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Thread: Official R/S/E Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

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    Emerald after the Feather Badge is truly major battle season. Can I win them all on the first try? Read to find out.

    - Went onto Route 120.
    - Taught Breloom Sky Uppercut.
    - Completed the fifth Trick House challenge.
    - Got to Lilycove quickly.
    - Battled May for the last time:
    - Led with Shedinja against Tropius. She switched to Grovyle. Great, Pursuit was coming. Thankfully Aerial Ace landed a critical hit. Phew.
    - Took out Slugma with Dig.
    - Got swatted by Pelipper's Wing Attack.
    - Beat Pelipper with Torkoal.
    - Beat Tropius with Breloom.
    - After defeating May, went to the Department Store.
    - Bought the TMs for Fire Blast and Light Screen.
    - Taught Altaria Fire Blast.
    - Deleted Flash from Gardevoir at Move Deleter's house.
    - Deleted Cut from Shedinja at Move Deleter's house.
    - Taught Gardevoir Light Screen.
    - Entered Mt. Pyre.
    - Taught Shedinja Shadow Ball.
    - Drove Team Aqua from Mt. Pyre.
    - Entered the Magma Hideout.
    - Beat Tabitha with Altaria, Gardevoir and Breloom.
    - Battled Maxie:
    - Level 37 Mightyena? Wow, big level jump. Tabitha's Camerupt was at level 33.
    - Led with Breloom against Mightyena.
    - Used Leech Seed and Mach Punch, and was winning, but then Maxie withdrew Mightyena and brought in Crobat.
    - Switched to Gardevoir. Crobat's Confuse Ray and Wing Attack forced me to use a Super Potion at one point until Psychic took it out.
    - Maxie brought out Mightyena again. Switched to Torkoal. Swagger was annoying, but got the KO with Flamethrower.
    - Camerupt hammered Torkoal with Earthquake, leaving it with 10 HP left, but thankfully the tortoise avoided confusion damage and poisoned the camel.
    - Brought in Swampert to Surf away Camerupt.
    - Cleared the Magma Hideout.
    - Went to Slateport to see Team Aqua steal the submarine.
    - Entered the Aqua Hideout.
    - Swept Admin Matt easily with Swampert.
    - Obtained the Master Ball.
    - Set out for Mossdeep.
    - Caught a Tentacool for Dive and Waterfall. Named it Orb. Giving what is essentially a HM slave a name is a sort of compensation. Maybe I will train a Tentacruel in the post-Elite 4 game.
    - Entered the Shoal Cave at high tide.
    - Collected four Shoal Shells. Need four Shoal Salts to get a Shell Bell.
    - Challenged Mossdeep Gym with my team at level 40.
    - The Mossdeep trainers are the most skilled and challenging so far, but I sweep them without losing a Pokemon.
    - Got some training done in the water routes around Dewford.
    - Battled Tate and Liza with my team at level 41:
    - Led with Altaria and Swampert against Xatu and Claydol.
    - Set up Safeguard, then Xatu set up Sunny Day.
    - Had Altaria try to scorch with Fire Blast, but that attack decided to hit ONCE IN FIVE TRIES.
    - Switched to Torkoal for Flamethrower, but Tate and Liza are smart. Psychic + Earthquake put Torkoal in dire condition, forcing me to retreat to Shedinja to block Earthquake.
    - Switched to Gardevoir to take Ancientpower.
    - New strategy: special assault. Had Altaria land a Fire Blast and paralyze Claydol with Dragonbreath. Had Gardevoir use Calm Mind, Light Screen and Thunderbolt.
    - The Thunderbolt took out Xatu.
    - A sun-boosted Fire Blast dealt with Claydol.
    - Pounded Solrock into the ground with Dragonbreath paralysis and Thunderbolts.
    - Decided to give hard-working Altaria a rest. Brought in Swampert to join Gardevoir.
    - With no Solarbeam to fear, Swampert Surfed Lunatone, which together with Thunderbolt did the job.
    - This match looked scary at the beginning, but Gardevoir truly is an amazing special fighter.
    - Won the Mind Badge. The battle took almost 13 minutes (8 minutes for Xatu and Claydol alone), but none of my Pokemon fell.
    - Ready to storm the Magma-occupied Space Centre.

    Current team:

    Level 41 Swampert (Fisher) (Quick Claw; Torrent)
    - Surf
    - Mud Shot
    - Ice Beam
    - Rock Smash

    Level 41 Gardevoir (Gown) (Pecha Berry; Synchronize)
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Calm Mind
    - Light Screen

    Level 41 Breloom (Funga) (Silk Scarf; Effect Spore)
    - Sky Uppercut
    - Mach Punch
    - Strength
    - Leech Seed

    Level 41 Shedinja (Skin) (Quick Claw; Wonder Guard)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Dig
    - Aerial Ace
    - Secret Power

    Level 41 Torkoal (Hearth) (Charcoal; White Smoke)
    - Flamethrower
    - Body Slam
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    Level 41 Altaria (Lyre) (Rawst Berry; Natural Cure)
    - Dragonbreath
    - Fly
    - Fire Blast
    - Safeguard
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    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

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    wow keep this up, its so entertaining

    i love it when people post huge things like this

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    Well, it was time, i decided to reset the game after getting the dex to 329 in less then 100 hours. So i restarted the game and attempted to retry a newer team. Atm the team consists of
    Mightyena - Level 26
    Grovyle - Level 27
    Swellow - Level 27
    Kirlia - Level 28
    Aron - Level 29

    So basically wahts happened (I'll speed thing up a bit) i made it to that volcano place and swept away Team Magma's leader. The team was a bit tired, so i back-tracked to Mauville City, then i made it back up to that Town with the springs i forget the name. And one by one i went in the gym and destroyed everyone that was in my path. was the gym puzzle hard? Ha, no...
    So right now my character dude is standing infront of Flannery facing away from her... Awww XD, the big epic battle is going to happen tonite.. Will i win? I hope so =D stayed tune

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    Been playing some more. Leveled up a lot, teamed up with Steven and kicked Tabitha's and Maxie's butt (actually, this is probably my most favorite battle in the whole game), went underwater, kicked Archie's butt with my Blaziken and Gardevoir, awakened Rayquaza, stopped Groudon and Kyogre (Rayquaza has pretty music when he arrives on the scene), beat Juan with my Calm Mind using Gardevoir, got through Victory Road, beat Wally, trained, beat the Elite Four (swept Wallace with Calm Mind + Psychic from my Gardevoir), got to the Battle Frontier. Now, I'm trying to catch 100 Pokemon, so that I can use Pokemon Box and get my BF pokemon off of there.

    Final Team:

    Lv. 55 (Katana; M)
    -Metal Claw
    -Ancient Power

    Lv. 56 (Tsunade; F)
    -Water Pulse
    -Ice Beam

    Lv. 58 (Araceli; F)
    -Bulk Up
    -Blaze Kick
    -Double Kick

    Lv. 55 (Ivory; F)
    -Steel Wing
    -Air Cutter

    Lv. 57 (Aris; F)
    -Double Team
    -Calm Mind

    Lv. 55 (Cherry; F)
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    As the Pokemon League nears, can I continue to win the seemingly endless major battles despite having a team which should be two levels higher? Or will my ignoring of several trainers be my team's downfall against Team Aqua, Magma or Juan? Read to find out.

    - The citizens in the Space Center are being taken hostage by the marauding Team Magma. Tension!
    - See Steven confronting Maxie and Tabitha.
    - Double battle time! Selected Breloom, Swampert and Altaria to join Steven's troika of Metang, Skarmory and Aggron.
    - Battled Maxie and Tabitha:
    - Maxie leads with Mightyena and Tabitha with Camerupt.
    - Level 40+ Pokemon, after beating level 26-31 grunts. My, there is quite some disparity of Magma's competence hierarchy.
    - Metang greatly assisted Breloom by using both Reflect and Light Screen.
    - Sky Uppercut + Metal Claw finished Mightyena.
    - Maxie brought out his powerful Camerupt.
    - Sky Uppercut whipped Tabitha's Camerupt.
    - Brought in Altaria to set up Safeguard after Tabitha brought out Golbat.
    - Camerupt KO'd Metang with Earthquake.
    - Steven's Aggron beat Golbat with Thunder.
    - Tabitha's Mightyena came out.
    - Steven's Aggron fell to a couple of Earthquakes.
    - Camerupt fell to repeated Dragonbreaths and Skarmory's Steel Wing.
    - Maxie sent out his Crobat to Mean Look both the recently switched-in Swampert and Skarmory.
    - Skarmory picked off Mightyena, weakened by Maxie's Camerupt's Earthquakes, with Aerial Ace.
    - Several Ice Beams took down Crobat.
    - Drove Team Magma from the Mossdeep Space Center.
    - Obtained Dive.
    - Before going to the Seafloor Cavern, gave Swampert a training so that I could have Tentacool use the water HMs until the Team Aqua mission was thwarted.
    - Temporarily boxed Swampert and brought out Tentacool. Taught it Dive and Surf.
    - Dove into the depths of Route 127, and quickly found the stolen submarine and the Seafloor Cavern above.
    - Discovered that I need Rock Smash for this dungeon. Nice.
    - Flew back to Mossdeep to replace Torkoal with Swampert. Will make it up to Torkoal after.
    - Seafloor Cavern is very hard to navigate. I keep on getting looped back to the entrance.
    - Beat Shelly with a grand total of two Sky Uppercuts.
    - After solving a disgustingly annoying Strength puzzle, I am vindicated for my mental frustration by obtaining Earthquake.
    - Taught Swampert Earthquake.
    - Battled Archie:
    - Through the use of Calm Mind and many Hyper Potions, I got Gardevoir past Mightyena and Crobat's confusion tactics.
    - Switched to Breloom to Sky Uppercut Sharpedo.
    - The weather went completely haywire! At least I am out of that mess of a cave, though.
    - Completed the sixth Trick House challenge.
    - Gave Torkoal some priority training before heading to Sootopolis.
    - Entered Sootopolis to see Groudon and Kyogre stare each other down.
    - Entered the Cave of Origin and met Wallace.
    - Set off for the Sky Pillar.
    - Reached the Sky Pillar after healing in Pacifidlog.
    - Reached Rayquaza quickly, then flew to Sootopolis.
    - Watched Rayquaza stop the Groudon-Kyogre showdown.
    - Taught Breloom Brick Break, due to its superior accuracy compared to Sky Uppercut and handy side effect.
    - Visited Mt. Pyre to see Archie and Maxie return the orbs.
    - Challenged Sootopolis Gym at level 43 (yes, I know I am underlevelled).
    - Beat the gym trainers with hardly any difficulty.
    - The Sootopolis Gym puzzle is not complicated. It just requires some fancy footwork to get over that ice safely.
    - Battled Juan with my team at level 44:
    - Led with Altaria against Luvdisc. Safeguarded to block confusion, then brought in Shedinja for the kill.
    - Switched to Breloom for Crawdaunt and nailed the crayfish with Brick Break.
    - Switched to Gardevoir for Sealeo, set up Light Screen, and after taking several Body Slams won with a Calm Minded Thunderbolt.
    - Beat down Whiscash with a boosted Psychic.
    - Switched to Shedinja for Kingdra.
    - Kingdra could not damage Shedinja, but it had two weapons: Double Team and Rest. If Shedinja ran out of PP, Struggle would kill it, and my team would be staring down a +6 evasion sea dragon.
    - Shadow Ball hurt when it hit, but hit rarely.
    - Paralyzed a couple of times with Secret Power, but Kingdra simply rested that off.
    - Eventually remembered that Aerial Ace never misses. However, the damage it did was repeatedly being rested away.
    - Gave Shedinja a Leppa Berry to replenish Shadow Ball's PP.
    - Some luck with Shadow Ball knocked Kingdra to about 2 HP.
    - Juan is going to use Rest! Wait, Water Pulse? How did this guy become leader of Hoenn's top gym?
    - Aerial Ace finishes off the 300+ pound seahorse.
    - Won the Rain Badge! It took 15 minutes due to the trench war.
    - Now the hard part - Elite Four training. My team is two levels below Sidney's Mightyena of all Pokemon.

