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    Keep Your Lips Sealed

    A/N: A new story is here! This is going to be my best one since Naughty or Nice! 8D Well, read and revise as I always say! Well, reviewing is nice too. (Wally, not an OC, Wally from Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire Games)

    Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon, or the idea of pokemon, or the anime, or the show, or the… okay, I think you get it.

    Rating: PG-13

    Shipping(s): Contestshipping, Kissshipping, alittle Oystershipping

    Scandalous Secrets: Prologue

    May’s P.O.V.

    I have tons of secrets, I mean, doesn’t everyone?

    Secrets I keep from my colleagues:

    1) When my boss Sherry pisses me off, instead of water, I pour soda in her plant, which is usually every day of the week!

    2) I’m the one who backed up the copy machine all those times.

    3) The coffee at the office sucks.

    4) When I and my friend Nikki say we are going over some numbers, it really means we are going over to Starbucks to have some coffee.

    5) I backed into my co-worker Sander’s BMW on accident; which left the car light hanging out.

    Secrets I keep from my friends:

    1) When I told Dawn that I didn’t borrow her new spring fashion designer heels, and then ruin them, I lied.

    2) That ugly white sweater Nikki knitted for me for Christmas, and I said I had “accidentally” spilled red wine on it, when it was on purpose.

    3) I had a lesbian dream once about me and my best friend Kathy.

    4) I still like pokemon.

    Secrets I keep from my boyfriend Wally:

    1) I really don’t like musicals; I just said I did to be nice when he got us tickets to see one. But, now, he thinks I actually love them! And now, every other weekend I am submitted to sitting through a boring musical.

    2) When my boyfriend went on a business trip for the weekend and asked me to watch his fish Polo, I forgot to feed him and he ended up dieing, so I bought him a new one that looked like Polo.

    3) I said I weighed 118, when I really weigh 128.

    4) I find it annoying how whenever he kisses me, or etc, he asks me, “Was I good?” or, “How was that?”

    5) Whenever he asks me if I’m finished researching something for my job, I always lie and say, “Yeah, sure,”

    Secrets I Keep From My Parents:

    1) I lost my virginity at 17 in an upstairs bedroom with my boyfriend Damien while my parents were downstairs watching “Sex in the City” (Ironic, eh?)

    2) Karin, my evil (yet successful) cousin, denied me work even when I said I’d work for no money.

    3) I didn’t really where a suit for my job interview; more like shorts and a red-dye t-shirt.

    Haha. And that’s just a little of all my crazy secrets.


    Okay, chill May, it’s not like you haven’t gone to meetings before, this one can’t be as different as any of those! …Except this one is the most important meeting ever!


    “Hm? What was that?” Getting my purse out, I started to dig through it, hoping to get to my phone before it went to voice mail.

    “Hello? Oh, hi Kathy, nice to hear from you again,” I say exciting, practically jumping out of my nervousness, as we start to talk.


    “Oh I can’t believe that Jordan is actually letting you go to the conference that is promoting the new “Purple Panther Energy Drink”! Usually, he asks me or Nikki to go,” I heard Kathy exclaim, great! That makes me feel so much more confident.

    “You know Kathy, the only reason Jordan lets you do so many awesome things is because he likes you!” I teased, before realizing she had insulted me and said, “Hey! What do you mean, ‘actually letting me go’?”

    You know, I bet she is blushing at the other end of the line right now, knowing her she is also probably hugging her favorite stuffed cow, Paulinka.

    “That’s so mean- how do you know that it is not because of my incredible intellect and persuasive techniques?” I know she is saying this joking, so I go along with it, even though she is really smart.

    “Yeah sure Kathy, and that’s why whenever he asks you to do something it is almost always privately in his office…”

    “Will you shut up, I’m trying to encourage you, so don’t change the subject! Omigod, is that the limited edition pink mini cow?! I’ve got to go, call me after your meeting May!” And with that, I hear a “Click!” at the end of the line.

    Looking at the clock, I grimaced. It couldn’t be 10:23 already could it? I groaned, I only have 10 minutes to come up with something smart to say at the meeting, and then actually get there!


    “Purple Panther Energy Drink is a good product to be releasing, it is not high in sugar, and it is uses hydro-pumped water for the energy savers of the world; the flavor isn’t actually artificial, so it can be consider healthy compared to most drinks…”

    Blah, blah, blah… this is boring… just say that you will promote the drink, and we can all go out and get a blueberry muffin…

    “But, I think that maybe this drink just isn’t what we’re looking for, although it has character, it just doesn’t have enough… charisma. And we are looking for a drink that can help us achieve that.”

    No! Bad! Go back to saying nice things about it! Besides, what inanimate object can have charisma? None! That how it works!

    Thinking quickly, I grabbed a bottle of the stuff and started to say whatever came to my mind, which maybe wasn’t a good idea…

    “Well, look, this purple stuff…” I looked at the bottle; thank god it says the name on it. “Purple Panther Energy Drink is the best of the best! It can rise…”

    Before I can even make my point, my phone starts to go off, shocked, I drop the bottle which to my luck, explodes! Now, get this, the attendant to this conference comes in, and guess what happens? She slips on the purple stuff, falls down, and the muffins (oh so delicious muffins) and water, go flying everywhere! The worst part though, is that one of the cups full of water falls on the company producers head! Thank goodness it was a plastic cup.

