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Thread: Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts

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    The density of water is 1000 kilograms per cubed,so Electorde can easily carry a weight of 2000 lbs on water.But, it can't learn surf.

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    The Pokemon that debuted in Pikachu's Vacation (Mr. Mime, Marill, Snubbull) were all retconned into fairy-types.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinehollow View Post
    The density of water is 1000 kilograms per cubed,so Electorde can easily carry a weight of 2000 lbs on water.But, it can't learn surf.'s obvious why it can't learn Surf, how the heck it is supposed to move on the water? It has no arms or fins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Mime View Post
    Just because something is intelligent doesn't automatically mean it can speak "human".

    However, going by how Slowking, Lapras, and Mewtwo can, you have a point.
    Indeed. Or, perhaps Alakazam and Metagross (the other super-intelligent Pokemon) consider themselves too intellectually advanced for human speech, that they consider human language primitive. Reminds me of this one character I played as in an RPG on these forums, where he had an Alakazam who thought just that. He even refused to communicate with his trainer via telepathy due to his sense of superiority to the trainer.

    I agree with a lot of the Pokedex entries being ridiculous though... Besides the one about Magcargo's body heat, there's Larvitar having to eat a whole mountain before it can evolve, or Gardevoir having the ability to create miniature black holes. You have to wonder how the world and the humans living in it would survive if Pokemon really did have these characteristics...

    Another random fun fact: The three butterfly Pokemon (Butterfree, Beautifly, and Vivillon) all appear about the same size, but Vivillon weighs about half as much as the other two.
    (Butterfree: 3'07", 70.5 lbs)
    (Beautifly: 3'03", 62.6 lbs)
    (Vivillon: 3'11", 37.5 lbs)

    And now for some fun breeding facts:

    - All three Kanto starters can breed with each other. Same with the Unova starters.
    - Zangoose and Seviper can breed with each other, even though they're bitter rivals.
    - You probably know about the famous "Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action" trope referencing the fact that Skitty and Wailord can breed. The trope should be "Hot Diglett-on-Wailord Action", because Diglett is even smaller than Skitty and can still breed with Wailord.
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    Well,it can float.And kind of tilt forward in the water.In reality,it's no hard about how to would move about in the water.

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    Default Warning: Pokemon Breeding leaves to inevitable dirtyness

    Breeding. From a technical perspective, I have no problem with it. From a biological perspective, it makes no Arceusdamn sense. Let's count the ways:
    * Hot Skitty on Wailord action. I am baffled by the logistics of how incredibly disproportionate Pokemon are supposed to wait. Sometimes it makes sense: Bellsprout and Ferrothorn are plants, and thus breed through pollen. But there are a number of Pokemon who are based off beings who'd have to mate in a...closer manner. How does a massive elephant breed with bouncing pig? By Pokemon's logic, I could raid the zoo and breed elepuppies
    * Many of these pairings suffer from the round hole square peg problem. Houndour and Arcanine may be different canines, but they're still canines. Ekans and Pangoro are from two different classes of animal. Omastar and Archeops are from two different phyla. Grass Pokemon can have Cacturne and Meganium breed, despite being from different kingdoms. One of the most egregious is Dwebble, since it can breed with the following: a ghost, a sentient moai statue, a giant presurrized rock, a sword, a trashbag and ICE CREAM. By this logic, I could breed crocofoxes
    * Some of these pairings seem painful. None are more obvious in this regard than the Mineral and Amorphous groups: Trevenant, a walking ghost tree, should burn when it breeds with the lava snail that is Magcargo. A spiky metal conker should lacerate the dinosaur it knows for the purpose of getting Power Whip. The most toxic sludge in existence should kill the wind chime its coming on to
    * Some Pokemon shouldn't or should even belong in their egg groups. Let's see:
    ** Avalugg, a walking, living iceberg isn't part of the Mineral Egg group
    ** The wrestler bird Hawlucha isn't part of the Flying egg group OR the Field Egg group
    ** The Tynamo line are fish, yet they aren't in the Amorphous Egg group. Um, why? You can have both ways
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    I know one thing that annoys me about breeding is that at least for the first four generations of games the mineral group was so deficient of pokemon that can breed with each other that it was hard to do any decent breeding. It gets frustrating when you try to breed the geodude family with onix/steelix, sudowoodo, nosepass/probopass, or the snorunt family if none of them have decent movesets to pass on and the ones that do have decent moves are the wrong gender. At least they beefed up the number of breedable pokemon in the mineral group in gen 5.
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