    Current team:

    Level 44 Swampert (Fisher) (Quick Claw; Torrent)
    - Surf
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Beam
    - Rock Smash

    Level 44 Gardevoir (Gown) (Magnet; Synchronize)
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Calm Mind
    - Light Screen

    Level 44 Breloom (Funga) (Silk Scarf; Effect Spore)
    - Brick Break
    - Mach Punch
    - Strength
    - Leech Seed

    Level 44 Shedinja (Skin) (Quick Claw; Wonder Guard)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Dig
    - Aerial Ace
    - Secret Power

    Level 44 Torkoal (Hearth) (Charcoal; White Smoke)
    - Flamethrower
    - Body Slam
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    Level 44 Altaria (Lyre) (Amulet Coin; Natural Cure)
    - Dragonbreath
    - Fly
    - Fire Blast
    - Safeguard

    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

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    Arrived at lilycove. Beat the rival.
    Went to safari zone and caught a wobbufet and a girafarig.
    Added girrafarig to the team.
    Went back to desert route to catch a trapinch.
    Added it to the team.
    Went on to slateport to see team aqua take the submarine to their hideout.

    That's where I stopped.

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    - Flew to Fallarbor for a bit of an alpine vacation.
    - Went to Meteor Falls.
    - Went up the waterfall to explore.
    - Caught a wild Poochyena on Route 116 and taught it Rock Smash.
    - Deleted Rock Smash from Swampert at the Move Deleter's house.
    - Setting out for Ever Grande from Mossdeep with my team at level 45.
    - Reached Ever Grande without much difficulty.
    - Entered Victory Road.
    - Ambushed by Wally.
    - Battled my new rival:
    - Led with Swampert against Altaria. Three Ice Beams did the job.
    - Switched to Torkoal for Roselia. Took some Grass attacks and KOed with Flamethrower.
    - Switched to Breloom for Delcatty. Assist copied Aerial Ace. Ouch.
    - My weakened Breloom took Delcatty out with Brick Break.
    - Switched to Shedinja for Gardevoir. Gardevoir used Future Sight. Shedinja KOed it with Shadow Ball.
    - Since Future Sight hits Shedinja according to my knowledge, I switched to Torkoal for Magneton.
    - FUTURE SIGHT KNOCKED OUT TORKOAL. The tortoise had about 100 HP left! Gardevoir certainly can dish out some serious pain.
    - After seeing my firey tortoise faint for the first ever time, I switch to Altaria.
    - One Fire Blast knocked out Wally's last Pokemon.
    - Rushed to the Pokemon Center to get Torkoal revived.
    - Gave Gardevoir an advance training so that I could bring out good ol' Helper the Ninjask to use Flash.
    - Gave Torkoal an advance training so that I could bring out Poochyena for Rock Smash.
    - Taught Swampert Protect.
    - The battles in Victory Road are more challenging, but definitely very fun.
    - Flew to Lilycove to stock up on Revives and Escape Ropes.
    - Gave Swampert an advance training so that I could bring out Tentacool for Waterfall.
    - Half of my on-hand Pokemon are utilities. Amazing.
    - Beat Vito Winstrate with Gardevoir and Torkoal.
    - After some truly agonizing battles with some Slaking-wielding cooltrainers, I made it to the end of Victory Road.
    - Rather than jump to the Elite Four at levels 46-47, I take advantage of the fact that I no longer need certain HMs and train my team as a whole.
    - Flew to Lilycove to have the Move Deleter make Breloom forget Strength.
    - Taught Breloom Return.
    - Flew to Pacifidlog in order to explore Routes 132-134.
    - Trained my Pokemon up to level 50 in Victory Road and the Magma Hideout which, despite low levels, provides decent experience.
    - Stocked up with huge amounts of potions, revives and status healing items.
    - Challenged the Elite Four.

    - Battled Sidney:
    - Led with Torkoal against Mightyena.
    - Took a fair amount of damage from Crunch. Flamethrower nearly took Mightyena out; after Sidney healed, used Body Slam, then after another Crunch-Flamethrower turn Mightyena fell.
    - Sidney brought out Absol.
    - Brought out Swampert to take the Rock Slide. Tried to freeze with Ice Beam. Took a Swords Danced Slash, then KOed with Earthquake.
    - Brought out Breloom to face Cacturne. Hit by Cotton Spore. Nearly KOed with Mach Punch, then after taking a pair of Faint Attacks won with Return.
    - Brought out Altaria to face Shiftry. Set up Safeguard. Shiftry started abusing Double Team.
    - With no Swagger to fear, brought out Shedinja. Two Aerial Aces did it, though Shedinja got tormented.
    - Kept Shedinja in against Crawdaunt. Paralyzed it with Secret Power, but Torment made it near impossible to do decent damage.
    - Crawdaunt Swords Danced, so when its HP was very low, I made a potentially disastrous prediction: Sidney would heal.
    - If Sidney uses Facade on my switch-in Gardevoir, goodbye Gardevoir.
    - Sidney healed. Thunderbolt took out the crayfish.
    - Defeated Sidney! Yet the harder battles await.

    - Battled Phoebe:
    - Led with Altaria against Dusclops. Set up Safeguard. Got Cursed.
    - Considerably weakened Dusclops with Dragonbreath + Fire Blast. Switched to Shedinja.
    - Phoebe healed. Shadow Ball just missed a KO, and Shadow Punch took out Shedinja.
    - Revenge killed with Swampert's Earthquake.
    - Brought out Torkoal to face Phoebe's second Banette. Took Shadow Ball well, but Banette Grudged away Torkoal's Flamethrowers. Ouch.
    - Swampert beat the second Dusclops in an attrition war (Earthquake vs. Shadow Ball).
    - Swampert took down Sableye with two Surfs, then moved up to level 51.
    - Brought in Altaria to face Banette. Shadow Ball did quite a bit. Dragonbreath initially got a critical hit and paralyzed...
    - ...which means that Phoebe uses a Full Restore.
    - Dragonbreath + Fire Blast brought Banette down to 1-2 HP before Altaria fainted. Drat.
    - Gardevoir came in for the clean-up Psychic.
    - Defeated Phoebe! The rising difficulty was evident in this battle.

    - After restoring the PP of Torkoal's vital Flamethrower with a Max Ether, battled Glacia:
    - Led with Breloom, who was on a suicide mission to take down as many Sealeo as possible and Leech Seed Walrein.
    - Breloom succeeded. One Brick Break each for the Sealeos, plus a seed for Walrein before Ice Beam beat up my heroic mushroom.
    - Had Gardevoir set up Light Screen.
    - Avoided Sheer Cold to my great relief.
    - Thunderbolt took out Walrein in one hit (well, a hit plus two turns of Leech Seed damage).
    - Switched to Torkoal for the first Glalie.
    - Torkoal sponged up whatever the Glalies threw at him and Flamethrowered them both. Torkoal levelled up as a result.
    - Defeated Glacia! Surprisingly easily, too.

    - After reviving Breloom, battled Drake:
    - Led with Altaria against Shelgon. After being annoyed by Protect, I beat Shelgon down with Dragonbreath. Rock Tomb hurt a bit, and Drake healed.
    - Eventually the Dragonbreaths got to Shelgon and knocked it out.
    - Switched to Swampert for Altaria. Took a Dragonbreath and a Double-edge. Trying to avoid Drake healing an Altaria with about three Dragon Dances on it, I first used Surf a couple of times.
    - The Surf damage + Ice Beam did Altaria in.
    - Switched to Shedinja for Kingdra. Drake switched, of course, but Shadow Ball got a critical hit on the switch, nearly KOing Flygon.
    - Switched to Swampert in order to heal Altaria.
    - Switched Altaria into an Earthquake. After healing off some Dragonbreath damage, took Flygon out with a Dragonbreath. There is a lot of breathing going on in this match.
    - Altaria levelled up as a result of the Flygon battle.
    - Switched to Gardevoir for Salamence. Unfortunately, switched into a Crunch. It took several Hyper Potions in order to set up Light Screen and two Calm Minds.
    - Rock Slide, Rock Slide, Rock Slide. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Hyper Potion, Hyper Potion, Hyper Potion.
    - +2 Psychic nearly KOed Salamence. Had to use it three times overall due to a Full Restore.
    - Switched to Shedinja for Kingdra.
    - Paralyzed Kingdra with Secret Power, then got past the Double Teams with Aerial Ace.
    - Once Kingdra was weak enough, used Shadow Ball for the win.
    - Defeated Drake, and without losing a Pokemon, just a lot of Hyper Potions!
    - By far one of the most exciting battles thus far in the game.
    - The Elite Four is cleared! Only the champion awaits.

