucas Members:
    ShacarterzOr (1891-1000-7541)

    Mr Game & Watch members:

    Snake members:

    Sonic members:
    Sir Lucario
    Mystery Piplup

    Random button:
    Affirmative (4210-3671-8799)

        Spoiler:- Artwork:
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