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Thread: Not Your Average Princess (PG-PG13, Galactic ships)

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    Default Not Your Average Princess (PG-PG13, Galactic ships)

    It has some Contestshipping too for a little!!!!!! I know that'll bring everyone in to read. :\ This is a story about Team Galactic, duh, and it features CyrusxMars and SaturnxJupiter, also duh. I hope you'll give it a chance, even though it ain't no mainstream pairings. There may be one or two little dirty scenes, but I'll warn you, otherwise, it's set to be a good story.
    If you read, leave some pointers, IE what you like and didn't like and how I can improve things. Thanks for looking
    The first two chapters aren't as long as later ones, so here's two of them. I'll update once I get a review or two. ^.^

    Chapter One

    “So Cyrus… think we can go to Johto for a couple days to do some research on Ho-Oh and Celebi and stuff?” Saturn warily asked the emo leader of Team Galactic as Jupiter peeked out from behind him.

    “Whatever. Bring me back a legendary Pokemon and don’t waste the funds,” he spun around in his chair so he didn’t have to look at his commanders and returned to twiddling his thumbs on how to best recreate a universe.

    “Thaaaaank youuuuuu,” Jupiter cheerfully exclaimed before dragging Saturn out of Cyrus’ office.

    She ran back to the rooms of the three commanders, opened Saturn’s room’s door and tossed him in. “Okay, go grab your suitcase and meet me back out here in a sec, we’re taking the plane,” she ordered, darting to her own door to pick up her luggage.

    Saturn grabbed his bags and walked out, locking his door and waited for Jupiter to drag all her suitcases of shoes and clothes into the hall. Amazingly she only had two instead of the usual thirteen. He was quite proud of her for reducing her stock.

    “I know what you’re thinking. I only brought two because we’re gonna go shopping in Goldenrod, one of the most hip, trendy cities there is!” she winked, leading the way to the home of the Galactic planes.

    He shook his head, realizing she was going to come back with thirteen suitcases worth of clothes.

    They found Mars ordering grunts around to prepare the smallest plane for flight. “Almost ready, we’re just polishing the paintjob now,” the redheaded commander stated while the grunts slowly hopped off the plane one by one, having completed this sole remaining task.

    The three commanders were the only ones who knew how to fly the specially designed stealth planes the team had, but Jupiter was the best at it. Saturn had never been too fond of flying and Mars always tried to shoot at important buildings.

    “Have fun you two. I get to stay here and make all of Cyrus’ strange food demands. Who the crap eats spinach covered in eel, um, ‘liquids’ with their Fruit Loops?!” she shook her head, thinking of all the weird orders Cyrus gave her.

    “I think he finds it kinky, you and all those weird foods and animal parts. He probably has some sort of food fetish,” Jupiter stated as she and Saturn began laughing while Mars turned bright red. “What the heck?! That’s probably the gayest thing I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth, and I know gay,” the hotheaded lesbian retorted, glaring at her straight teammates.

    “I dunno Mars, she might be right. And without us here to protect you, he might get a bit bolder… you know you’d like it,” Saturn winked as he and Jupiter laughed even harder at the outraged expression on Mars’ face.

    She punched the two so hard they flew into one of the helicopters and dented it.

    “He doesn’t have any emotions towards anything, stupids. Get the crap out of here before I rip something off,” Mars gave Saturn the nastier glare as she left and took the grunts with her, leaving the two commanders free to fly off to Johto.

    “She looked pretty angry, huh? I think she broke my face,” Jupiter moaned, rubbing the quickly-forming bruise from where the iron fist of Mars had left its mark.

    “Yeah… good thing we ain’t coming back for a couple weeks. Let her cool down,” Saturn replied, closing the door to the plane and sitting down in the copilot’s seat.

    “You ready?” Jupiter asked, pressing the buttons to open the launch bay doors and lift the plane to the runway.

    “Yep. Oughta be fun out there in Johto. I hear almost all the Rockets are in Kanto at the moment, too, so we’re free of those goons,” leaning back in his chair Saturn glanced over at her, using his smooth-talker voice.

    Soon the two were on their way to the great land of Johto, blasting the speakers in the plane and sipping smoothies.

    Chapter Two

    Saturn and Jupiter had landed in Azalea Town and were walking around, looking for info on Celebi.

    They heard shouting around a corner and ran off to see what was going down.

    Bugsy, the ugly gym leader, a green-haired boy and a brown-haired girl were squaring off against Butch, Cassidy and a host of grunts. Bugsy had his Scyther out and it was being creamed by Cassidy’s Houndour.

    In disguise, the Galactic commanders looked at each other, nodded, and sent out their Bronzors. (hahaha bronzer haha)

    “Who the crap are you people?” Cassidy angrily demanded, not recognizing the commanders of a fellow evil team.

    “We’re just here to help, sweetie,” Jupiter winked before narrowing her eyes and ordering her Bronzor Callisto to attack Houndour. The mirror Pokemon made short work of the hound while Saturn’s Bronzor Rhea took out Butch’s Hitmontop.

    The grunts sent out their Zubats and Weedles, so Saturn and Jupiter released their remaining Pokemon to fight.

    Bugsy watched on, impressed, at the power of the two commanders’ teams. That’s because Bugsy freakin’ sucks, because Team Galactic sucks at battling.

    Soon the grunts all ran away with a defeated Butch and Cassidy quickly following while the Galactic commanders laughed and recalled their Pokemon.

    “Wow, that was pretty impressive! You two must be really good at battling! Are you here to challenge the gym, because if you are I’m Bugsy, the leader,” the little… boy (?) excitedly stated, running up to them with the older kids behind him.

    “Naw, we’re too good for gyms. We have our own agenda,” Jupiter smugly stated while Saturn nodded his head.

    “Oh, do you do contests then? My name’s May, and this is Drew, and we’re coordinators,” the brunette spoke up, leading the green-haired male up.

    “Nope, we’re, uh, Pokemon researchers and we go around studying legendary Pokemon. Rumor has it there’s a Celebi in the forest outside this town and we were wondering how much you folks know about it,” Saturn replied, pointing to the large, mossy forest outside the city.

    “We can take you to the museum, and then in to see the shrine to Celebi if you want! We have a couple days before our next contest begins,” May happily responded, clueless to the fact that these were two highly-wanted criminals she was inviting to stroll around town with her and her boyfriend.

    “That’d be GREAT,” Jupiter smiled, giving the pair a thumbs up. She and Saturn knew how to play suckers.

    “Okay, where should we begin?” May asked, grabbing Drew’s hand and walking into the main city.

    Thanks for looking, and please review!

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    Each chapter should be in separate posts.

    That’s because Bugsy freakin’ sucks, because Team Galactic sucks at battling.
    Freakin' would be okay if someone spoke it but since it's not dialogue it should be written out completely. I also think that sentence could be worded better. Maybe something like 'Though it meant nothing since they weren't really the best of battlers.'

    Anyways, I don't know much about Galaxy but I thought it was a nice start. Good job.

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