    - Battled Wallace, the final challenge:
    - Led with Gardevoir against Wailord. Thunderbolt did a lot, then Wailord used Rain Dance. Used Light Screen on the turn Wallace healed.
    - Another Thunderbolt. Wailord used Water Spout, which did little. Finished it off with Psychic.
    - Wallace brought out Tentacruel.
    - Got hit by Toxic, then used Calm Mind.
    - Realizing that Sludge Bomb would hurt, I switched to Swampert.
    - Swampert took a Sludge Bomb and got poisoned. Hydro Pump hurt, but Earthquake beat the jellyfish.
    - Switched to Breloom for Ludicolo.
    - Surf actually hurt quite a bit. Repeatedly had to heal. Eventually, a Brick Break, a Mach Punch and a Return beat Ludicolo. Cost me 10 Hyper Potions, though, because of Ludicolo's Double Team.
    - For Ludicolo: one Double Team = VIRTUALLY UNTOUCHABLE. At least Breloom won.
    - Tried to Leech Seed Milotic, but got Ice Beamed first.
    - Brought in Altaria to use Safeguard; Ice Beam brought it down.
    - With Safeguard up I brought in Shedinja to paralyze Milotic with Secret Power.
    - With Shedinja walling and Milotic constantly using Recover, I revived Breloom.
    - Breloom seeded Milotic, and due to the paralysis kicking in, got her life spared as well.
    - Brought in Gardevoir.
    - Set up Light Screen and three Calm Minds. The paralyzed and seeded Milotic fell to a Thunderbolt.
    - Could keep Gardevoir in against Whiscash, but Shedinja is safe and needs a level up. Three Shadow Balls do the job.
    - Due to Gyarados's Intimidate, I switch to Gardevoir, take an Earthquake, switch back to Shedinja, paralyze Gyarados with Secret Power and...
    - ...after watching Gyarados Dragon Dance about five times, take it down with Shadow Balls and Aerial Aces.
    - Defeated Wallace, the Champion! In the battle Gardevoir and Shedinja both levelled up.
    - Encountered May and Professor Birch and entered the HALL OF FAME.
    - Hall of Fame team, in order of obtaining them:

    Fisher the Level 51 Swampert
    Gown the Level 51 Gardevoir
    Funga the Level 50 Breloom
    Skin the Level 51 Shedinja
    Hearth the Level 51 Torkoal
    Lyre the Level 51 Altaria

    - Now I can sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of beating Emerald with a Shedinja on the team.
    - Will start post-Elite 4 game in a few days.

    Current team:

    Level 51 Swampert (Fisher) (Quick Claw; Torrent)
    - Surf
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Beam
    - Protect

    Level 51 Gardevoir (Gown) (Magnet; Synchronize)
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Calm Mind
    - Light Screen

    Level 50 Breloom (Funga) (Silk Scarf; Effect Spore)
    - Brick Break
    - Mach Punch
    - Return
    - Leech Seed

    Level 51 Shedinja (Skin) (Quick Claw; Wonder Guard)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Dig
    - Aerial Ace
    - Secret Power

    Level 51 Torkoal (Hearth) (Charcoal; White Smoke)
    - Flamethrower
    - Body Slam
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    Level 51 Altaria (Lyre) (Amulet Coin; Natural Cure)
    - Dragonbreath
    - Fly
    - Fire Blast
    - Safeguard
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    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

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    Ok well.... Last time i talked.. I do believe i was sitting in front of the gym. Of flannery, The results? A very good win.. Swellow swept the first two pokemon away without a challenge, went up to level 28 in the process, then i took Aron at lvl 31, and she swept away the tuffer two with Rollout. So after the gloriuos win, i found myself battling old Norm and swept his pokemon away with just Lairon (Used to be Aron) at level 33. NOw im currently sitting outside the gym...

    The team atm
    28 Kirlia
    28 Grovyle
    28 Swellow
    26 Trapinch
    33 Larion

    So far so good

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    Started a couple of days ago.
    Started with Kip, named it the obvious Mudkipz.
    Caught a Ralts, too slow to train, caught an Abra.
    Beat Roxanne while training Abra.
    Did stuff.
    Beat Rival with Mud Shot hax.
    Caught a Zubat.
    Skipped the rest of Dewford for greener pastures.
    Did stuff.
    Rivals Grovyle was ruined by Mud Shot yet again, now with Soft Sand!
    Arrived in MAWVILLE, or however you spell it.
    Trainer everything to 22.
    Ditched for Kadabra, went to go get a Lotad. Trained Lotad.
    Beat Wattson.
    Training out side of Fallabor or however you spell it.

    Player name: SZA
    Badges: 2 (1st, 3rd)
    Pokedex: 10
    Joker(Golbat) Lv.30
    LOLTAD (Lombre) Lv.27
    Mudkipz (Marshtomp) Lv.27

    Probably over trained, what ever. Everything will be Lv.30 by the time I go to that mountain place. Probably should go challenge Brawly soon....

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    I just started my emerald a few days ago, Currently my team is:
    Grovyle lv. 18
    Ralts lv. 18

    I just beat Brawly, and the two team aqua grunts when trying to give that guy in slateport the Devon Goods. Now underneath the bicycle thing. just caught Electrike might add it to my team.

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    Most do not post their post-Champion happenings, but I have a weakness for documentation:

    - Got the S.S. Ticket from Norman.
    - Got the National Dex upgrade from Professor Birch.
    - Levelled up Breloom to be on par with the rest of the team.
    - Completed the final Trick House challenge.
    - Decorated my Secret Base.
    - Boarded the S.S. Tidal.
    - Ran into Mr. Briney.
    - Found the Leftovers, and gave them to Swampert.
    - Gave the Charcoal to Altaria, and the Quick Claw to Torkoal.
    - Rested in my cabin, then arrived in Lilycove.
    - Briefly visited the Battle Frontier.
    - Beat Wally in the rematch using Altaria, Breloom, Gardevoir and Torkoal.
    - Visited the Battle Frontier again for a more comprehensive time.
    - Challenged the Battle Dome at level 52 with Altaria, Gardevoir and Swampert. The opponents have level 60 Pokemon.
    - Round 1: Beat a Poliwag-Trapinch team with Altaria and Swampert.
    - Round 2: Beat a Kabuto-Bagon team with Altaria and Gardevoir.
    - Semi-final: Beat a Krabby-Spoink team with Gardevoir and Swampert.
    - Final: This was epic. Beat a Grumpig-Zangoose team with Altaria and Swampert. Swampert fell to Zangoose. Altaria, 27 HP remaining, cleaned it up with a critical hit Dragonbreath.
    - Won my first Battle Dome (and Frontier) tournament.
    - Lost the final battle of my second tournament. Why? Both Breloom and Torkoal fell to critical hits. Bad luck.
    - Won with Shedinja, Gardevoir and Swampert on my first try in the double battle tournament.
    - Lost the second double battle tournament. This is hard.
    - Time to level up.
    - Ran into Latios completely at random on Route 121. Caught it with the Master Ball.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Brawly:
    - Led with Breloom and Shedinja against Machamp and Meditite.
    - Switched Shedinja out in favour of Swampert.
    - Breloom smacked Meditite down with Return.
    - Machamp's Rock Slide did little.
    - Brawly brought out Hitmontop; Breloom and Swampert got Intimidated.
    - Had Swampert go Earthquaking. Intimidate slashed the damage by quite a bit. Hitmontop Countered, nearly KOing Swampert.
    - Return did the trick against Machamp, who stayed conscious a lot longer than expected due to Intimidate, a Sitrus Berry and Bulk Up.
    - Brawly brought out his powerhouse, Hariyama, which as a Makuhita devastated my team. Revenge time!
    - Brought in Shedinja to replace Swampert.
    - Hariyama only wanted to Focus Punch, so Breloom hit it with Return.
    - Hitmontop, who I feared would survive Aerial Ace and Pursuit Shedinja into the second grave, fell to Aerial Ace.
    - Mach Punches and Aerial Aces eventually took out Hariyama.
    - Even if Brawly's Pokemon were in the 30s level-wise, this was an exciting and slightly challenging battle.

    - Obtained the Beldum in Steven's house.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Juan:
    - Led with Gardevoir and Altaria against Whiscash and Poliwag.
    - Set up Light Screen and Safeguard.
    - Gardevoir knocked out Poliwag with Thunderbolt.
    - Altaria paralyzed Whiscash with Dragonbreath.
    - Juan brought in Crawdaunt, which got quickly knocked out by Thunderbolt.
    - Juan brought in Walrein; switched Altaria out for Shedinja in fear of Ice Beam.
    - Shedinja's Shadow Ball brought down the weakened Whiscash.
    - Juan brought in Kingdra.
    - A Calm Mind-boosted Thunderbolt knocked out Walrein.
    - Kingdra took a while to take down due to Double Team and Rest, but eventually fell to an Aerial Ace-Psychic combination.
    - Defeated Juan in the rematch, and rather easily.

    - Will train my team up to level 60 before trying the Battle Frontier again.

    Level 56 Swampert (Fisher) (Leftovers; Torrent)
    - Surf
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Beam
    - Protect

    Level 56 Gardevoir (Gown) (Magnet; Synchronize)
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Calm Mind
    - Light Screen

    Level 56 Breloom (Funga) (Silk Scarf; Effect Spore)
    - Brick Break
    - Mach Punch
    - Return
    - Leech Seed

    Level 56 Shedinja (Skin) (Quick Claw; Wonder Guard)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Dig
    - Aerial Ace
    - Secret Power

    Level 56 Torkoal (Hearth) (Quick Claw; White Smoke)
    - Flamethrower
    - Body Slam
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    Level 56 Altaria (Lyre) (Charcoal; Natural Cure)
    - Dragonbreath
    - Fly
    - Fire Blast
    - Safeguard
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    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

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    Currently training between Fortree and Lilycove. I was looking for a Marill to add to my team and came across my second Shiny Pokemon (My first ever was a Zubat in the tower outside Solaceon in Diamond).
    My team is all Level 38 - Pelipper, Kadabra, Numel, Sableye, and Magneton. I'm going to add my Shiny Marill to the roster, too. That leaves me with two Electric-type weakened Pokemon, but I'm alright with that.
    3DS FC: 1478 3794 0567
    PM me if you add me, so that I can add you back.

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    Gym leaders by the barrel! How they ask for further battles!

    - Did some training by battling trainers on Routes 104 and 123 via Match Call.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Wattson:
    - Led with Torkoal and Altaria against Electrode and Mareep.
    - Fearful of Explosion, I had Torkoal protect itself and Altaria attempt paralysis with Dragonbreath.
    - Electrode was hit hard but did not faint or get paralyzed; it used Rain Dance rather than Explosion.
    - Mareep paralyzed Altaria with Thunder Wave.
    - Torkoal's Quick Claw clicked and got the KO on Electrode with Flamethrower.
    - Mareep protected itself while Altaria could not move.
    - Wattson brought out Magneton.
    - Magneton and Mareep abused Protect.
    - Magneton's third Protect fails, causing Flamethrower to take it out despite the rain.
    - Mareep falls to Dragonbreath, but not before paralyzing Torkoal as well.
    - Wattson's Manectric is all alone.
    - Manectric delays the inevitable with Protect.
    - Dragonbreath heavily damages and paralyzes Manectric.
    - Both Manectric and Torkoal cannot move due to the paralysis epidemic.
    - Altaria closes the match with a Dragonbreath. The 20-level difference made this battle too easy.
    - Looking forward to later on when Wattson's team becames a greater challenge.

