Feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the Hero's Festival, Katsu had settled onto a bench away from the crowds for the time being. At his side sat his Electrike, Kiba, who was waiting patiently while his trainer gathered his thoughts.

"I simply can't decide on what to do first, Kiba. Perhaps you'd like to?", Katsu questioned to his companion, who responded with a quick nod of his head. The canine then took a moment to sniff the air, before thrusting one of his paws in the direction of what Katsu presumed to be the food stands.

"Hehe. I had a feeling that's what you'd be interested in. I suppose it's not a bad idea, though. Festivals like this usually have all sorts of treats you probably wouldn't find elsewhere."

Having come to a decision, Katsu rose, and followed Kiba, who had already started running in the direction he had pointed out. It was only a moment later that a message over the loudspeaker regarding the sale of raffle tickets brought the two to a sudden stop.

"Hmm... Maybe we should go get one of those tickets first. We might win a nice prize, and even if we don't, we'll still be donating to that charity for troubled Pokemon. What do you say to that?"

Kiba barked enthusiastically to express his approval, then hastily returned to his trainer's side.

"Okay! The ticket stand should be...that way!", said Katsu, as he pointed in the direction of their new destination. Before proceeding, he took out the 1,000 coins he'd need to make the purchase.