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    Default Princess Fairy Academy (contestshipping)

    I decided to post one of my stories from fanfiction on here...its fun and I'm looking for more readers :P The story is about May, she is a fairy with the power of ice, is the princess of Hoenn, she can't control her power on occasions, and she knows Dawn and Misty, her best freinds who are just ordinary faires. (I'd like to point out that they are the size of real people) They are going to an academy for a month to learn how to act proper, right before the ice ball. Rated K+ for magical violence and occasional wars.

    Here are the people/powers/age


    And now starting Chapter 1


    Maybelle was a fairy, she was previously in a fight with Giovanni, she was glad to be home. Its been a month sense the battle, and her appearance changed again.

    It was a sparkly baby blue mid drift and a blue miniskirt with these white frilly things coming out of the edges. She had blue boots that had white soles. Her hair grew longer, and she wore an icy blue-ish white tiara at the top of her head, she had baby blue colored tips on her hair.

    She was outside in her mothers garden, were the icy blue colored pantalilies (made up flower) grew. She absolutely hated them. May growled as she stared down its black stem. She lifted back both of her hands, and to white ice disks formed into her hands.

    ‘SLASH SLASH’ The icy blades cut right though the stems, the top of the flower looking as if it was bowing down to May. May smiled in approval as the flower she hated died in agony.

    Also during the month, she learned how to control a little bit of her power. But sooner or later, the ground under May’s feet froze. May kicked the ice hard, and flew upwards, scanning the rest of the garden with her sapphire eyes.

    “MAYBELLE!!” A yell was heard from the royal chambers, and May knew it was her dad calling for her. She quickly fluttered upwards towards the high tower, and flew through a huge window, though there was no glass. She stood infront of her dad, standing upright like a soldier, then her fairy clothes sprinkled off to her regular princess look. (Princess look still has wings) Her princess look was a baby blue and silver dress, it look like a tank top and a poofy skirt. She wore bell bottom blue sandals under that.

    “What.” May asked in a bored tone. King Normans face showed anger, though no one knew why. He straightened his crown and look straight at May.

    “Maybelle Mary Maple...” He said her full name as though he would lecture someone.

    “I am very disapointed. in your behavior ever sense you returned from your mission.” Norman scratched his chin, then stood up and paced around May.

    “You set the family ice sculptures on fire, you froze your brothers bedroom, you BROKE MY WII!” He yelled in her face, she backed up.

    “I was trying to figure out which controller to hold with my feet!” May said back, Norman just shot her a distressful look.

    “And on top of that, you cut your mothers Handerflashers.” Norman yelled again.

    “Pantalilies.” May corrected in a snobbish tone. King Norman sat back on his thrown.

    “That is why, I am sending you to Cotillion school.”

    May looked shock. “COTILLION SCHOOL!!” May exploded, and looked around as the walls, floors, and furniture froze. Norman frowned at the fact that he was frozen to his chair.

    “I wish I didn’t send you.” Norman tried to say, he finally got out, but just his back.

    “Then you wouldn’t!” May screamed, and crossed her arms.

    “It’s the fastest way to get you ready for the Ice Ball, a month from now.”

    “Fine, but I won’t enjoy it.”

    “Trust me Maybelle, Ashley, Natasha and Lateshia are the finest instructors in the region.” Norman assured.

    “Whatever.” May grunted.

    “Start packing, The Cot express comes tonight to pick you up.”

    May stomped away to her room, leaving ice tracks after every step.


    Word spreads fast, and it didn’t take long for it to spread to a certain house in cerulean city. Daisy hated having Misty back in the house, misty kept taking as many spit takes as she could during her sisters performances.

    Misty’s fairy appearance changed as well. It was a navy blue strapless shirt and blue jean shorts, along with blue sneakers. Her wings grew a darker blue outline, and her orange hair had navy blue streaks in it.

    “Like, Misty,” Daisy said as Misty returned from a flight.


    “I don’t like, know how to say this, but your going to Cotillion school.”

    Misty’s face turned white.

    “I’m like sorry, but your tomboyish ness will not stand before the Ice ball.” Daisy sighed.

    “Daisy, I don’t want to become a snob like you!” Misty whined.

    “I’m like sorry, but its already set to go. The Cot express comes tonight to pick you up whether you want to or not.”

    “What ever.” Misty sighed, and left for her room. She stopped mid way, and pushed her palms forward, where a water comet appeared and hit Daisy in the back.

    “MISTY!” By then, Misty was running up the steps from the soaked Daisy.