    - Healed off the mass paralysis.
    - More Match Call training.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Tate and Liza:
    - Yikes! These Pokemon are stronger than what Juan had!
    - Led with Gardevoir and Altaria against Claydol and Slowpoke.
    - Set up Light Screen and Safeguard while Claydol used Light Screen and Slowpoke used Calm Mind.
    - Altaria hit Claydol with a Fly while Slowpoke kept on protecting itself from Thunderbolt. Hit Claydol with a weak Fire Blast.
    - Paralyzed Claydol with Dragonbreath.
    - Ancientpower got a critical hit AND the all-stat boost, nearly causing Altaria to faint. Great.
    - Slowpoke finally took the Thunderbolt and fainted.
    - Tate and Liza brought out Xatu.
    - Renewed Light Screen, but Xatu's Psychic was a painful critical hit on Gardevoir.
    - +2 Special Attack Psychic from Claydol put a dent in Swampert, but Leftovers eased the pain.
    - A single Thunderbolt dispelled of Xatu. Tate and Liza brought in Lunatone.
    - +2 Attack Earthquake did more than half to Gardevoir. Ouch.
    - A barrage of Psychics and Surfs took out Lunatone, but Claydol had no problem taking damage. Tate and Liza used a Full Restore on the desert-artifact-on-steroids.
    - Planned a Surf-Thunderbolt to beat the incoming Solrock. Only one problem: EARTHQUAKE GOT A CRITICAL HIT. That Claydol is seriously charmed.
    - Gardevoir, for the first time in its final evolutionary form, fainted. They have to start sometime.
    - Switched to Shedinja banking on a Quick Claw Shadow Ball to beat Claydol, and to Breloom to take a Solarbeam intended for Swampert.
    - Quick Claw failed to activate. It is only a 20% chance, after all. Shedinja fell, joining Gardevoir in the fainted department.
    - +2 Speed Claydol knocked out Breloom with a +2 Psychic. I should have used Mach Punch, but what good would that do against +2 Defense? The twins would have simply used another Full Restore.
    - Those Ancientpowers have made me bitter, if that has not already been inferred.
    - With Altaria near death (and that Ancientpower just coming in the mail) Torkoal and Swampert were forced to hold the fort.
    - Solrock's Sunny Day proved to be Claydol's undoing. A predicted Flamethrower took out the doll, which I respect for its dominating performance.
    - Used the Sunny Day set-up turn to heal Altaria, whom promptly soaked up a Solarbeam for Swampert.
    - No need for a Dragonbreath, since Quick Claw Flamethrower lands a critical hit (finally some good luck!) and Solrock falls from its levitating perch.
    - Despite the fact that my Pokemon were 8-10 levels higher than their team, the twins definitely gave me a challenging match. Never again will I underestimate all-stat-boost moves.

    - Healed my sore team.
    - Did some more training all over the map.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Norman:
    - Led with Gardevoir and Shedinja against Slaking and Chansey.
    - Swapped Shedinja for Torkoal; Gardevoir's Psychic wiped out Slaking.
    - Chansey Skill Swapped with Norman's second Slaking, replacing Truant with Natural Cure.
    - Had Gardevoir set up Light Screen.
    - Slaking's Shadow Ball did over half to Gardevoir.
    - Chansey loafed around.
    - Torkoal poisoned Slaking.
    - Switched to Swampert to replace Gardevoir.
    - Shadow Ball did not do much to Swampert.
    - For some reason beyond comprehension, Chansey Skill Swapped with Slaking again, replacing Natural Cure with Truant.
    - Torkoal's Flamethrower hurt Slaking quite a bit.
    - Protected Torkoal in order to launch an Earthquake which knocked out both Slaking and Chansey.
    - Norman brought out his Spinda.
    - Swapped Torkoal for Breloom while Swampert hurt Spinda with Ice Beam; Breloom got put to sleep by Hypnosis.
    - Used an Awakening on Breloom. Spinda used Skill Swap to replace Breloom's Effect Spore with Own Tempo.
    - Mach Punch took down Spinda, and as a bonus Spinda's new Effect Spore failed to activate.
    - Not a tough battle, though the 14-16 level difference was notably the reason.

    - Went back to the Abandoned Ship and found the Scanner.
    - Traded the Scanner for a Deepseascale from Captain Stern, not that I actually intend to train a Gorebyss.
    - Trained my Pokemon to level 60 by training in Victory Road, including a battle against Wally.
    - Will take a decent break from the game before rechallenging the Battle Frontier.

    Level 60 Swampert (Fisher) (Leftovers; Torrent)
    - Surf
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Beam
    - Rock Smash

    Level 60 Gardevoir (Gown) (Magnet; Synchronize)
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Calm Mind
    - Light Screen

    Level 60 Breloom (Funga) (Silk Scarf; Effect Spore)
    - Brick Break
    - Mach Punch
    - Return
    - Leech Seed

    Level 60 Shedinja (Skin) (Quick Claw; Wonder Guard)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Dig
    - Aerial Ace
    - Secret Power

    Level 60 Torkoal (Hearth) (Quick Claw; White Smoke)
    - Flamethrower
    - Body Slam
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    Level 60 Altaria (Lyre) (Charcoal; Natural Cure)
    - Dragonbreath
    - Fly
    - Fire Blast
    - Safeguard

    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

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    I just began my very first quest in any Pokemon game today on my Emerald version. While I also own Silver, Crystal, Ruby, LeafGreen, and Pearl, I have no teams on those other games, as I've deleted all my old save files in order to begin fully anew in Hoenn.

    I chose Torchic as my starter, and he is absolutely fabulous. I named him Blitzkrieg, and soon after obtaining my Pokedex I traded with my Ruby version to get Fangorn, my male Treecko, and Momo, my female Mudkip. I am so excited to begin my Emerald Hoenn quest with these three Pokemon, and I can't wait to see where our journey takes us. :]


    Male, Level 8
    Brave nature
    Focus Energy

    Male, Level 7
    Hardy nature

    Female, Level 7
    Impish nature
    Mud Slap
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    Here is an anime-esque title for this section:
    Back to the Battle Frontier! Struggles at the Facilities! Young Women Seek Victory Against the Hero! A New Pokemon Stakes Its Claim!

    Here is the actual section:

    - Rechallenging the Battle Dome Single Battle mode.
    - First Tournament:
    - My Pokemon: Breloom, Shedinja, Altaria
    - Result: Defeated Expert Chloe in the final with Shedinja and Altaria.
    - Second Tournament:
    - My Pokemon: Swampert, Torkoal, Altaria
    - Result: Defeated Triathlete Leslie in the final with Altaria and Swampert.
    - Third Tournament:
    - My Pokemon: Gardevoir, Breloom, Torkoal
    - Result: Lost to Pokemaniac Jalen in the final. His Zangoose was the reason.

    - Took the Battle Pike challenge.
    - Pokemon: Swampert, Gardevoir, Altaria
    - My first choice led to an easy double battle.
    - My second choice led to an empty room. That's relaxing.
    - My third choice led to a single battle. Swept with Gardevoir.
    - My fourth choice led to me being attacked by a Dusclops. No, battle though.
    - My fifth choice led to a hall with wild Dusclops. Ran from them all.
    - My sixth choice led to my Pokemon being healed.
    - My seventh choice led to the same thing.
    - Completed my first Pike challenge.

    - Deciding to try out the Battle Arena.
    - Pokemon: Altaria, Gardevoir, Swampert
    - Won first battle 3-1. Altaria, whose Dragonbreath took down two of the three opponents, fainted due to Toxic.
    - Won second battle 3-1 as well.
    - Won third battle 3-0. Altaria sweep.
    - The fourth battle was another 3-0 Altaria sweep.
    - Won fifth battle 3-1. Altaria fell to a Duskull Night Shade.
    - Altaria recorded his third sweep of the run in the sixth battle.
    - Won seventh battle 3-1. Gardevoir took out the first two, then beat the third on a judge's call.
    - Won my first Arena challenge.

    - Now for the Battle Palace:
    - Taking the challenge in which the Pokemon dictate the battle.
    - Pokemon: Gardevoir, Breloom, Torkoal
    - The Battle Palace is visually beautiful.
    - Won first battle 3-0. Gardevoir, who used Calm Mind six times, swept the opponent.
    - Won second battle 3-0 as well. Gardevoir registered two knockouts and Breloom one.
    - Won third battle 3-1. Breloom beat two Pokemon before falling to a Koffing which Gardevoir beat.
    - Won fourth battle 3-0. Breloom sweep.
    - Won fifth battle 3-0. Gardevoir's second sweep.
    - Won sixth battle 3-0. Gardevoir, Breloom and Torkoal each registered a knockout.
    - Won sixth battle 3-0. Breloom beat two and Gardevoir one.
    - Won my first Palace challenge.

    - Taking a break from the Frontier now. The density of battles can become tiresome.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Winona:
    - Led with Altaria and Torkoal against Tropius and Dratini.
    - Dragonbreath beat Dratini.
    - Tropius used Sunny Day; Flamethrower took it out.
    - Winona brought out Altaria and Pelipper.
    - Altaria's Safeguard blocked Pelipper's Supersonic.
    - Altaria's Earthquake did little to Torkoal. Poisoned the cloudy dragon.
    - Pelipper kept on protecting itself from Altaria's Dragonbreath.
    - Winona's Altaria attacked mine with Aerial Ace.
    - A boosted Flamethrower left a dent in Altaria.
    - While Pelipper protected itself, Altaria beat Winona's Altaria with Dragonbreath.
    - Torkoal body slammed the incoming Skarmory.
    - Pelipper again used Protect.
    - Skarmory set up Spikes.
    - Torkoal beat Skarmory with Flamethrower.
    - The sunlight faded.
    - Predicting Surf, I protected Torkoal; Altaria hit hard with Dragonbreath and took little from Surf.
    - Winona used a Full Restore; I used Protect and another Dragonbreath.
    - The next Dragonbreath knocked out Pelipper and ended the match.
    - Not a waste of five minutes, but still too easy. Winona gets harder later on, though.

