WOW, this episode was totally awesome! Let me see:

-- Yanma/Yanmega is Team Rocket's second bug pokemon, second 2nd generation pokemon (Wobbuffet), second pokemon caught and evolved in a single episode (Weepinbell/Victreebel II), seventh type (their first (part) flying type pokemon), second pokemon given to the boss (after Togepi), second pokemon weakened by someone else then caught by Jessie (Shellder), first pokemon in the U.S. they got away with stealing (Victreebel I was stolen in Japan). Wow, that's impressive.
-- I think that had to be the first time Giovanni had nothing negative to say about Jessie, James, and Meowth. At least they finally got him another pokemon, even if he didn't keep it.
-- How lucky are they that Yanma already knew ancientpower?
-- How awesome is it that the twerps let Team Rocket get away with it? Well, at least after they weren't able to catch up with them.
-- I loved Dawn wondering how Team Rocket got so good.
-- Yay, Delibird! I love that fat little bird.

Overall, awesome episode. I really like that it was a very positive Team Rocket episode, different from what we usually see. We should have these every once in a while. After all the negative episodes they had in Hoenn, at least we've had a lot of good Team Rocket episodes lately.