Dani doesn't want to believe it's happening again. The bodies in the water have been mutilated the same way the bodies in the desert had been so if history is repeating itself she better get ready to fight. Because they're in the water she can only use a water or flying Pokemon unless they get closer to land but she already knows who she wants to use if they're attacked and grabs a Pokeball, ready to battle if she has to. The water is calm for a while and Captain Frost stands up, looking through binoculars to find the shore. When he sees it he looks happy but then he drops his binoculars, shocked. Dani tenses, not liking his change in demeanour and scared for what it means for their group. She looks around feeling uncomfortable on a rubber dingy in the blood stained ocean and wishes they were closer to land. She holds her Pokeball tighter with her thumb over the release, and hopes they make it before anything bad happens.

Hoping isn't good enough because her fears have become a reality. The way Jynx is playing with the dead womans body is sick and makes Dani angry. It's bad enough that people are being killed, but playing with their corpses is disgusting. She wants to get out of the boat, but standing up won't be safe because they're too far from the shore and the water is freezing cold. Holding up her Pokeball, Dani releases Corsola.

"Go Coral!" she yells, pointing at the Jynx standing on the shore. "Shoot a Water Pulse in her face, use Harden, then Rock Smash her nose!"