    - Headed back to the Battle Frontier to try out the Pyramid.
    - My Pokemon for the challenge: Swampert, Gardevoir, Shedinja
    - Swampert got me through the wild Electric Pokemon of Floor 1 and the trainers.
    - Shedinja fell to an Exeggcute's Leech Seed on the otherwise problem free Floor 2.
    - Swampert fell to Water Pulse-induced confusion. Only Gardevoir is left.
    - Found a Revive on Floor 3; used it on Swampert.
    - Found a Shell Bell; gave it to Swampert to hold.
    - First double battle in Pyramid on Floor 4; emerge victorious.
    - Quickly find pad which takes me to Floor 5.
    - Get to Floor 6 almost right after.
    - Make it to Floor 7 after some trainer battles.
    - Wild Jolteons? Yikes.
    - Reached the summit without a Floor 7 trainer battle.
    - Completed my first Battle Pyramid challenge. Swampert had to give up the incredily useful Shell Bell, though.

    - Visited the Pokemon Trainer Fan Club in Lilycove and got ambushed at the door by admirers. There were critics there too, though.

    - Challenged the Battle Tower (Single Battle):
    - Pokemon: Gardevoir, Breloom, Altaria
    - First battle: 3-0 Breloom sweep.
    - Second battle: 3-0 Gardevoir sweep.
    - Third battle: Same as above.
    - Fourth battle: 3-0 Altaria sweep.
    - Fifth battle: 3-0 victory; two taken down by Altaria and the other by Gardevoir.
    - Sixth battle: 3-0 victory; two taken down by Altaria and the other by Breloom.
    - Seventh battle: Same as above.
    - Won my first Tower challenge without having any of my Pokemon faint.

    - Note that all of my Frontier happenings will not be these detailed; these being the first time through, they get special attention.
    - Went to Mt. Chimney on a whim and found trainers with level 21 Pokemon! Three times playing, and now I discover that Chimney has a post-Magma life!
    - Grabbed the Meteorite from the device near the crater; returned it to Professor Cozmo and obtained Return.
    - Taught Shedinja Return. Now it can actually hurt Normal Pokemon.
    - Caught a Numel for Strength.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Roxanne:
    - Led with Breloom and Shedinja against Golem and Kabuto.
    - Shedinja beat Kabuto with Shadow Ball while Breloom took out Golem with Brick Break.
    - Roxanne brought in Onix and Nosepass.
    - Onix fell to Brick Break and Nosepass to Shadow Ball.
    - Far too unbalanced battle levelwise to be worth any merit.

    - Since I lack Rock-type offense, I decided to start training my Sassy Level 35 Solrock (named Helio).
    - Moveset after TMs: Rock Throw, Psychic, Fire Blast, Calm Mind
    - Taught Solrock Rock Slide.
    - Taught Solrock Solarbeam.
    - Stopped the current training session at level 50.
    - Got a call from Flannery: "Come to Lavaridge for a soak in the hot springs and a challenge!" The innuendo burns!
    - Going to use Solrock in its first ever major battle.
    - Lavaridge's gym puzzle is a mighty pain.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Flannery:
    - Led with Solrock and Breloom against Magcargo and Ponyta.
    - Breloom took down Ponyta with Return.
    - Solrock used Rock Slide on Magcargo and the incoming Camerupt.
    - Magcargo survived the attack (bulky snail) but missed with Overheat. Breloom would have been toast.
    - Not wanting to take Breloom's survival for granted, I swap the mushroom boxer for Gardevoir while Solrock calms its mind.
    - Camerupt uses Sunny Day, which is actually beneficial to me; Magcargo's Rock Slide does little.
    - While Gardevoir sets up Light Screen, Solrock takes advantage of the weather and knocks out Magcargo with Solarbeam.
    - Camerupt's Overheat barely scratches Solrock.
    - Flannery brings out Torkoal.
    - Thunderbolt disposes of Flannery's tortoise, and Rock Slide knocks out Camerupt.
    - Not the hardest battle, but definitely among the more enjoyable rematches so far.
    - Now I have had one rematch each with the Gym Leaders. In terms of difficulty I would rank them as follows:

    1. Tate and Liza
    2. Norman
    3. Brawly
    4. Winona
    5. Flannery
    6. Juan
    7. Wattson
    8. Roxanne

    - Off to who-knows-where next.

    Level 61 Swampert (Fisher) (Leftovers; Torrent)
    - Surf
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Beam
    - Protect

    Level 61 Gardevoir (Gown) (Magnet; Synchronize)
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Calm Mind
    - Light Screen

    Level 61 Breloom (Funga) (Silk Scarf; Effect Spore)
    - Brick Break
    - Mach Punch
    - Return
    - Leech Seed

    Level 61 Shedinja (Skin) (Quick Claw; Wonder Guard)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Dig
    - Aerial Ace
    - Return

    Level 61 Torkoal (Hearth) (Quick Claw; White Smoke)
    - Flamethrower
    - Body Slam
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    Level 61 Altaria (Lyre) (Charcoal; Natural Cure)
    - Dragonbreath
    - Fly
    - Fire Blast
    - Safeguard

    Plus the apprentice:

    Level 50 Solrock (Helio) (Hard Stone; Levitate)
    - Rock Slide
    - Solarbeam
    - Fire Blast
    - Calm Mind

    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

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    Well, let us continue shall we?... Lemme see, oh yes i was outside the gym the last time i posted.

    Ok, anyways, i decided that maybe battling some trainers that wanted a re-match would be best, so i walked on route before, through and past the forest. Eventually my feet took me to the cave full of whismur. Passing along i made it to Verdanturf Town. I just waited for a bit, admired the surrondings, then went on route towards Mauville re-battling some trainers in between.
    So i get to Mauville, here i am about to go east when i realised, none of my party members know and cant learn the HM surf. So yes, i was stuck. So I found myself in a grassy area and found me a Marril. Not to happy but hey, it will know surf. So unfortunately i found a 6th member. But it will not be permanent, it will be subsituted before facing the E4.

    So basically i raised and raised him. And eventually evolved 8D. So now im back in Mauville. And this is the team so far

    Level 31 Grovyle (The Captain)
    Level 32 Gardevoir (Assistant Captain and recently evolved)
    Level 31 Trapinch (Still raising)
    Level 32 Swellow (Team Flyer and the quickest of the team) (And other Assistant Captain)
    Level 33 Lairon (AKA the wall)
    Level 26 Azumaril (The call in surfer)

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    I'm training my pokemon for the elite four.

    Credit to StonE EdgE for the userbar

    Wanna Battle?? PM me with your FC too!
    HGFC: 4254-5664-6691
    BLACKFC: 2064-8433-3178
    Put this in your signature if you think Ruby and Sapphire deserve remakes! (started by Flare 64!)

    "The one to BEAT!!!"
    Credit to LunGhost for the team pose.
    Back here with a new sprite thread baby!
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    In this section: turn-by-turn coverage of the biggest non-Frontier battle in Emerald.

    - Decided to challenge Steven despite my Pokemon being 14-17 levels below his team. Destined for failure or a surprise victory?
    - Forced to teach Swampert Waterfall since he was necessary for the battle. Bye bye, Protect. There is always the Move Relearner to bring you back.

    - The grand battle:
    - Led with Torkoal against Skarmory.
    - Skarmory set up Spikes; Torkoal did a high amount of damage with Flamethrower.
    - Torkoal's Quick Claw allowed the tortoise to burn the steel bird into the ground before it could launch a second attack.
    - Steven brought out Metagross, his powerhouse.
    - After taking over 75% damage from Earthquake Torkoal hit back for just over half with Flamethrower. Metagross's Sitrus Berry activated, though.
    - Torkoal was not as lucky as earlier as Metagross's Meteor Mash went first and took it down.
    - Brought out Swampert.
    - Metagross's Psychic hit for about 45% damage; Swampert's Earthquake brought Steven's mighty tank to the brink.
    - Wary of Psychic hitting for maximum damage and taking down Swampert I healed my starter. Steven also healed his team's cornerstone.
    - Psychic did just under 100 damage; Earthquake did just under half. Steven has the upper hand it seems.
    - Swampert's Leftovers are greatly helping him survive.
    - Psychic brings Swampert down to less than 25% HP after Leftovers recovery; Earthquake brings Metagross down to about 5%.
    - Heal Swampert since Metagross is faster. Thankfully, Psychic does not land a critical hit and Swampert has over half of his HP remaining.
    - However, Psychic does land a critical hit on the next turn. Swampert faints.
    - Brought out Breloom.
    - Praying that Steven does not use a Full Restore.
    - Steven does not heal Metagross, which permits Breloom to finish off the four-brained beast with Mach Punch before a Psychic could destroy my fighter.
    - Steven brought out Armaldo, a tough physical tank.
    - None of my other Pokemon can safely switch into Aerial Ace. Thus it is Breloom's goal to land a sacrificial Leech Seed.
    - Leech Seed misses and Aerial Ace wipes out Breloom.
    - A moment after I ponder whether or not Breloom will leave a parting gift, she does: Effect Spore paralyzes Armaldo.
    - Brought out Gardevoir.
    - Aware of Armaldo's high Attack and decent Special Defense I figure Gardevoir will not live long enough to set up enough Calm Minds to KO with Psychic.
    - Thus I spend a turn reviving Swampert. Armaldo is immobilized by paralysis.
    - The next turn is spent using a Hyper Potion on Swampert. Armaldo knocks Gardevoir down to 25% HP with Ancientpower.
    - With Swampert healthy Gardevoir is free to attack. As I suspected would happen Psychic does less than half (about 40%). Slash knocks out Gardevoir.
    - Brought out my revived Swampert.
    - Surf pushes Armaldo to the edge; Aerial Ace does little damage.
    - Steven heals Armaldo, removing the paralysis and the damage.
    - Surf does a bit over 50% damage to Armaldo.
    - Swampert progressively shrugs off the Aerial Ace and spikes with Leftovers. What an useful item on a bulky Pokemon!
    - Another Surf knocks out Armaldo, who took down two of my Pokemon in this battle.
    - Steven brought out Aggron.
    - Aggron just survives Earthquake and takes in sunlight.
    - Before Aggron can launch a fatal Solarbeam he falls to Surf.
    - Steven brought out Cradily.
    - Switch Altaria into Giga Drain.
    - Since Cradily carries Confuse Ray I have Altaria use Safeguard. Cradily uses Ingrain.
    - Altaria does little damage with Dragonbreath but succeeds in paralyzing the Barnacle Pokemon. Cradily is unable to move.
    - Since Cradily can handle whatever Swampert or Gardevoir throws at him (even Ice Beam) and hit back with Giga Drain or Ancientpower respectively I figure that Breloom is my only real hope for taking this thing down.
    - Accordingly I spend a turn reviving Breloom. Altaria gets slapped hard by Ancientpower.
    - Ingrain undoes the Dragonbreath damage, but Cradily is still paralyzed.
    - Use a Hyper Potion on Breloom. Altaria falls to Ancientpower.
    - Brick Break does a bit more than half. Cradily uses Ancientpower, which does little. (Fortunately, none of these Ancientpowers are converting into all-stat boosts.)
    - Safeguard expires. Fearful that Cradily could survive Brick Break (resulting in a heal) makes me have Breloom use Mach Punch. Cradily is just put into the red zone.
    - Cradily uses Ancientpower rather than the expected Confuse Ray, or even Giga Drain. Breloom takes the hit reasonably well.
    - As I predicted Ingrain puts Cradily out of Full Restore range. Brick Break finishes off the bulky ancient sea plant.
    - Steven brought out his last Pokemon, Claydol.
    - Claydol sets up Light Screen. Breloom seeds Claydol.
    - Since Shedinja faints to Ancientpower I switch to Swampert.
    - The switch-in Earthquake is fairly powerful. Leech Seed and Leftover mops up most of the blow's impact.
    - Claydol's Earthquake just avoids putting Swampert into KO range. Surf does almost nothing due to Light Screen.
    - Leech Seed is quickly wearing down Claydol.
    - Steven seems to be fishing for a critical hit since Claydol is using Earthquake again and again. Swampert is brought down to 45 HP before recovery.
    - Surf takes Claydol down to what could be Leech Seed KO range.
    - It is. Claydol bites the cave dust.
    - Defeated Steven, and it only took 14 minutes and 46 seconds! The only Pokemon which did not faint at least once was Shedinja, who was not even used since Steven seems to understand Shedinja's ability when he considers movesets for his Pokemon.
    - Nothing is won from the struggle except sheer satisifaction, even if I had to make extensive use of healing items. Top performance honours go to Swampert for an excellent defensive and strong offensive showing.

