I loved all the gore and drama in this episode! For a while I forgot I was watching Pokemon. I liked how everything started normal, with Ash's Pokemon each displaying their attacks in training practice. Gilgar got over excited as usual and it collided with Ash's face, then it started crying. Ash should've trained it harder in the past, and it order to make up for it, he commenced to training it right before Team Rocket's balloon showed up. Gligar managed to puncture a whole in the balloon, sending them all flying away.

Gligar ended up falling near Paul and his training cite, much to my delight. Though the Drapion he was battlnig got away, figures. As usual, Paul starts to bad-mouth Ash's Pokemon and Ash gets all defensive. I can't believe a battle commenced, it's like they always battle for whatever reason lol. Paul sent out his Gliscor, the same one he caught while Ash caught Gligar. Gliscor managed to hit Gligar but Gligar fought back with a weak Sand-Attack, which didn't affect Gliscor. Gligar lost and then Paul chose a different Pokemon; that big beastly Ursaring of his while Ash used Chimchar.

Chimchar was able to use a Fire attack and then it was able to block most of Ursaring's Focus Blast. I can't believe Ursaring was strong enough to push Chimchar to it's limits with it's Scary Face attack too. Then things got very interesting as Chimchar's hidden Blaze ability awoke and all hell broke loose! It went berserk but at least it managed to beat Ursaring. I still can't believe Ash would try to stop it despite the danger, nice to see Dawn worry but Brock should've stepped in somehow. Chimchar bit Ash and just when I thought Chimchar was going to unleash all it's power, it cooled off. Paul seemed slightly impressed with Ash though. 10/10 for the drama.