Eighty years ago...

... began a chain of events that eventually changed the course of history in Fizzytopia. A powerful and extraordinarily evil Pokémon came to Fizzy Bubbles from the far reaches of space to wreak havoc upon the land. Hiding in the cold, formidable region of the Glacier Islands where few men dared to travel due to the extreme temperatures, this force of evil laid in wait, biding its time in preparation to attack the inhabitants of Fizzytopia so that it could take control of the land and build an army of strong Pokémon warriors with which to conquer the world.

When a Fizzytopian research facility lost contact with one of their research teams who were based in the Icy Wastelands, they sent an expedition team out to locate them only to find everyone dead after having been brutally murdered. They soon came face to face with the evil space Pokémon responsible for this senseless slaughter, all but one of the expedition team meeting the same fate as that of the unfortunate research team. Luckily one scientist managed to escape and was able to alert the mainland to the danger which allowed for the Fizzytopian army to be sent out to restrain, or even kill, the vile creature before it could hurt anyone else. They never returned. Two more teams were sent to the location, but were also never seen again.

At their wits end, and having no real idea of what kind of enemy they were up against, Fizzytopia's leaders came together and agreed to bring in the one person they believed may be able to identify and kill the creature. Connor, a mysterious man of few words, was the most powerful trainer in the land. So powerful that he not only had an arsenal of super strong Pokémon on his team, but three Legendary Pokémon as well. If a trainer like Connor could control the Legendaries Articuno, Raikou, and Heatran, then surely he possessed the ability to stop this creature before it ventured out of the Glacier Islands and onto the Fizzytopian mainland.

True to his reputation, Connor not only found the mysterious Pokémon, he battled and defeated it. However, despite the fact Connor possessed a team most could only dream of, he was a peaceful man at heart and could not bring himself to slaughter the creature even though it had already killed dozens of men. After luring the evil Pokémon out onto a lone glacier floating in the arctic sea, Connor's Heatran worked on melting the ice to create a deep cavern in which to imprison the space Pokémon while the rest of Connor's team engaged in a battle that would one day become legend. They were able to weaken the creature enough for Articuno to encase it in ice, and with Connor believing it to be embedded so deeply that it would never be able to break free, he felt secure enough in the knowledge it was trapped for eternity that he returned to Fizzytopia with the lone survivor from the original research team - a young boy by the name of Charlie who, orphaned after the untimely demise of his parents, looked up to Connor as his mentor. Charlie eventually went to live with Connor, training under him and learning all that Connor had to offer. Connor was uncomfortable with his fame however, and treasuring his privacy, retreated from the world so that he could live out the remainder of his years in peace. Though Connor is now gone, Charlie ensures that his memory lives on, and hosts the annual Hero's Festival in honour of his beloved friend.


... is the eightieth anniversary of Connor's Legendary Battle, and the Hero's Festival is in full swing. Not a single trainer in the land is missing the opportunity to pay their respects to Connor's memory, each and every one of them diverting from their current paths to take part in the largest and most popular festival Seaside City has ever seen. Though an annual event, this year's Hero's Festival has drawn higher than record crowds, everyone gathering to celebrate the memory of the bravest trainer known in history; the man who risked his life to save Fizzytopia from total annihilation.

Pokémon Contests and Trainer Battles are underway, offering rare and valuable items as a reward to those who are skilled enough to win. Men, women, and children are enjoying the array of festivities on hand, eagerly taking part in as many events as they can. Games, rides, stalls, and street performances are attracting record crowds, but it's the midday parade followed by the Legendary Battle re-enactment that everyone is looking forward to. The voice of Charles Higginbotham, known more affectionately as "Charlie" by Fizzytopian residents, can be heard booming over the loudspeaker system, advertising the sale of raffle tickets that will be drawn in one hours' time. All proceeds of the raffle will be going to the Hero's Charity, an organisation founded by Connor with the money he was given for saving Fizzytopia. Devoted to caring for injured, abandoned, orphaned, and mistreated Pokémon, this charity is seen as yet another of Connor's great accomplishments.

Mayor Thompson's voice is the next to be heard over the loudspeaker. "Welcome one, welcome all!" he proclaims. "Thank you for coming today, as there is no greater time to celebrate and rejoice in our prosperous nation as there is on the eightieth anniversary of the day Connor fought for our lives and continued freedom! Please enjoy the festivities we have on offer, and the games and contests there are to play. Most importantly of all, the Hero's parade will begin at noon, and the Legendary Battle re-enactment a 2pm sharp! In the meantime, please rejoice and be merry!"

You have one week to sign up for this campaign. Signups involve nothing more than RPing your intro (using goldenrod, please), but if you haven't posted by the time the first update is up then you've lost your chance. Speed is essential here, as Fizzytopia will not be reopening until the conclusion of this campaign. Two updators have been designated in order to help it move along faster, but we can't move if you don't. Please be sure to reply as swiftly as possible as we don't want this campaign lasting for more than six to eight weeks in real time. If you wish to purchase one of the raffle tickets mentioned in this update you will need to post a link to your withdrawal of 1,000 coins from the Coin Exchange that can be RP'd into your introductory post so that you can be allocated a number in the next update. In the meantime, have fun and get a scratchin' that RPing itch!