    - Trained Solrock up to par with my main six Pokemon. I will alternate roster spots for major battles and Frontier challenges between the seven.
    - Revisiting the Battle Frontier.

    - Challenged the Battle Factory:
    - My first team: Starmie, Marowak, Raichu
    - First battle: 3-1 win. Two knockouts for Starmie before falling to Snorlax; Marowak cleaned it up.
    - Swapped Raichu for Snorlax.
    - Second battle: 3-0 win. Starmie took out one, then Snorlax beat the next two.
    - Third battle: 3-0 Starmie sweep. Parafusion + Recover + Psychic = great lead.
    - Fourth battle: 3-1 win. Starmie won once before falling to a parafused Sceptile; Marowak and Snorlax got a knockout each.
    - Swapped Marowak for Forretress.
    - Fifth battle: 3-0 win. Starmie beat a Blaziken with Psychic and Snorlax a couple of Psychics with Shadow Ball.
    - Swapped Forretress for Blaziken.
    - Sixth battle: 3-0 Starmie sweep.
    - Seventh battle: 3-0 Snorlax sweep.
    - Victorious in my first Factory challenge! Thank you, parafusion Starmie and special sponge Snorlax.

    - Rechallenged the Battle Dome Single Battle mode:
    - Won first tournament with Swampert, Altaria and Solrock.
    - Won second tournament with Gardevoir, Breloom and Solrock.
    - Won third tournament with Swampert, Gardevoir and Altaria.
    - Lose in the second battle of the fourth tournament to a Chimecho. Hypnosis is a real pain.

    - Decide to train a level 30 Calm Tentacool (named Orb) as a second reserve.
    - Moveset after TMs: Surf, Blizzard, Acid, Giga Drain
    - Flew to Dewford to obtain Sludge Bomb; taught it to Tentacool.
    - Tentacool evolved into Tentacruel after one level up in the Magma Hideout.
    - Tentacruel takes special hits very well, but physical attacks take a heavy toll. Battling myriads of Geodudes to raise Defense helps that problem.
    - Taught Tentacruel Barrier.
    - While going up the Cable Car I saw a Hiker walking down Mt. Chimney's slope, a cookie I never noticed before.
    - This one fellow on Route 112, Hiker Trent, seems to love rebattling me with his three Gravelers and one Golem. I do not mind; it definitely helps raise my Tentacruel.
    - I bought a large supply of Ultra Balls for the purpose of building up the PokeDex.
    - Caught a Gloom and a Kecleon on Route 121.
    - Caught a Machop in the Fiery Path.
    - Caught a Spinda and a Slugma on Route 113.
    - Caught the following Pokemon in the Safari Zone:

    - Mareep (which I intend to train)
    - Sunkern
    - Wooper
    - Ledyba
    - Pineco
    - Aipom
    - Teddiursa (on the eleventh try)

    - The only Pokemon I wanted to catch which eluded me was Houndour. At least I snagged Mareep, though.
    - Put Gardevoir into storage alongside Swampert in order to train Mareep (Calm lv. 34 male named Hans) as a third reserve.
    - Mareep's moves upon capture: Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Light Screen
    - Testing Hidden Power on Route 119.
    - Weak and neutral on an Oddish.
    - Decently powered and neutral on a Zigzagoon.
    - Remaining options: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Ground, Poison, Rock, Steel
    - Weak and neutral on Tropius.
    - Remaining options: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Steel
    - Weak and neutral on Tentacool. Thus either Dark or Dragon.
    - Neutral on Makuhita. Thus Dragon. I will keep it until (and if) Mareep can be taught another offensive move.
    - Hidden Power's power is not much different from Thundershock. Must be a bit less than 60.
    - Gave Mareep the Exp. Share to hold.
    - Mareep evolved into Flaaffy following a double battle with Gabby and Ty.
    - Flaaffy evolved into Ampharos due to Exp. Share experience.
    - Since Ampharos has dominating Special Attack, I decided to let it keep Thundershock for a while and teach it Thunder later.
    - Going to give Ampharos individual training now and leave Tentacruel at level 52 for a while.
    - Went to the Move Relearner wondering if, like in Gen. IV, Ampharos learned Fire Punch. Apparently not, but it does learn ThunderPunch.
    - No more need to teach Ampharos the disgustingly inaccurate Thunder. Taught Ampharos ThunderPunch.
    - Taught Ampharos Strength in place of Hidden Power.
    - After getting Ampharos to level 46 I got a call from Brawly.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Brawly:
    - Time to test the new faces in their first major battle. Led with Ampharos and Tentacruel against Machamp and Medicham.
    - Machamp tightened his focus. Tentacruel bulked up with Barrier. Medicham hit Tentacruel for minor damage with Psychic. Ampharos Thunderpunched Machamp for some good damage.
    - Machamp's Sitrus Berry restored his health. Both Medicham and Machamp prepare to use Focus Punch.
    - Tentacruel makes both opponents lose focus with Surf; Ampharos sets up Light Screen.
    - Is Focus Punch the only move these Pokemon know?
    - Surf takes out both Medicham and Machamp.
    - Brawly brings out Hariyama and Hitmontop; Hitmontop's Intimidate slashes my Pokemon's Attack.
    - Ampharos Thunderpunches Hariyama, doing about 35% damage. Bulky sumo wrestler.
    - Hariyama fakes Ampharos out. Hitmontop protects itself from Surf, which Hariyama negates with his Sitrus Berry.
    - Hariyama for sure will use Earthquake, right?
    - No. Hariyama tightens its focus. Tentacruel wounds him with Sludge Bomb while Ampharos paralyzes Hitmontop with Thunder Wave. Hitmontop misses with Triple Kick.
    - Sludge Bomb + ThunderPunch beats Hariyama. Hitmontop is immobilized by paralysis.
    - A critical hit Surf takes out Hitmontop.
    - Brawly is defeated! Level difference this time was minimum 5 and maximum 14.

    - Since I have done quite a bit since last time I will end the section here.

    Level 61 Swampert (Fisher) (Leftovers; Torrent)
    - Surf
    - Waterfall
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Beam

    Level 61 Gardevoir (Gown) (Magnet; Synchronize)
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Calm Mind
    - Light Screen

    Level 61 Breloom (Funga) (Silk Scarf; Effect Spore)
    - Brick Break
    - Mach Punch
    - Return
    - Leech Seed

    Level 61 Shedinja (Skin) (Quick Claw; Wonder Guard)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Dig
    - Aerial Ace
    - Return

    Level 61 Torkoal (Hearth) (Quick Claw; White Smoke)
    - Flamethrower
    - Body Slam
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    Level 61 Altaria (Lyre) (Charcoal; Natural Cure)
    - Dragonbreath
    - Fly
    - Fire Blast
    - Safeguard


    Level 61 Solrock (Helio) (Hard Stone; Levitate)
    - Rock Slide
    - Solarbeam
    - Fire Blast
    - Calm Mind

    Level 52 Tentacruel (Orb) (Mystic Water; Liquid Ooze)
    - Surf
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Giga Drain
    - Barrier

    Level 47 Ampharos (Hans) (Exp. Share; Static)
    - ThunderPunch
    - Strength
    - Thunder Wave
    - Light Screen

    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

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    Let's make this fun shall we... How about if i do it in a news reporter way... I find its good practice

    Hello and good evening, it seems that luck and progress has went fairly well for team emerald has they not only swept away team Aqua at the weather institute, but also pulled a massive team effort and blew away with Winona with the score of remaining Pokemon 6-0. The strategic swapping and use of Sp.atk with Grovyle and Gardevoir were credited as they pull off a immense start, then it was Lairon's time to shine as he Ko's 3 of her Pokemon in a row with Roll-out.

    Right now the team is sitting at an average level of 35.5 and they have all the momentum for carrying on. Right now the team is on route, leaving Fortree city for a while and is heading to Mt.Pyre to see what is going on. Interviewing the GM of the team he had this to say

    "Clearly, this year, this new team, has all the momentum they need, and the fact that they are coming into a battle at full tilt is something to smile at"

    Here is a look at what the team is currently at

    Captain : Grovyle (35)
    Assitant Captain : Gardervoir (34)
    The Defender : Lairon (35)
    Hidden Talent : Vibrava (35)
    Speedy Gonzales : Swellow (35)
    The surfette : Azumaril (39)

    The goal that the GM has sent out for the team, is that before they go to Mt.Pyre that the team must sit at an average level 40. Obtainable? Thats for the team to decide

    Im diablo_200525 and this is the current update on team Emerald.

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    Picked up Ruby again after having not played it for a couple of months. Man, have I got a terrible team. I certainly try to train my Pokémon evenly, but for some reason, I'm having a hard time maintaining that here. My Marshtomp is the strongest right now at level 24 (I'm at Route 111, right around Jagged Pass, so it just seems to be the member of my team best equipped to handling all the Fire Pokémon I'm encountering, considering I've also got a Nuzleaf and an Aron right now), but everyone else is between 16 and 21.

