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Thread: The Heart Break Lake[Mostly SpecialShipping, hints of other Yellow related ships]

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    Default The Heart Break Lake[Mostly SpecialShipping, hints of other Yellow related ships]

    Rating:G, R(Chapter 3)
    Ships:Main ship is Special for most of the beggning, but will go Viridian for a while.

    The Heart Break Lake

    Chapter 1:Farewell and Faraway

    On a beautiful spring night, filled with shining moonlight, a young blonde girl patiently awaits the arrival of her secret love in the worn-out bridge of a beautiful lake.

    “Where is he? He said he’d be here…to tell me something important, I just hope…”The young girl quietly told herself as the moonlight reflected the hope in her eyes. “…That what he wants to tell me is what I want to hear…that he loves me.”

    As minutes started to come and go, and the night became darker, Yellow heard a familiar voice calling to her as she prepared to leave

    “Yellow!Wait, don’t go!”The familiar voice shouted from afar as a figured dressed in a mainly red attire, gradually came into view.The figure had beautiful flowing black wild and spiky hair covered by a red baseball cap, and equally beautiful red eyes that reflected the full moon’s subtle shine. “I made it!”

    Yellow looked to see the owner of the voice who was calling her, quickly filling her heart with happiness upon hearing the caring tone as he called her name.

    “Finally!What took you so long, Slowpoke?” She mockingly, but happily greeted the boy from the distance. “Just a few feet away from love”She thought to herself.

    “I’m no Ninjask!I’m human!Plus, you got here earlier than I expected, you know, the “fashionably” late rule?”He wittingly remarked very exhausted as he deeply breathed to send air down his tired lungs.

    “Red, I don’t follow that rule, and neither should you, anyway, what is this “important thing” you wanted to tell me?”She curiously asked, her hopes as high as the moon itself for a confession of love from Red.

    “Well…the thing is I…I…”Red nervously mumbled, trying to find the right words for the “important thing”.“I…well, I can’t find the proper words for it, so I’ll say it the way it is!I…le…le… ”

    “Yes, Red?”She asked as she anxiously awaited the confession.“He: said ‘I…le…le…’, maybe that’s ‘I love you?Please let it be!!”She thought to herself.

    The boy still mumbled and murmured as he tried to softly let his words escape.He let out a deep sigh and prepared to speak as the moonlight covered them both.

    “I leave tomorrow…for another region, I was picked as an Elite Four for that region’s Pokemon League.I’m sorry Yellow, but I have to.I know you weren’t expecting this…And I’ve kinda always known what you feel, you love me, don’t you?”Red sadly said, finally revealing this confession to Yellow.

    “Oh…I see…”A depressed Yellow said as her dreams and hopes were crushed just upon hearing Red’s last word.“And yes…I do love you, but now I know you don’t love.Thanks, anyways, it’s a beautiful night to cry.”She said, quickly breaking into tears.

    “No, Yellow, I actually do, I love you to!”Red said, pulling his head down in embarrassment, wildly blushing.

    “You love me?!But it isn’t enough to decline the offer of becoming an Elite Four and staying with me!Right!?” Yellow furiously shouted in a mix of happiness, sadness, and anger as the crying intensified, covering Yellow’s soft cream-colored cheeks in a watery blanket of tears that sparkled in the light of a midnight full moon and eventually falling into the lake causing many splishes and splashes.

    “No, I’ll die for you any day, that’s how much I love you!”Red exclaimed, trying to put his best smile to cheer Yellow up.He then extended his arm to pat Yellow’s shoulder, but only for Yellow to respond by backing away coldly.

    “You know what?!My fondest memory happens to be in this very lake, remember?But know you’ve tainted that memory with your egoism and selfishness!”Shouted Yellow furiously, feeling as if her heart was crushed even harder, trying to forget that memory she loved so much, and Red from her heart.

    “I know…It’s my fondest one too, that moment, I treasure the most.”Red claimed quietly, concentrating on that memory, that is so precious for both…

    Chapter 2 is the review of that memory.

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    Chapter 2 is up

    Chapter 2:That Cherished Memory…Is No More

    “I remember… ”Both Yellow and Red said at the same time as they thought of that memory, that they love so much.

    “It was last summer, we were on this lake, fishing.”Yellow explained, taking of her straw hat and letting her beautiful golden-colored ponytail flow with the wind as she set her mind on that memory.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
    “Come on, Yellow, the fish are going to go away!”Red yelled as he saw Yellow from afar carrying her fishing pole, her beautiful hair being hit by the fresh summer wind.
    “I’m coming, just throw some food so they don’t go away!”Yellow loudly responded as she gradually got closer to the bridge, catching a glimpse of a shining summer sunset, and does magenta-colored eyes she loves so much.“There he is…so darn HAWT!!!!”She thought very googley eyed.