    Dawn heard about Cotillion school, and felt that she needed to be shaped up before the Ice ball. Dawn’s fairy appearance changed too. A red sparkly tank top, a red mini skirt, with orange shorts under it, and scarlet sneakers. The tips of her navy blue hair were dark red, and she wore fire charms as clips in her hair.

    Dawn waited till the afternoon before asking her mom.

    “Mom?” Dawn called from the table.

    “What Dawn dear?”

    “Can I go to Cotillion school?”

    “Honey, why would you want to go there?” Johanna asked while washing dishes with her soap power.

    “I just think its something I need.” Dawn replied.


    “To late mom, I signed up this morning, the train comes tonight.”

    Johanna smiled towards her daughter. “Just don’t get to primp dear.”

    Dawn nodded, then headed upstairs to pack.


    Paul stood in the training room in his house, punching the red bag so hard with his power. He held back his fist, then punched it with much force, then it flew off the wall, and hit the door.

    “Oops!” Paul shrugged. The bag suddenly was pushed back and hit the wall behind Paul. Their at the door, stood Paul’s sister, Candace. (She’s the gym leader in Snowpoint city, but he’s not really related to him in the anime, just in this story.)

    “Paul.” Her dull tone told Paul that she wasn’t happy.

    “What?” He asked.

    “Your breaking walls in this house. I can’t call my boyfriend to fix the wall every two seconds.” Candace said.

    “So? Break up with him.” Paul said, and started punching a new punching bag.

    Candace punched upwards, and Paul was pulled upwards and stuck to the ceiling.

    “CANDACE! Put me down!” Paul yelled, Candace laughs.

    “NO way bro. Not unless you agree to go to Cotillion school.”

    “Never.” Paul said, but he should have regretted that. Candace punched up further, and Paul felt weak in his stomach.

    “Your going to Cotillion.” She stated.


    “Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t want you embarrassing me at the Ice ball.” Candace crossed her arms.

    “Fine, but I won’t enjoy it.” Paul agreed.

    “Good! Now go pack.” Candace swiftly moved her hand down, causing him to fall on the floor with a ‘thud’.


    Although you can count many frowns in this chapter, a bright smile still remained in the Larousse kingdom. King Gruman (Random name) was happy to finally have his son back. He starts walking through his castle, and spots his royal garden. He smiled with his plump belly and slowly opened the doors of his garden hoping to see his beautiful...


    Just then, anger took up his face, red taking place of his peach skin.

    “DREW!” He yelled to the top of his lungs.

    Drew turned from his musical directing of the plants to his dad, and hid the stick as if nothing happened.

    “That’s it Drew! You’re going to Cotillion!”

    “WHAT!” Drew screeched, running through the plants to his father.

    “You’ve been rowdy ever sense you returned, and look at my garden!” He pointed to the shriveled up roses.

    “You just want to get rid of me.” Drew said flatly.

    The king backed up and put his right palm forward, then Drew was magically pushed away,

    “Why am I moving?! I’m not done speaking with you mister!” Drew protested while holding the door.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Drew soon got pulled to the left, till a crash was heard a few more feet away.

    “Sorry!” The king apologized dully, Drew lifted the dirt from the top of his head and fluttered away from his Dad.


    Back in Pallet town, you couldn’t help but sigh at how boring it was over there. All the fairies have moved to a better location, leaving Ash and Delia the only ones left in the village.

    Ash was sitting at the lunch table, scarfing down what looked like, lasagna.

    Delia had some news to tell to her son, but yelling at him for two hours straight without a response was too much. She lifted one finger, and pointed in towards Ash.


    The food and Ash were zapped to a crisp.

    “You’re going to Cotillion.” She said strictly.

    He pointed his finger at her and zapped her, her hair sticking up in a funny way,


    She put her fingers in a “W” motion, and Ash was lifted above the air with an electric outline.

    “You are going NOW.” She yelled in a dark deep voice.

    Ash shrugged. “I’ll go if you let me continue eating!”

    Delia sighed and nodded, putting Ash back down.


    May walked around the palace in the moonlight, the train was coming in a few hours, time to suck in whats left.

    She came to an outlet where she could see the moon and the ocean, she breathed in the nice fresh air, wishing she could’ve breathed this earlier. She fluttered off the railing, heading towards the water. She peered down from the rock into the water, looking at her sad reflection.

    “Cotillion...first war, now this.” May sighed, and touched her reflection, causing ripples in the water, then it froze. She looked up to the moon, then fluttered back to the palace, where the train waited, as well as a new adventure.


    Chapter 2 will come later. Yay!

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