    I can't get my dinky little Electrike to level up. It's at level 16 and it doesn't know any damaging Electric attacks yet. And its defenses aren't worth crap - I went over to Route 113, and a Spinda knocked it out in two hits. If I can just get it up to level 20 so it'll learn Spark, I'll be all set.

    Likewise, I've got a level 16 Numel that doesn't even know four attacks yet. Fortunately, the next one it learns is Magnitude, and that'll come in handy, especially when I fight Flannery...but again, only if I can find an opportunity to level it up before that. I'm trying not to overtrain Marshtomp, but everything I encounter seems to be too strong for anyone other than him to handle.

    I don't know why Ruby is giving me this much of a hassle. I don't remember having any of these training headaches with Emerald! Jeez...

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    - Took on Wally with Ampharos.
    - The lighthouse lamb somehow beat everyone except Gardevoir despite being five levels less. Due to Roselia's Leech Seed Ampharos was swapped for Swampert, who took down Wally's main Pokemon.
    - After Ampharos reached Tentacruel's current level (53) Winona gave me a call. Time to fly to Fortree.
    - Why must GameFreak put rematch seekers through the agony of the Fortree Gym puzzle upon every challenge of Winona?
    - Well, at least it is not like the HGSS rematch scheme, when the player has to do the calling. :P

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Winona:
    - A larger test for Ampharos and Tentacruel, with Solrock, Torkoal, Altaria and Shedinja on hand in case the battle gets ugly.
    - Led with Ampharos and Tentacruel against Hoothoot and Tropius.
    - Tentacruel severely injured and poisoned Tropius with Sludge Bomb. Ampharos took out Hoothoot with ThunderPunch.
    - Winona brought out Dragonair
    - Tropius's Earthquake did decent damage to both of my Pokemon as well as Dragonair.
    - Winona withdrew Dragonair and healed Tropius. Pelipper came out.
    - A Sludge Bomb + ThunderPunch combination beat Tropius; Winona replaced it with Altaria.
    - Ampharos leveled up.
    - Tentacruel bulked up with Barrier.
    - Altaria's Earthquake did not do too much to Tentacruel due to Barrier, but a critical hit on Ampharos knocked out the beacon.
    - Pelipper confused Tentacruel with Supersonic. Winona is fighting back quite aggressively.
    - Sent out Solrock as Ampharos's replacement.
    - Healed off a large chunk of damage and confusion by using a Full Restore on Tentacruel.
    - Pelipper protected itself from Rock Slide, but Altaria took over 50% damage from the attack.
    - Tentacruel managed Altaria's Earthquake.
    - Beat Altaria with a Sludge Bomb + Rock Slide combination; Winona brought in Dragonair as a replacement.
    - Pelipper also took more than half from Rock Slide, and flinched to boot.
    - Another Sludge Bomb + Rock Slide beats both Dragonair and Pelipper.
    - Winona sends out Skarmory, her last Pokemon.
    - Surf + Fire Blast knocks out Skarmory.
    - Defeated Winona for the third time. Ampharos fainting is sad, but at least the Electric Pokemon got two knockouts and a level up.
    - The gym leaders are definitely improving in terms of skill as the rematches go on.

    - Train Ampharos and Tentacruel to level 56, five off my team, when Flannery calls. Off to Lavaridge.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Flannery:
    - Lead with Tentacruel and Ampharos against Growlithe and Magcargo. Vowing not to use Surf in this match for the sake of difficulty.
    - The pair starts off at an offensive disadvantage due to Growlithe's Intimidate.
    - Growlithe uses Helping Hand, useless since his partner, Magcargo, uses Light Screen.
    - Build up defenses with Tentacruel's Barrier and Ampharos's Light Screen.
    - Tentacruel heavily dents Growlithe with Sludge Bomb, and Ampharos lands a heavy hit on Magcargo with ThunderPunch.
    - Growlithe brings in some sunny weather while Magcargo does little damage with Rock Slide.
    - Growlithe's Helping Hand proves fruitless as he falls to Sludge Bomb and Magcargo to ThunderPunch.
    - Flannery sends out Camerupt and Ponyta.
    - Tentacruel knocks Ponyta to knockout range with Sludge Bomb; Ponyta's Flamethrower barely scratches Ampharos.
    - Strength does some damage to Camerupt. Overheat does a decent but not threatening amount to Ampharos.
    - Another Sludge Bomb takes down Ponyta. Flannery brings out her Torkoal. Strength weakens Camerupt. Overheat puts Ampharos into knockout range.
    - Both Light Screens wear off.
    - Wary of Explosion and/or Earthquake I have Tentacruel use Barrier while Ampharos is healed.
    - Both Torkoal and Camerupt use Overheat on Ampharos, and both get paralyzed by Static. Ampharos's health is in the yellow zone again.
    - The sunlight fades.
    - Giga Drain from Tentacruel nearly beats Camerupt; I have Ampharos renew Light Screen. Camerupt renews Sunny Day.
    - Torkoal's Overheat does not do too much damage to Ampharos.
    - Flannery heals Camerupt of its wounds and paralysis while I heal Ampharos. Tentacruel hits Camerupt with Giga Drain, doing about 35% damage.
    - Torkoal's Overheat is hardly doing anything to Ampharos now.
    - Torkoal takes Sludge Bomb well, and Camerupt's HP takes a hit from Strength. Camerupt finally realizes that Ampharos is not my only Pokemon and uses Overheat on Tentacruel. It does about nothing.
    - Torkoal is immobilized by paralysis.
    - Tentacruel's Giga Drain and Ampharos's ThunderPunch respectively bring Camerupt and Torkoal to the red HP zone.
    - Flannery's duo's Overheats are making me nervous: what if one lands a critical hit? So far Ampharos is having no problem taking them.
    - These gym leaders must really not like their Pokemon fainting, because Flannery just used a Full Restore on both of her Pokemon.
    - A Sludge Bomb + ThunderPunch gang-up attack just fails to KO Torkoal.
    - Flannery must hate Sludge Bomb now, because not only did it beat Growlithe and Ponyta, it just took out her prized Torkoal.
    - Ampharos renews Light Screen. Camerupt did the same for Sunny Day.
    - Uh oh. I forgot that Camerupt would Earthquake if isolated. Maybe I should Surf it? No, I vowed not to make the battle that easy.
    - Giga Drain does little to Camerupt, but Strength lands a critical hit and the volcanic camel faints. After ten minutes the battle is over.
    - Admittedly I made this battle harder than it actually is by refraining from using Surf, but not soaking Flannery's Pokemon quickly made it more entertaining.
    - Apart from the common Ground weakness, Tentacruel and Ampharos seem to work well together as a doubles pair. I will test other pairs once they reach level 61.

    - Defeated Wally's highest-level team en route to getting Ampharos and Tentacruel to level 61.

    - Challenged the Battle Pike for the second time.
    - Ran into LUCY! How, how?! This is too early, is it not?
    - Led with Ampharos with Seviper.
    - Seviper's Swaggers forced some switches.
    - Tentacruel set up Barrier and got the KO with a critical hit Surf.
    - Lucy brought out Milotic.
    - Swagger-boosted Sludge Bombs and another critical hit beat Milotic.
    - A relentless barrage of Surfs beat Shuckle.
    - Swept Lucy with Tentacruel! Too bad I forgot to record the battle.
    - Still shocked. Swept Lucy with Tentacruel!
    - Won the Silver Luck symbol, and it only took two trips to the Battle Pike.
    - After-battle research reveals to me that Lucy can challenged on just the second run. Well, at least I won. That eases the surprise.

    - Third Battle Pike challenge:
    - First trainer nearly destroyed me, taking out Altaria with Wobbuffet and Tentacruel with Venomoth. Breloom saved the day by beating Venomoth and Sneasel with Mach Punch (fortunately the last Pokemon was a Sneasel).
    - Got healed in the next room. Phew. How far would 41 HP Breloom have gotten without that?
    - Cleared the rooms and completed the challenge after a tough double battle with a Scyther + Stantler combination which beat my Tentacruel and Breloom.
    - Breloom beat the Stantler with Mach Punch before falling to Aerial Ace; Altaria beat Scyther with Fire Blast.
    - Pike streak is now at 42 rooms.

    - Second Battle Arena challenge:
    - Pokemon: Altaria, Swampert, Torkoal
    - First Battle: 3-0 victory; Altaria beat the first two in battle and the third on a judges's call.
    - Second Battle: 3-1 victory; Altaria won a judge's call and drew another. Swampert beat a Gligar for the win.
    - Third Battle: 3-1 victory; Altaria beat one and Swampert beat two, all by knockout.
    - Fourth Battle: 3-1 victory; Altaria drew the first in judging, Swampert knocked out a Primeape and then beat a Wigglytuff in judging.
    - Fifth Battle: 3-2 victory; Altaria fell early. Swampert won once. Torkoal beat a Cacturne and then, despite having less HP, defeated another Torkoal in a 6-0 judge's call. Very close.
    - Sixth Battle: 3-1 victory; Altaria won two, the first by KO and second by judging, then lost to a Gligar by judging. Swampert beat the Gligar.
    - Seventh Battle: 3-1 victory; Altaria somehow survived a critical hit Psychic after already taking a Psychic and Stomp and beat a Girafarig. Altaria then fell to the next and Swampert swept the remaining two Pokemon.
    - Arena streak is now at 14 victories.

    - Second challenge of the Battle Dome double battle mode (no current streak):
    - Pokemon: Ampharos, Altaria, Breloom
    - Round 1: Easy win for Ampharos and Altaria against Slugma and Houndour.
    - Round 2: Easy win for Altaria and Breloom against Grimer and Nuzleaf.
    - Semi-Final: Easy win for Altaria and Breloom against Bulbasaur and Meditite.
    - Final: Easy win for Ampharos and Breloom against Chikorita and Poliwag.
    - Dome double battle streak is now at 1 clean.

    - Second challenge of the Battle Pyramid:
    - The seer predicted poison in the tower. Thus:
    - Pokemon: Swampert, Tentacruel, Gardevoir
    - First Floor: Tentacruel fainted in one battle; I had to revive it and give it the Shell Bell for healing. Made it to the second floor after quite a few wild and trainer battles.
    - Second Floor: Had a few battles, including one with a wild Skarmory, before reaching the third floor.
    - Third Floor: Reached the fourth floor after one battle with an Expert I have battled in now three different Frontier facilities. I like how they reuse trainers - it makes it feel more real.
    - Fourth Floor: Reached the fifth floor after several battles, not wearing on the HP but cutting the PP quite heavily.
    - Fifth Floor: A wild Gengar! What? This is not the Old Chateau! Found Leftovers and gave it to Swampert. Cleared the floor after only one trainer battle but too many wild battles to count.
    - Sixth Floor: Replaced Tentacruel's Shell Bell with another Leftovers I found. Made it to the seventh floor after running into about a million wild Ludicolos.
    - Seventh Floor: The seventh floor was just one massive floor with no walls, but I got lucky and somehow reached the top after just two wild Pokemon battles.
    - Pyramid streak is now at 14 floors.