    “Hi May- this is your boss Sherry. Just called to let you know that when you get back from Boston, I expect you to finally hand in those papers that you said you had finished a week ago, oh, but no rush! It is not like we have a deadline due or something! Also, do you know why Laurie, my plant, has been kind of droopy lately?”

    Beep! Message has ended.

    Now all eyes are on me, and to be honest, I’m going to kill Sherry once I get back to Pennsylvania. And damn me for leaving my phone on during one of the most important meetings I’ve ever been to!


    I groaned- this could not be happening! Not only had I just had the worst experience of my life, but now as an after bad day bonus, I got to go on a plane ride!

    “All passengers, please board the Pennsylvania plane in an orderly fashion, as we prepare for lift off,” I heard the woman say, before everyone started to pick up their bags and board the plane. I sighed before dragging my heavy bag up on my shoulder, well, here we go.

    Suddenly, before I was even half way across to my destination, someone rudely bumped into me! All my belongings fell to the ground, so dropping down to the ground to retrieve them, I looked up at the person who had rudely pushed into me.

    “Why, I’m so sorry miss,” I could hear the person snicker, with a trace of an English accent in his voice, “I would love to help you, but I have a plane to catch, so if you will be so kind as to excuse me,” Seeing him side step me, as if nothing had happened, I glared. Weren’t Englishmen supposed to be gentlemen?

    “Hey! Not so fast, how can you just step pass me without even so much as asking if I needed any help?” I had by now picked up all my things, but I was still irritated at the person, I mean who did he think he was?

    “Do I have to show you again to get it in your brain?” Urg! Now he’s flicking his hair, just to mock me! …He has green hair? What the ****?

    “For your information weirdo, just because you have to have people do something twice doesn’t mean I need to be as well!” Ha! Beat that weirdo!

    “Whatever- as I said I have a plane to catch, so I’ll be seeing you never,” And with that comment, he strode his fancy *** out and into the crowd. Thank goodness that’s over. Now to find my plane…

    “Last call for the Pennsylvania plane riders,” ****. I better hurry.

    “Hey Miss, are you for the Pennsylvania plane?” I heard someone ask on my left; turning around I saw a flight attendant in a blue uniform, she looked pretty stressed, but still pretty, she soon continued as she saw my gaze.

    “Because if you are, please board or sit in the waiting room,” I nodded to her and quickly got on the plane, and again digging in my purse (which was very difficult by the way), I found my ticket and my seat. Looking and adjusting to my surroundings, I saw I was to be sitting next to a bald man, who was currently asleep with a cookie in his hand, while behind me, I had some kid who kept kicking my seat. Now I was almost in tears! Why was my day going so bad?

    “Excuse me Miss, but would you like anything to drink or eat?” I heard one of the flight attendants ask, before noticing the water pricking out of my eyes, “What’s wrong?”

    “What’s wrong?” I wailed, fully knowing I might regret this later but was to sad to care, “Well, for starters, I just had the worst meeting ever, considering my cell went off which caused a huge accident, then I bumped into this guy who was completely rude to me! And then, I almost missed my flight, and am terrified of planes!” I know I sound babyish and whiny, but I had to complain to someone!

    She looked sympathetic at first, but then had a bright smile on her face that she was trying to hide, either signally she was a person who enjoyed others misery, or she had an idea that would make me feel better. I hoped for the latter.

    “Hey Miss, I’m not suppose to do this but how would you like to be upgraded to business class, sorry, we don’t have coach. But anyways, we don’t have many flyers on business, and I’m sure one person more wouldn’t get me into trouble,” Now I was heart-touched. How sweet was that? That may be the kindest thing anyone has done for me all day.

    “Wow- really? Well, thanks, I would really appreciate it!” I said, though I’m not sure it will make the plane ride enjoyable, just maybe more tolerable.

    As she led me to business section, I couldn’t help but marvel at how the way the other side lives… it all looked so classy.

    “Here we go, and if you need anything don’t hesitate to call,” And with that, she swept away. Leaving me to sit next to a strangely familiar green hair person… hm… where have I seen him before?

    “Everyone please buckle your seat belts, for we are about to take off,” Putting on my seat belt, I again gazed at the stranger, not knowing what to except. But then, I heard him speak, and everything came back…

    “What? Like what you see clumsy?”

    A/N: Omigod. Even I surprised myself. That was the longest thing I ever wrote; even longer then that one chapter in “You, Me, and Them” if any of you remember that. Anyways, someone told me that Drew was more “up in your face” in the first meeting with May in “Naughty or Nice” so I hope that satisfied you. Ops. xD I’m stupid, I just gave away the answer to who that green-haired guy is! ‘Kay, bye!
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    well, for starters, i think you'd best put the kind of ship and the rating in the title or the first post. just so you don't get into trouble.

    anyway, the first part had me giggling for a while. [i would've been laughing, but i'm babysitting and the kid's asleep on the couch.] and i really like the way may's hiding the fact that she still likes pokemon from her friends. reminds me of myself. =3

    hmm... wally as may's bf? that's new. and i like it. maybe a drew/wally conflict later on i'm assumine? hehe..... [srry, tiredd] ugh, and may's boss.... so... can't say it. but pouring soda into the plant was brilliant. >=D

    i'll be looking for the next chapter. i always love au fics. i'm in your corner. ;D

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