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Turning back to the crowd, Taryn beams brightly. "The Hero's Parade will be starting soon, but don't forget to stop by the raffle to see if you're the lucky winner of today's Legendary Raffle. I hope you've all enjoyed yourselves, and please be sure to stop by again later today where we'll have a brand new game set up for you!"

ZoraJolteon: 2 levels for Tropius + 1,000 coins & 1 rare candy

Thanking Taryn for organising the contest, Zora claimed the items which he had won, swinging his backpack strap off his left arm and bending round awkwardly to place them inside. Feeling a large shadow fall over him, he turned back round, looking up at the caster. "Meh." Zora grunted to Tropius, who was standing over his trainer, looking somewhat dissapointed with his performance. "It's no great loss. There's always more games to follow, and if we lose those too, then I bet it turns out Connor trained an Altaria." The corners of Tropius' mouth turned up slightly upon hearing this, although he still didn't look entirely ok. "Ah!" Zora exclaimed, in realisation of what was probably troubling his companion. "You've just fired off about sixty Leaf Storms. You must be exhausted."
"Rooo" Tropius said, trying to sound energetic, as he pointed his head behind him, nodding in the direction of his wings, the tips of which were glowing with golden energy.
"Sure, you can do that." Zora said, recognising that while everyone around him might just appreciate the sun for making this an enjoyable day out, for Tropius it was a far more vital supply of nourishment, rapid Photosynthesis occuring in his leaves to compensate for his energy expenditure. "But you do that all the time. Today is fun. Lets find you something extra tasty." Coiling his working hand around Tropius' neck, he dragged him off through the crowds, Tropius struggling to keep himself from knocking any of the fragile Humans over as he waddeled along, incapable of gently breaking himself free. "Right." Zora said, drawing to a halt next to one of the food stands. "I think this is the one that does fruit. Take your pick and I'll see you over there in a minute." gesturing to an area of grass that seemed large enough for Tropius to comfortably lie down. "Now, where is she..."

Sprawled on his back on the grass, Zora felt the sun's warmth flow through him just as he imagined it would for Tropius, the light breeze blowing against him like the draft from Tropius' wings. Wait... it was the draft from Tropius' wings. Regaining his thoughts, Zora sat up, looking at the Pokémon, who had a massive bunch of huge berries hanging from his mouth, which was now a full smile. With that obstruction, it took Zora a couple of moments to notice something odd. "Tropius, you appear to have received a shave." he said, intriged by the absence of his usual beardfruits.
"Toro." Tropius replied, angling his wings to point towards the stand. Zora let out a loud snort of amusement.
"You paid for fruit, using fruit." he laughed, as Tropius kneeled down on the grass, dropping the bunch of berries on the ground in front of him and carefully biting off one of them. Wondering how to pass the time while his Pokémon ate, Zora lifted his hand up in front of him, noticing that the shock wound had turned an unpleasent shade of purple. Seeing the colour reminded him of something that he had placed in the back of his mind while focusing on the game, the strange energy that had flooded the sky. 'Taryn was quick off the mark to pretend it was all planned' he rationalised to himself 'so I guess it's something that they're familiar with, just not intended to happen about now. And if they are familiar with it, then it follows that stopping anything that goes wrong because of it should be fairly simple.' Leaning round into his backpack, which had been serving as a pillow, he rummaged into the endless pit of semi-worthless stuff he had gathered over the years, pulling out a strip of material which he wrapped around the injury, creating something reminiscent of a bandage, although considering the crafter, the medical effect would probably be questionable. Laying back down again, Zora listened to Tropius munching, time passing by.

Suddenly a glint of light hit Zora in the eye. Sitting up so sharply, he startled Tropius, who feeling the presence of something large above his back lashed out in shock, the Bladeed edge of the Leaf hitting against it with a loud clang, before quickly leading into a second attack, waves of green energy flowing upwards from the ground into his body in a techique Zora recognised as calling upon Nature's Power. Getting to his feet, Tropius began clapping his wings together, enthusiastically.
"TORO TORO PI USU! TORO TORO PI USU!" he began chanting, as the shock wore off, and he realised that what he was facing was in fact a large shiny hovering ball of metal, it's pink sheen and wavy ridges identifying it as a Forretress, its shell clamped down tight, presumably in defence against Tropius' prior physical blow. Hearing the chant, the shell opened slightly, the Bug's eyes out of focus as it wobbled to keep it's balance, before tipping to the left, and suddenly falling to the ground, hitting with a soft thump against the soil and rolling slowly across the ground, coming to a halt between Tropius and Zora, who was giggling.
"Ecks dee." he announced, as the Pokémon looked at him, surprised. "I guess that's an interesting new piece of Pokémon research we've documented today. Nature Power, when used in the presence of hundreds of humans and Pokémon celebrating a festival, will generate a Flatter attack." Understanding why he had just performed such an odd action, Tropius seemed happier, but still eyed the Forretress with suspicion, making it Zora's turn to seem confused.
"Roo?" Tropius cooed, inquisitively, rolling the ball slightly with the front tip of his helm.
"Oooh, right!" Zora said. "I forgot you've been in the PC since it happened. Well, you'd be right, this is, well, was, our friend Pineco. I was looking around with her before the games began, but she was struggling to move quickly without the Magnet Rise technique, so I let her go off to find some food. I tried to find her before we sat down, but she wasn't around. Anyway, clearly Magnet Rise isn't a problem anymore." Flipping himself over onto his belly, Zora got down to Forretress' eye level, gently forcing his fingers between her metal plates to prise her open, clicking his fingers in front of her eyes as she snapped back to reality, the Flatter-infused confusion wearing off.
"Forre!" she said, happily, getting her bearings and slowly lifting herself up about ten inches off the ground, looking at her trainer with happiness in her eyes, before spinning round to look at her team-mate.
"Roo" he said with a sheepish grin.
"Tress" she replied, in what was presumably forgivenesss.
"Well, now the reintroductions are done with, we should get moving again. Taryn said something about the raffle tickets being drawn, so we need to try to find that stall again before the parade starts." Getting to his feet, Zora picked up a bunch of stems on the floor, the remnants of Tropius' meal. "You should tidy up your waste" Zora scolded Tropius mockingly, who darted his neck out and grabbed them, lifting his neck up and swallowing them in one gulp. "Well, I guess they contain the nutrients you need for your barkskin?" Zora theoried with a shrug, Tropius nodding in agreement as his trainer climbed onto his back, "Onwards we go!" he announced, Tropius taking to the air as Forretress hovered along underneath, moving freely, but unable to match the altitude Tropius could maintain above the heads of everyone else.