    - Second challenge of the Battle Palace:
    - Before entering, gave Swampert the Soft Sand and Torkoals the Leftovers.
    - Pokemon: Swampert, Torkoal, Shedinja
    - First Battle: 3-0 Swampert sweep. Swampert used the EXACT moves I would have used. Obviously he trusts me.
    - Second Battle: 3-0 Swampert sweep. The muddy Pokemon has a bit more trouble getting the right moves off but wins due to type advantage.
    - Third Battle: 3-1 victory. Swampert beats the first two then faints to a Toxic+Dive Clamperl which Shedinja defeats.
    - Fourth Battle: 3-2 victory. Swampert won a battle, then Torkoal Toxic+Protect stalled and beat a Banette. Both fell to a Stantler. Shedinja, after considerable trouble attacking, beat it.
    - Fifth Battle: 3-2 victory. Swampert beats two, then due to being low in HP loses to a Marshtomp (funny). Shedinja for some reason refuses to attack and falls to Rock Tomb. Torkoal beats the Marshtomp.
    - Sixth Battle: 3-1 loss. Brutal. Swampert fell to a Hitmonchan's Counter. Shedinja fell to a Wailmer's Rollout. Torkoal beat the Wailmer but fell to a Marshtomp's Mud Shot after exhausting Protect's PP.
    - Streak ended at 12 victories. Shedinja's Naughty nature must be the reason it was constantly incapable of attacking.

    - Third challenge of the Battle Dome double battle mode:
    - Pokemon: Swampert, Solrock, Shedinja
    - Round 1: Easy win for Solrock and Swampert against Larvitar and Loudred.
    - Round 2: Slightly challenging win for Swampert and Solrock against Murkrow and Haunter.
    - Semi-Final: Slightly challenging win for Solrock and Swampert against Pidgeot and Cloyster.
    - Final: Easy win for Swampert and Solrock against Sharpedo and Scyther.
    - Dome double battle streak is now at 2 cleans.

    - Rechallenging the Battle Palace:
    - Pokemon: Gardevoir, Solrock, Ampharos
    - First Battle: 3-0 Gardevoir sweep. Psychic mows down the opponent's unevolved Pokemon.
    - Second Battle: 3-0 victory. Gardevoir, Solrock and Ampharos each land a knockout.
    - Third Battle: 3-0 Gardevoir sweep. No comments needed.
    - Fourth Battle: 3-0 victory. One knockout each for my Pokemon.
    - Fifth Battle: 3-0 victory. Gardevoir took down two and Solrock beat the other.
    - Sixth Battle: 3-0 Gardevoir sweep. One Calm Mind is enough to bring down any unevolved Pokemon, it seems.
    - Seventh Battle: 3-2 victory. Gardevoir and Solrock each got KOs before a Chansey came out. Must have had maximum Defense, because it took less than half from Rock Slide. Metronome kept on copying Wish, which explains why Gardevoir and Solrock could not get it done. Ampharos thankfully beat it down, though.
    - Current Palace streak is at 7 victories.

    - I now have 50 Battle Points. Time to visit the Move Tutours.
    - Spent 96% of my hard-earned BP teaching Gardevoir Ice Punch. Hopefully that was a good move.
    - Apparently a long day at the Battle Frontier attracts Gym Leader attention. I got two calls, one from Roxanne and the other from Wattson.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Roxanne:
    - Led with Gardevoir and Ampharos against Golem and Omanyte.
    - Roxanne's Pokemon used Protect as much as they could get away with it.
    - Had Gardevoir use Calm Mind while Ampharos ThunderPunched Omanyte away; Golem hit Ampharos with Rollout and got paralyzed by Static.
    - Roxanne brought out Kabutops.
    - Ampharos paralyzed Kabutops while Gardevoir beat Golem with Ice Punch.
    - The paralyzed Kabutops used Swords Dance while Roxanne brought in Onix.
    - Psychic beat Onix and ThunderPunch disposed of Kabutops.
    - Nosepass fell to a single ThunderPunch.
    - Roxanne's levels are too low for this to be much of a challenge. Maybe next time I will refrain from using special attackers just to give her a chance.

    - Gym Leader rematch! Against Wattson:
    - Led with Torkoal and Shedinja against Pikachu and Flaaffy.
    - Pikachu made it rain. Shedinja beat Flaaffy with Return. Torkoal took down Pikachu with Body Slam.
    - Wattson brought out Electrode and Manectric.
    - Knowing that Wattson would make a concentrated effort to take down Shedinja I swapped it with Solrock.
    - Electrode missed with Rollout; Bite did decent damage to Solrock.
    - Torkoal hurt Manectric with Body Slam; the dog recovered some health with its Sitrus Berry.
    - Manectric protected itself while Electrode put a small dent into Torkoal with Thunder.
    - Solrock missed with Rock Slide; Manectric protected itself from Body Slam.
    - Torkoal protected himself from Thunder; Manectric put Solrock's health into the yellow zone with Thunder.
    - Rock Slide missed Manectric but heavily damaged Electrode.
    - Fearing for Solrock's life and wanting to avoid the use of healing items I switch to Ampharos.
    - Electrode tried to blow everyone up with Explosion. It succeeded in knocking itself and Manectric out, but Torkoal and Ampharos each took about only 35-40% damage.
    - Wattson brought out his last Pokemon, Magneton.
    - A Body Slam originally intended for Manectric did not do much damage to the magnet but paralyzed it.
    - Since Shedinja was a bit starved on victories I brought out the ghostly bug in place of Torkoal.
    - Ampharos did little damage with Strength; Magneton could not move due to paralysis.
    - A Strength + Shadow Ball combination beat Magneton.
    - More of a challenge since last time, since Shedinja and Solrock would have fainted had I not switched. Wattson can be difficult if his opponent does not use a Ground Pokemon.

    - Four gym leader rematches, a Frontier Brain confrontation and several jaunts at the facilities... sounds like it is time for a break.

    Level 61 Swampert (Fisher) (Soft Sand; Torrent)
    - Surf
    - Waterfall
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Beam

    Level 61 Gardevoir (Gown) (Magnet; Synchronize)
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt
    - Ice Punch
    - Calm Mind

    Level 61 Breloom (Funga) (Silk Scarf; Effect Spore)
    - Brick Break
    - Mach Punch
    - Return
    - Leech Seed

    Level 61 Shedinja (Skin) (Quick Claw; Wonder Guard)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Dig
    - Aerial Ace
    - Return

    Level 61 Torkoal (Hearth) (Leftovers; White Smoke)
    - Flamethrower
    - Body Slam
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    Level 61 Altaria (Lyre) (Charcoal; Natural Cure)
    - Dragonbreath
    - Fly
    - Fire Blast
    - Safeguard


    Level 61 Solrock (Helio) (Hard Stone; Levitate)
    - Rock Slide
    - Solarbeam
    - Fire Blast
    - Calm Mind

    Level 61 Tentacruel (Orb) (Mystic Water; Liquid Ooze)
    - Surf
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Giga Drain
    - Barrier

    Level 61 Ampharos (Hans) (Amulet Coin; Static)
    - ThunderPunch
    - Strength
    - Thunder Wave
    - Light Screen
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    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

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    Continued on with my scramble challenge. Got the stone badge easily. Arrived in Dewford, caught a Tentacool, and delivered the letter to Steven. Now I just have to level up for Brawly.

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    i was training my shroomish to level 12 on route 112 so i could take on the gym and i found a shiny tailow which was cool but that good feeling was short-lived.About a half hour later i accidently bumped my cartridge the tinyest bit and the whole game froze and i hadnt saved and lost a good 1 hour gameplay and a shiny tailow and i was so ****** i wanted to break my screen.

    this was me

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    Hey hey im back =D, time for the famous Diablo News Report ^.^

    *Starts Sports section theme song

    Hello, and good morning I am the diablonator here to provide the vigorous details of the emerald team.

    So we left the team at Fortree where they just beaten Winona and couldnt be any happier, some team members said they were "Riding on cloud nine". So off they went heading towards the west, after doing several battle they eventually made it to the Safari zone, then they decided to battle the students and something BIG happens. The noble captain of the team Grovyle, who the gm was worried about not reaching potential finnaly evolves into a majestic Sceptile. After the evolution the team had even more momentum then ever Ko'ing anything in site. They decided to head to Lillycove City though to gather up supplies and heal up some team members.
    And right now they are currently sitting in front of the shopping plaza that is 5 stories tall. They are about to go into battle with their team rival, team may. We asked the gm of team Emerald how he felt about the battle and said this
    "We made it this far with no problem, we just cant get too cocky, all and all i have a lot of confidence for this team. They are riding on lots of momentum and its going to be hard to battle this."
    Now to the down side, even though the GM goal before reaching Mt.Pyre at level 40, the team currently sits at an average of just level 36.8. The lowest is still Gardevoir at 34, and the highest is still Azumarill at 39, but the middle guys are now ranging from level 36-38. What they are planning to do is this

    1) Defeat the rival team may in Lillycove
    2) Go past the Mt. and battle the trainers on the south route
    3) Go back to north of the first gym leader town and battle some forgotten trainers
    4) Rematch all trainers
    5) Go to Mt.Pyre

    The gm has no intrest in chaging the team yet, he feels that Azumaril has made a part into the team for now, at least until the E4, its just the mater of, can she handle the pressure of 1 on 1 battles?

    Im the Diablonator and that is the latest update on team Emerald in the Hoenn region, thanks for tuning in, and see ya next time

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    Well, it's been quite a while since my last post, and I've made considerable progress. My beloved team has grown quite a lot, and I am very proud of their efforts thusfar. We also made a wonderful addition to the team: Nyx, my Poochyena. We made it to Rustboro, and after some training, battled Roxanne. We lost the first match, but upon our rematch we won quite handily. Soon after rescusing the Devon Goods and Peeko from the Team Aqua thug, we sailed to Dewford and challenged Brawly. As with our first gym victory, Blitzkrieg, my beloved first Pokemon, my Combusken, carried our team to victory.

    Once we won our second badge, Momo and Fangorn finally began obeying me again. And we sent ourselves off to find Steven. We've just delivered him the letter and are preparing to leave for Slateport.

    My team as of now:

    Level 20, male
    Brave nature

    Level 16, male
    Hardy nature

    Level 16, female
    Impish nature

    Level 15, female
    Sassy nature

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