    “Finally!What took you so long, Slowpoke?”Red wittingly remarked, a small smile covering his face.“So cute!!!”He thought.

    “Here I am!!!Reporting for fishing duty!!!”Yellow happily exclaimed, with a smile equally as large as Red’s.

    “Then let us begin!!Oh, if you get hungry I brought some food.”Red said with his usual happy-go-lucky attitude as he gazed towards the sunset.“ Here it goes!”Red said, quickly pulling his high tech silver Super Rod fishing pole with many colored buttons and at the end of the string decorated by a very cute Misty-like lure, he grabbed it and quickly sent it to the water causing many splashes.

    Meanwhile under the lake’s shining water, a large serpent-like creature rapidly swims suddenly catching a view of the yummy looking Misty lure.Now back on the lake, the Super Rod starts to wiggles, it state-of-the art controls indicating a Pokemon has bitten the bait.

    “Stupid Misty and her stupid lure, how dare she try to steal my man!”Yellow furiously thought, she obviously didn’t want her one true love to end up with someone else.“Huh?!RED!!!Your Super Rod caught something!!”She shouted trying to alert Red, who was busy stuffing himself with onigiri and other goodies of the hooked Pokemon.

    “Huh!?My Super Rod!!You’re out, fish!”Red shouted while still trying to fully swallow his food.He pulled and pulled, and eventually pulled out the fish, which to his surprise, was a very angry blue serpent , a Gyarados.

    “Gyarados!!!!!!!!”Yellow screamed in paralyzing fear, her cheery expression transformed into an expression of deep fear and trauma..“Kill it!!!”

    “But I left my balls at home, I can’t capture it or battle it!”Red responded in an exasperated tone, however, his eyes shifted towards a leftover onigiri sitting by his backpack.“That’s it!I’ll throw this onigiri, and hopefully, it’ll follow!”He thought to himself, as he quickly took the leftover treat and sent it flying far away, the Gyarados swiftly responded by giving chase to the delicious rice snack, however Red overlooked that he still held the rod, and that the Gyarados was still hooked to it, as the large serpentine creature swiftly swam towards the treat, pulling Red along with it.

    “Red!!!!”Yellow shouted, afraid for the well being of her secret love.“Let go of the hook!!!!Come on!!! ”

    “AAHHHHH!!OKAY, OKAY!!!” Red yelled, also fearful for his well being, or was it for his new Super Rod?Who knows?He gradually weakened his grip on the metallic bar of the rod, until he fell on the water, causing a gigantic splash.“Do you know how much that costs!!!!!!????”Red furiously asked, obviously not knowing that the serpent wouldn’t understand his words.

    “Red, I’m coming!!”Yellow screamed as she jumped from the bridge unto the lake to rescue Red.

    “Great, my shirt’s wet!!”Red sarcastically said to himself, beggining to lift his shirt up his neck and threw it at the lake, revealing a perfectly tanned chest, along with steel tough looking abs.Yellow could only gaze at them an imagine what would it feel to be pressed by them as she swam towards Red.
    “My god, that…is…so SEXY!”Yellow screamed to herself in her mind, gazing at Red’s perfect abs.“I’m almost there!!”She loudly claimed, until she eventually got to him.

    “You know something?”Red quietly whispered to Yellow.

    “What is it?”Yellow curiously asked as she stared at Red’s magenta colored eyes that reflected disappearing sunlight.

    “Your eyes are more beautiful in such a faint sunlight.”He said as his head got closer to Yellow’s and their streaks of hair hit each other.

    “Yours too…I guess!”Yellow nerviously complimented Red’s eyes as she started to blush and feel dizzy.

    “Thanks!Aren’t eyes cool…and so is this!”He murmured, leaning towards for a kiss, eventually locking his and Yellow’s lips in knot of passion as he began closing his eyes.

    “Huh!!!!!!What is this!!!!He’s kissing me!!Oh my god!!I better respond quickly!Close your eyes…don’t be afraid, just let yourself go…”She thought very nervous and shocked, eventually letting herself go, slowly closing her eyes.

    And so the dark night quickly came as they kissed for a few minutes.Once the kiss ended, Yellow couldn’t help but to faint into Red’s arms.

    “Nice…Better take her home then.”Said Red to himself, and to Yellow, who in her unconscious mind, the kiss played back and forth forever.

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