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    This is my concern, as we have a whopping three matches we must plough through, plus the closing ceremonies and whatnot. An extra episode of this arc could have not only extended one of the two-second battles seen in DP078, but given more leeway for DP079's time.
    ^ Think of this Wallace arc as the same pacing of any Grand Festival. The Wallace Cup has 3 eps, just like the Kanto and Hoenn GF's did.

    This time however we know May/Dawn is the finals so there won't be time wasted with the final match like Robert beating Drew or Solidad beating May like in the previous eps. This time they don't have to spend an extra minute on something like that.

    The Dawn/Kaito match will probably end after the first 5 minutes, May Vs. Zoey will probably be about 7 or so minutes, and May Vs. Dawn for the rest of the episode.

    Aside from that May is used to getting rushed endings, remember how quickly she left at the end of AG? I think what I'm hoping for though is for May to battle Team Rocket at the end with all her Pokemon as her farewell again. I'm just kinda hoping to see Blaziken one more time before she goes.
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